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Lil' Bit of Everything

Studio: Combat Zone » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/24/07

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Lil' Bit of Everything

Combat Zone

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Roger Moorehead

Cast: Hillary Scott, Chris Cannon, Cody Lane, Carmel Moore, Seth Dickens, Alec Knight, Jason Hunter, Tiffani Brookes, Justin Magnum, Britney Stevens, Dick Tracy, Nikki Hunter, Alexia, Karmen, Lanza, Joachim Kessef, Krystal, Michael Chapman, Whitney Stevens, John West

Length: 151:42 minutes

Dates of Production: 7/24/2006, 8/1/2006, 8/2/2006, 8/3/2007, 8/24/2006, 8/28/2006, 10/10/2006, 12/22/2006, 1/11/2007, 1/30/2007

Extra's: The best extra was a 22:27 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that spent almost the entire time with two sections; the first being a showcase for Carmel Moore and the second being a similar effort for Tiffany Brookes (the cutie on the front cover). Nikki Hunter had a short bit and there were some random bits of other stuff but there was no doubt as to where the focus was here. There was also a pop shot compilation from the scenes and a photogallery as well as the standard slip cover for those who care.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Lil' Bit of Everything was presented in a couple of aspect ratios, presumably as originally shot with some in a 1.33:1 ratio full frame and others in a non anamorphic letterboxed widescreen with this compilation of new scenes put together by director Roger Moorehead for Combat Zone. Due to the distinctive manner in which a number of the scenes looked and felt, I'm guessing that the movie was simply a culmination of scenes that did not make it to various projects, put together here as a set of ten that ranged from quite fetching looking to kind of offbeat. In general, each scene had a look all its own but the lighting was often pretty good; limiting the grain, video noise, and other issues substantially. The camera angles and editing did not always make the ladies look their very best but they rarely hampered their looks much either, allowing the women's appeal to speak for itself most of the time. More polishing up of the technical values probably would not have yielded a lot of additional benefit but the shorter scenes seemed to have been longer but trimmed to eliminate the weaker footage (a guess on my part). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 192 Kbps bitrate and like the video; it varied substantially in terms of the quality but never truly sounded really strikingly good or bad. This is indicative of most modern porn, especially gonzo, but not a big deal as the vocals could be heard fairly well even if some ladies should have cranked up the dirty talk a bit more.

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Body of Review: These days, most porn released is in the gonzo genre and tends to follow a limited focus as consumers buy titles geared to specific body parts or sex acts. Be it a blowjob movie, anal extravaganza, creampie fuck flick, or youth driven title, you can almost always figure out the emphasis of a DVD within moments of reading the cover or popping it in the DVD player. Well, in a change form that idea, director Roger Moorehead assembled a series of miscellaneous scenes from the vaults of Combat Zone that appeared to include a lot of material focusing on tittyfucking with their latest release of Lil' Bit of Everything. The ten scenes followed no true rhythm like most porn but this helped keep me guessing as I watched the lengthy movie, a couple of scenes taking the lion's share of time as it were, and providing some quality fuck for the buck. If you're still interested in what was on the DVD, here's a quick look at the scenes, noting that few of them were more than a titty fuck or blowjob but none of them used condoms:

Scene One: Hillary Scott, the most award winning lady of this year, was up first as she had a short tittyfuck scene with Chris Cannon. He did much of the work and rubbed on her until he jerked off a load of population pudding to coat her breasts but this was merely part of the dynamic of including everything but the kitchen sink in the movie.

Scene Two: Cody Lane, a very sexy brunette with a nice rack, was up next in a shower scene where the camera watched her getting wet as she pulled her titties out from her long t-shirt to give them some attention. She masturbated a little and then an uncredited guy got a titty fuck to close things up in the living room.

Scene Three: Carmel Moore, a sexy British gal with mixed hair and a winning sense of impropriety, was up next as she participated in a blow bang with Seth Dickens, Alec Knight, Jason Hunter, and Chris Cannon, as she interrupted their game of pool. The frisky lass teased them in her skimpy outfit before blowing them one at a time, giving a lot of tittyfucking as a side affair with them though not giving up the pussy or ass as I would have preferred. It was a lot of fun and by this point in the movie, I simply accepted to take whatever came my way rather than want more of the same old stuff as in most porn these days. They ended by giving her some facial cream, making it an energetic bit of work regardless of the details.

Scene Four: Tiffani Brookes, the cute gal on the front DVD cover, was up next in her bikini in the living room, finally showing a scene where the basics were covered by doing Justin Magnum. The tease led to a blowjob which then went into a vaginal screw with several positions covered nicely albeit with the gal showing a newcomer's nervousness more than the previous gals appeared to do. While she was no stranger to a cock in her mouth and pussy, she lacked the polish of experience in front of the camera, preferring to savor the meat pipe rather than get him off quickly. It ended with a facial too and will appeal to those of you that like new gals more than experienced ones.

Scene Five: Britney Stevens, a busty brunette with a positive attitude, was up on the couch next wearing an aqua two piece including a short skirt that I liked better on the floor. Her large jugs made her more appealing than her facial beauty and the movie reverted to another titty fuck scene as she handled Dick Tracy to completion for a breast pop shot.

Scene Six: Nikki Hunter, the passionate blond that has had some medical setbacks of late, was up next and followed the same basic formula with her boy toy Jason Hunter. I hope she is well at this writing since she has always appeared to really enjoy her work a lot more than most in the industry. She did some blowjob work too but her tease was what I liked the most, followed by her dirty talk.

Scene Seven: Alexia, an older gal with strawberry blond hair and a worn look to her face was up next in the show stall. She got wet and played with herself in the shower, the wet t-shirt effect working fairly well until the nameless mope squad member joined her for a short titty fuck.

Scene Eight: Karmen and Lanza, a couple of curvy but homely brunettes, were up next in a scene with Joachim Kessef in the living room. This was another full scene with the toy use and oral taking a prominent role in the action but the rapid fire editing weakened the initial portions for me too much to recover, the inflatable anal plug kind of interesting as it readied the ldies for his cock. There was taste testing and a lot more penetration than most scenes in the movie but the energy levels were inconsistent and relied too heavily on chemistry they simply did not share. The scene ended with a mouth pop the ladies wanted to share, closing out the action as the next one started. This was easily the lengthiest scene of the movie and more judicious editing might have saved it.

Scene Nine: Krystal, a blonde stripper next door type wearing a pink and green bikini, was up as the last full scene in the living room as she teased with her all natural and curvy body before joining black Michael Chapman. She dropped to her knees to please him orally and after some limited banter between them; she did some solo work that led to each giving the other some oral before they screwed vaginally. She was pretty enthusiastic but unpolished too so the dynamic of the newcomer was more in evidence than I would expect from a gal that I've seen in the past. The way her ass cheeks rippled as he plugged her pussy was sweet and the generic groans only enhanced the manner in which she was coming across as mixing up the pleasure and pain principles. He rubbed out the population pudding to her face as she clamped up but when back in control of his cock, she sucked him off some more for effect.

Scene Ten: Whitney Stevens, the curvy sister of Britney mentioned above, was up last as the 19 year old gave muscular John West a titty fuck in the living room. I know some of you think she's not attractive but I think she's adorable so I could see why John busted a nut early on her chest.

Summary: Lil' Bit of Everything by director Roger Moorehead for Combat Zone did seem to have a lot of odds and ends designed for a couple of unreleased titles but the lack of consistency was offset by the wide array of cunning stunts that appeared in the flick. If you want to see what almost amounts to a compilation of gals and sex acts that left me a bit dry, Lil' Bit of Everything might be a great title for you to enjoy but I felt you will want to Rent It first considering the way the technical values and limited extras impacted an already questionable selection of scenes. It was okay but the replay value wasn't there for me and as much as I like some of the gals, I would have preferred to know they would not be having complete scenes if you catch my drift.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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