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This Butt's 4U #3

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/2/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

This Butt's 4 U #3: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video/Erik Everhard Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Erik Everhard

Cast: Sandra Romain, Rachel Starr, Erik Everhard, Mr. Pete, Alexis Texas, Rebeca Linares, Marco Duato/Banderas, Rita Faltoyano, Maria Bellucci, Sean Michaels, Tee Reel, Rachel Roxxx
Non-sex role by Jimmy Scaffnetti

Length: 247:15 minutes

Date of Production: 8/8/2007

Extras: The first disc had only a cumshot recap and no other extras to speak of, allowing for the bitrate to be higher on the footage displayed. The second disc was where all the extras action was at, the best extra being the 32:48 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage as shot by Jimmy Scaffnetti and Erik Everhard. There was some extra sex, a lot of extra nudity, and some interviews; with the women as well as with Jimmy and company. Rita and Alexis were my two favorites of the hour but all of the goofing off and fooling around added some value to the feature. There was also a photogallery, two cumshot recaps, a cast list, and trailers to shows like Cum In My Ass, Not In My Mouth 5, The Art of the Cum Fart, Innocent Until Proven Filthy 2, Anal Cavity Search 3, Anal Prostitutes On Video 4, Jailbait 3, Beyond the Call of Booty, A Sperm Load A Day, and Canadian Beaver on the double disc set.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: This Butt's 4 U #3 was presented in a newly shot 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Erik Everhard for distribution by Jules Jordan Video. The lighting was largely even and plentiful so there was not a lot of grain or other visual issues to complain about. The camera angles always favored the women, making them look as good as possible, though usually at the expense of Erik. The camera was steady and the editing kept poor footage at a minimum, making it one of the better looking releases by Erik (not the best since a few of the scenes looked kind of washed out at times). Jimmy Scaffnetti worked the camera most of the time and my biggest issue from previous releases (the softer focus) was largely taken care of in a favorable manner; adding to the heat of the sex for me. I could fuss about minor matters (again, it's what I do though the mid level 6 Mbps bitrate never appearing to be an issue) but in general; it was a solid looking show. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital enhanced English at 192 Kbps, with minimal separation between the channels but all the vocals meant to be heard were clearly discernable. There wasn't a lot of thumping music as others use and the sounds of the sexual activity were picked up nicely by the built in microphone on the camera. In short, the technical matters were fairly solid all around, better than a number of Erik's other gonzo titles of late.

Body of Review: Erik Everhard has long been one of the top name studs in porn, showing a driving style, appealing to the women as a guy that wants them to get off too, and able to push the limits of his coworkers on both sides of the camera as he attempts to offer consumers more of everything they are looking for. Under his distribution deal with Jules Jordan Video, he has fewer restrictions holding him back, though it seems everything he touches turns to gold these days. His latest double disc release is This Butt's 4 U #3: Special Edition; the long awaited sequel to This Butt's 4 U #2 an award winner from our 2006 Top Porn List. The point of the series from what I've seen (I missed out on getting volume 1 when it came out so long ago) is to highlight ladies with shapely asses that have passionate, chemistry filled gonzo sex. Most of the ladies did extensive anal too but given the wealth of strokable material the series seems intent on providing, the tease alone is worth the price of admission. That said, here's a quick glimpse into the scenes offered up this time, noting that no condoms were used and each scene was a winner:

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Scene One: Sandra Romain, the curvy anal queen barely seen on the "U" in the title on the front cover, and sexy Rachel Starr, the hotty clad in torn jeans that gave me a woody just opening the case (as seen on the upper right hand side of the cover), were up first as the pair showed off their sexy outfits to Erik Everhard while they waited for Mr. Pete to come back. While I haven't seen a whole lot of the shredded jeans look in years, the horizontal (or is that "whore-izontal"?) cuts on the ass cheek area of the jeans gave me their undivided attention as the ladies teased Erik in the living room area of the house. The tease continued until the ladies acquiesced and provided some face sitting fun; Erik loving every booty grind they gave him in the process of pumping on him at the same time. His massive erection inspired them to drop down and share it orally; Sandra taking the lead but Rachel proving to like cock more than a little too. The gals began eating each other out and taking off their clothing when Pete came back to join in on the fun; the gals all giddy with anticipation that they would now have twice as much meat to savor (well, maybe not twice as much, Erik is a lot bigger). Both ladies were active riders and Sandra set the pace as her fleshy rump did the rapid pump on cock like she was channeling Erik's usual enthusiasm. Rachel was grinding her hips to meet the thrusts and the gal started engaging in a virtual cock sucking contest between positions, but Sandra was once again the clear cut winner thanks to how well she handled the anal exploits (including some DP work too). The gals took the loads of population pudding to their faces and cumswapped it, providing some post coital sucking before the incredibly heated scene closed out. What a great start to the movie! Wow!

Scene Two: Alexis Texas, the bountiful blond beauty from Houston seen on the lower left hand corner of the front cover with her awesome ass eating a blue string, was up next as she provided the kind of junk in the trunk that none of the other white gals in the movie could provide. The advertised "L.A. Faces with Oakland Booty" was clearly directed at her and as she prepared to lounge out in the sun by the pool, the temperature of the sun was the second hottest thing to be seen. Oiled up Alexis booty is a sight to behold and Erik Everhard adored what she was sporting; Jimmy the cameraman ogling her too (from his comments at least). Alexis frolicked on the edge of the pool while drinking a "pink panty dropper" beverage, finding her blue one piece suit just the right amount of coverage as she continued to give some tease with her "big booty wave" machine (her ass making waves). Erik went in for the kill orally as he savored her ass; Alexis reciprocating when it was her turn by sucking him off really aggressively in the pool. The natural sunlight looked especially good on her and it was a shame that they went inside but the scene was still well lit; just not as perfectly. Erik did more of the vaginal penetration work here, Alexis getting into the act more as she warmed up to his large cock, never quite as active as I prefer but looking so hot that I gave her a pass for the frictional follies she was engaging in. She did start to pound her perfect pussy on his rod towards the end of the scene, yelling out and forgetting to continue with her dirty talk as she had earlier in the scene. She sucked him off (handjob assisted) until he popped in her mouth, swallowing his semen down before the camera faded away. Whew!

Scene Three: Rebeca Linares, the sexy Latina seen on the middle of the front cover, was up last on the first disc, Jimmy having gone out to buy beers for Erik Everhard and Mr. Pete. The trio of men was getting buzzed on beer and pot (openly sparking up with some weed) before Marco Duato/Banderas introduced them to Rebeca as they sat in the shade of the trees near the pool deck. They were all smiles and the men clearly wanted to sample all Rebeca had to offer them, Pete offering some more of his stash to get her in the mood to mingle. The pot relaxed Rebeca's inhibitions and she started providing them all a show with her lean figure slowly disrobing before Pete got an early taste as the supplier of fun. Her flimsy top and tiny blue jean cutoffs looked great on her, the show leading to Rebeca blowing them with an impossibly skilled set of hummers for one so young after some oil antics in the pool that I loved. The oral led to her bouncing on cock, only Jimmy being left out in the dark as all three of the other men drilled her screaming mouth, pussy, and ass; the family ties she supposedly shared with Marco being discarded like any other inconvenience as the temperatures rose with her skilled antics. Pete's new set of hair looked weird here (I'm so used to him bald or nearly bald) and I would have preferred Rebeca putting on a few pounds to her lean frame but she took care of their semen during their facials with such grace and ease that I nearly lost it myself. Yum!

Scene Four: Rita Faltoyano, the perfectly hot foreign babe seen on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up as the first scene of the second disc when she was told by Jimmy that studly Erik Everhard was crashed out on his bed after a tough day of work. Jimmy was going to raid the liquor cabinet when Rita knocked on the door, her grey shirt hugging those breasts of hers really well. She wanted to tell him goodbye as she was going back to Budapest; Jimmy acting as a cock blocker until she showed him her lingerie. The tease was hot as the sex kitten felt herself up, laughing at Jimmy's suggestions as she ignored his requests to leave Erik alone (note to Jimmy: in the extremely unlikely event that Rita ever wants to wake me up with sex, go away and let her in on your way out). She started climbing on the sleepy head Erik in bed with her pink, see through undies enhancing her figure; the couple making out before each took a lengthy turn savoring the other in an oral fashion. Erik sucked her ass as much as her sweet cookie, Rita clinging onto his meat pipe with her mouth and hand as though surgically attached. The blowjob had him fully erect in no time but she did not stop just yet, preferring to elevate his spirits with the aggressive hummer until it was time for him to use the erection to please her even more. She was an active cock rider in both her pussy and ass, doing some taste testing every once in awhile between the multitude of positions. She made some of those little moaning noises of hers from time to time as well but this was one of her best scenes in a long time, restoring my faith that she is not just a hotty with a great body but a world class fuck too. The scene ended when she milked out a large load from his cock, the population pudding hitting her face as though poured out under high pressure. Whew!

Scene Five: Maria Bellucci, the appealing brunette seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, took over the sexual antics when he scene began around the 46 minute mark of the second disc. The last scene was lengthy enough to cover even a jaded old porn hound like myself for a lot of replay value but fans of interracial will want to note that this was the only scene not devoted to Erik plugging the ladies; using the dark talents of Sean Michaels and Tee Reel instead. She played a tourist lost and looking for a black musician, Tee giving her some of his mack daddy lines to get her in his car. They went to the house where he told her that Sean was indeed Dre (Dr. Dre) and she acted like a fan in heat as the men mimicked the Jack's Playground line of using her for music videos and needing her to model sexy outfits. I've always found that line particularly silly but given the narrow stretch of fabric she was handed to try on; I sure wasn't complaining. Her perfect ass swallowed the one piece from behind and it barely covered her nipples but they wanted to check her out in an all white outfit too; this one equally as hot as Sean convinced her to sit on his face and grind away. The sexual stimulation worked on her too, the trio doing more oral on each other (the guys on her and her on the guys for those wanting a little "bi" action-go elsewhere), and this added to the tease value of the scene as the lady started getting into the heat of the moment. The men took turns fucking her pussy as she would suck the other one's cock, so into the moment that there was a perfect fusion of flesh by the way it all came together. She was a moderately active rider during the anal and DP footage, the PTM and ATM coming easily for her but the large rods nearly tearing her up as she slowed down a little to accommodate them at the same time. Sean eventually busted a nut on her spread ass after a lengthy bout of butt boning and Tee rubbed out a load to her face after getting some head; the scene showing the beautiful lady very nasty but in a good way.

Scene Six: Rachel Roxxx, the brunette working the stripper pole on the upper right hand corner of the front cover for the DVD, was up last as she knocked on the door to surprise Erik Everhard. Jimmy planned it all out and her initial outfit had her in a gray t-shirt ("don't have a cow" with the cow being a picture) that showed off her large breasts, some mock camo pants showing less junk in the trunk than most of the others here. She slipped into something less comfortable; fishnet pantyhose, a pink & black PVC top, and a black PVC skirt, as the music played in the background; plenty of tease provided as she went to start testing the stripper pole set up for her antics. Erik enjoyed her act and the lapdance she gave him added some needed friction to the mix, her clothing coming off to reveal her huge implants and seductive nature. Erik liked the way she was grinding her hips into his cock, the guy ripping a large hole in her outfit for easier access before she dropped to her knees to blow him. She might not have been as skilled a sword swallower as a few of the other ladies in the movie but she was no stranger to a large cock in her mouth from what I could see. The aggressive hummer led to him licking her a few times but rather than get all extensive on her orally, he started banging her pussy in his frantic manner on the couch. She was not an active rider until she was on top of him but the reddened ass cheeks glowed as he spanked them, the gal getting hammered by the rod until Erik rubbed out a large load to her face. There might have been no anal here but she did fine with the rest of her body and the ass was clearly good enough to appreciate as eye candy as far as I was concerned.

Summary: This Butt's 4 U #3 by director Erik Everhard for Jules Jordan Video showed the world yet again that just because a movie is lengthy, does not mean the quality of the action has to be skimped on in any way. The ladies were all attractive, sexually skilled, and ready to rumble with their respective rumps; each scene providing immeasurable stroke and replay value to the delight of this consumer advocate reviewer. Unlike other companies that given you a lot of crap and point to the running time of their offering, This Butt's 4 U #3: Special Edition, like This Butt's 4 U #2 makes every minute of screen time count. Watching Alexis Texas shake her ass, Sandra Romain and Rachel Starr model their retro ripped jeans, or seeing Rita Faltoyano seductively awaken a sleepy Erik in the best manner possible, all showed me that someone is paying attention to what people demand of their gonzo titles and in this case, the man's name is a href=http://www.xcritic.com/reviews/read.php?ID=30263>Erik Everhard. I rated the movie as Highly Recommended though a clear argument could be made that it was worthy of Collector status given all the fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value the set had; narrowly missing out but still so good you can't deny that it was a top pick released just in time for the AVN Awards season. Great job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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