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Upload: Director's Cut

Studio: Sex Z Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/31/07

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Note: The following movie is being released in two distinctively different versions; a Director’s Cut as reviewed below that can be purchased directly from Sex Z Pictures (or Kylie Ireland’s website) and a “Standard Cut” that is about 13 minutes shorter with the more explicit scenes edited of the fisting, harder bondage, urination, etc. The extras and rest of the movie appears to be identical in both versions otherwise. Keep in mind that some retailers may not sell the movie based on various reasons, be it too expensive at wholesale for them or the nature of the content is too hardcore for them to handle.

The cool title page (click for trailer).

Upload: Director’s Cut

Sex Z Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director: Eli Cross

Eva faces the Interrogator.

Cast: Eva Angelina, Sandra Romain, Evan Stone, Hillary Scott, Marco Banderas/Duato, Jenner, Brian Surewood, Tee Real, Alec Knight, Julie Night, Adrianna Nicole, Alex Sanders, Flick Shagwell, Michelle Ashton, Lorelei Lee, Madison Young, Bryn Pryor, Trina Michaels, Derrick Pierce, Kylie Ireland, Delilah Strong, James Deen, Marsha Lord, Kayden Faye, Faye Runaway, Aiden Starr, Veronica Rayne, Carly Parker, Shannon Kelly, Mark Davis, Christian, Tyler Knight, Sledgehammer, Alex Gonz, Justice Young; Katja Kassin (bonus scene only)
Non-sex roles: Van Cooney, Paul Jerome, Spongy Tom, Cthulhu, Jeff Hickey, Mary Forrest, Wicked, Danny Boi, HM Smith, Perfect Tommy, Jesse Todd, Bob Robert, Matty B., Dynasty, Tom Elliot, Tony Batman

Handcuffs and sex go hand in hand for Eva.

Length: 284:01 minutes

Dates of Production: 5/22/2007 to 6/19/2007 (though post production went well into 9/2007)

Hillary Scott as the rebel.

Extras: With four full discs of extras to discuss, it should first be noted that the first two discs were devoted to the movie itself. This allowed for a higher bitrate on the picture and improved the quality of the release. The case holding it was also top notch with a cardboard sleeve containing the four page fold out style of DVD case; each disc held on a page of it’s own with some fine artwork. The third disc was subtitled The Making of Upload and contained four documentaries that could be viewed all at once or individually, lasting 155:18 minutes. The four segments were titled; From Script To Screen: The Casting and Creation (11:06 minutes), No One Gets Off This Show Alive: The Production (111:43 minutes), Dystopia: The Look of the Future (23:59 minutes), and Reel to Reel: Post Production & Visual Effect (8:29 minutes). The casting showed that a number of people were unaware that this was a serious feature; Eli providing anecdotes of gals sent over sans script to blow or fuck him for their parts (turned away as unprepared) and how some very talented people simply did not make the cut. The movie required a lot of the cast and crew so rather than find someone who would bail midway through, a conscious effort was made to ensure the success of the project via casting (“flaking” is common in porn where the performers often fail to show up when needed and a big budget release like this had too much riding on it so a few that were initially cast were dropped early on). The sets were another area of contention with property owners and managers trying their best to worm out of commitments. Kylie Ireland shined as one of the powerful “forces for good” that made the project happen in a variety of capacities as did Eva Angelina (the star of the show). The lengthy look at the production offered up a wealth of information about all the times something could go wrong and issues that were faced to make such an ambitious project work on the budget it had (a big budget by porn standards but tiny considering all that was done with it). This was the meat & potatoes of the disc and served to explain a lot of the reasons behind what was done and how; Eli taking center stage with Kylie a close second (Ren probably coming in at #3, etc). The look at the future was mostly about the gadgets and other props that gave the flick the distinctive look it had, major props going to the directors, Perfect Tommy, David “Crawdaddy” Lord, Kylie Ireland, and Aiden Starr among others. The post production special pointed out the obvious with Eli stating: “Every frame of this movie has some kind of look applied in post production…”. In some ways, it almost gives many of the scenes a comic book look to them, albeit in a graphic novel form of the media.

Here's one screen of extras from the four disc set.

The fourth disc had a number of the more generic extras expected of a feature this large mixed in with a bunch of smaller stuff that added some spice to the package. By this point, I had figured out that all the extras were going to be offered up in anamorphic widescreen; a quantum leap forward in porn compared to most productions to date. The first extra here was a deleted sex scene between Katja Kassin and Christian lasting 22:56 minutes; not processed in the myriad of ways the scenes from the movie itself were handled (so those of you into the more straightforward style of show will be happy). Katja has long been one of my favorite gals in porn but her performances of late have often lacked the spark she used to show so I was pleased that she was so active here during much of the scene, only slowing down during the anal portions of it. There was then a raw edit of the Telsabot fight scene lasting 3:36 minutes, a 12:34 minute version of the movie called Laundry Load by Kylie Ireland that should leave many of you laughing your ass off. Then came 14 photogalleries with both hard and softcore shots, a PDF version of the entire script for your computer, a glossary of terms (technically, a “lexicon”), 19:48 minutes of bloopers (many of them quite funny), a teaser for the movie, and trailers to shows like Corruption, Extreme Asshole Makeover, Perfect Creatures, Double Violation, and Sick Chixxx. In short, there was a fuck load of extras to satisfy just about anyone!

Kylie Ireland holding a meeting in "Laundry List".

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Upload: Director’s Cut was presented in an anamorphically enhanced 1.78:1 ratio widescreen as shot by director Eli Cross for Sex Z Pictures. There was some use of black and white but color was used in most scenes; each of which had a stark type of style that tossed aside most porn conventions regarding flood lighting. The director of photography was Ren Savant and most of the scenes employed a moving camera like that used on the science fiction show Battlestar Galactica (the updated version). This also lent a sense of realism to the production, looking more like film than video but losing most of the grain associated with film. Make no mistake about it though; the style is unlike the “fluffy bunny” porn most features appear to employ these days, using darker settings and mainstream methods to convey the sex as part of the movie rather than clumsily attached scenes as most features have these days. The flesh tones, tint, contrasts, and other elements of the picture were all up for grabs but done so on purpose as opposed to having it come out that way by accident. There was never a time I thought any major visual element was the result of anything less than a desired outcome; substantial care taken to tend to every small detail (those “metal boxes” looked great…). The women were not always made to look their best but the raw energy was covered better than any fuck flick in recent memory (making it a “gonzo’s gonzo” as it were). The special effects numbered over two hundred, looking better than a number of similar efforts in syndicated sci-fi shows, and adding to the appeal of the sights the movie offered up. I saw no compression artifacts here either, the bitrate hovering in the mid 6 Mbps range whenever I looked. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English at a 224 Kbps bitrate. While I’m sure a post-production added 5.1 Surround would have looked better on paper, I have to admit that the separation of the channels was handled a lot better than average. The score and sound effects were better than the vocals in that sense but audio is so poorly covered by most porn that any attempt to elevate a movie above the pack is noticed, and appreciated, by this reviewer. The visuals were given a lot more attention (thanks in no small part to the multitude of contributors like David “Crawdaddy” Lord as Art Director, Ren handling the photography, and special effects experts like Dave Williams) but the product as a whole shows a lot of care going onto the screen rather than wasting money on fancy locations. In general though, the movie reminded me more of Minority Report than Blade Runner with some Tron tossed in for effect nearly as much as Brother From Another Planet.

Adrianna Nicole and Alex Sanders working over Julie Night.

Body of Review: In the porn world, there are nearly as many conventions that people expect to see as those they don’t expect to see these days, largely due to laundry lists of so-called prohibited sex acts that are dumbed down so even the simplest mind can understand them. Just as one does not expect to see pissing unless it is called “squirting” on the cover, you don’t expect to see a feature with gonzo style sex using fisting in it, especially one with BDSM as a major component. Well, it being that time of year again, Director Eli Cross turns the industry on its collective head with a new classic for Sex Z Pictures called Upload: Director’s Cut; a four disc set that is probably the hottest ticket in town at the moment. The movie is a futuristic tale of intrigue that involves a cyberpunk theme using Eva Angelina as a federal agent that answers to no one in her quest for personal pleasure as she hunts down a threat to the world. As one of the top cops in a secretive branch of the Department for Homeland Security called the DSA (which differs from the police in that they are above “the rules”), she stumbles upon a plot that involves goes far beyond her usual area of expertise, barely staving off a breakdown as she routinely succumbs to her sexual addictions. This being a case where the best man for the job is a woman, a very special woman at that, Eva finds herself embroiled in a plot so large that it will take everything she can give to save the day.

This effect looked better here than in Total Recall.

The cover said it like this: “Eva Angelina plays Cassandra Cray, a digital security agent who's addicted to the super-hardcore sex sims she's supposed to police. When Cray and her straightedge partner, Michael born smuggled viruses, they stumble onto Tesla (Hillary Scott), a punky hacker with a bad attitude and a secret that could change the entire face of the future. Featuring 12 scorching sex scenes with Eva Angelina's first-ever anal and DP, and over four hours of extras including a bonus anal scene starring Katja Kassin, outtakes, still galleries, the mind-blowing upload, the emergency rough cut short, the raw version of the teslabot virtual dojo fight sequence, the upload lexicon, the full screenplay, trailers and the feature-length "Upload: Building a Dirty Tomorrow" documentary about the creation of the biggest adult film in history! Sex! Technology! Dirty agents! : Upload” I won’t provide any major spoilers for you but if you’ve been waiting for the biggest, nastiest, and most hardcore feature of the year; your wait is over. Here’s a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that many forms of taboo sex were included in the Director’s Cut of the movie, none of them using condoms but all of them providing a lot of sexual tension and heat:

Hillary about to get thoroughly searched by Michelle Ashton and Flick Shagwell.

Scene One: Eva Angelina, up first in her first anal scene ever, worked with anal queen Sandra Romain, and the mighty Evan Stone in a shabby bed after trying to pump her two informants for information. Evan threw her on the bed and Sandra took the lead in roughing Eva up. Sandra sat on Eva’s face after Evan started banging away on her ass, Sandra spewing forth a heated stream of obscenities as Eva’s limits were pushed to the edge and beyond. It was an active ride and contained a lot of taste testing (ATM); Sandra getting her share of the action too. That Sandra also donned a red strap on dildo to bone Eva like she owned her ass was part of the scene too; culminating in a technical DP that showed Eva way ahead of the pack in terms of her first on screen anal. It ended when Evan busted a nut on her face; he and Sandra making Eva give them both a post coital hummer.

Not all lesbian scenes are softcore per
Lorelei Lee, Madison Young, and Adrianna.

Scene Two: Hillary Scott, as the gal on the run from the authorities (Telsa), was up next in a scene that played out as her role in a sex simulation with Marco Banderas/Duato, Jenner, Brian Surewood, Tee Real, and Alec Knight, in a warehouse. She was dressed in a fishnet body stocking and playing the cum-hungry whore role to the hilt’ bouncing from man to man before they gangbanged her like crazy. She slobbed knob like a seasoned professional and they tapped her pussy and ass as though it was open season. The DP’s and anal action were in the spotlight more than anything else. It ended with the loads flying all over her, the ass cheeks and anal creampie played with a little after she shat out as much as she could for tasting purposes. Fans of airtight action (all three holes plugged at once), ATM, PTM, and other totally degrading acts punctuated by her vocals.

Trina Michaels all tuckered out.

Scene Three: Julie Night, Adrianna Nicole, and Alex Sanders, were up next in a hardcore bondage scene that pushed the limits of submissive Julie (a well known sensation slut in the industry). Initially using nipple clamps, a riding crop to the soles of her feet, and a variety of toys, they had her crying out in a mixture of pleasure and pain (I’ve heard there’s a fine line between the two according to pop music at least). Alex then throatfucked her before applying substantial amounts of force to her other holes; the toys stretching her out for easier anal access. Adrianna pushed her ass on Julie’s face for some rimming and tested her ability to hold large objects in her mouth; culminating in Adrianna’s hand just making it there. There was more screwing by Alex into both gals; Julie taking the brunt of the attention as Adrianna used more clamps to torture her with. Alex rubbed his load of population pudding into Julie’s mouth, with Adrianna doing more face sitting before the plot kicked in. This was the first scene provided in a more complete version in the Director’s Cut.

Eva about to get a beating in VR.

Scene Four: Hillary Scott, Flick Shagwell, and Michelle Ashton, were up in the next in the strip search scene. While technically not a “sex” scene, it involved Flick fisting Hillary as Michelle held the gal down in search of the mysterious chip. This included a full fisting of both her pussy and ass, the juice tainted hand searching the mouth afterwards (since Julie “forgot”). This was another heavily edited scene from what I understand if you get the weaker edited version.

Kylie Ireland and Delilah Strong about to do Derrick Pierce.

Scene Five: Eva Angelina was up next as she found the strip search a huge turn on. She rushed into the bathroom, sat on a seat, and started frantically rubbing herself (with some diddling included for good measure). This was done to a fast tempo of music, ending with her urinating in this full version of the scene. The plot parts than turned to her getting drunk (in a nod to the scene from Apocalypse Now) in a self pitying display of character.

Hillary Scott loving on James Deen.

Scene Six: Lorelei Lee, Madison Young, and Adrianna Nicole, were up next in a lesbian scene that tied into Eva’s drunken state of mind (she plugged in a sex stim). While it started off like a generic lesbian get together that could be seen in almost any title on the market, it soon devolved into a raunchy fuck fest of depravity that included fisting and pissing. The setting was a desert with the title in my notes calling it “Nuclear Desert” due as much to the lighting broadcasting a bright yellow as the post modern tone it took sexually. The hands and oral action dominated the scene the most but I can only imagine how short the regular version of the movie will be given how far they went, and how often they went there.

Somebody's about to have a bad day!

Scene Seven: Eva Angelina, growing in anger over her interrogation by Bryn Pryor, tried to express her contempt for his lack of firsthand knowledge of the skin sim’s. She climbed up on top of his desk, spread her legs, started masturbating inches away from his face, and shoved his face into her sweet pussy. He followed her lead and ate away like it was the first proper meal he’d had in a very long time; the sexual tension no less than the more complete scenes described above. While it was too short, I found it a hot little fantasy clip that put some of their differences in better perspective than most of the dialogue; closing out the first disc with some dialogue against Hillary.

Lucky Bryn about to eat at the "Y".

Scene Eight: Trina Michaels, a curvy blonde with a great smile, was up next in bed by the fireplace with Derrick Pierce. The couple were each government agents but shown to be clearly in love with each other, the camera lingering on them as they “made love” rather than just fucked as wildly as possible. This scene was the most conventionally lit and showed that circus act sex was not needed to achieve the desired outcome; the oral, vaginal, and anal sex culminating in a huge load going to her crotch. Of particular notice to me was how long the camera lingered in their afterglow; something you rarely see in porn and a helpful way of establishing their characters better than one would normally expect. She was an active sexual participant and her acting chops proved to be quite solid too; I hope to see more of her in future features as a result of this role.

"Every frame of the movie..." was processed to look unique.

Scene Nine: Kylie Ireland, Delilah Strong, and Derrick Pierce, were up next in what amounted to his fantasy about 1950’s gumshoe detectives. It was shot in black & white, used a real 1950’s vibrator, and had a lot of oral, vaginal, and anal sex. I’m a fan of Kylie’s to begin with and Delilah has turned in a number of excellent performances in the past so I was happy that the chemistry between them was only eclipsed by the energy they provided. The cramped office they screwed in was shot in an interesting manner and the use of B&W gave it a vintage look (and feel) with the action offering another stark contrast to most releases of the day. The fact that the ladies provided a continuous stream of dirty talk made it better for me and those of you into fisting will again enjoy the director’s cut for the hardcore act being so openly portrayed. Kylie’s hand entirely up Delilah’s snatch while Derrick was boning her ass made for an admittedly twisted type of DP that I have rarely seen in porn; the result keeping my eyes glued to the screen each time I watched it. The gals ended it by cumswapping the facial back and forth; Delilah swallowing it as best I could tell. Whew!

Kylie Ireland directed many of the special features; Yum!

Scene Ten: Hillary Scott, in the lair of her deceased boyfriend (played by James Deen), was up next as she pined for him and all he offered her. The couple kissed and started pawing each other wildly, Hillary spending considerable time blowing him enthusiastically while jerking him off. The blowjob was very sloppy and passionate but it was only part of the game here as he started getting really rough with her as well. The slapping, choking, and pounding thrusts in her pussy and ass were all part of the hardcore loving her character liked so much. The near fisting of her ass and taste testing she took part in were important aspects of the action, serving to show her dedication to the man no matter what. She was nearly as active a cock rider as Eva was in previous scenes; the replay value very high once again. It ended when she took matters into her own hands to jerk out his wad of semen, maintaining eye contact the entire time. Nice!

Scene Eleven: Eva Angelina, Marsha Lord, Kayden Faye, Faye Runaway, Aiden Starr, Veronica Rayne, Carly Parker, Shannon Kelly, Julie Night, Mark Davis, Alex Sanders, Evan Stone, Christian, Tyler Knight, Sledgehammer, Alex Gonz, and Justice Young, were up in the last full sex scene during the outlandish orgy scene. The setting was best likened to a CGI enhanced version of hell combined with the brick-laden dungeon seen so often in porn; easily topping versions seen in the past by a host of BDSM players. The scene was especially hardcore with Julie’s propensity to do DAP (double anal) and notable as the location of Eva’s first true DP. The editing bounced from small group to small group, never lingering as the wealth of sexual athletes fucked like it was their last chance to do it all. The metal cages, the strap on dildos, and the nasty verbal cues all contributed to make this one such that it should serve as inspirational material for a very long time if you’re as jaded as I am. The fetish attire, the interracial, the casting aside of limits, and so much more came into play that it was almost impossible to identify everyone at first; their tattoos, piercings, and outfits eventually assisting me as I stared at the screen. The scene ended with Eva receiving multiple loads to her lovely face as she masturbated; the gal clearly in her element before the plot points kicked back in. Wow!

Scene Twelve: Hillary Scott was up last in a masturbation scene that had her drilling a large dildo inside of herself at breakneck speed. Like Eva’s scene, it had a rapid score making it seem all the more driven, her cookie accommodating the large toy easily as she slammed it inside of herself.

Summary: Upload: Director’s Cut by director Eli Cross for Sex Z Pictures  is best described as one part X-Files, 3 parts Minority Report, 2 parts Blade Runner, some cyberpunk mentality, and some of the nastiest sex you will find available anywhere all crafted together with tremendous amounts of inspiration & perspiration to make a movie that would have otherwise flopped. The sheer heat of the various sex scenes would have boosted this one to the top of the ladder given the multitude of hardcore antics but the addition of so many superb extras, a cast arguably perfect for this kind of production, and a story that blended the sex into the plot nearly seamlessly made Upload: Director’s Cut not only an Xcritic Pick but the movie to beat for all the pretenders to the throne this year. If you’re squeamish about all the extreme sex acts, you can get the edited version to tone it down a few notches but do yourselves a favor and see the real deal as I did. In short, Upload had cutting edge visuals, incredibly hot performances, and proved that porn doesn’t have to be disposable. Excellent work!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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