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Bait Bus 7, The

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/9/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


Directed By:


The Movie:

The Bait Bus gang is back in full-form and prowling the streets of Miami looking to horny straight dudes to trick into some gay sex.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


Scene One:

The weather in Miami is cloudy and rainy as the gang rides around in their big ol' van looking for some fresh straight meat to trick. Steve (cute dude in his early twenties with short dark hair and toned/smooth body), Carmella (pretty gal in her twenties with long blond hair and nice figure), and Tyler (unseen director/videographer) spot Lee (cute Latino dude with short black hair, toned/hairy body) standing forlorn on a sidewalk. Having problems with his girlfriend and taking any cheesy excuse the gals come up with (looking for real estate), Lee readily hops into the van. Carmella and Lee soon get comfy in the back and smoke cigarettes when Carmella begins luring him in by showing off her beautiful big boobs. She shakes those babies, squeezes 'em, and rubs her large areolas until Lee is frothing at the mouth.

When the proposition for a blowjob is made, Lee has no problems yanking off his shirt revealing a sexy toned 'n hairy chest before donning the required blindfold. You see, Carmella is quite "shy" and doesn't like guys to watch her as she gives them head. Lee spreads his legs and Steve makes his move pulling Lee's blue jeans and briefs down revealing full dark pubes, plump nuts, and a tasty uncut cock. Steve jacks the shaft working the foreskin as he takes that big dick down his throat giving excellent head. Lee ain't happy when he discovers a dude has been chowing down on his pork but the gals soon calm him down with the offer of cash and the promise of Carmella's pussy. Carmella coos, "You can even fuck my titties!" So, Lee fucks Steve's tight hairy bunghole fast 'n hard in the missionary position and Steve totally digs it. "Oh fuck! That's a big fuckin' dick!" There's a nice shot from behind of Lee's hairy hangy balls as he pounds Steve. After some wild doggy style and side/missionary as Steve jacks his hard cut cock, Lee cuts loose with thick load of jizz on Steve's chest. Steve does not bust a nut.

Scene Two:

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This time, the crew consists of Jamie (cute dude in his early twenties with dark hair, toned/smooth body), Ashlyn (very cute gal with blond hair and sexy figure), and of course the unseen wild party gal Tyler. Cruising around a local tennis court, the gang meets up with Jay (cute with short brown hair, tall/toned body). Jay just happens to be a tennis instructor and his student never showed up. The gals pose as students filming a documentary on various sports to reel Jay in. As Jay and Ashlyn sit in the back, the conversation quickly changes to blowjobs and Ashlyn proudly states, "I've been told I can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch!" Ashlyn is soon showing off her large and very nice tits allowing Jay to get some good squeezes in. This horny dude is like putty in Ashlyn's hands and he's soon blindfolded waiting for some head. Jamie steps in pulling Jay's shorts and briefs down revealing shaved pubes, plump balls, and cut cock with a very large purple knob. Jamie grabs that fucker jacking the shaft and sliding his talented wet mouth up 'n down giving excellent head. Jay digs the jaw job and fills the van with heavy breathing.

Pissy as hell when he finds out the gang's game, Tyler sweet talks Jay into more action with the promise of $5,000.00 cash and a chance to fuck Ashlyn. Jay fucks Jamie's tight hairy bunghole from behind using long 'n smooth strokes making Jamie cry out with pleasure. Jamie rides that big dick like a wild dude sliding his snug chute up 'n down and rocking back 'n forth. Jay grabs onto Jamie's hips and pounds away as Jamie rubs Jay's big nuts. The dudes switch to the missionary position where Jay continues his drilling. He shoots a large thick load of spunk on Jamie's stomach as Jamie beats his hard clipped cock but doesn't cum.

Scene Three:

Jamie (scene two) is back along with Cameron (pretty gal with blond hair and nice figure), and Tyler. The weather is sunny/warm and the gang is ready to find their next chump. Cameron teases Jamie by rubbing her big boobs and asking in a fake British accent, "Do I make you randy?" Tyler asks Jamie "What kind of cock do you want today, dear?" Driving near a posh golf course, Tyler spots Blake (good-looking with short dark hair, tall/toned body) and uses her hilarious story of being a bored trust fund baby just riding around looking for fun. Sitting in the back of the van with Blake, Cameron excitedly shouts, "These are what my daddy bought me for my birthday!" while exposing her large firm boobs and giving them a good shake. Tyler chimes in and offers Blake a hundred bucks if he allows Cameron to blindfold him and suck his cock. Of course he quickly agrees.

Blindfold firmly in place over Blake's eyes, Jamie hops into action pulling down those shorts and briefs revealing full brown pubes, hot hangy nuts, and a large meaty mouth-watering uncut cock. Jamie grabs that big dong working the heavy foreskin back 'n forth over the moist purple knob and chows down cramming as much as he can into his hungry mouth. This is some very hot head! As usual, dude is royally pissed off when he discovers that it's been Jamie chowing down the entire time instead of Cameron. Cameron explains that she has a fetish in which she digs getting a dude pissed off and then fucking the hell out of her. Blake pounds Jamie's tight hairy butt hole from behind smooth 'n quick as his huge hangy nuts bounce 'n slap. Hot! Jamie rides that big dick working it with his tight bunghole and bouncing up 'n down moaning and grunting with pleasure. Jamie strokes his hard clipped cock shooting a large wet load on his pubes, stomach, and chest. Blake pulls his pork shooting a thick load of love juice on Jamie's dark bush. Hot!

Scene Four:

Jamie (scenes two and three) is back with pretty gal Cameron (scene three), and the always-hilarious Tyler who sings full-throttled "The hills are alive with the sound of the bait bus squeakin' up and down!" The crew soon "happens" upon Raidin (cute with short dark hair, pierced eyebrow) whose car broke down. The gals really amp-up their flirting skills and tell Raidin that they are students working on a class project about wildlife. Dude is easily convinced to join the gang and is soon in the back with Cameron. He keeps sneaking glances at Cameron's large boobs and confesses, "I'm a big boob man". Cameron giggles and responds, "They are my favorite new toy! Do you want to play with them?" She pulls her tight blue shirt up exposing those gorgeous babies, giving 'em a good feel, and allowing Raidin to squeeze until his heart's content.

Raidin pulls his pants down revealing closely trimmed pubes, plump balls, and a cut cock. Once the blindfold is in place, Jamie takes over jacking that dick and sliding his hungry mouth up 'n down sucking Raidin to full hardness. Raidin digs the blowjob and Jamie does an excellent job servicing that hard pole. Dude is fucking pissed when he finds out the gal's games and wants out of the van immediately while frantically dressing. Tyler calms him down with the usual offer of cash and a chance to have some alone time with Cameron. Dude plows Jamie's tight hairy bunghole in the side/missionary position using long full strokes as Jamie pulls his hard clipped pork. Jamie digs having his chute filled with straight meat and fills the van with moans, pouts, and heavy breathing. Jamie shoots a large wet load of jizz on his chest, stomach, and dark pubes. Hot load! Raidin jacks off dumping a thick load on Jamie's bush and stomach.



"Bait Bus 7" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The handheld videography by Tyler is good and she covers all the action with plenty of nice close-ups. The picture quality is for the most part crisp and clean but has some grain when Tyler is shooting certain positions.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the gang as they laugh and joke around, the gals when they lure the dudes in, and plenty of heavy breathing and moaning when the suckin' and fuckin' starts.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter selection, an outtake of Lee (scene one) complaining in Spanish, a gallery of screen grabs from each scene, and trailers for "Bait Bus 3", and "Bait Bus 4".

Final Thoughts:

The Bait Bus series is always fun to watch/review mostly due to unseen director/videographer Tyler. This gal is loud, hilarious, and not afraid to speak her mind. The gay guys Steve and Jamie are both cute and the gals are pretty with my personal favorite being Ashlyn. The straight dudes are good-looking with my favorites being Lee and Blake. It's a turn-on to see them receiving head by another dude. The butt sex is no-frills and hot. As mentioned, the videography is handheld and covers all the action with plenty of close-ups. For the most part, the picture quality is sharp and clear but has moments of grain. I recommend for those looking for a non-serious entertaining movie filled with some nice cock sucking and butt fucking.

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