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Miami Rumpshakerz

Studio: 1st Strike » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Brianna skeptical at Jeremy's advances.

Miami Rumpshakerz

1st Strike/New Porn Order

Genre: Gonzo, Reality

Director: Craig Valentine

Cast: Brianna Beach, Jeremy, Lexie, Baileey, McKenzee Miles, James, Krystal, Pike, Summer Haze, Dani, Kira, Jordan

Brianna looking good for the oil!

Length: 162:01 minutes

Dates of Production: 5/14/2006, 5/20/2006, 5/26/2006, 6/1/2006, 6/4/2006, 6/20/2006, 5/20/2007

Extras: The best extra was the 4:22 minute Behind the Scenes feature that started with Summer in the video store she shot one of the scenes in (followed by her conquest of the day, Dani). There was also a slideshow and some trailers, the DVD case covered by a slipcase replica of the cover.

Lexie looked more familiar than "Baileey".

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Miami Rumpshakerz was presented in a non anamorphic widescreen color with an aspect ratio of about 1.78:1 a shot by director Craig Valentine for 1st Strike under the New Porn Order line. The lighting was generally decent, limiting the grain and video noise a bit though I did see some edge enhancement and aliasing. The show looked a lot like the Bang Brothers titles with better lighting for the most part, the shaky camera a little too aggressive in moving around and the dynamic relying more on raw energy than technical brilliance. The composition of the sex scenes was pretty solid in making the ladies look as good as can be expected given the circumstances, still keeping the amateur look (primarily of the introduction sequences where the cast gets to know each other) but otherwise providing a straightforward experience. The bitrate hovered in the mid 4 Mbps range as I spot checked it, with few compression artifacts observed; the editing in need of polishing up in most of the scenes. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps bitrate for the audio. The vocals were seemingly captured by the microphone attached to the camera so there was no separation and the dynamic range was limited but this is common in the genre.

Hello, Lexie!

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Body of Review: Craig Valentine is the latest director for 1st Strike; a company that I have had mixed results with in the past. Some of their work tends to be really inspired for the low budget nature of their movies, relying more on raw energy and the technical excellence some of the bigger companies tend to display, but they also have a long history of finding newcomers and capturing them before they disappear forever so I like to see what they are up to when possible. Their latest movie is alternatively credited to Summer Haze as director writer but since Craig was heard and seen in the segments and she was not, I’m defaulting to listing him as the primary guy in charge of Miami Rumpshakerz (at least until she starts beating me up). The movie follows the now common scenario of a male cameraman following his friends around the Miami area as they hit on women and successfully brought the ladies back to their cribs to bone on camera. If you’ve seen the Bang Brothers, some of the Filthy line at Club Jenna, and a score of wannabe pretenders, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about in terms of the basic nature of the action. If you’re still interested, here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were worn:

McKenzee Miles with James.

Scene One: Brianna Beach, a sexy little hotty with a well rounded rump, was up first as she was picked up along the beach by Jeremy. As you can tell by the pictures, she had the gal next door look to her, appealing to the guy as he used his mack daddy lines on her. Once they got back to the dive of a room, Brianna stripped down after some minor protesting, allowing him to massage her ass with some oil that enhanced her already appealing figure as he joined her. The foreplay led to her actively blowing him, the knob slobbing showing she had a lot of experience with a dick in her mouth before they switched to a 69 position to allow him oral access to her as well. Her porn acting was a bit weak but it was made up for by her performance skills where she actively rode the cock vaginally in several positions before the population pudding spewed forth to her ass cheeks. It was a bit rough in terms of editing and the use of medium shots above all else but I liked it more than a little thanks in large part to Brianna.

McKenzee looking even better!

Scene Two: Lexie, spending time in a park’s playground on Mother’s Day, was up next with Baileey; the men suggesting the shoot was for a school project. She was willing to join them for money, giving a show as she walked to the car (and picked up back at the hovel). They followed the same basic formula of tease, oiling up her ass, and foreplay before the oral sex took place. While she wasn’t particularly attractive to me, I liked her ass and playful demeanor enough to keep watching. She sat on his face and Lexie gave the appearance that she was getting off realistically rather than the usual over the top method her peers seem too willing to embrace. Her oral skills were decent as well, the hummer getting him even harder before they bumped uglies like sexual athletes. She actively rode the cock when she was on top of him and the pop shot again went to the ass for those fixated on them. Again, this was another scene that surprised me as being fun and heated with a touch of chemistry to make it strokable with replay value.

Krystal and Pike.

Scene Three: McKenzee Miles, a gal that has probably made more movies than any of the other ladies put together, was up next as she was picked up in front of a deserted theater to go back to the bedroom with hapless James. As you can tell by my included screen shots, she’s a stripper next door looking gal with a decent ass and she played at being a shy, slightly reserved gal even though her clothing came off faster than the others. The face sitting was too passive (grind those hips girl!) and her cocksucking lacked enthusiasm so I was curious if the dynamic would pick up or not. She started off pretty actively riding the cock and her rump shook really well in the laying down doggy style that followed; the gal seemingly appreciating cock in her pussy more than any of the others in the movie. I guess it just goes to show you that a slow start doesn’t mean it has to be a poor scene, though I wonder if he tasted bad or something to cause her initial reaction. The scene ended with him busting a small nut on her ass though more oiling up would have been appreciated.

Krystal had a nice rump!

Scene Four: Krystal, a gal that looked the role of a Miami mama better than any of the others, was up next on the pier with moper Pike. The walked into the apartment and she balked at doing sex on camera until he convinced her hot blooded nature that it was okay by flattering her. The clothing fell to the floor and the formula began as he felt her up (oil, we need OIL!) before placing her on the bar for easier access to her cookie. He ate her out with some evidence of liking what he was doing, the two showing neighborly love in the process of getting warmed up. Her hand assisted hummer was fair at best but given what happened last time, I figured she might pick up the pace after they did some 69. She was best on top but she did indeed do a better job when in a dominant position, pounding her ass down on the cock during the vaginal sex. The ass shot was decent and I only wished that they paid off the gardener making all the background noise.

Summer Haze picking up Dani in the porn store.

Scene Five: Summer Haze, the blond on the right hand side of the front cover, was up next in the infamous video store where she picked up Dani, who was looking at some of Summer’s previous work on the rack of the store. The gals got acquainted and used the sex swing hanging in the middle of the floor (how convenient!) to enjoy the wonders of Sapphic love. They licked, sucked, and diddled each other (the store being open since the phone was ringing) on the swing and a bench of sorts, each bending over to give their new pal a better view. The scene felt really short and I wanted more considering they were plastered over the front cover but the older/younger theme was pretty cool.

Summer and Dani looking better!

Scene Six: Kira, a brunette with a willing attitude, was up last as she went back with Jordan (called “Joey” by the cameraman) to his apartment. The acting was really bad here, even worse than usual for this type of movie, but fans of lean gals will likely find her very physically appealing. They started off by getting into a 69 once her bottom was unclothed, the gal giving him a hand assisted hummer showing some limited experience. The vaginal screwing seemed really short this time but she was active when on top on him and the over the top acting was unintentionally funny. It may not have the stroke value some of the earlier scenes had but I’ve seen worse scenes used to close out movies. The scene itself ended with the ass pop shot as expected, a minimal load for those who care.

Kira and Jordan on the bed.

Summary: Miami Rumpshakerz by director Craig Valentine for 1st Strike under the New Porn Order line so heavily promoted by Summer Haze was not perfect in any way but there was enough strokability, replay value, and women worth watching to rate it as Recommended. The extras were weak, the advertised “3 Full Hours” on the light side, and the technical elements in need of an upgrade but I found plenty of the action to be well done by couples into the action more than the pay as you’ll find all over the place elsewhere. In short, Miami Rumpshakerz as a series should make the move to an anamorphic widescreen picture, find ladies that have the looks needed to carry off some of the weaker scenarios, and touch up the editing but this was a decent start to project and I hope it gets even better with time.

Kira was looking hot here!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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