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Spunk'd The Movie

Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/23/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Nick Manning has solid comedic credentials to be the host.

Spunk’d The Movie

6969 Entertainment

Genre: Comedy

Director: Justin Kane

Cast: Penny Flame, Marcos Leon, Aurora Snow, Ginger Lea, Kelly Brooks, Lexi Belle, Steven St. Croix, Trent Soluri, Katie Morgan, Kaiya Lynn, Steven St. Croix, Hillary Scott, Ron Jeremy, Evan Stone, Eva Angelina, Vanessa Lane, Mikayla, Dru Berrymoore, Nick Manning, Jada Fire, Herschel Savage, Dick Nasty
Non-sex roles: Mikey Butders, Humbert-Humbert, Darby O’Riley, Charles Tubesock, Tiger Lane, Dirty Dee, Dick O’Douls, Kierra La Chez, Kris Roc, Johnny Knox, Johnny Lightning, Willis Tuxedo, Kierra La Chez

Penny Flame is another with an established track record for comedy porn.

Length: 107:58 minutes

Date of Production: 8/26/2006 & 8/29/2006

Extras: The best extra was clearly the 24:41 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It had some sex footage (largely taken from the movie but a bit that looked like deleted footage too; less directed than the footage at the end of the movie as the credits rolled), interviews with the cast, and a whole bunch of the cast & crew fucking around while waiting for their scenes (Nick Manning discussing fucking 10 year old girls striking me as a bit creepy but otherwise kind of fun). There were two versions of the trailer for the movie, a photogallery, a helpful cast list, and a true double sided DVD cover with a promotional code for some free time on the company website.

Aurora Snow was another great choice, shown here with Lexi Belle.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Spunk’d The Movie was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame (except for one letterboxed scene, #4) color as shot by fledgling director Justin Kane for 6969 Entertainment to be distributed exclusively by IVD (the largest porn distributor in the world from what I’ve been told). The movie being a parody (like Not The Bradys XXX) of the once popular television show Punk’d, it followed the same format by having the host introduce the individual scenes and generally come out at the end to join in on the fun. There were numerous little flaws with the lighting, the camera angles, and the way the sex played out but the sex was only half the story for the movie. In effect, the manner in which the clips were handled was more in line with the entertainment value of the show as a whole so I really had few complaints with it on visual terms. Had the sex been the sole focus of the show as with gonzo porn, the rating would have dropped considerably as a result but the rookie director managed to do a fine job transcending the limits of porn to provide a working porn version of the television show, with some grain, video noise, aliasing, and occasional compression artifacts (very few thanks to the bitrate hovering around the 7 Mbps mark so often) observed. The audio was presented with a choice of either the 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English at 448 Kbps or the 2.0 Dolby Digital English version. Given the parody nature and cover looking like a Grade “Z” mainstream movie (more so than most high end porn), I expected weak audio but I was surprised when I found most of the audio to be well above average in overall terms. The dynamic range was solid and the audio crisp with the voice over work handled exceptionally well. Good job!

Ginger Lea and Steven St. Croix as hillbillies in search of Atlanta.

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Body of Review: Not The Bradys XXX has proven to be this year’s best parody porn with a couple of other comedies offering up some fun too (Operation: Desert Stormy coming to mind as less of a parody but still well done). Comedy porn is rarely handled all that well for many reasons, typically relegated to the larger companies but I stumbled across something the other day that really caught my eye too. Newcomer director Justin Kane and 6969 Entertainment came out of nowhere with one of the better efforts of the year with Spunk’d The Movie; the fuck flick parody basing itself on the television show Punk’d, where celebrities are the butt of elaborate hidden camera practical jokes at the hands of Ashton Kutcher. Owing as much nod to Allen Funt’s Candid Camera, Spunk’d The Movie goes well beyond the normal porn route to parody the show but also the celebrity wannabe’s we see all over the news of late, the 2006 shoot skipping some easy targets but hitting others dead on with humor and heated sex that will turn many a head. Starring Nick Manning as Gashton Cootcher, the show closely mirrors the television show very well, leading to the situations best left for porn. If that appeals to you, here’s a quick look at the scenes by action and cast, noting that no condoms were used:

Aurora, Lexi, and Kelly on the farm.

Scene One: Lindsay Blowhan: Penny Flame, playing a pornified version of the infamous lawbreaker, was up first as she underwent a strip search by an overzealous security guard. This led to Marcos Leon going down on her, the gal begrudgingly reciprocating with a warmish blowjob when she dropped to her knees with the couple then actively screwing in the perfectly lit location outside the building where the metal detector was set up. The sex was not the strongest I’ve ever seen from Penny but the comedy elements were catered too so well that I wasn’t complaining. It ended with her taking the facial and both characters getting “Spunk’d” by Nick.

Katie Morgan has made comedy porn for years too.

Scene Two: Hairless Hilton and Cornhole Richie: Aurora Snow, Ginger Lea, Kelly Brooks, Lexi Belle, Steven St. Croix, and Trent Soluri, were up next in an all-too-real parody of the TV show The Simple Life mixed with the titular parody. Aurora and Lexi were substantially more physically appealing in the roles than the real versions would be with the joke being they were moving in with a hillbilly family for the latest season of their show (maybe coming a little too close for comfort for guys like Mike S. in Atlanta). The family played their roles to the hilt as did the gals, the comedic timing about the home school sex education class leaving me in stitches. Steven wasn’t as over the top perfect as Nick himself seemed to be but it was a lot of fun sexually too with the ladies all showing the ability to “suck start a leaf blower” as Trent put it. Sexually, the scene stuck with blowjobs/cunnilingus and vaginal screwing in the living room set up; the nod to incest a bit creepy but all in good fun for those in the South. The gals skillfully worked the meat pipes to drain the men dry of population pudding, some minor rimming and strap on dildo play added in to round out the sexual antics. The facials closed this scene out too with Nick’s part as predictable but still cute.

Kaiya Lynn joined Katie.

Scene Three: Grundle’s Anatomy: Katie Morgan and Kaiya Lynn, playing regulars on the popular show, were up next as they were confronted with a new director who made some adult changes to the script that surprised Katie’s character. Kaiya played along as Steven St. Croix’s perpetual erection proved to be the medical challenge of the day, the ladies going for it after Katie made some waves at first. The vaginal and oral sex was well done again, the ladies taking the pop shots facial; Steven tagging Kaiya and Nick coming in to bust a nut on Katie.

Hillary Scott playing twins at night.

Scene Four: Holesen Twins: Hillary Scott, playing a dual role as twins (using camera tricks), was up next as a porn version of the Olson Twins (in another case of the adult version looking far more attractive) out at night for a campfire with a couple of mopes. The ladies were drinking around the campfire with the guys when they were all surprised by Ron Jeremy and the mighty Evan Stone playing an admittedly twisted duo of country bumpkins (that would never be related within about 6000 years of evolution) that were upset over the “teenage shenanigans” taking place on their sacred family grounds. Ron and Evan demanded the gals get sexually active with them; Hillary showing them both a good time as both gals (does that count as two scene for her here?). The blowjobs were far better than any virgin ever gave and the vaginal screwing showed Hillary to be a very active lady in both cases (though her vocals were too over the top for me here), taking a facial and a crotch pop in turn.

Dru Berrymoore giving Nick his comeuppance.

Scene Five: Gashton Ganged: Eva Angelina, Vanessa Lane, Mikayla, and Nick Manning, were up next in a turnabout scene where they punked him out at the studio where he was to fill in on a reality TV show (“Pooty and the Geek”) since he was the do-nothing executive producer. The ladies ganged up on him and made him their sex slave, claiming they were going to kill him when they were through (sadly, they did not follow through on this promise). He spouted some of his usual charming banter at them and they continued to blow him and eat each other out; the heat only weakened when he had to interject his foul talk. They screwed vaginally and Dru Berrymoore came in at the end to piss on his face; the very end of the scene a cute tribute to the series theme.

Penny Lane, Eva Angelina, and Mikayla posing.

Scene Six: White House: Jada Fire, Herschel Savage, and Dick Nasty, were up last in a political satire piece where the men played the current president and vice president of the USA. Herschel did a decent job as the commander in chief and Dick as…well, Dick, seemed somehow especially appropriate with Jada’s version of Condoleezza Rice the only thematic weak point. Dick’s “perfect shot” to her face was a nod to his hunting expedition awhile back in Texas and the scene was oral only with the swimming pool idea a bit weird; the scene only ruined by the nature of what happened to Dick’s character (keep it light and it works, go too heavy and it loses it’s appeal quickly except for extremist nutcases). Jada took the facials well and I only wish she had been given more to do.

Jada Fire with Herschel Savage and Dick Nasty.

Summary: Spunk’d The Movie by director Justin Kane for 6969 Entertainment was a lot of fun and showed a solid balance between comedy and sex. The casting was inspired in most cases and while I’d like to have seen longer sex scenes (perhaps using branching technology), the action was quite strokable too so I rated it as Highly Recommended as much for the ambitious manner the director/writer tackled as the final outcome. It may not have been quite as well done as Not The Bradys XXX but it surpassed far more expensive projects in both the sexual antics as well as humor so give Spunk’d The Movie a look and enjoy it (and for fans of the show Punk’d, this is a must have!).

Not everyone made the cut though (thankfully)...

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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