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Man to Man Heat

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/23/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Years of Production:

1970s & 1980s

The Movie:


COLT's Buckshot Productions presents ten vintage short movies from the 1970s and 1980s featuring some very fine 'n butch muscle dudes ready for man to man sexin'.

The Cast:

Rick Wolfmier, Mike Betts, Bob Randall, Moose, Gunner Hyde, Killer Joe, Mike Davis, Lloyd Kasper, Rocco Rizzoli, Loren Marks, Beau Matthews, Todd Barron, J.W. King, Strutz.

Safe Sex/Condoms:

No (Pre Condom)

The Dudes:

Gawd! "Man to Man Heat!" is a cornucopia of muscular and toned dudes with dark hair, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and cut 'n uncut cocks. There's also plenty of hangy hairy nuts.

"Hawaiian Heat":

A lush tropical local with palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze sets the backdrop for this smutty little tale of man-lust. Mike Betts (good-looking with short dark hair, muscular/tanned/smooth body) jogs down the beach wearing his red swim trunks when he catches the eye of horny Rick Wolfmier (handsome with short curly dark hair, beard, muscular/hairy body). When Mike stops at a sandbar to take a break, Rick makes sure he's noticed with some not-so-subtle crotch rubbing. Mike takes the bait and soon the dudes are engaged in some full-one tongue kissing and body rubbing. Mike pulls Rick's blue swimming suit down revealing dark trimmed pubes, plump nuts, and a clipped cock. Rick follows the lead yanking Mike's trunks down and exposing his full brown bush and cut tool.

Lying with his legs spread apart, Rick shows off his hot hairy gooch and butt crack as Mike strokes his prick. The guys break out the baby oil applying it generously to each other's prick and jack 'em fast 'n hard. Rick shoots a large thick load on Mike's tanned chest and Mike cuts loose with a big ol load on his stomach as well. Dude is covered with cum. Hot!

"Gunner & Killer":

Gunner (good-looking with brown hair, mustache, muscular/hairy/tattooed body) is lying back on a deck with his legs spread wide apart jacking his rigid cut cock using his left fist. Gunner has a hot full dark bush and beautiful hangy nuts that flop as he chokes his chicken. Killer (good-looking with short dark hair, mustache, muscular/hairy body) arrives and digs what Gunner is up to. Killer unzips his tight blue jeans and pulls 'em down revealing his full pubes, hairy balls, and hard cut dick. Reaching over to help his pal out, Killer jacks Gunner's stiff member leading him to chow down giving some excellent deep throat. Killer straddles Gunner and fucks his buddy's face using long quick strokes. Gunner knows how to suck cock and gives Killer loads of pleasure. Killer finger fucks Gunner's tight hairy bunghole replacing it with his turgid tool pounding the hell out of that man-chute. Gunner shoots his jizz on Killer's hairy chest while Killer lets loose with thick spooge on Gunner's bum.

"Saturday Afternoon Fever":

I love the name of this short! Well, there's no John Travolta but we do have Terry (good-looking with brown hair, beard, and muscular/hairy body) lounging in the back of a 1970s VW van wearing a leather vest, daisy dukes!, and black work boots. He's thumbing through a COLT magazine while stroking his large veiny clipped cock with one of the biggest suckable knobs I've ever seen. Down below we have Josh (good-looking with brown hair, beard, and toned/hairy body) repairing the broken down van. Josh definitely has it goin' on with his black leather cap, tight blue jeans, and black boots. He grabs himself a handful of Terry's big dick and crams it down his gullet. Terry yanks his pal's blue jeans down and spreads those butt cheeks exposing a tight hairy touchhole.

Leather dude Pat (nice-looking with short brown hair, mustache, toned/smooth body) rides up on his hog wearing the full regalia of black leather cap, cool leather jacket, tight faded jeans that fit like a second skin, black boots, and groovy shades. Pat is thoughtful enough to have a hole cut in the crotch of the jeans so that his hangy nuts, long dong with large purple knob, and brown pubes are on full display. Josh immediately gets down on Pat's big dick sliding his wet mouth up and down the rigid stalk and jacking for all it's worth. Josh is soon frantically switching back and forth sucking those big dongs as Pat and Terry enjoy maximum oral pleasure. Josh fucks Pat from behind fast 'n hard leading Pat to drill Josh doggy with the same forceful strokes. Terry and Pat bust their big thick loads on Josh's face. Josh dumps spunk on his stomach. Oddly enough, there is no disco music in this short.

"The Love Tub":

Hey! Let's open this lil' smut fest with a close-up of a yummy turkey leg! Bob Randall (nice-looking with short brown hair, mustache, toned/tight/smooth body) relaxes in the warm bubbly waters of his hot tub with an open bottle of champagne and the above-mentioned leg o' turkey sitting nearby. Bob grabs that fucking gobble gobble and chows down! Moose (hot dude with short dark hair, muscular body) arrives home and makes his way out to the hot tub. Moose definitely has an early 1970s Burt Reynolds look going on with his open Levis vest, tight blue jeans, and cool shades. He sits next to the hot tub and grabs that turkey leg! What's up with these dudes? Did they miss their Thanksgiving meal? Thankfully, the food is soon forgotten when Bob starts licking and sucking Moose's hairy chest and hard nipples.

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Moose stands up taking his shades off while removing his vest and tight blue jeans revealing full dark pubes and a big uncut cock with very nice long foreskin. Bob rubs that beautiful unclipped tool licking and sucking the foreskin nipple, wrapping his hand around the growing shaft, and taking that fucker down his throat. Moose makes his way into the hot tub leading to some very hot tongue kissing and Bob showing off his tight shaved asshole. Moose fucks Bob from behind on a lounge chair using quick humping motions. Bob hops off the lounger and gets fucked doggy style on the ground while jacking his stiff cut dick. Moose shoots a thick load on Bob's bum and Bob squirts a huge wet load that flies everywhere landing on his chest and stomach. This short is also available in the COLT compilation "Couples".

"The Best Laid Plans":

Bricklayers Wener (good-looking with brown hair and toned/hairy body) and Josh (good-looking with dark hair, beard, and toned body) take a well-deserved lunch break. Wener is wearing a tight orange tee shirt and some of those cheesy daisy duke shorts. His fat cut cock and big hangy balls just happen to be on display. Not to be outdone by his co-worker, Josh's hard clipped dick is sticking out of his tight blue jeans. The dudes sit side-by-side stroking the other's dong leading Wener to deep throat Josh's big weenie all the way to those dark trimmed pubes while pulling on his nuts. Boss Man Mike (nice-looking with brown hair, toned/smooth body) arrives wearing a suit 'n tie and some cool shades. Mike watches as Wener fucks Josh's willing mouth with his hard meat. Mike pulls his plump nuts and big cut cock from the fly in his slacks allowing Wener to chow down.

Mike has some huge fuckin' nuts on him. Hot! He's soon on his knees gorging on stiff tube steak cramming those dongs down his eager throat while his busy fist works 'em up 'n down. Wener sucks Mike's prick some more while Josh fucks Mike from behind. It a sexual free-for-all when Josh takes over and pounds Mike from behind, Mike finger fucks Wener's tight hairy bunghole, and Wener screws Mike doggy style. Mike shoots a wad on his stomach and arm while Josh cuts loose with a large thick load on Mike's chest and stomach, and Wener licks the spooge up! Wener doesn't cum but makes up for it by lapping it all up.

"Not So Straight":

High above the Hollywood Hills Gunner (handsome with short dark curly hair, mustache, muscular/hairy body) sunbathes while wearing red swim trunks. He grabs his trusty binoculars and spies on nearby neighbor Rocco Rizzoli (handsome with short dark curly hair, mustache, and toned/hairy body) who also happens to be sunbathing. Rocco's plump nuts and big fat uncut cock are on display as he enjoys the latest issue of "Pussy Galore" and plays with himself. All horned up, Gunner throws on some clothes and heads over to Rocco's pad gung ho on getting some straight cock. At first Rocco rejects Gunner's sexual advances but is soon enjoying having his new pal suck that big fat thang jacking the shaft and rubbing those big balls. Gunner gives a mean blowjob and spends time sucking that amble foreskin. Hot!

The dudes kiss with plenty of wet tongues and I imagine Rocco has forgotten all about "Pussy Galore". Gunner rubs his hard clipped cock against Rocco's mouth and his new buddy is soon chowing down like a pro slobbering up 'n down. Gunner sinks down on that enormous wang sliding his tight hairy bunghole up 'n down the hard shaft filling his chute with Grade A unclipped pork. Rocco takes the lead and fucks Gunner from behind using fast 'n hard pounding as Gunner hunches back demanding more. Gunner shoots a large 'n thick load as he once again rides that cock. Rocco jerks off as Gunner sucks his big nuts and shoots a large thick load on his stomach. Hot!

"Drive Shaft":

Mike Davis (hot dude with longish blond hair, heavy beard stubble, muscular/hairy body) is working in his yard when Lloyd Kasper (cute with brown hair, toned/smooth body) drives up in his jeep and cruises him. Lloyd immediately begins rubbing the bulge in Mike's blue jeans while jacking his hard clipped cock. Knowing a good "thing" when he sees it, Mike hops in the jeep and the dudes make out with plenty of wet tongue. Mike grabs Lloyd's stiff tool and slobbers up 'n down filling his mouth with hard meat. The dudes are very horny and practically swallow each other's tongues as they kiss, lick chins!, and go at it like ravenous animals. Mike reminds me of "Sawyer" on the television series "Lost". He straddles Lloyd in the comfortable and carpeted back of the jeep allowing his large meaty uncut cock and big balls to hang from the fly of his blue jeans. Hot! Lloyd sucks and licks that big dick taking it down his throat.

Lloyd deep throats that big dong all the way down to Mike's full brown pubes which leads to some fast face fucking. In a groovy montage, the viewer is treated to a variety of sex acts including sixty-nine, ass eating, sitting on faces, thumb fucking, cock sucking, ball sucking, and more deep kissing. Mike beats off and shoots his wad on Lloyd's tongue. Hot! Lloyd loves it grabbing that cock and sucking the foreskin. Lloyd busts a thick nut on Mike's hairy chest. Mike takes Lloyd's spent cock back into his mouth for another taste. This short is also available in the COLT compilation "Couples".

"Alley Cats":

The short starts with some cool nighttime footage of the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles and makes its way into Hollywood and then downtown. A stern voiceover informs the viewer: "Everyone thinks of L.A. in terms of sunshine. But night comes here like everywhere else....and there's an urban L.A. rarely glimpsed and seldom seen. Downtown Los Angeles. Here sunshine is replaced by the mercury lamp and neon. Here there is danger prowling the streets after dark." Hmmm. Okay. Anyway, Beau Matthews (good-looking with longish brown hair) cruises the downtown bus terminal looking for some hot man-on-man action. He soon spots sexy military dude Loren Marks (good-looking with short brown buzz cut, toned/smooth body). The dudes end up in a neon lit alley smoking cigarettes as the sound of heavy traffic can be heard in the background.

The action start off on an odd note as Loren fucks Beau's mouth with his fingers. God only knows where he's had his hands! The dudes engage in some rough tongue kissing and body rubbing making Beau drop to his knees and take Loren's cut cock down his gullet. Beau gives excellent head as Loren fucks his face long 'n hard and Beau pinches the hell out of military dude's hard eraser tip nipples. As if by magic, a nice clean mattress appears in the dirty alley for the dudes to really get down to business. Loren continues to force that cock down his pal's throat while Beau is busy rubbing Loren's tight hairy asshole. Loren wants a taste as well taking Beau's hard clipped dong down his throat. Loren fucks Beau in the missionary position using fast 'n hard strokes while Beau sucks those hard nipples. Hot! Loren shoots a large thick load on Beau's chest as Beau lets loose on his own stomach. Hot!

"Three is a Dream":

Hunky Marine Loren Marks is back having been dropped off at J.W. King's (good-looking with dark hair, mustache, toned body) apartment. Loren stands rubbing his crotch as he eyes J.W. and roomie Todd Barron (very cute with brown hair, toned/hairy body) play around on the sofa . A hilarious song featuring what sounds like very slowed down vocals warbles on the soundtrack. J.W. rubs Todd's bum making him wake up and smile when he sees Loren stroking that hard cut prick. J.W. unbutton his blue jeans revealing a fat hard clipped cock, plump nuts, and full bush. Todd takes that dong down his throat jacking the shaft and nursing the flared knob. Loren gets in on the action by pulling Todd's stiff cut tool back between his legs and chows down filling his hungry throat.

Loren really goes to town on Todd's cock deep throating it all the way down to a full dark bush as J.W. rubs Loren's tight hairy butt hole. J.W. fucks Loren from behind pounding that ass as Loren continues to suck Todd's dong. Not satisfied with plowing one hole, J.W. bangs Todd doggy style using fast 'n smooth strokes while Loren and Todd make out with heavy wet tongues. Loren squirts a large load on his stomach while Todd fucks his mouth. Todd then laps that hot jizz from Loren's body. Todd gives J.W. some very impressive deep throat leading Todd to shoot spunk on his stomach as J.W. pounds him in the missionary position. J.W. shoots a thick load of spunk on his fist. Hot!

"Alter Ego":

Strutz (nice-looking with short dark hair, mustache, and muscular/smooth body) is wearing some type of strict looking uniform as he stands before a mirror and rubs a hefty tube in his trousers. He slowly unbuttons his shirt revealing a smooth muscular chest and continues down unbuttoning his pants revealing full pubes, yummy large hangy nuts, and a big ol' uncut dick. As he strokes his member, Strutz has some very hot 'n heavy pre-cum leakage. He's now fully turned on and jacking his rigid pole using both fists to work the long shaft and huge purple knob. Strutz's foreskin is somewhat short so there isn't any up 'n over the cock head action. Laying back with legs spread wide open and tight hairy bunghole on full display, Strutz fully enjoys the wonders of self-lovin' shooting a thick load.



The ten short movies are shot directly on film and presented in full screen. These vintage 1970s and 1980s shorts look quite good for their age with just a little grain and a nice clean picture. The camera work is descent and provides coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking. There are not a whole lot of close-ups of the fucking; however, there are some very nice penetration shots from time to time.


The shorts are shot silently with music added in during postproduction. The instrumental tunes range from cool Italian Western to groovy Doors-like organ ditties and odd tunes that sound like they were slowed way down making for some hilarious/creepy vocals.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and previews for: "Boot Black Blues", "Hard Studies", "Big Rig", and "Beyond Perfect".

Final Thoughts:

COLT Studios and Buckshot Productions dust off ten vintage short movies from the 1970s and 1980s. Each short has a theme such as tropical beach sex, fooling around on the job, smutty back alley fuckin', and sunbathing jack off. The dudes are appealing with a nice mix of muscle-bound, muscular, and toned bodies. They give groovy performances and look to be into each other and the action. My personal favorites here are Loren Marks, Mike Betts, Rocco Rizzoli, J.W. King, and Mike Davis. As mentioned above, the picture quality is clean with some grain and a few scratches due to age. This is a fine collection of short movies that should appeal to those who dig the golden age of gay porn before dudes started shaving below the belt.

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