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Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date:

May 2005

Directed By:

Marty Stevens

The Movie:

“In this rousing finale to the ‘Personal Trainers’ series, Sebastian Bonnet’s consummate talents as a taskmaster are on display just as much as the abilities of the freshmen. Sebastian, joined by Dano Sulik and Brandon Manilow, puts an exceptionally gifted group of students through their paces until they know how to have white-hot sex on camera.”

Run Time:

2 Hours

The Cast:

Sebastian Bonnet, Dano Sulik, Brandon Manilow, Bolek Polanski, Jimmy Larson, Todd Rosset, Luke Hamill, Tobias Hayek, and Colin Reeves.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“A+” features nine young (all age 18+) European dudes with toned/smooth bodies, a mix of dark and bleached hair, full and trimmed pubes, and hard unclipped cocks.

Scene One (Training 35):

Sebastian Bonnet (good-looking with dark brown hair, toned/smooth body) is primed and ready to lead cute Jimmy Larson (short bleached hair, toned/smooth body) into the world of male-male lovin’. Sebastian started with Bel Ami back in 1996 under the name “Antoine Korda” . Jimmy, who comes from a strongly religious family in a small town in Northern Slovakia, is laying completely nude stroking his hard uncut cock and watching porn on a laptop. Sebastian soon joins him making Jimmy quickly forget about the porn and concentrate on the here and now. Sebastian is very flirty and playful with his student gently kissing him with tongue while slowly stroking his hard tool. He straddles Jimmy rubbing their hard dicks together while the deep tongue kissing becomes more intense. Sebastian slides his wet mouth expertly up ‘n down Jimmy’s rigid shaft taking his time to give an A+ blowjob. Hot! He spreads Jimmy’s legs wide apart allowing the viewer to see some tasty plump nuts, hairy gooch and bunghole. Tasty!

Sebastian teases Jimmy’s pucker rubbing his hard uncut cock against it while stroking his foreskin up ‘n over the moist red knob in hot close-up. He slides his stiff prick into Jimmy’s mouth leading Jimmy to hungrily suckle the delicious organ, stroke it with two hands, and give it a complete workout. Jimmy switches positions so that his hot bubble butt is sticking up in the air and he can continue to blow Sebastian. Sebastian leans forward spreading those butt cheeks exposing Jimmy’s tight hairy bunghole once again and sliding his digits over the pucker and finger fucking him. Sebastian slides a condom on and fucks Jimmy in the side/missionary position using a nice steady rhythm and working that hole fast ‘n smooth. Both dudes are very into the action and each other loudly moaning ‘n groaning and plenty of close-ups of the penetration. Teacher puts his student through his butt sex paces with some traditional missionary and doggy style. Sebastian jerks off squirting a wet load of lust on Jimmy’s shoulder, back, and butt. Jimmy lies back in Sebastian’s arms and busts a thick nut on his own stomach and pubes. Hot!

Scene Two (Training 36):

Bel Ami icon Dano Sulik is from Slovakia and began appearing in all-male erotica in 1993. Dano has matured from a cute eighteen year old into a handsome man maintaining his hot toned body. He now sports a short brown haircut. Dano and fellow “instructor” Sebastian Bonnet are here with newbies Bolek Polanski (cute with short brown hair, tall/toned/smooth body) and Casper Watts (cute with dark hair, toned/smooth body). The teachers come barging into the bedroom with wild man Dano wearing a green wig and Sebastian looking ready for celebration with his rainbow feathered boa. “I’m a creature from the green lagoon!” “We’ll ride the Hershey Highway!” Sebastian gets nice ‘n cozy with Casper lying on top rubbing their crotches together while kissing with deep tongue. Dano follows the lead and provides the same schooling to eager Bolek. Sebastian pulls Casper’s shorts down revealing his dark pubes and hard uncut cock and begins to stroke the foreskin back ‘n forth. Soon all four dudes are completely naked showing off their pubes and hard unclipped meat.

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The eager students poke their hot butts in the air with Casper showing off his tight shaved touchhole and Bolek his tight hairy bunghole. Dano licks Casper’s asshole while Sebastian rubs Bolek’s hairy pucker as Casper and Bolek kiss with deep tongue. Casper lies back with his legs spread and in the air leading Dano to chow down on his stiff dong sliding it down his gullet and giving wonderful head. Sebastian sucks on Bolek’s big tool knowing exactly what to do to drive his student wild with pleasure. Sebastian bunches Bolek’s foreskin and licks the overhang-nipple. Hot! The room fills with loud moaning, groaning, and heavy breathing. Casper blows Dano using a “butterfly” tongue technique to swirl around the knob, jacks the shaft, and nurses the knob while fellow student Bolek gets up close and very personal on Sebastian’s big unclipped member and plump balls. Sebastian slides over just a bit to suck Dano’s cock and share it with Casper. The dudes then decide to “build dominos” as Dano sucks Bolek, Bolek blows Casper, Casper chows down on Dano, and Sebastian sucks Casper. They suck those hard cocks, baby! Dano jacks off shooting a thick load of jizz on Bolek’s chest, Casper shoots at the same time on Bolek’s chest, and Sebastian squirts a large load that flies through the air. Covered with hot cum, Bolek squirts a thick load on his chest.

The dudes are just getting started when Dano and Sebastian perform what looks like a sexual circus act. The guys sixty-nine standing up with Dano “on top” supporting most of his weight with feet against the wall. Where’s the unicycle and flaming batons? Getting down to the nitty gritty, Sebastian eats Bolek’s tight hairy hole while finger fucking as Dano does the same to Casper in hot close-up. Sebastian and Dano slide condoms on and lube their tools and their students’ assholes. Synchronized fucking! Sebastian screws Bolek fast ‘n smooth from behind while Dano fills Casper’s lusty needs in the same position. Switching to the side/missionary position, Dano continues to plug Casper’s hungry hole while Sebastian is busy drilling Bolek. The students ride their teacher’s hard poles playing a free-for-all game of the ol’ sink/bounce humping up ‘n down and filling their love-canals to the brim with tasty beef. Bolek jerks Sebastian off making him squirt a large thick load on Dano’s arm. Casper beats Dano off making his shoot a large thick load all over his stomach and dark pubes. Dano makes some very hot sounds as he’s about to cum. Sebastian strokes Casper fast ‘n hard milking him to a thick climax while Bolak pulls his own pud squirting thick jizz on Dano’s stomach. HOT!

Scene Three (Training 37):

Todd Rosset (cute with short dark hair, toned/slender/smooth body) is a university student from Bratislava. Todd is matched with hot teacher Sebastian Bonnet who obviously digs him. Sebastian is very playful and flirtatious with Todd slowly unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing his hard nipples. The dudes are in high erotic mode as they kiss with plenty of wet tongues and Sebastian slides his fist up ‘n down Todd’s hard unclipped meat working the foreskin back ‘n forth over the knob and rubbin’ those nuts. Todd bends over exposing his tight hairy bunghole leading Sebastian to tongue the pucker in hot wet close-up. Tasty! Sebastian takes Todd’s cock deep throat making loud slurping noises as he works his mouth up ‘n down and swirls his tongue around the knob. Hungry to suck some cock, Todd greedily chows down on Sebastian’s rigid uncut tool wrapping his right hand around the base, rubbing those plump nuts, and sliding his mouth up ‘n down.

Todd eats Sebastian’s tight shaved asshole in hot close-up licking the pucker and making his teacher pout with lust. The guys fall into a traditional sixty-nine with Sebastian on top as both gorge on dong. Sebastian fucks Todd in the missionary position using long ‘n slow strokes and picks up speed to plow that tight twink hole quick ‘n lubed as both breathe heavily and fill the air with moans. Sebastian puts Todd though a full anal training session with some side/missionary and doggy style. Todd is totally on fire as he wildly rides that hard thang bouncing up ‘n down while Sebastian thrusts up to fuck his student. Todd beats Sebastian’s meat making him squirt a large wet load on his own chest and stomach. Todd jerks off dumping a nice thick load of twink-pudding on his toned stomach.

Scene Four (Training 38):

Instructors Sebastian Bonnet and Brandon Mainlow (good-looking with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) have three horny ‘n anxious students in Luke Hamill (cute with brown hair, toned/smooth body), Tobias Hayek (cute with long dark hair, tall/slender/tight body), and Collin Reeves (cute with short curly dark hair, toned/smooth body). The dudes are all lying on a large bed laughing and teasing each other. One by one, the students pull their shirts off revealing their sexy chests while joking around and posing. The guys gang up on Sebastian yanking off his blue jeans while Brandon pulls his own jeans off allowing his hard uncut cock to pop out. The students quickly undress showing off their pubes and stiff unclipped poles. Luke and Collin jack each other’s dongs working the foreskins. Luke has a prick in each hand as he’s stroking Tobias too. Sebastian slides his wet mouth up ‘n down Tobias’s cock giving some excellent head while Brandon chows down on Collin licking the shaft, nursing the knob, and taking the stalk down his gullet. There are plenty of mouth-watering extreme close-ups here.

Collin gives Luke a tasty blowjob as Sebastian continues to blow Tobias and Brandon jacks ‘n sucks Collin filling the room with loud slurping noises and moans. The dudes engage in all sorts of cock sucking switch ups here really enjoying those hard unclipped tools. The students bend over offering up their tasty bums leading Brandon and Sebastian to “play” them like bongos! Luke has a tight shaved hole, Tobias has a tight hairy bunghole, and Collin has a tight ‘n hairy twink-pussy. Meow! There are plenty of groovy close-ups of the tight puckers. Sebastian finger fucks Tobias and Collin’s holes while Brandon slides his middle digit up Luke’s pink starfish. Hot!

Brandon fucks Tobias in the side/missionary position sliding quickly in ‘n out while Luke lies behind Brandon rubbing his body. Sebastian drills Collin doggy style using fast ‘n smooth strokes. The dudes really cut loose here with the moans ‘n groans loudly filling the room with the lusty noises of their pleasure. Hot! Tobias rides Sebastian at the same time Luke humps up ‘n down on Brandon’s cock as Brandon strokes Collin working the foreskin back ‘n forth over the knob. They ride those dongs, baby! To finish up, the guys lay back and beat the meat. Collin shoots a thick load on his stomach, Luke cuts loose with thick jizz on his stomach, and Tobias dumps thick love juice on his stomach and pubes. Sebastian pulls pork while Tobias licks his plump balls squiring a large thick load on his chest and stomach. Brandon spanks the monkey as Collin works his nuts and he shoots a nice thick load on his toned stomach.



“A+” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Marty Stevens, Mark Russos, and Lukas Ridgeston (hot dude!) is excellent providing plenty of mouth-watering extreme close-ups, “regular” close-ups, and full coverage as these horny teachers instruct their equally randy students. The picture quality is sharp and clean. The disc is playable worldwide.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes as they joke with each other (subtitles provided) and plenty of wet slurping, heavy sighing, and moans as they get down to their “sex sessions”.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection with individual menus for foreplay, oral, anal, and orgasms, chapter stops, website information, a commercial for Bel Ami products, and previews for “Too Many Boys”, “Greek Holiday”, “Greek Holiday 2”, “Frisky Summer”, “Frisky Summer 2”, “Frisky Summer 3”, “Frisky Summer 4”, “Alpine Adventure”, and “Enchanted Forest”.

Poindexter’s Roundup:

Wow! “A+” is a huge turn-on! I’ve been a fan of Dano Sulik since I first saw him in “Sauna Paradiso”. I’ve also been quite partial to the tasty Sebastian Bonnet for over ten years. These two have been standouts among the Bel Ami boys for many years and still have the goods. Bel Ami once again stays with its winning mix of high quality production values, strong direction, excellent videography, and tight editing. The studio is famous for its top-of-the-line productions as well as the absolutely wonderful array of good-looking young (all age 18+) European dudes. My personal favorites here are Sebastian Bonnet, Dano Sulik, Bolek Polanski. Bel Ami is unique in that their boys are always very playful, friendly, and frisky. There is a strong feeling of comradery and compatibility between the guys who are pared up for sex. I Highly Recommend for fans of cute European dudes with hard unclipped cocks.

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