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Minute Man Solo 29 - Built

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 8/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:
July 1, 2006

John Rutherford, Max Phillips, Manfred Speer

Tom Chase, Adam Champ, Darin Hawk

Body Types:
Bodybuilders, hairy, smooth, 30 - 40 year olds, cut and uncut


Special Features:
Muscle Worship, cum licking

3 Solo action scenes featuring Colt musclemen

The Movie:

Tom Chase
First hunk out of the gates is Tom Chase. Tom is an older guy with darker features including a mustache and beard and a muscular bod with a barrel chest. His chest is covered in fur giving him that bear look. In this scene, he walks to a pool and removes his clothes. Tom wears a speedo and takes a quick dive into the pool to cool off. Then he removes the speedo and dives naked into the pool. After the swim, he rests on a lounge chair and attends to the big and thick, cut worm between his legs. While teasing his butthole, he jacks sending blood surging to his cock. The constant stroking erupts into a thick creamy load onto his big, furry chest. To insure he gets enough protein, Tom collects some of the cum and licks it off his fingers.

Darin Hawk

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The next stud is Darin Hawk. He's another bodybuilder with a smooth body except for a small patch of hair around his belly. Wearing glasses and reading a book, he gives off a geek vibe except this geek has large biceps and frequents the gym. Darin looks directly at the camera a number of times, puts down his book and feels his muscular arms. After removing his shirt, his hands glide past his hairy pits, chest, and abs. One hand finds its way down into his shorts. Soon, it's time to remove his shorts and waiting to come out is a long semi-hard dick. On all fours, Darin shows off his hairy ass. He eventually cums but it takes him a long time of doing nothing but stroking his cock. However, the cum shot is nice in quantity and distance.

Adam Champ
Last but certainly not least is cover man, Adam Champ. Adam is a man's man. His large frame is covered in muscles and hair and he has a Middle Eastern look. In a sleeveless plaid shirt and tight jeans, Adam is dressed like a lumberjack chopping some wood. As luck would have it, the heat prompts Adam to remove his shirt and his undershirt. He takes the shirt and wipes the sweat off his rippling, hairy abs. To quench his thirst, he takes a sip of water from a bottle and splashes some of the water on his chest and down his jeans accentuating his crotch. Adam takes his time feeling his muscles, unbuttoning his jeans, and letting his dark, uncut cock out to breathe. While lying on a tree limb and sitting on a tree stump, those large biceps and forearms give his hooded dick a good pumping. As he strokes his cock, every muscle on his body flexes. The cum lands on his leg and arm. He spreads the cum lotion over his chest and arms and shoots a big grim to the camera. Ultra-hot!


For unknown reasons, the scenes of Tom Chase and Adam Champ are shown in full frame and the scene of Darin Hawk is in Widescreen. But the picture and colors are sharp. Details such as the sweat and water glistening off their bodies are captured.

Good audio. If you want to hear them getting their rocks off, you won't have a problem with this DVD.

The extras are standard in the Minute Man series. The first is a brief slide show of the actors and the other contains over 30 minutes of trailers for other Colt movies.

Final Thoughts:
Early Minute Man titles had four models per DVD. The recent MM releases only have three. Given the price of these Colt titles, I'd like to see at least four models.

But if you like your men big and hairy, I can recommend this for some good solo whacking. Both Tom and Adam really enjoy their scenes and you can easily get mesmerized by their muscles covered in hair.

If you prefer smooth, Darin's here for alternative tastes. He's an attractive guy but I found his scene boring. Darin gives us a good glimpse of his ass but mainly he lies there the entire time stroking his dick. Look for another DVD if you want smooth muscle.

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