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I Dream of Jenna 2

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/7/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Note: This review is for an early screener copy that may or may not be altered for final release. It contains two discs and a lot of fun but I wanted to warn you that your mileage may vary depending on the final version that I will hopefully get to compare it to. Thanks!

I Dream of Jenna 2

Club Jenna

Genre: Feature

Director: Justin Sterling

Cast: Cherokee, Gauge, Randy Spears, Belladonna, Steven St. Croix, Jenna Jameson, Aurora Snow, Alaura Eden, Nikita Denise, Cherry Rain, Cindy Crawford, Courtney, TT Boy, Nacho Vidal, Angel Cassidey, Justin Sterling
Non-sex roles: Jim Enright, others uncredited

Length: 162:33 minutes

Date of Production: 1/22/2003

Extra's: The best extra out of the admittedly light bunch was the 15:31 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Tony "Fuckin" Testa. For a production of this magnitude, I would have expected something an hour or more but it did serve to provide some additional sex and comedy among the participants of the movie to add some value. There was also 2:32 minutes of bloopers and outtakes, a 3:19 minute long photogallery, and 10 trailers to movies like Janine Loves Jenna, Jenna's Provocateur, Jenna Loves Justin, Brea Unfaithful, Rossi's Revenge, Chanel Illustrated, Brea's Prowl, Sophia Revealed, Bangin Brea, Ashton Asylum, La Femme Chanel. The final version of the double disc set may have substantially more extras (hopefully a few audio commentaries too) but only time will tell if that happens.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: I Dream of Jenna 2 was presented in a non-anamorphic letterboxed widescreen as shot by director Justin Sterling for Club Jenna. If you are not familiar with the company's releases, you might care to know that they often employ stylish special effects, slow motion, and loud music to target a specific audience. Sometimes this approach translates into better a more universal appeal and other times it does not so your mileage may vary here more than anywhere else with the appeal of the movie. The lighting was generally lighter than usual and the smoked-laden effects used were okay but the number of night scenes were marginal at times. The editing was decent but the pacing it maintained varied a lot, almost as if some scenes were over edited while others left largely alone. This resulted in some jarring moments but not enough to fuss about in my book. There was even some limited animation (not just the credit sequence either) that had genie bottles, gerbils and Arabian characters that were cute. There were some slips in the photography (primarily some soft focus moments) but with as ambitious a project such as this, it really managed to pull off some of the things that the relatively rushed projects released by the company don't often get right. The audio was a whole different ballgame this time with 3 audio tracks to pick from. The primary track for this review is the balanced 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track (at 384 Kbps), a 5.1 track with louder music, and a 5.1 track where the moans & groans were louder. I rarely like porn music, especially from some of the artistic crowd but in fairness to this title, the music by Walt Jizzney was pretty decent when it wasn't too loud. If you pick up the DVD, try listening to each of them to figure out which one appeals to you but there was some solid separation this time, clear vocals in a few of the tracks, and the remaining tracks were a nice addition too for those who care.

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Body of Review: I Dream of Jeannie has long been one of my favorite situation comedies, a story about an astronaut running across a bottle containing a magical genie that was notable for Barbara Eden in a sexy harem outfit back in the 1960's. Over the years, a lot of other guys have found the sexual potential of the series to be tremendous so mainstream as well as porn versions of this fantasy have proliferated to the point where it is an accepted cliché (How many of you remember Ginger Lynn in her version decades ago? Sweet!). Well, years ago, hotty Jenna Jameson made a version that I've heard was pretty solid too, practically begging for a sequel that never came. Well, thanks to director Justin Sterling and Club Jenna, this idea is now about to see fruition in the blockbuster I Dream of Jenna 2 filmed back in January of 2003. The story had Jenna returning in her role as a genie with Steven St. Croix and Randy Spears as her master and his best friend. The homage to the mainstream television series was clear but also enhanced by Jenna looking especially good surrounding herself with a host of hotties that were popular when the movie was shot. The back cover said it like this: "Five years after the raging success of I Dream of Jenna, this witty, sexy sequel finds our magically delicious heroine bored by routine and desperate for a little action. Inspired by the saucy writings of a 19th century Marquis, she sets out on a mission to enchant her master and his friends into the most delectable gratification they've ever known. Determined to win her master's attention, she transforms herself into an exotic, untamed beauty (Belladonna) with a wiggle of her nose - and takes seduction to an entirely new level. Using all means at her disposal - including an irrepressible libido, a sprightly imagination, a variety of toys, and an onslaught of her most erotic playmates - Jenna leads the all-star cast through seven energetic scenes charged with the sexuality that's made her legendary. This full length feast of sexuality is over 2 and a half hours long and features three all new scenes with Jenna at her most ravishing. Don't miss the 40-minute orgy featuring Jenna and Belladonna with TT Boy and eight fantastic females - including Nikita Denise, Aurora Snow, and Cindy Crawford!" Given that Justin is now successfully pursuing his mainstream career and Jenna is poised to finally call me up for that meaningless sex we've long joked about (both inches giving her both pumps to release both drops of population pudding), this may well be their best title of the year after Janine Loves Jenna. If this sounds appealing to you, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that some condoms were used and a lot of the comedy actually worked very well indeed:

Scene One: Cherokee, a curvy brunette with powerful legs and a sweet ass to compliment her squeaky voice, popular Gauge, a gal best known for her heated anal antics years ago, and studly Randy Spears, were up first as they set the stage for the rest of the sexual exploits in the movie. Cherokee had on a sexy red dress while Gauge had a slinky green outfit that appealed while Randy looked five years younger than he does now (duh!) in the modern apartment by the bar. He made a clumsy move on Cherokee and the gals took over from there as Gauge slobbed his knob with some loving assistance from Cherokee. The dynamic that sharing is caring came into play and the streamers flew everywhere as the hummer continued; the gals giving each other some oral attention too. Randy began the penetrative sex on Cherokee's tight pussy but both gals took part in the active pounding action, with face sitting and taste testing augmenting the action nicely. Fans of foot fetish material got a nod too, however slightly, and the scene ended when the population pudding flew into their mouths for the cumswap close after Randy rubbed out his load. The music was too loud for my tastes (slightly mitigated on one of the alternative tracks) but I thought the sexual energy was top notch and a far cry from what critics suggest the director is capable of providing. Yum!

Scene Two: Belladonna, the extreme queen that was already a star back when this was shot but even more so these days as a director/performer, was up next on the stairs with Steven St. Croix after some funny solo action by the guy in the bed while he was sleeping. Bella is not generally thought of as a beauty queen, even by her fans like me, but she cleaned up nicely here and the harem outfit combined with long hair really enhanced her look in my opinion. She seductively gyrated around him and he went down on her, giving the foot fetish crowd more to like this time as he sucked her feet and she rubbed them on his cock. The face sitting was hotter for me, as were the heated vaginal screwing that left her soaking wet and the powerful hummer she provided for the visual appeal alone. That she also masturbated in both her remaining holes while deepthroating him only added some spice to the impact of her act with him, the chemistry pouring out of them faster than his seed at the end of the scene. He removed the condom for the facial and gave her one of his largest loads to date.

Scene Three: Jenna Jameson, Aurora Snow, Alaura Eden, Belladonna, Nikita Denise, Cherry Rain, Cindy Crawford, and I think Courtney, were up next in a lengthy lesbian orgy where the gals were all enjoying each other in sexy harem outfits all over the living room couch and floor. Reminding me a little of some of the stylish lesbian orgies as found in the Where The Boys Aren't Series that Jenna always seemed so hot in, the use of abundant makeup and costuming might have been a bit much as the hookah smoking Jenna pulled fantasy women from throughout the ages to populate the scene. They danced, they felt each other up, and they employed toys, tongues and fingers to do one another in smaller groups that would rotate from time to time. Some of the ladies were more proficient at looking into the lesbian action than others but all of them added something to the scene as they worked each other over with lots of energy and enthusiasm. The ladies were actively participating in the scene and that alone made it a super strokable fuckfest for those of us that appreciate a gal and her friends having fun together. There was an occasional nod to anal with a tongue, finger or toy but the emphasis was to provide a completely unstructured orgy that allowed all of them to play to their personal strengths. The scene was already hot when I thought it would end, but then the ladies were joined by TT Boy. The special effect used made it appear like there were multiple copies of the guy and given his award winning past with Jenna, I was only saddened by her avoidance of him while the other gals went to town on his cock (Bella stayed away too). As with the first half of the scene, the ladies were not all quite on the same page in terms of getting into (and getting off on) the action here but with some much going on, there was literally something for everyone to enjoy, the action ending with five of the gals clustered to share his load.

Scene Four: Nikita Denise, another major player in the dialogue portions of the feature (with some hilarious subtitles poking fun at her accent throughout the movie), showed why she was long considered one of the hottest fucks in porn as she took on Randy Spears. He was playing the Major Healy role of the best friend and player, making him the perfect candidate for Nikita's evil ways as she forced herself on him. The montage aspects of the scene were not all that special but her purely hardcore nature shone through as she slapped him around and slobbed his knob as it in need of seed. Seeing her in a harem outfit didn't hurt either as she went straight to anal; slamming three fingers in her cookie as his cock filled her ass during her aggressive ride. The pair got sweaty and she glistened as she did ATM on the prone guy, proving her lustful state would not be easily satisfied. He finished up on her by rubbing out a load onto her feet for her to lick up, spent as she demanded more of him so she blinked to make Nacho Vidal take care of her in a second round of fucking. This time, the oral led to him porking her pussy with a creampie finish that she licked up, a bit shorter than I would have liked but certainly longer than I would have lasted.

Scene Five: Jenna Jameson, still looking great in her harem outfit and on the prowl for sexual fulfillment, was up next with curvy Angel Cassidey and some sex toys. Jenna used her powers of persuasion to keep Angel happy, pulling out a rabbit vibrator and feather duster to entice the lingerie covered blond as Jenna assumed a dominant role. The role playing aspect aside, I liked how they took their time to slowly, seductively, tease each other and the camera both, marking this as a far more intimate lesbian encounter than the previous orgy where the dynamic was completely different. Angel may not have been my favorite choice here but the pair seemed to work together especially well, the background music involving a gypsy style dynamic as Jenna gave pleasure so readily to her captive. The scene used too much stylish lighting for my tastes too but the editing largely made it work as they seemed lost in the moment, ending with a kiss to make it another winner despite my initial concerns.

Scene Six: Jenna Jameson, now sporting her brunette look for a few years back, was up on a swing in a flashy red and black circus outfit to work with Justin Sterling; the man playing a Marquis of pleasure. Things might not have worked out for them more recently but back when this was shot, the couple seemed to have a lot of chemistry and their passion was undeniable as they each orally worked over the other. Jenna's blowjob and handjob alone were top notch but her active penetrative sex will be what most of you remember long after the movie's marketing has died down. She pumped on the penis aggressively, her fishnet pantyhose looking good on her even with the weird dwarfs hanging around in the background. It ended with a facial that she gave an open mouth welcome to, finishing up the sexual aspect of the movie to do more dialogue with Steven.

Summary: I Dream of Jenna 2 by director Justin Sterling for Club Jenna starring Jenna Jameson really made me want to go pick up a copy of the original flick I missed out on so long ago due to the comedy elements as much as the sexual heat generated by the wonderful cast. Maybe offering a package deal for the two titles will occur to some of the retailers out there but as it stood, I Dream of Jenna 2 was a great deal of fun as well as a very strokable fuck flick that proves comedy porn can be sexy and funny at the same time. The levels of replay value and the plethora of pussy provided some superior levels of fuck for the buck, the extras a bit weaker than expected on my preview copy. If you're a fan of Jenna or the old I Dream of Jeannie series, this one will be easily worth a rating of Highly Recommended but I'll keep you posted as to any changes that are made before it comes out at the end of this month. Good job!

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