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Naughty College School Girls 42

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/30/07

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Ashley Jensen shows what men want.

Naughty College School Girls 42

New Sensations

Genre: Vignette

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Ashley Jensen, John Strong, Kristina Munroe, Marco Duato/Banderas, Alexis Texas, Kadence Kailey, Michael Stefano, Audrey Hemingway, Mark Ashley

Length: 142:04 minutes

Dates of Production: 5/2/2007, 5/9/2007, 6/13/2007, 6/17/2007, 6/24/2007

Kristina Munroe had a fleshy ass.

Extras: For most of you, the bonus scene from Craving Big Cocks 13 between Jasmine Tame and Less Stone will be the best extra of all so I described it below for you. I appreciated the 11:32 minute long Behind the Scenes feature more since it was unique to the show itself, even if it consisted mainly of nude interviews (neglecting to provide more footage of Alexis Texas in the process). I liked the apparel worn and the generally pleasant demeanor of the ladies though so it did add some value to me. This was followed by some trailers, a photogallery, a true double sided DVD cover featuring Alexis Texas, and a fetish menu.

Condoms: None

Alexis Texas; the hometown hotty!

Audio/Video Quality: Naughty College School Girls 42 was presented in an anamorphic widescreen color with an aspect ratio of about 1.78:1 as shot by director Greg Lansky for New Sensations. Unlike other volumes in the series where various directors put little effort into the scenes, this one showed Greg firmly at the helm as he set the lighting reasonably well to eliminate the grain, video noise, and other things that bother picky fans like myself. The camera angles were a bit mixed in terms of making the ladies look their best every time but the editing covered many of the minor issues and the shaky camera did not get in the way too much. The bitrate of the show seemed to hover around the mid 3 Mbps area and I did see compression artifacts from time to time. The picture generally looked decent overall with some shadows getting in the way in a couple scenes more than others but it seemed competently handled in most ways. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 192 Kbps bitrate, the vocals tending to be minimal once the sex started as did the music but the lack of separation and limited dynamic range were about what I expected of the aural characteristics of the movie.

What a perfect Texas ass!

-- sponsored by --

Body of Review: Greg Lansky is currently a director for New Sensations. His work tends to focus on the younger ladies having sex with older guys, a dynamic brought about by all the fans unable to score such gals on their own (at least not without serious cash on hand). His latest release to make it my way was Naughty College School Girls 42; the long running series that has the gals dress down in age as they seek the comfort and approval of the studs presented to them. I last saw the series with Naughty College School Girls 38 and found it to be like many other shows that use youth as the focal point; the ladies too passive and inexperienced to really let loose on most occasions for my preference. The cover said it like this: “Alexis Texas and Ashley Jensen shag like minks when John Strong whips his cock out! Kadence Kailey gets her pussy stuffed by Michael Stefano! Audrey Hemingway and Mark Ashley fuck like there's no tomorrow! And Kristina Munroe goes all out when Marco Banderas goes balls out! They may look innocent, but these girls are as naughty as they get. Watch as they suck those dicks and fuck those cocks -- because that's what private school is all about!” If this sounds good to you, here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Kadence Kailey had an itch to scratch.

Scene One: Ashley Jensen, a cute blond wearing the uniform expected as well as pink cotton panties, was up first on the staircase to show the formula of tease and self satisfaction (she masturbated) before being joined by muscular John Strong. She already looked juiced up a bit when he came up behind her to paw the youthful looking lady as she continued to rub her cookie. His oral work took him to her front and back, the gal reciprocating with a hummer that showed she was far from a stranger to a cock in her mouth. The enthusiasm was decent enough and the two were soon poking privates with a degree of energy usually not seen with newcomers, Ashley not brand new but still cutting her teeth as a newbie to the masses that have yet to see her body in action. Her cock hungry ways aside, she kept up a vocal presence in the movie as well, going over the top at times but displaying potential for better works too. The PTM and handjob action looked to be largely trimmed out of the final cut but she did swallow the population pudding so I can’t say that it was not a reasonably solid scene overall.

Audrey Hemingway was a hotty too.

Scene Two: Kristina Munroe, a chunky brunette with her babyfat still intact, was up next and I found her appealing compared to the usual waifish types that populate “youth” oriented titles. A lot more ladies are on the heavy side when in their later teen years than the skinny type (unless the gal is on meth) so the change of pace added to the dynamic a bit, my sentiments shared by Marco Duato/Banderas from the way he approached her. He was feeling up her big titties and kissing her as he worked his way down into her skirt, the gal giving the appearance as if she learned how to display pleasure from a porno. Still, the manner in which Marco savored her from head to toe appeared to work on the gal, each giving the other some oral to enhance the mood. Her blowjob skills were on the rough side but she did seem to enjoy working his meat into her mouth; looking up at the camera as if showing off to her friends back home. To her credit, she actively rode the cock from the first moment it penetrated her pussy, the gal shaking her ass as she impaled herself throughout the scene. Marco encouraged her to continue; appreciating how much effort she was putting into the action. She took the facial easily and then licked at the load that hit her chest; not quite swallowing it but rubbing it in as if it were skin lotion.

Scene Three: Alexis Texas, the hot blond on the front DVD cover, was up next as she teased with her body while painting on an easel. Her eyes and cameltoe looked especially inviting so it was no surprise that studly John Strong cut her exhibitionism short to start pawing her; the cutie whipping out his dick to start sucking as though it were the most natural thing in the world for her to do. They left the floor in the corner to hit the couch, Alexis wrapping her lips firmly around his shaft to continue her oral onslaught just as he reciprocated to do likewise with her sweet pussy and perfect pucker. It was clear that she responded favorably to the stimulus he provided and he was soon boning her like he owned her pussy, spanking for maximum effect along the way. While initially passive during the ride, she perked up when placed on top of him and that was when the stroke value truly elevated. She still did not live up to the potential I’ve seen her display elsewhere but this gal could be one of the best in porn if she worked at it a little more. Her fleshy ass looked especially hot when bouncing on his cock, the vaginal screwing plenty to keep my hands occupied as the scene showed them in several more positions until the ending facial that coated her tonsils.

Scene Four: Kadence Kailey, a youthful looking gal in a red sweater and matching outfit, was up next in the living room as she took her own sweet time stroking her leg and other body parts to the loud music. She’s a newcomer to me and if you like lean gals, she should rock your world but jaded Michael Stefano seemed to appreciate her youth a lot as he checked her breasts for any foreign objects (tweaking her nipples a little too). Michael worked his way down her torso to her snatch, savoring the taste a bit as she made soft moaning noises, the gal mechanically sucking his dick as if in need of lessons (I volunteer). Her clothing slowly came off and he started poking her pussy, Kadence letting him do all the work as she passively laid back and enjoyed the ride. Passive sex is not what I like in modern porn so your mileage may vary but to me at least; this was a filler scene even up to the ending facial.

Scene Five: Audrey Hemingway, a very youthful and cute brunette outside the house, was eating an ice cream treat of sorts as scene partner Mark Ashley smoked a cigar. The gal and he had a vibe going on where they each seemed in tune with the oral fixations they were sucking on at the time; Audrey providing a striptease show to boost his receptiveness before they ended up back in the house on the couch. She sucked him off at his direction, using her hand more than mouth at first but quickly picking up what worked best here as her thong rode up her crack. Her mouth focused on the tip of the prick and Mark did not seem to mind much as he continued pounding her mouth with his thrusting hips. He gave better than he received and she was properly lubed up as a result, leading to the couple screwing vaginally. She was a passive ride and gave the appearance that he was too large for her, weakening the scene for me but perhaps making some of you happier as a result. It finished with a facial and she is another that I hope learns to live up to her potential in the future.

Bonus Scene: Craving Big Cocks 13: Jasmine Tame, a curvy gal with pretty eyes and an appealing sexuality to her, was up first to establish the formula of teasing with a slow striping off of her clothing in montage format. This attracted the attention of the massive Lee Stone who kissed her as he felt her up, sampling a taste of her ass and pussy before he found her lips wrapped around his meaty shaft. He has a big cock and she seemed infatuated with deepthroating him, working him over with her hand and mouth like a seasoned veteran. Like the commercial goes; it takes two hands to handle a whopper, and she worked him over in a sloppy manner with them as she inhaled his cock, leading to him tittyfucking her and screwing her tight pussy in several positions. Ultimately, that caused him to launch his load on her face, with my biggest complaint being how loud he was compared to her with the vocals.

Summary: Naughty College School Girls 42 by director Greg Lansky for New Sensations had some solid potential for really succeeding but ultimately fell a bit short of the mark for me in too many areas related to the newness of the ladies so I rated it as a Rent It. I admit that some fans of the genre like the ladies to passively lie there while the guy hammers away at them so those folks will probably consider this to be a notch or two higher than I did. The technical values were up to Greg’s usual standards and the extras were okay but I wanted more out of Naughty College School Girls 42 than I got from Naughty College School Girls 38 and it was a remarkably similar experience (despite the true age and experience levels of the gals; Audrey in her third scene at age 25 for example).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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