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Ivy League

Studio: Falcon » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/15/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date:

March 2007

Directed By:

John Bruno

The Movie:

Three hot preppy college guys from back East are invited to Southern California to join a secret organization known as “The Ivy League”. The guys will be pushed to their limits and may discover hidden talents and desires they never knew existed.

Run Time:

1 Hour 48 Minutes

The Cast:

Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, Ryan Wade (cover dude), Zackary Ryan, Eddie Stone, Martin Mazza, Tony Martin, Jason Adonis.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Ivy League” features eight good-looking dudes with brown and black hair cut in styles from short to spiked to longish. The dudes’ bodies are a nice mix of muscle-bound, muscular, and toned with smooth chests, full, trimmed, and shaved pubes. All but one of the cocks is cut. Erik Rhodes is the sexy standout with his big uncut member.

Scene One:

Hunky head of “The Ivy League” secret society Erik Rhodes (good-looking with short brown hair, muscle-bound/smooth body) orders his assistant Martin Mazza (good-looking with black spiked hair, cool sideburns, goatee, muscular/lightly hairy body) down on his knees hauling out his large uncut cock leading Martin to grab that big fucker and slide his hungry mouth up ‘n down cramming as much as he can into his gullet. Both dudes are very into each other and the action as Erik places his hand on the back of Martin’s head and fucks his mouth with long ‘n smooth strokes. Martin continuously chokes on the large organ but keeps sucking away like a real trouper. “Suck my dick! That taste good?” Martin is soon completely naked laying on a desk in the missionary position with his tight shaved bunghole on complete display. Erik munches down on that hole sliding his wet tongue over the pulsing pucker in hot close-up as Martin jacks his hard cut cock.

Erik finger fucks that manhole starting with his index finger and then switching to two and then three digits to cram up that chute as Martin moans with pleasure. Erik sucks Martin’s rigid tool giving some tasty head slobbering up ‘n down the shaft and nursing the purple knob. Ready for some butt sex, Erik fucks his pal in the missionary position using fast, long, and smooth strokes making Martin loudly groan. The dudes switch up and Martin plays the ol’ sink/bounce riding that rigid unclipped member and then changing up again for some doggy style. Woof! Erik lays back jacking his dong with his right fist working the foreskin as Martin munches down on Erik’s tight shaved starfish tonguing the bung in hot close-up. Erik digs the ass eating jerking off and shooting a thick load of jizz on his muscular thigh and toned stomach. Martin cuts loose with a thick wad on Erik’s stomach.

Scene Two:

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Jason Adonis (hot dude with short black hair, muscular/smooth body) is working out when prospective “Ivy League” member Ryan Wade (cute cover dude with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body) enters the room to discuss the membership. Jason orders Ryan to strip which he gladly does revealing his hot body with hard nipples, muscular thighs, and tight white briefs. Ryan lays down on the bench press lifting barbells while Jason spots him rubbing that crotch in Ryan’s face. Jason pulls his briefs down revealing shaved pubes, fat cut cock, and mouth-watering hangy nuts. He slides his big dick into Ryan’s willing mouth fucking his face. Ryan goes to town on that dong sliding his gob up ‘n down and sucking those nuts. These dudes are definitely into each other and the action. Jason is now on the bench press with hot bubble butt in the air as Ryan cozies up behind and munches down on that tight hairy butt hole spreading those butt cheeks and tongue fucking the pulsing pink bung in hot close-up.

Ryan is now totally naked sitting in the missionary position with legs spread wide allowing Jason to eat his tight shaved asshole as he jerks his turgid clipped tool. Jason spits on the hot starfish and slides a digit in for a tasty finger fuck making Ryan cry out and moan giving over to complete pleasure. Jason slowly slides his big dick into that snug man-pussy in the missionary position using long full strokes. “Oh fuck yes!” Jason’s tempo increases until he’s plowing fast ‘n hard leading Ryan to ride that cock bouncing up ‘n down groaning, “Oh yes!” as his chute is completely filled with hard meat. To finish up, the dudes beat off with Jason shooting a large thick load of love juice on Ryan’s arm and thigh. Ryan wildly strokes off busting a thick nut on his stomach and chest.

Scene Three:

New pledge Zackary Ryan (cute with brown hair, toned/smooth body) enters a posh bedroom innocently calling out, “Is anyone here?” Naturally, there is someone in the bathroom. Eddie Stone (sexy dude with dark hair, muscular/smooth body) is taking a nice hot bath and orders Zackary to strip down and take a shower. Zackary is a bit shocked at first but goes ahead and undresses showing off his hot swimmer’s build, full brown pubes, plump cut cock, and nice balls. Zackary soon looses all inhibitions as he puts on a smutty li’l show in a clear glass shower soaping up and rubbing that hot bum against the glass as Eddie sits on the edge of the tub stroking his hard clipped tool. Zackary turns around and rubs his hard cock and balls against the glass making Eddie horny as hell.

Zackary joins his new pal in the bathtub leading Eddie to give a tasty blowjob working his willing mouth up ‘n down the large shaft deep throating all the way down to that full brown bush. “Suck it! Suck it! Oh yeah! Suck it!” Zackary bends over and Eddie spreads those butt cheeks exposing a tight hairy touchhole and munches down eating the hell out of that pucker in hot close-up. “That tongue feels so good! Eat my ass!” The dudes are now in bed with Eddie riding that hard cock sliding up ‘ down filling his man-chute with big beef. “Your cock feels so fuckin’ good in my ass!” Switching to an erotic side/missionary love position, Zackary plows that tight hole fast ‘n hard as both dudes loose themselves in full lust. During some doggy-style drilling, Eddie beats his meat while being fucked with some hot close-ups of penetration and shoots a thick load on the bed. Hot! Zackary pulls his pork in and cuts loose with a thick spotty load on a large mirror.

Scene Four:

Roman Heart (good-looking with brown hair, muscular/smooth body) is playing pool when shy preppy Tony Martin (very cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) walks in for his meeting/interview to join the secret society. Roman takes immediate action saddling up behind Tony pulling Tony’s kaki pants and white briefs down revealing full dark pubes, cut cock, and plump nuts. Roman spreads Tony’s bum exposing his tight shaved bunghole and eats that pulsing pucker sliding his wet tongue back ‘n forth in mouth-watering close-up. “Sweet hole” Roman sucks Tony’s big cock giving expert head as he slobbers up ‘n down the rigid stalk deep throating all the way down to that dark bush. Hot! Tony pulls Roman’s hard fat clipped dick from his tight white briefs and goes hog wild cramming it down his gullet leading Roman to place his hand on the back of Tony’s head and fuck his mouth.

Zackary lifts Roman’s legs up in the missionary position exposing his tight shaved manhole and munches down spitting on the pucker and tonguing in hot close-up giving it his all. Roman Heart is infamous for his hot sexual noises during sex and he doesn’t disappoint. Zackary sinks down on Roman’s rigid rod riding up ‘n down stuffing his chute with tube steak as Roman humps upward to fuck that warm hole. Switching positions, Roman fucks the inductee doggy style pounding with fast ‘n smooth strokes as groans, gasps, and sighs fill the room. Moving over to a fancy sofa, Roman drills Zackary in the missionary position while Zackary pulls his pork shooting a thick load of man-lava on his stomach. Roman jacks off shooting a large thick load of special sauce on Zackary’s hand, pubes, and stomach.

Scene Five:

Now that the dudes have passed their “interviews”, Erik Rhodes is ready to put them through their paces during a mysterious initiation. He orders the dudes the remove all their clothing and with a blink of the eye, those preppy kaki pants, button down shirts, and blue blazers are yanked off revealing hot bodies. Tony Martin (scene four), Ryan Wade (scene two), and Zackary Ryan (scene three) bend over allowing Erik to drip hot wax on their backs and fuck their tight bungholes with individual black dildos as they loudly gasp with lust. Next, the guys stand on a spiral staircase as Erik pleasures each one orally sliding his wet mouth up ‘n down those rigid tools giving excellent head wildly switching between the three dongs. Staircase Ass Buffet! Erik spits on and eats Tony’s tight shaved hole as Tony tongue Ryan’s snug shaved bunghole and Ryan munches down on Zackary’s tight hairy touchhole. The dudes eat the hell out of those holes followed by some cool finger fucking.

Tony blows Ryan cramming his mouth full as Zackary rides Erik’s big dick humping wildly up ‘n down while jerking his dick. Tony and Ryan chow down on Zackary’s dick sharing the sucking duties as Erik fucks Tony’s ass doggy style fast, smooth, and hard slapping those butt cheeks. Zackary drills Erik’s mouth as Erik jacks his prick working that foreskin and Ryan screws Tony in the missionary position fast ‘n hard on the sofa. Tony pulls his pork shooting a large thick load on his stomach. Hot! Ryan crams Erik’s large unclipped wonder down his gullet giving tasty head leading Erik to shoot a thick load on his fist and thighs. Ryan strokes off cutting loose with thick jizz on his pubes, stomach, and chest. Tony shoots a second load on the floor and his thigh and Zackary lets go with thick spunk on is fist and thigh.



“Ivy League” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Andre Adair is excellent providing full coverage of all the sex with plenty of cool close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dialogue and of course all the slurping, pants, sighs, and heavy breathing as the preppy dudes are initiated into the wonderful world of man-to-man sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection with sex act menu, chapter stops, and previews for: “Rush and Release”, “Basic Plumping 3”, “Longboard”, “The Farmer’s Son”, and Riding Hard”.

Final Thoughts:

“Ivy League” is a big ol’ turn-on filled with hot dudes who give energetic performances and are clearly into each other and the sex. The direction by John Bruno is strong along with excellent videography by Andre Adair and editing by Leif Gobo creating five sex-filled scenes that move along at an enjoyable pace and never become dull. There are plenty of very cool close-ups of the ass eating, butt sex penetration, and cock sucking. My personal favorites here are Erik Rhodes, Tony Martin, Jason Adonis, and Zackary Ryan. If you dig college type preppy dudes, this is the movie for you! I Highly Recommend.

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