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Lesglam 2

Studio: 21st Sextury Video » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 8/25/07

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"Lesglam Two" cleared up a lot of the lingering questions that "Lesglam" left on the table, and that "Lesglam: The Novel" really didn't help with.

Why did Sandra Shine return? Did Judith ever find god? Why did Sabina kill that Mexican boy for his gold? Did Lara Craft ever count the A's in her name? And was Dorina actually pregnant?

All kidding aside "Lesglam Two" has lesbians. I like lesbians. The cute kind, not the Rosie O'Donnell man-a-sex-change-would-be-a-step-up kind, but the more elegant kind that induce the fantasies and clichés that all lesbians are busty college girls. Sorry for being offensive, but I'm just speaking from the heart, here. I love lesbians. I do... I really do.

At almost three hours (the box says two), "Lesglam Two" is a pretty standard production from 21 Sextury void of any hardcore material, and pretty light on the lesbian sex. Sisters are doing it for themselves, to themselves, and to each other... it's too bad I was pretty bored half the time.

Party Preparations: Sandra Shine, Sophie Paris

Sandra is a gorgeous woman with a nice and slim body who is scrubbing up for the upcoming party and doing a damn fine job of making the shower look exciting. What kind of girl takes a shower with make up on? A prepared one. She engages in some fondling and nipple play, and can't help notice Sophie in the room putting on some make up and preparing for the upcoming festivities. Sophie's plump ass peeks out from behind her skirt, and Sandra notices, and slips on some lingerie of her own before deciding to take on Sophie and her blonde beauty. They end up on the leopard skin bed, and begin making out, and caressing, giving in to the distant flirting and fuck like all of us do before a party. Sandra has a gorgeous ass and dominates Sophie who just lays back and enjoys the fingering and caressing. She dominates most of the sex, as she fingers Sophie, and enjoys feasting on her rump quite frequently; but sadly, all they really do is finger one another for a short time and ruin the momentum of a potentially great segment. The two don't even finger fuck. There's caressing, petting, and then it ends. I was disappointed. Poor.

Fun Factory: Sophie Moon, Zafira

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Sophie Moon and Zafira engage in heavy kissing in their hallway and move it into the living room where they embrace and flat out make out like the ship is going down. Zafira looks great in her hot pink top, while Sophie is electric taking charge of the situation and tonguing Zafira down hard. Zafira lays back and takes the heavy kissing along her breasts and long legs, while Moon in her plump rump covers her in finger action and kisses that make this the hotter of the sequences in the compilation. Sophie eats out Zafira, Zafira eats out Sophie while reveling in her plump golden ass, and they suck on both ends of a blue vibrator which they implement immediately. Sophie gets pumped with it and quickly turns it on Zafira who sits in a pretzel position and gets fucked hard by Sophie with the vibrator, all the while demonstrating her flexibility. Yet another okay segment that ends with the actresses looking into the camera; it's a creepy routine that also gets tiring. Good.

Pure Pleasure: Chloe Sweet, Dorothy Black

Chloe Sweet looks fantastic even if that cigarette signals her breath probably smells like burnt tires, but that's okay. She's blond, leggy, and looks great in short shorts. She sits in the kitchen reading, and lo and behold, she has devious plans for Dorothy who sits a few feet away watching television. Dorothy looks great in a brown see through shirt, and jean shorts, and product placement for a juicer notwithstanding, this segment is the only one that has enough set up to consider it a plot. Chloe approaches Dorothy, and the two instantly begin fondling and caressing on the black leather couch. The two have a quick make out session before fondling one another and they fall back into the couch preparing to fuck hard. Dorothy is a gorgeous busty woman whose tan skin looks great under a pink G-String. She eats Chloe out flashing her gorgeous behind, and Chloe reciprocates fingering her out and licking her ass as much as possible. Three vibrators later and the two are happy they ventured to fuck. Very Good

Blondes in the Bath: Mia Stone, Stella Hot

Mia and Stella are taking a bath in the sauna and watching some television, all the while Mia sits in the back pleasuring herself with the water spray, and considering the real thing with Stella sitting with her ass high, only a few feet away. Mia eventually takes the bull by the horns and approaches Stella who is more than happy to indulge her by making out and petting. The two lay by poolside and eat one another out, all the while Mia looks to be having a ball. Mia receives the brunt of the fucking as she's spread open and fucked by a black dildo by the ever entertained Stella, and not much else goes on. This is another pretty repetitive segment where our actresses don't seem to know what to do besides repeating the same sexual gestures over and over. Get creative a bit, girls. Poor

Teen Pleasures: Jo, Lara Craft

Jo and Lara immediately get to it, as they make lick one another's lips and rub on one another, tearing each other's clothes off and petting ever so heavily. Jo and Lara make out and get onto the couch where Jo fingers Lara for a good long time. Lara writhes and moans and smirks, and Jo is repaid with an electric vibrator that has her groaning with her legs over her head. Jo then has the electric vibrator coursing along her clit while she's plugged, and really just lays there groaning softly ad boredom. That is until Jo clamps Lara's pussy open and pumps milk into her as Lara fucks herself. The scene is so surreal that it's actually rather erotic. Milk goes in, then goes out, and repeat for best results. Good

Lez Affair: Clara G., Sophie Moone

Sophie Moon returns to wreak havoc on Clara G. Making out in the room of their house, Clara and Sophie make out passionately, dressed in stringy short dresses, Moone in particular looking fuckable. After some tongue play, they begin kissing body parts and caressing, and the passionate petting is reduced to fondling, while Clara eats Sophie's ass and nibbles at the small of her back. Once again, this segment basically loses steam pretty soon as Clara and Sophie all out commit to their scene which eventually just teeters out to even more repetition, and a lackluster dildo fucking. Sophie Moone is absolutely stunning and the woman is just a great compliment to Clara's equally stunning beauty, it's just another boring segment that neither of them can completely save. Poor

Odds & Ends



The video is pretty good with a little darkness and dull colors, but still has a crisp clear full screen transfer with set pieces that jump off the screen in terms of bold colors. Though before the Jo and Lara Craft segment the disc halts a bit, the segment ends and beginnings are seamless.


Seriously, you're asking if I want to watch a porno in French, Spanish or English? Does moaning in Spanish have a different dialect than moaning in English? Give me a break. I'll watch Lesbian porn in Klingon if it meant watching two beautiful women fucking. The sound here is top notch, as we get to hear almost everything. The conversations, what little there are, are coherent and audible, the moans, and sucking are very crystal clear, and that's really all that matters.


Lame porno = Lame extras, as we're given another slideshow that recaps what we basically saw with the movie and it's still not exciting. We have a repetitious music with the pictures that stops every time it switches to a picture, and I was bored again. We're given a preview to "Lez Cuties #2," "Thassit #2," and "Seductive #2." Shit even the previews are repetitive. We also have more website and mobile info from 21 Sextury, which is also pretty dull and disappointing because it's all we get.

After Thought:

In the end "Lesglam Two" is a good porno but not good enough to warrant buying. The extras are slim to none, the casing sucks, and the movie is hit or miss. The women never get hardcore, they never look passionate, the screams are minimal, and they always end the segments by looking into the camera with a creepy grin. This is probably one of the more limp lesbian pornos I've seen in a while, and sadly it's one of the rare weak ones.


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