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Studio: Other » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 8/27/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: February 20, 2007

Director: Cameron Finn

Cast: RC Ryan, Nickolay Petrov, Logan Robins, Jay Armstrong, Wade Mohawk, Albert Long, Dallas Reeves (in bonus feature only)

Body Types: Toned and muscular young guys, tatoos, ages 20's and early 30's

Condoms: Yes

Special Features: Some violence, Nude Wrestling

Plot: Two young punks have a score to settle both in the ring and in the ass.

The Movie:

On an early Sunday morning, sleeping Don (Logan Robins) receives a call that wakes him up. Logan is a 24 year old, smooth and athletic brunette. His pal Frank (Jay Armstrong) tells him he'll be over to take him to the gym. Jay is 30, smooth, bald and muscular. In the gym, Frank lifts some dumbbells and Don works out on the machines. Over in the boxing ring, TJ (RC Ryan) and Jason (Nickolay Petrov) are kickboxing. RC (left coverboy) is a hot 22 year old with a muscular body, a few tats, and washboard abs. Nickolay (right coverboy) is 22, with a muscular body and a small strip of hair from his lips to his chin. TJ says something that pisses off Don and the two start to go at it but their buddies convince them not to fight. Don and Frank return to working out and TJ and Jason return to boxing. The director focuses on Don and Frank's muscles as they lift and stretch. After the rounds of boxing and play fighting, TJ is showering. He has flashbacks of the time when he wrestled Don, pinned him down and fucked him in the ass.

Nickolay, Albert, Wade, Jay

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Looking for trouble, Jason and his friend Max (Albert Long) head to Andy's home. Instead of finding Don, they find his friend, Andy, (Wade Mohawk) and Frank who warns them to leave. Albert is a tall and slim 20 year old. Wade is a brunette, 32 and lean. Max punches and knees Frank to the ground and Andy hits Jason over the head with his beer bottle. Max places Andy in a headlock, steps on his glasses, and drags him to a table. While the bloodied Frank and Jason are on the ground, Max inserts his dick into Andy's mouth. It doesn't take much convincing for Andy to suck Max's thick, veiny cock. Jason gains consciousness and quickly straddles Frank's chest and pulls his head toward his crotch. Andy continues to suck and gag on Max's meat. Nearby, Jason tosses Frank onto the lounge chair and orders his to remove his pants. Both now naked, Frank gets it doggy-style. In this position, unfortunately, the viewers are treated to a closeup of Nickolay's ass which is covered in zits. Frank appears to be wincing from the pain. With the camera switching back to the table, Andy is shown on his back with his legs in the air and getting fucked in the ass. Like Frank, Andy also gets fucked doggy-style. A closeup of Andy's ass also gives a good look at his zits. Andy jerks off and Max jerks off on Andy. Then Frank lies on his back and gets boned in the ass. Frank and Jason jerk off. Their money shots are much better than the other two guys.

Logan, RC
Later that night, Don returns home. Frank and Andy are still there and tell Don that Jason and Max had been over and that TJ wants to fight him alone. Being the tough guy that he is, Don heads out to the gym the next day to confront TJ who is waiting for him. They exchange a few words until Don removes his shirt and they go at it on the wrestling mat. First, they arm wrestle. Don wins but the game isn't over as TJ flips him over onto the mat. In their shorts, they tumble around the mat as each tries to gain the upper hand in this match. Initially, TJ pulls off Don's shorts and then he follows with his own. Now naked, they continue to wrestle. Soon, they stop long enough to start jerking off. Don makes the move on TJ by feeling his legs and kissing his naked body. TJ instantly pops a woody here. At first, TJ doesn't show much interest but he's loving it as soon as Don locks on his cock with his mouth. TJ moves in front of Don for easy access to his ass where Don eagerly tastes his hairless man pussy. TJ moans as Don eats his ass and strokes his own cock. Next, he dips his cock into Don's hungry mouth. As strange as it may be, TJ is prepared for this event with a rubber and a big bottle of lube in his gym bag. Holding onto his ankles, TJ fucks the boy. More anal action follows as Don does squats on his cock and gets it in the rear, doggy-style. TJ pulls out and pops some sperm onto Don's back followed by Don who sprays his sperm onto the black mat below. After the fuck, they promise each other they will keep what happened a secret.

Logan, Jay, Wade
Returning home, Don takes a quick dip into his pool and lies naked on his lounge chair. Good friend Andy shows up, sees Don naked with just a towel covering his junk, walks over and starts to suck Don. Don gives Andy a bj making him hard in the process. The two take a moment to kiss one another before Don licks Andy's hole as he sucks Don's cock. In this scene, Don gets to show off his topping talents by fucking Andy. The insatiable Andy also gets probed bouncing on Don's hard cock. Frank walks onto the scene and wants some of the action. He sucks on Andy before Don shoves his cock up his hole. Don and Andy shoot their loads onto Frank's muscular chest. However, in this scene Frank gets no "relief."

Punk concludes with Don reading a text message from TJ and Don texting him back on his cell. I'd hate to inform you but this isn't a love story ending.


Excellent widescreen picture with exterior shots of Fort Lauderdale where the movie was shot though the amount of detail can be off-putting. Viewers will see a lot of body acne on some of the cast. Logan has significant amount of acne on his legs and ass and Nickolay and Wade have butt acne as noted above.

Audio quality is good. Nice amount of groaning and moaning coupled with a nice soundtrack. Minor problem is the out-of-sync dubbing in a few non-sexual scenes. The dialogue can also be difficult to hear at times.

Nice selection of extras on this DVD. "Cum shots" will take you right to the money shot for times when you're in a hurry and you need a quick fix. In addition, there are stills from the movie, profiles and statistics of the cast. Dick size, preferred fuck position, and sexual preference (some identify as straight) are of particular interest in these profiles. Albert's profile indicates he has a 10" cock. "Between the takes and gags" gives the viewer a glimpse of the going-ons in making a porn. I didn't find any gags however. The trailer is for the upcoming movie, Topdawgs, also starring RC Ryan and a cast of hot guys in a similar themed tough guy, gay-revenge plot. Last of the extras is a solo scene starring Dallas Reeves, a 24 year old blond with a toned body. Nothing notable about the scene.

Final Thoughts:
This debut DVD is a good effort from FPG Entertainment. The overall production quality is there. Plot is unusual these days but the writers decide to create one with this movie. There's a good amount of script and the acting is rather natural which is also unusual in porn. Simulated violence is also not the norm in gay porn. Since this is porn afterall, it should be noted that Punks takes 17 minutes before there is any onscreen sex. Perhaps the biggest downside is the lack of enthusiasm in some of the sex scenes. For example, when RC gets his cock sucked, he is looking at the camera and everywhere else but on the pleasure he's receiving. Same disconnect is apparent as some of the boys fuck. It made me question if RC and a few of the boys were "straight" or "gay for pay" as the term is used in the industry. Later in the bonus features, my thoughts were confirmed. Every one of the actors with the exception of Jay Armstrong, identifies himself as straight. It does give the tough guy routine they portray some credibility. If gay sex by young, attractive, so-called straight boys floats your boat, this is one to check out.

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