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Up and Cummin

Studio: Citi Boyz » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Years of Production:

March 2006-July 2007

Directed By:

Steve Shay

The Movie:

Twelve young and cute dudes ages 18 to 21 pull their hard pork for self enjoyment as well as the home viewer's pleasure.

Run Time:

1 Hour and 41 Minutes


Devin Moss, Cody Love, Devon Scott, Enrique Garcia, Ethan Tucker, Johnny Cage, Maryn Steele, Peter Ray, Ricky Flores, Tobi Kidd, Tony Marx, Tristan Tyler.

Devin Moss:

Devin is a cute dude with short-ish dark brown hair and slender/toned/smooth body. Sliding his right hand down the front of his pants, Devin sighs, "Feels so good" as he rubs his chest and basket. He unzips and hauls out a big ol' fat cut cock, spits on his hand, and strokes using his right fist. At times Devin uses both hands to tame that cobra working the large purple knob as loud, wet squishing sounds and heavy breathing fills the room. Devin pulls his pants down revealing his dark trimmed pubes as he gets down on his knees to continues to rub his plump nuts and jack that enormous pole. Devin reaches the point of no return shooting a hot thick load of jizz on his fist and the floor as he loudly moans. Hot!

Cody Love:

Cody's a cute guy with short bleached blond punk hair and a pierced bottom lip. He's wearing tight faded blue jeans and an aqua tee shirt as he begins rubbing his chest and basket. He removes the tee revealing a toned/smooth/tanned chest and hard dark nipples. Cody pulls his blue jeans down showing off his tight dark bikini briefs, yanks those down revealing shaved pubes and a slender long clipped tool with large pink knob. Somewhere a dog barks in the background. Cody jacks that dick using his right fist to slide up 'n down while pinching his hard nipples with his left hand. He spreads his legs and rubs those hot nuts smiling at the camera and breathing heavy. Working that rigid prick fast 'n hard, Cody cuts loose with thick cock snot on his fist and on the floor.

Devon Scott:

Devon is a very cute dude with short brown hair, a li'l goatee, wearing a baseball cap, gray tee shirt, and baggy blue jeans. He rubs the bulge in his jeans while slamming back a beer. He unzips, crams his hand inside, and rubs himself while smoking a cigarette. Devon pulls his clipped cock from the fly of his blue jeans and toys with it using his right hand. He pulls his tee shirt up revealing his slender/smooth/toned chest and thumbs his hard nipples. Opening his jeans, Devon reveals his shaved pubes and jacks that dick using his right fist while we get a nice look at his plump balls and hairy butt crack. Lying back on an old box, Devon goes to town on his tool busting a thick 'n sticky nut on his fist.

Enrique Garcia:

Enrique is a cute dude with black hair and toned/smooth/slender body. He's sitting outdoors on a balcony surrounded by lush green plants wearing Bermuda shorts and rubbing his hard dark pierced nipples. Once indoors, Enrique lies on the bed rubbing his bulge, pulls down those shorts revealing his short trimmed dark pubes, plump nuts, and hard cut dick. His hands explore his sexy li'l body cupping his balls, pinching his nipples, and working the large purple knob. Standing up, Enrique beats that meat using his left hand as his right continues cupping balls. Breathing heavily, he shoots a large thick load on his stomach. Hot!

Ethan Tucker:

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Ethan is a cute guy with cool black short-ish hair, tall/slender/toned/smooth body wearing a tight black tee shirt and baggy blue jeans. Standing in front of shelves lines with goofy looking knickknacks, his hands roam over his body and lifts up the tee to rub his chest and hard nipples. Looking directly at the camera, Ethan slides his right hand down the front and rubs his unseen "business". Hopping on the pool table, he strips down revealing shaved pubes, cut cock with pink knob, and some very tasty hangy nuts. Continuing to look into the camera, he spreads his legs exposing his tight shaved butt hole while stroking his hard prick. Moaning loudly, Ethan squirts a large wet load on his stomach and chest. Ethan tastes his own cum.

Johnny Cage:

Johnny's a cute guy with short brown spiked hair and toned/smooth/slender body. He has a tattoo on his stomach spelling out "Johnny". He pulls his pants off exposing his shaved pubes, large hard clipped dick with hot knob and jacks fast 'n hard using his right fist as his left hand rubs his nuts. Dude breathes heavy and looks directly into the camera as he pulls his tasty pud. Johnny has a red dildo and licks it while lubing up his cock and tight shaved bunghole. He slides the toy into his hot hole sliding it in 'n out as his chute clings to it. Johnny jacks that cock while working that plastic phallus quickly up 'n out of his love-chute. Moaning loud, he squirts a large thick load of love juice on his chest and stomach. Hot!

Maryn Steele:

Maryn's a cute dude with black punk hair and toned/smooth body wearing a white tee shirt and ripped blue jeans. He lifts his tee shirt up showing off his hot little hard nipples and pulls his jeans and white briefs down revealing shaved pubes, plump balls, and clipped dong. He strokes his cock up 'n down using his right hand and switches over to pleasuring himself using his left fist. Really wanking fast, Maryn lets loose with a large thick load of spunk on his shaved pubic area with plenty of hot heavy breathing.

Peter Ray:

Peter is very good-looking with closely cropped brown hair and tight/smooth body. He's lying in bed wearing a black shirt and baggy blue jeans rubbing his crotch. Yanking down his jeans and revealing his black briefs, he runs his hand down the front making his pink nipples nice and hard. Pulling down the briefs, Peter reveals his hot full dark pubes, uncut cock, and begins working the shaft and sliding his foreskin up 'n over his moist cock knob. He wags that delicious-looking unclipped dong at the camera showing off his nice deep piss slit. Jacking with both hands and still working that foreskin, Peter's ragged breathing becomes loud as he shoots a thick but small load on his pubes and shaft. Hot dude!

Ricky Flores:

Ricky is a cute dude with two-toned dark 'n bleached hair, feminine plucked eyebrows, and toned/slender/smooth body. Wearing a black tee shirt and baggy blue jeans, Ricky sits on a chair and rubs his crotch. He lifts his tee shirt and shows off those hot six-pack abs and hard nipples. Ricky pulls is long uncut cock from the fly of his blue jeans and works the tasty foreskin back 'n forth over the knob while beating the shaft and rubbing his plump balls. He slides his finger over the piss slit on his large purple knob gathering precum. Hot! Pulling that big unclipped pork and breathing heavily, Ricky dumps a large thick load of cum on his fist.

Tobi Kidd:

Tobi is a cute dude with short dark hair, sideburns, and slender/smooth body. While snooping through drawers, he finds a black and white jock strap and rubs it all over his face while rubbing the front of his ripped blue jeans. Tobi yanks his blue jeans off revealing black boxer briefs and then pulls 'em down showing off his shaved pubes, plump nuts, and cut dick. He slides into that jock strap and jacks his hard tool while rubbing his tight shaved bunghole (no close-ups) and balls. He has a very nice purple-headed trouser snake and fists it quickly up 'n down breathing heavy and squirting a large thick load of love on his chest and stomach. Tobi scoops his precious nut up and eats it.

Toby Marx:

Toby is cute and has dark hair with feminine eyebrows. Wearing a green shirt and blue jeans, he lays on a bed while thumbing through a gay porno magazine and rubbing his basket. He pulls his jeans down revealing short dark trimmed pubes, and large hard clipped meat. Precum is leaking from that piss slit as Toby jerks his pud teasing the knob and rubbing his nuts. Dude is very into pleasuring himself in front of the camera. He removes his shirt showing off his slender/smooth chest and hard little nipples while continuing to wank shooting a thick load of love-cream on his stomach.

Tristan Tyler:

Tristan is a very cute dude with long dark hair and toned/smooth body. He's wearing a tie-dyed tee shirt and Bermuda shorts while sitting outside rubbing his crotch. Tristan pulls his shorts down exposing his dark trimmed pubes, plump nuts, and large uncut cock. He works that stiff stalk and foreskin with his right hand while rubbing his balls and chest with his left. Tristan is really into working his knob and delicious foreskin while breathing heavily. He shoots a wet load all over his stomach. Hot!



"Up and Cummin" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The handheld videography provides full coverage of all the jack-off action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the wet lubed noises of meat beating with plenty of moans and heavy breathing. Joshua Carlson's cool techno music fits the mood as the dudes's pleasure themselves.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, cumshot reel, and trailer for: "Real and Raw Miami".

Final Thoughts:

"Up and Cummin" is a definite turn-on featuring twelve cute dudes ages 18 to 21 with smooth, slender and toned bodies. The guys are very into jacking off in front of the camera and put on no-holds-barred "shows" while breathing heavy and sliding their lubed fists up 'n down those hard cock shafts. The videography provides full coverage of the action with plenty of close-ups of the pork pulling with a nice sharp picture quality. The only negative here is that there are no close-ups of the dudes' tight bungholes when they rub them (with the exception of Johnny Cage and his dildo which features some very nice close-ups of his asshole). This in no way ruins the movie but would have been a nice bonus. My personal favorites here are Enrique Garcia, Ethan Tucker, Peter Ray, Tristan Tyler, and Devin Moss. I recommend for fans of young dudes in their early twenties with slender smooth bodies. They are definitely all very cute.

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