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Black Ty Affair

Studio: Latino Fan Club » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/23/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Dates:

April-August 2007

Directed By:

Rob Greco

The Movie:

Ty’s Photography Studio provides a “full service” but not the kind bridezillas are accustomed to. Ty has a special way to calm nervous virgin grooms, assist the groomsmen, and conducts interviews for assistant positions by getting’ down with hot sweaty man-sex!

Run Time:

1 Hour 40 Minutes

The Cast:

Metro, Jazz, J. Passion, Cass, Captain, Loco, Kidd Kaj, Tank, Paris.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Black Ty Affair” provides nine hot Black dudes with a mix of toned, tight, and slender bodies; lightly hairy and smooth chests; full, trimmed, and shaved pubes, and big uncut ‘n cut cocks. Tasty!

Scene One:

Metro (hot dude with short dark hair, cool facial hair, toned/smooth body) needs a job so he hightails it over to Ty’s Full Service Photo Studio with resume in hand. Ty (played by good-looking dude Paris with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) has more than hiring an assistant on his mind and soon the dudes are locked in a lusty embrace tasting each other’s hot tongues. Metro licks those hard nipples making his way down to other goodies pulling Paris’s white bikini briefs down revealing shaved pubes, plump nuts, and a large clipped cock. He grabs that big thang cramming it down his throat and slobbering up ‘n down filling the room with the wet sounds of sucking. Paris digs the head egging his new employee on with sexual musings such as, “Yeah! Keep that shit nice and hard!” Metro is very into sucking cock and gives exemplary head. Metro pulls his black bikini briefs off exposing his full dark pubes, large hairy plump nuts, and cut tool. He lays face down on a padded table leading Paris to rub that fine hairy bum, spread those cheeks exposing that tight hairy bunghole, and rub those mouth-watering nuts.

Paris slides his big ol’ dong in from behind for some fast ‘n furious doggy style fuckin’. Pounding fast ‘n hard, he fills that tight man-chute with his ebony trouser snake making Metro breathe heavy and fill the air with loud moans of pure desire. There’s a nice close-up from behind of that tight hairy bum getting drilled. Metro switches up and plays a little of the ol’ sink/bounce riding that pole humping up ‘n down and really rockin’ and rollin’. Paris switches to the side/missionary position and keeps fucking that hole fast ‘n smooth making Metro demand, “Gimme that dick! Fuck that shit!” Paris beats his meat shooting a large thick load of man pudding on Metro’s bum. The dudes kiss with more deep tongue as Metro pulls his pork shooting a thick load of jizz on the padded table and his fist. Whew! I got the vapors watching these hunky dudes go at it. Hot sweaty man-sex at this finest!

Scene Two:

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Loco (cute with short dark hair, white baseball cap, tall/slender/smooth body) and his buddy Cass (nice-looking with short dark hair, toned/tight/smooth body) are decorating their apartment for a friend’s bachelor party. Finishing hanging balloons and streamers, the dudes decide to take a break, kick back on the sofa, and throw in straight porn into their DVD player. The dudes naturally get all horned up and are soon kissing with wet tongues leading Cass to pull Loco’s large fat uncut cock free from his blue jeans and begin jacking the shaft working the tasty foreskin up ‘n over the moist knob. Loco has full dark pubes and nice plump nuts. Hot! Cass pulls his jeans down showing off his full dark pubes, plump balls, and hard cut dick. Cass works his mouth up ‘n down Loco’s rigid shaft as Loco’s hand guides his head into some groovy face fucking. These dudes are totally into each other and the action.

Cass lies back on the sofa allowing Loco to slide his hungry gob up ‘n down the thick shaft with gusto while sticking his hot butt in the air exposing his tight hairy touchhole. He really goes to town cramming that hot hog down his gullet. After a traditional sixty-nine with Loco on top as both dudes gorge on meat, Loco bends over and Cass eats that tight hairy manhole burying his face between the butt cheeks and diddling the pucker with his pink tongue. Loco straddles Cass fucking his face while Cass beats off and finger fucks Loco’s hole. Cass wacks off shooting a thick load on his fist and stomach. Reaching the point of no return, Loco growls, “You want my nut?” and proceeds to squirt a large wet load on Cass’s face, shoulder, and chest.

Scene Three:

Tank (good-looking with short dark hair and hot beefy/smooth body) is having trouble with his tie so it’s lucky that buddy Jazz (good-looking with shaved head, cool long soul patch, toned/lightly body) is on hand to help him out. The dudes are in the photography studio but no one is around. Taking advantage of the situation, Jazz pulls Tank’s boxers down revealing a full dark bush and fat cut dick. He sucks that thang like someone is about to take it from him wildly sliding his mouth up ‘n down with plenty of amazing deep throat, stroking the shaft, and cupping those yummy nuts. Tank digs the head ordering Jazz to “Suck my hard as dick! Don’t hurt yourself!” Glad to see he’s at least concerned about his pal. Jazz pulls his own gray boxer briefs down and bends over with one leg hiked up on the counter.

Tank slides his hard prick into that tight hairy man-pussy doggy style fucking fast ‘n hard with a hot camera shot from behind of Jazz’s plump nuts and fat cut cock as Tank pounds him. Both dudes are very into the action and each other. Jazz repositions himself in the missionary position with legs spread and tight hairy bunghole on display. Tank fucks that hole fast ‘n hard taking no prisoners as he drills his pal making Jazz ooh and ahh with lust and stroke his turgid tool with his right fist. To finish up, the guys pull their puds with Jazz shooting thick dotty spunk on his fist and stomach. Jazz orders Tank to “Milk that dick!” and he shoots a large thick load of spooge on Jazz’s sweaty chest and slaps his spent dong against his buddy’s mouth. Hot!

Scene Four:

Horny bridegroom Captain (very good-looking with short dark hair, tall/toned body) is worried about his wedding night since he’s a virgin and his bride to be will not give him any. He heads over to Ty’s Photo studio, which seems the place to go for hot man-sex. Ty (Paris from scene one) is more than happy to help out with some deep soul kissing and body rubbing. Captain strokes Paris’s large hard clipped prick and ends up going down sliding his gob up ‘n down giving some very descent head for a so-called virgin. Captain pulls his own shorts down revealing a hot butt, full dark pubes, and large uncut cock with long foreskin nipple. Hot! Paris grabs Captain’s head and gives him a face fucking he will not soon forget. Captain bends over exposing his tight hairy bunghole and Paris begins to tease the pucker by slowly sliding his cock back and forth in between those cheeks playing a little game of “Hotdog and Bun”. “I’m gonna fuck that tight little virgin ass!”

Paris screws Captain from behind slowly sliding his big dick in and giving the groom ample time to grow accustomed to such a big dick up his hairy chute. Once all the way in, Paris begins to slide in ‘n out using long full strokes that become increasingly faster making Captain moan and groan. Before long, Paris is humping the hell out of that hungry hole. Switching to the missionary position, Paris continues his butt lovin’ fucking fast, smooth, and hard with some nice close-ups of the penetration. After Captain rides that fat hog bouncin’ up ‘n down, Paris shoots a very thick load of man-love on Captain’s butt. In return, Captain jacks off working that tasty long foreskin and shoots a very large thick load on his hairy toned stomach. Hot cum-filled foreskin!

Scene Five:

Paris and his new assistant Metro head over to the Kidd Kaj’s (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/tight/smooth body) apartment. J. Passion (cute with short hair, toned/smooth body) answers the door and the par-tay begins. The dudes immediately strip down leading Metro to run his hands up ‘n down Kidd’s hot body and suck his hard clipped cock while J. sits on the bed and chows down on Paris’s big cut dong leading Paris to fuck that face fast ‘n smooth. Metro is busy sliding his mouth up ‘n down Kidd’s tool when Kidd switches up and straddles Metro fucking his mouth as Metro pulls his own hard pud. For variety, J. blows Metro while Kidd sits on Metro’s face and Paris rubs his tool between J.’s butt cheeks while pinching his own hard nipples.

Paris plows J. from behind fucking smooth ‘n long as J. pulls Metro’s rigid tube steak and chows down. Kidd fucks Metro’s tight hairy bunghole in the missionary position as Metro jacks his big dick and J. and Paris make out with heavy tongue. The scene has plenty of juicy close-ups of the butt penetration during the hot ‘n sweaty man-to-man lovin’. Paris moves over and fucks Kidd’s tight shaved hole in the missionary position drilling fast ‘n hard as Kidd beats his hard member. J. is the first to pop with a thick load on his fist and stomach. Metro is up next shooting a thick load of man-goo on J.’s tongue, his own fist, and the bed. Paris cuts loose with a large thick load on Kidd’s plump nuts, and Kidd squirts a large wet load on his ultra-toned chest and stomach. Hot!



“Black Ty Affair” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is strong providing full coverage of all the sex with plenty of cool close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dialogue and of course all the slurping, pants, moans, and heavy breathing as these wedding-bound dudes get down to business.


The disc includes an interactive menu and scene selection. There are no bonus features.

Final Thoughts:

Well, The Latino Fan Club along with Real Urban Men Productions and Director Rob Greco once again do not disappoint. Mr. Greco definitely knows what the fans want: sexy Black dudes with toned bodies and big cocks with plenty of close-ups of butt sex penetration and ass eating. The dudes give energetic performances totally getting into each other and the action with wild cock sucking and fast ‘n hard butt pounding. My personal favorites here are Paris, Metro, Captain, and the very cute Loco. I Highly Recommend as I found the movie to be a huge turn-on!

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