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Brianna Love is Buttwoman: Special Collector's Edition

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Brianna's ass is a thing of beauty!

Brianna Love is Buttwoman: Special Collector's Edition

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: William H. Nutsack & Sam No (aka: Mason)

Cast: Brianna Love, Sunny Lane, Lee Stone, Jada Fire, LT, Carmella Bing, Billy Glide, Dick Nasty, Kyle Stone, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Andrew Riviera, Buster Good, Dwayne Cummings, Mr. Pete

Length: 199:25 minutes

Date of Production: 8/18/2007

Peel that suit off sweety!

Extras: Given the strength of the movie itself, the extras would be the icing on the cake; the box even providing a small poster of the front cover that I adored so much. The second disc offered up perhaps the worst Easter Egg in the history of porn; a 28 second clip of Nutsack showing off his ass in a montage that nearly made me hurl. Had it been mason’s ass in the clip, I’m sure I would have been rubbing out a quick load (like anything was left after a movie that good!) but highlight the ass on the menu page and you’ll get a chance to lose lunch too. The disc started off with a selection of three featurettes; a 19:59 minute Behind the Scenes bit where Brianna really shined (additional sex for those who are like me and appreciate it too). Then a 46:34 minute long historical perspective of the Buttwoman series; complete with age old clips and footage of the gals that came before Brianna. Nutsack’s 17:03 minute long interview was shot in nontraditional form by Mason as Nutsack as the guy sat on the floor and talked about the movie. For many of you, the four bonus scenes from past Buttwoman movies (Tianna in Buttwoman Does Budapest 1992 lasting 15:34 minutes, Tiffany Mynx in Buttwoman 1997 lasting 20:57 minutes, Belladonna is Buttwoman 2001 lasting 27:48 minutes, and the 30:47 scene starring Brianna Love from Massive Asses) will be a great bit of stroke material. Then there was a nice reel of deleted footage lasting 16:23 minutes; largely focused on the scene with Sunny & Lee but other scenes giving up more tease and sex too. There was also a cum shot recap, a 1:42 minute long Blooper Reel, a solid photogallery, a double sided DVD cover, and some trailers to shows like Celebusluts, Big Wet Tits 5, Big Wet Asses 9, Big Wet Asses 8, Destination Dirtpipe 2, Swallow My Squirt 3, Big Wet Tits 3, Squirt In My Gape, Greatest Asswhores Ever, Slave Dolls 2, and It's A Daddy Thing 2 as well.

Condoms: None

Sunny Lane was looking great too!

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Audio/Video Quality: Brianna Love is Buttwoman was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by directors William H. Nutsack and Sam No for Elegant Angel. The camera work was solid with plentiful lighting to eliminate grain, video noise and shadows and the picture appeared to be crisp this time. This is one area that William can be less consistent so I applaud his efforts at the improving quality in his better works like this; proving William works at making the best porn possible and Mason as his muse makes him do even better. I saw no compression artifacts (it was largely falling around the mid 5 Mbps video bitrate) and the composition of the camera angles strongly favored the female performers better than some of the director's previous, older, works (and better than his more recent efforts for those in a comparison mode). The 2.0 Dolby Digital English track was pretty basic with little separation or dynamic range yet I could hear the cast well enough in most cases. For those keeping track, the audio was offered in a 192 Kbps offering, plenty of room considering how little took place on it but leaving room for future efforts too.

See what I mean about Sunny?

Body of Review: Brianna Love has been in porn for several years now, having been a popular contract gal at Red Light in her younger years. Nowadays, she is all the rage as her womanly curves include a spectacular ass that drives men like myself crazy so it is not surprising that one of the most creative directing duos in gonzo porn, William H. Nutsack and Sam No, devoted an entire double disc set to the lass for Elegant Angel; Brianna Love is Buttwoman: Special Collector's Edition. One look at the front cover will tell you if Brianna is your type of gal or not, an all natural rack with small breasts but enough junk in her trunk to make Jennifer Lopez envious. The wealth of material offered up on the set was such that the movie is a must have release for any fan of hers but it served to set a new standard for the company too. That said, here is a look at the scenes, noting that no condoms were used and a lot of amusing bits added into the extensive tease each scene provided:

Brianna's outfit changes looked good too.

Scene One: Brianna Love, the gifted gal gracing the front cover, was up first as she teased by the pool on a perfectly sunny day. Speaking of sunny, she was joined by another lovely hotty, Sunny Lane, who showed some superior moves of her own as she shook her money maker so very fetchingly. This led, of course, to a fantastic lesbian pairing where the two ladies, all oiled up and spreading their legs, rubbed, sucked, licked, and massaged each other both inside and out of the pool. The action was getting hotter with time so they eventually went inside on the yellow couch, kissing and going down on each other; joined by the massive Lee Stone at around the half hour mark. The length of the scene allowed them to fully explore each other completely before the behemoth mass of muscles came in, Brianna making her cute purring noises as Lee ate her out from the back while Sunny diddled her from the front. The face sitting, aggressive blowjobs, and sharing by the gals only made things better; double teaming Lee before taking turns riding his large cock vaginally. Sunny’s milky white skin greatly contrasted with her buddies, though all of them dripped with sweat at the active riding that was going on here. The scene ended at around the hour mark of the movie was the gals rubbed their fleshy ass cheeks together, his load of population pudding having coated the oily masses of flesh just beforehand. If this wasn’t a classic scene to open a movie with, nothing is. Wow!

Carmella Bing was a hot looking Dominatrix!

Scene Two: Brianna Love, in tight shorts and a pink top, was up next with Jada Fire, as the duo gave a lengthy lesson in the art of squirting on a tan couch. The same level of playfulness I expected was present, both gals coming across as more than scene partners but as friends outside of work too. Brianna gave the first shower of the day and Jada was no slacker herself; the ladies eating at the Y and rubbing each other a lot in what amounted to a solid lesbian scene between the two. Just as things were getting off the hook, LT joined in to give them some male loving, plugging away at Brianna’s pussy before the gals took to sucking him off in tag team fashion. Jada was the more skilled cocksucker of the pair but Brianna’s sheer enthusiasm added some magic to the scene as well, each gal impaling themselves on cock when their respective turns came about. I was surprised that there wasn’t a bunch of anal taking place too the way the trio was going at it but they were loud, proud and the ninth cloud with each other before the facial went to Brianna while Jada gave one last piss to coat the rest of the room with her fluid discharge.

Scene Three: Brianna Love, playing a well dressed (in sexy fishnet lingerie) subordinate, was up next after strolling up the long walkway to enter the domain of Carmella Bing; a riding crop wielding mistress. As with the previous scenes, there was a lot of lesbian loving taking place as they slowing, teasingly explored every nook and cranny of each other with a decided emphasis on the ass and breasts. Carmella was clearly in charge of what took place and when, enjoying her role a lot as she savored the delights that Brianna had to offer up on the couch (once they moved from the front door hallway). Having seen the previous scenes, I expected a man to show up and muscular Billy Glide was the lucky guy this time, joining in to paw at Brianna’s ass and suck it clean while Carmella encouraged them. The face sitting and blowjob action were just as passionate as I could hope for, this time Carmella getting first dibs on riding the cock vaginally as Brianna knelt beside her for the ladies to kiss. They each took turns and cleaned the cock off between positions, Brianna going the extra mile this time to impale her ass on the dick as she rode just as heartily in the anal action as anyone else ever did. The rippling ass cheeks nearly put me in a trance; Brianna never slowing down except to do ATM; Carmella following the example set and doing anal as well (just not nearly as actively). The ending pop shot was plentiful and went to Brianna’s ass, Carmella scooping up some of the semen with her breasts for the lead to clean off orally. Sweet!

Pool time with Brianna!

Scene Four: Brianna Love, now playing a popular stripper in a dive style bar, wore glasses as she readied herself for some action with Dick Nasty, Kyle Stone, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Andrew Riviera, Buster Goode, and Dwayne Cummings. I had taken a break by this point lest I be too weary to complete my task of reviewing the movie, the scene started at about the 135 minute mark. If you’re familiar with gonzo porn, few companies offer this much fuck for the buck, and there were still two scenes to go and a whole disc full of extras that Mason was proud to provide. The strip show was a mixture of comedy (the drunk mopers coming to life as she worked the metal pole on stage in her pink & black outfit) and heated tease; leading to the men pulling out their wallets and emptying them in her clothing, clothing that came off as the money poured in. The result was a decent blowbang much like Mike John might offer (he is often considered the industry leader of such things) except it was enhanced by the playful nature Brianna provided with substantially higher replay value as a result too. She slobbed their knobs with a drive rarely seen in the gal, making me wonder how the directors got such a wonderful performance out of her (her oral talents are known as decent but rarely exceptional like this one showed); the men dropping loads all over her mouth, face, and ass cheeks before she scurried away with her cash. Yum!

Jada Fire brought in her tricks with fluid dynamics to the mix.

Scene Five: Brianna Love, enjoying some quality time in the pool on a float with her string swimsuit as seen on the front cover, was up last in a scene with Mr. Pete. Once again, I was impressed by the sheer amount of tease provided, whichever director making it happen now owed a drink in January when we discuss the movie. The sex included all the basics from her aggressive blowjob to the face sitting when they moved onto the couch indoors. They moved into a 69 where she could shake her ass over his head, Pete slurping away on her crack as though given but one chance to get her off. He spanked her a little too and she increased the friction while taking a seat, the vaginal and anal sex that ensued provided even more stroke value than a fan could hope for given all that went on before. Her kittenish purrs and squeaky moans then accompanied her fluid display as he diddled some piss out of her, his load joining with it on her ass cheeks while she knelt triumphantly before him. Nice!

Summary: Brianna Love is Buttwoman by directors William H. Nutsack and Sam No for Elegant Angel was a really solid set of stroke material any fan of Brianna Love will have to get right away. I rated it as Highly Recommended but it came as close to becoming an Xcritic pick as any other flick in recent memory due to the spotlight excellence given the lovely lady. I included some screenshots to give you an idea of what the other ladies looked like too but keep in mind that Brianna Love is Buttwoman: Special Collector's Edition was mainly designed as a vehicle to propel an already lovely lady even further into the limelight, making me wonder what will come next; the technical values among the best William and Mason have provided to date. Great job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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