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Ball Honeys 8

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 8/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Interracial-Big Ass

Director: Illia T.

Cast: Misha, Ariel, Angel, Veronique, Lil Baby, Michelle, Lorena, Mary Jane, Jasmine, JJ Cruz

Length: 2 hrs

Production Date: Bang Bros, 2007

Extras: Chapter Selection: With Act Access
Outtakes: 3 scenes that are supposed to be bloopers, but are less than 10 seconds long and have no value.

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is in stereo 2.0 and is rather good. Scenes are inside and outside, and voices and noises are clearly heard. The Video is full frame color with good tones, etc. The beach scene is particularly nice and well shot.

Body of Review: The notorious Bang Brothers just got back from the Caribbean and have brought some of the island's most exotic spices back to the homeland. Ball Honeys 8 is a five scene flick featuring two gals per scene; composed of Latinas, Asians, and African-Americans. For those who like color additives in their porn, this offers three shades of the spectrum.

Scene 1: Misha, Ariel
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Misha & Ariel are lonely friends who just want a little man cock in their day. They call up a beefcake pal and before he comes over, Misha and Ariel slowly undress. Both women are beautiful, although I don't know who is whom. One is black and the other Latina with nearly identical bodies. Both full figured with nice luscious ass and anthill chests. Half the scene is the two heavy petting, leading to a quick tag team of his cock. The oral looks nice, each girl taking their time time with their turn. The beef king fucks each gal in a few limb twisting positions, but he does it with a condom (a white one at that) and so the scene feels, oh I don't know, medical maybe? The girls are sexy and give an okay performance, but while one is boning the other just provides moral support. There's no ptm or other fun stuff. A nice facial for two closes a scene that was about as I expected.

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Scene 2: Angel, Veronique,
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Angel & Veronique have a date with a friend who apparently lives in the projects. They go through a locked gate to get to his home and when he opens the door, one wonders if maybe the security is to keep the tenants in. This lucky bastard is as greasy as a pirate. He invites the women in, whom I think are Asian but they don't provide documentation. One is incredibly, super hot and usurps the other decent lass. They unclothe and minutes later share their blowjob skills. Again the oral is nothing exciting, but there are some sweet closeups of their lips wrapped around his tip. They fuck rather unexcited, one gal screwing while the other provides moral and physical support. A quick condom coated ptm slips by here and there along with a testicle lick, but for the most it's standard plug in the hole action. The only real excitement is the one gal, but even she doesn't have much game. A jerkfest in the last few seconds produces a miniature old faithful.

Scene 3: Michelle, Lil Baby
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
The third scene begins with a fine piece of chocolate. This hot honey kind of resembles Tyra Banks, in her better days. Fragile and skinny, she has the flattest tummy since Lara Flynn Boyle but this doesn't deter her from polishing hard cock. She yums his meat with her slim mouth and then rides it into the sunset. Halfway through the scene they wake up a Latina friend, a busty, full figured babe that looks like any other hotel housekeeper. He fucks her, while the other hottie watches and this action is a little more exciting only because there's some flesh to jiggle. An intended facial is more of a chest pop

Scene 4: Lorena, Mary Jane
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Lorena and Mary Jane ride their bikes to the beach where they meet a corn fed white boy who takes them to a private area of sand to have sex. Lorena and Mary are both cute women, both Latina I believe, one with a curvy body, the other a bit more pencil thin. Unlike previous scenes, they eagerly share his cock, sliding their mouths simultaneously along his pole. The bone fest is more exciting here, but I'm not sure how much of it is the scenery, which is a blissful backdrop. The ladies enjoy his rod ramming their cooch and they get into a threesome triangle sometimes but mostly remain passive like previous scenes. Nothing beats sand in the ass, which is really what makes this scene complete. The surf side element is a nice touch.

Scene 5: Jasmine, JJ Cruz
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Jasmine and JJ are here to bring this limp flick to a close. They are decent looking Asian-Latinas (at this point I quit guessing) who enjoy each other's pussy and tits for the first ten minutes. They share his pink pole and one of the gal mixes the shit up by tossing some female salad, a nice addition but it doesn't pan out to anything great. The girls let him fuck them sans-sheath, and he rides each bareback until coming in one's mouth. A mediocre snowballing takes place, but isn't satisfying in the least.

Concluding Words: Ball Honeys 8 has nothing going for it except the nice blend of interracial talent. The girls are 50/50 on looks and about 20/80 on performance. There are some cuties in this disc but they are blended with fair fucking and obtrusive condoms. If you are ultra conservative and don't like your adult action fresh, this movie may satisfy. But for me, it felt too much like the shit I saw as teenage video store clerk--way before porn became anything more than throwing a hot dog down a hallway. If you're gonna die unless you get your racial fix, rent this flick. All others will likely be bored to tears. Skip It


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