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Tough Stuff

Studio: Hot House » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/30/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:

February 2007

Directed By:

Michael Clift

The Movie:

Horny butch housepainters take numerous breaks from their job to get down with plenty of sweaty man-sexin'.

The Cast:

Vinnie D'Angelo, Francesco D'Macho, C.J. knight, Arpad Miklos, Tyler Saint, Kevin Armstrong, Jessie Balboa, Kai Grant.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

These butch dudes are hot with a mix of muscle-bound, muscular, and toned bodies; hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes; and cut 'n uncut boners.

Scene One:

Horny housepainters Kevin Armstrong (good-looking with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) and C.J. Knight (good-looking with brown hair, muscular/smooth body) work like dogs scraping old paint off the inside walls of a very posh home. Hot 'n sweaty C.J. pulls off his shirt revealing that awesome muscular body with hard eraser tip nipples which turns Kevin on making him practically froth at the mouth. Kevin pulls his pants down revealing a very hard veiny cut cock, nice nuts, and full light brown pubes. C.J. grabs that hard fucker deep throating all the way down giving some very excellent head while pinching his own hard nipples. Hot! C.J. stands up making Kevin kneel and take his rigid clipped dick down his gullet all the way to those dark trimmed pubes. Kevin's a natural cock hound as gives a mean blowjob while C.J. continues to pinch the hell out of those hot man-nipples.

Both dudes are very into the action and each other leading C.J. to bend over and offer his hot bubble butt to Kevin. Kevin spreads those cheeks exposing his pal's tight hairy bunghole munching down on that dusky pucker. He rubs his thumb over the opening, spits on it, and begins to finger fuck using his middle digit. C.J. digs the attention paid to his manhole breathing heavy and exclaiming, "Yeah, that feels good! Come on! I know you want to fuck me!" Kevin indeed wants to fuck him and is soon sliding his stiff tool up that chute from behind using smooth, long, fast 'n hard strokes. Kevin pounds that snug hole taking no prisoners. Kevin bangs C.J. in the missionary position followed by C.J. playing some of the ol' sink/bounce riding that cock like it's his last chance. C.J. beats off shooting a thick load of spunk on Kevin's inside thigh. Kevin jacks that meat and shoots a very thick load of love juice on his pubes.

Scene Two:

Kai Grant (nice-looking with short dark hair, toned/hairy body) is busy painting when Vinnie D'Angelo (handsome with short dark hair, cool beard, and muscular/hairy body) strolls in with more than painting on his smutty mind. The dudes get down to some very serious soul kissing using plenty of wet tongues to turn each other on. Vinnie removes his tight shirt revealing that beautiful muscular build and keeps going yanking down his pants and briefs revealing his full brown pubes, balls, and hard cut dick. Kai immediately latches his tight fist onto that pork jacking it and chowing down filling his mouth full. Giving an impressive suck-job, Kai deep throats that fucker. The dudes are clearly into the action and each other. Kai makes loud slurping noises as he sucks cock while Vinnie fills the room with loud "Oh Yeah's" and heavy breathing.

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Vinnie sinks to his knees pulling Kai's pants and underwear down revealing his full dark bush, nuts, and hard uncut dong. He slides his wet mouth up 'n down the rigid organ cramming it all the way down his gullet. Vinnie spreads Kai's butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy touchhole thumping the pucker, tonguing, and cramming three fingers in making Kai cry out, "Eat my hole!" Vinnie fucks Kai from behind with fast 'n smooth strokes filling that man-chute with tasty meat. Kai definitely digs having his tight manhole plowed fast 'n hard. Vinnie switched to pounding his buddy in the missionary position as the dudes swallow each other's tongues. Vinne pulls his pud shooting a thick load of man-juice on Kai who is lying on the floor. Kai jacks off ending up with just a lil' load of jizz.

Scene Three:

Francesco D'Macho (fucking hot muscle stud with short dark hair, tattoos, and hairy body) and co-worker Tyler Saint (good-looking muscle-bound dude with short dark hair, goatee, cool sideburns, and smooth body) move a heavy stove out of the way to paint the kitchen. Hot and tired, Tyler takes a quick break watching humpy Francesco work while rubbing the growing bulge in his tight blue jeans. Tyler is so turned on that he pulls his jeans and briefs down revealing his dark pubes, plump nuts, and fat cut tool and beings to stroke off. Francesco digs the show reaching over to pull that big dick with his tight fist. The dude get down to some heavy kissing with tongue which inspires Francesco to yank his tight blue jeans down releasing his huge uncut pole with heavy foreskin. Hot!

Francesco's on his knees and takes Tyler's schlong down his throat while pulling on his own unclipped pork working the ample foreskin up 'n over the flared cock knob. Tyler digs the head and begins to fuck Francesco's hungry mouth. It's now Tyler's turn to get a good ol' taste of hard pork cramming that huge cock into his mouth and deep throating all the way to Francesco's trimmed pubes. Tyler lays spread eagle on a table with legs spread wide allowing Francesco full access to his tight hairy asshole leading to some thumb fucking. Francesco enters Tyler in the missionary position using fast 'n hard pounding and it's very clear that they dig each other with heavy breathing and grunting filling the room. Switching to some doggy style, Francesco continues pounding his buddy's hole making Tyler shoots a large very thick load of spooge on his hairy stomach. Francesco wacks off shooting a thick load on Tyler's cock and his own fist. Hot dudes!

Scene Four:

Arpad Miklos (very handsome with dark military buzz cut, beard, and hairy muscle-bound body) and Vinnie D'Angelo (from scene two) are putting their painting supplies away for the day when in walks Jessie Balboa (good-looking with short black hair, beard stubble, muscular/hairy body) strutting his stuff. Vinnie immediately gives Arpad a knowing look and without spoken words, the dudes decide that Jessie is gonna be their sexual plaything. Vinnie forces Jessie's face against the front of Arpad's tight straining pants to let him know who is in charge. Arpad pulls his hard unclipped dong out making Jessie deep throat the large organ all the way down to those trimmed pubes. Starved for as much man-pork that's readily available, Jessie is soon frantically switching back and forth sucking Arpad's dong and Vinnie's hard clipped pole sliding his wet mouth up 'n down those man-shafts. Arpad fucks Jessie's throat while Vinnie and Arpad make out with full wet tongue sucking. Hot! Hungry for some cock, Vinnie chows down on Arpad's tool working the hell out of his heavy foreskin.

Still needing more, Jessie gets into some very sexy foreskin play pulling Arpad's overhang with his mouth and sliding his wet tongue under the fleshy sheath. Hot! Jessie is soon fully nude bent over as Vinnie spreads his bum exposing his tight shaved hole leading Arpad and Vinnie to rub that pouting pucker with their fingers. Vinnie plows Jessie in the missionary position using very hard 'n fast strokes completely filling that insatiable chute while Arpad fucks Jessie's mouth. Jessie cries out with pure lust as he's used as his co-worker's personal fuck-hole. Arpad switches things up by fucking Vinnie's thight bum from behind using fast 'n smooth drilling. Jessie sits on the floor pulling his cut pork while the dudes stand over him beating their meat. Arpad shoots a large thick load hitting Jessie's face, forehead, and chin. Vinnie cuts loose with an equally large thick load splattering Jessie's face with more yummy nut-juice. Dude is covered with thick cum. Sadly; Jessie does not bust a nut.

Scene Five :

Vinnie D'Angelo is all alone counting inventory of painting supplies when he finds the latest issue of "Sugar Tits" and decides to take a break for some self-lovin'. Sitting back with eyes glued to that periodical, Vinnie rubs the bulge in his kaki pants while rubbing his hot chest. He crams his hand down the front of his pants while rubbing that hot hairy stomach. Stripping down, he displays that beautiful hairy muscular body, full brown pubes, and hard cut prick. Using his right fist, he grabs a hold of his turgid tool stroking up 'n down and rubbing his plump nuts. Hot! Vinnie spits on his cock and switches between his left and right hands to pleasure himself and work that purple cock knob. It's not too long before he's worked himself up into a sexual lather shooting a thick load of man-milk on his fist and onto the floor. Hot dude!



"Tough Stuff" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Richard Board is excellent providing full coverage of all the hot sweaty man-sex with plenty of intimate close-ups of cock sucking, ass munching, and butt banging. The picture quality his sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear all the loud manly grunts, groans, and heavy breathing as the dudes get down.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, Fuck Compilation, Cumshot Compilation, an xxx gallery featuring high quality photographs by Greg Lenzman and Chris Miles of each dude plus action shots, website information, and trailers for: "Communion", "Full Throttle", "Trunks 3", and "Private Lowlife".

Final Thoughts:

Once again Hot House Productions shows why it's one of the leaders in high-quality all-male erotica. The direction by Michael Clift, videography by Richard Board, and editing by Jim Wigler is first class creating five hot 'n horny scenes that move along at a cool steady pace and are a huge turn-on. The dudes are all very appealing with their butch muscular bodies and are definitely into each other and the sweaty man-sex. My personal favorites are Arpad Miklos, Vinnie D'Angelo, and Francesco D'Macho. Gawd! These dudes are fucking incredible! Personally what I found to be really groovy are all the ultra close-ups of tight hairy manholes, butt munching, and the foreskin play. I highly recommend for those looking for top-quality all-male smut and fans of hairy muscular butch dudes who don't take no for an answer. Fucking awesome!

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