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StraightCollegeMen.com Auditions Vol. 11

Studio: 2SCM.COM » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/23/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


Directed By:

SCM Muscle Hunk Dean

The Movie:

Good-looking straight guys complete a short interview and then strip down to show off their business for the curious eye of the video camera. They pull their puds and shoot loads while watching straight smut.


Parker is a very cute dude in his early twenties with black hair who claims, "I'm very extra sexually active." This San Diego native is a construction worker who digs riding dirt bikes in the desert, drinking beer, and meeting gals. Once in the "changing room", Parker strips down revealing his slender/hairy body, shaved pubes, nice nuts, and cut cock. While looking at the latest issue of "Big Tits From Outer Space", he plays with himself in prep for his audition. Lounging on the sofa with legs spread wide and watching straight porn on the television, Parker uses his right fist to stroke his tool to full hardness using spit as lube. He beats that meat and uses his left hand to rub his hairy chest and balls. Once completely hard, Parker has a tasty big dick. Shooting a small clear load on his shaved pubic area, he exclaims, "Okay I'm done."


This New York native is quite hot with his shaved head and is dressed in a long sleeve brown shirt and baggy blue jeans. Standing in the "dressing room", he removes his clothing showing off his toned/smooth body, cool tattoos, shaved pubes, very sexy bum, and clipped tool. Thumbing through an old issue of "Lesbian Taco Party", he fluffs his weenie. Laying back on the sofa and watching that straight smut, Winston plays with himself using his right hand to stroke that prick and rub his balls. He closes his eyes and throws his head back quickly working his lubed fist up 'n down that rigid pole. Breathing heavily and sighing, Winston busts a thick nut on his fist. Sexy dude!


Seth is a very cute guy with dark hair dressed in a tan shirt and black jeans. He's a local college student studying forensic science on a full scholarship and really digs math. Smart dude! In the "changing room", he strips down revealing a toned/smooth swimmer's body with shaved pubes, plump nuts, and cut cock. Naturally he looks at an issue of "Clit Circus" and rubs himself. Seth makes himself comfortable on the sofa with eyes glued to that heterosexual pornography on television and jacks off using his right fist to pleasure his hard beef stick and plump balls. His nuts actually jump and he pulls his pork. Hot! Reaching the point of no return, Seth squirts a large wet load on his chest, arm, and stomach. His jizz also hits the wall behind him and the sofa. He's definitely a sharp shooter!


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This good-looking dude is wearing a black sock cap over his short dark hair with red shirt and blue jeans. Chandler is a musician and plays guitar in a local San Diego hard rock band and has lived in California most of his life. He has his Captain's License and takes various tourists out on boats as well as working on tugboats. In the "dressing room", he strips down showing off his toned/very hairy body, dark bush, groovy nuts, and clipped dong. He sits on the sofa with his legs spread wide and wacks off and rubs those balls using his left hand. Working himself into a sexual lather, Chandler busts a nut of thick jizz on his hairy stomach, pubes, and fist. Hot dude!


Julius is a good-looking dude originally from Sarasota Florida who sports a sexy shaved head. He's been in the military for five and a half years, was stationed in Italy for four and a half years, and has been in San Diego for two months. In the "privacy" of the "changing room", Julius removes his clothing revealing his muscular/smooth/tattooed body, shaved pubes, and cut dick. Sitting back on the sofa watching that straight smut, he jacks off using his lubed right fist and rubbing his plump nuts with his left hand. At one point, he wags that hard cock and the viewer gets a nice look at his deep piss slit. He has an interesting masturbation technique of rubbing his cock between his fingers. Although cut, he has some extra skin around his purple cock knob. Filling the room with heavy breathing Julius shoots a nice thick load of spunk on his fist and shaft. Hot dude!


This good-looking guy has dark hair and is originally from Chicago. Dexter has a cool laid-back personality and attends the local Art Institute in San Diego where he is studying the culinary arts to become a chef. To make extra money, he works in the wonderful world of telemarketing. Coming from an Italian family, Dexter has always loved to cook with his favorite dish being chicken cacciatore, which seems to impress the ladies. He strips down in the "changing room" showing off his hot 'n hairy average build, dark bush, plump nuts, and uncut cock. Back on the sofa watching porn, Dexter spreads his legs and pulls his unclipped pud using his left hand while his right rubs those balls. He switches back and forth between fists as he pulls pork and rubs his hairy stomach. Working his foreskin, Dexter squirts a nice wet load of jizz on this stomach. Sexy dude!


Franco is a cute dude with black hair and goatee with a friendly talkative personality. He works at an adult bookstore and has seen it all. Older gals who come in to purchase dildos usually come on to him. Originally from San Diego, Franco has also lived in Texas and Las Vegas and digs threesomes. In the infamous "changing room", he removes his clothes revealing a toned/smooth body, dark trimmed pubes, and a big cut cock. He lounges on the sofa watching a fuck movie with his legs spread wide jacking off switching back and forth between his right and left fists to crank his tool. He uses both hands to twist that big cock shaft and rub his nuts. Wanking faster, he shoots a thick load hitting his stomach, chest, and neck. Wow! This dude busts a very impressive nut!


This very cute nineteen-year old Arkansas native is a Navy dude with short brown hair wearing a baseball cap, tee shirt, and baggy blue jeans. He grew up in the tourist town of Hot Springs, which is near Little Rock. He's jacked off in front of his own personal web cam for a few gals but is still nervous about his audition. Once undressed, he shows off a very hot toned/smooth/tattooed swimmer's build, shortly trimmed pubes, plump nuts, and a big clipped tool. Slouching on the sofa and getting an eye full of porn, he jacks off using his right fist while rubbing those balls with his left hand. Soon he's beating off with his left hand using a nice smooth technique. At one point Dallas stands up and gives the viewer a nice look at his hot bubble butt. Working himself to the limit, Dallas shoots a thick load of spooge on his chest, stomach, and trimmed bush. Very hot dude!



"SCM Auditions Volume 11" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. Dean's stationary and hand-held videography provides full coverage of all the meat beating action with plenty of nice close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear as Dean interviews the dudes. Some audio from the smut the dude are watching can be heard as well as their heavy breathing as they are about to cum.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and previews for: "Brandon" and "Jimmy". The additional CD ROM includes previews for: "Paul, Brett, and Dean: Food Fight", "The Castle Day One", "The Island Day Two", "Ashton Plus One", "Caleb and Dean", "Matthew", "Ryan", "Brett and Caleb", and "Jack". Also included is a full color catalog of all the SCM volumes available for purchase.

Final Thoughts:

"SCM Auditions Volume 11" features eight appealing straight dudes who have absolutely no qualms about stripping off and beating their meat in front of the camera. A few of the dudes are a little nervous at first but once they get horny from watching some gal get fucked on television, their inhibitions are gone and they pull their hard pork to climax. I think all the dudes a good-looking with my personal favorites being: Dallas, Chandler, Julius, and Dexter. I recommend for those who dig watching straight guys wank off for money. I certainly do.

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