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Peep Show: Special Edition

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Rebeca Linares was hot and sweet at the same time.

Peep Show: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video/Mike John Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Mike John

Cast: Rebeca Linares, Sean Michaels, Riley Evans, Erik Everhard, Alexis Love, Mr. Pete, Adrianna Nicole, Brian Surewood, Paige Love, James Deen, Aiden Star, Annette Schwarz

Length: 227:17 minutes

Riley Evans was a curvy cutie!

Date of Production: 8/19/2007

Extras: The best extra was the 36:50 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It consisted of photoshoot material, some goofing around by the cast, and additional nudity/sex. Thankfully for fans, the emphasis was on additional sex so youíll be getting some extra mileage out of this double disc set. There was also a pop shot recap, a fetching slipcover, a photogallery, and trailers to five of Mikeís other titles, including POV Pervert 9, Semen Sippers 6, Racial Tension 2, Elastic Assholes 5, Sperm Overload, and POV Pervert 8.

Alexis Love was a lean gal.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Peep Show was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as originally shot by director Mike John for distribution by Jules Jordan Video. The lighting was presented in a very pleasing manner that lit up the action in the scenes very well, limiting the grain and video noise a lot, and I appreciate that the anamorphic processing was employed on the scenes for those of us in the growing legion of HD and widescreen TV's to appreciate. There were a few scenes where things weren't quite as good but that was almost certainly due to the skill level of the talent given Mike's manner of coaxing out fine performances from almost everyone but the same could be said of the lighting that wasn't always perfect either. So, in the scenes where the lighting was flat and stronger; the picture was good and the minor tint or other issues were decidedly not worth worrying about. The grain and video noise were both lots better than usual; marking a positive visual improvement by Mike (not needing any assistance on camera this time either) that was complimented by the compositional work he offered up that repeatedly enhanced the look of the cast. There were no noticed compression artifacts (the bitrate hovered around mid 5 Mbps but it still looked really good in most cases) and while the picture wasn't the best gonzo I've seen from the director, it was close (and the technical matters never hampered the heat in the slightest; always adding to the scenes in fact). I still wonder what future releases using one of the true high definition formats (Blu-Ray or HD-DVD) will do for the quality of the picture given his recent improvements over past works though. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English offering in 192 Kbps bitrate that had some separation in terms of the vocals (there was some potential to do more here too but I'm not greedy with improvements). The dynamic range was also kind of generic, an area that seemed slightly better than previous efforts and an area that Mike could easily improve to make best use of the great many home theatres in the hands of porn fans everywhere.

Adriana Nicole had an itch to scratch.

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Body of Review: Mike John has long been established as a top notch gonzo director in the POV field but many also appreciate his camera skills in other areas of the field. Now that he is busy at work under a distribution deal with Jules Jordan Video, his multi-disc titles have increased in the levels of fuck for the buck they provide consumers who expect more than a couple of hours for their hard earned money. His latest title to make it my way is Peep Show: Special Edition, a gonzo effort lasting nearly four hours with a great cast willing to engage in all sorts of carnal activity for your viewing pleasure. Fans of tease will be pleased to note that each gal provided some, most proving a lot, and the energy levels were often exceptionally high. That said, if youíre still interested, hereís a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used at all:

Paige Love needed some lovin'.

Scene One: Rebeca Linares, the cute brunette seen on the lower middle of the front case, was up first and to say sheís a little hotty would not say nearly enough. Her ability to do some of the nastiest sex yet look so innocent remains a strong draw for her appeal and well hung gentleman Sean Michaels was a solid choice to work with her. Mike has long been smart about providing lots of tease footage and Rebeca played it up well in the house on the couch to start the ball(ing) rolling. She was masturbating when Sean walked in on her, the guy savoring the delights she had to offer up while sucking on her titties and eating her out. She reciprocated with a blowjob, concentrating her efforts on the tip as she jerked off the shaft, and titty fuck that he really liked a lot. They kissed a lot before she climbed onto his pole, aggressively riding him far better than most right away by pumping up and down in the vaginal romp. They continued trying new positions where she excelled, Rebeca doing PTM intermittently, until she ramped up by doing anal. Sean is not a small guy so she took her time warming up to his back door boffing, slowly learning to accommodate as much of his cock in her ass as possible. The scene eventually finished up with a facial at around the 49 minute mark, the population pudding minimal but swallowed. Yum!

Aiden Star liked Erik Everhard (a lot).

Scene Two: Riley Evans, the curvy blond seen on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up next and she followed the general pattern of the movie by teasing and masturbating in the house. The smell of her juices wakened a primal need in studly Erik Everhard; the man dropping down between her legs to provide her pleasure and appreciate the wholesome goodness she had to offer. She reciprocated lickity split to getting her slit licked by blowing him fairly well and slapping him around with her ample breasts. They started screwing vaginally with a lot of intensity, the gal actively riding his cock as much as he pounded away at her puffy pussy. She didnít need to do anal to impress me that she was a good fuck; she was keeping up with Erik well enough to let that say it all. The couple was coated in sweat by the time the scene finished up, Erik depositing his load around her mouth as they both recuperated. Nice work!

Annette Schwarz; German anal queen!

Scene Three: Alexis Love, the light skinned black gal bending over on the middle of the front cover in black undies, was up next as she playfully teased the camera in an art deco fashioned living room. I prefer gals a bit thicker but her booty was nice to look at and Mr. Pete hardly gave her a chance to masturbate before taking over. They kissed a little and he continued providing an oral experience by going down on her. He seemed less driven than Erik (not a surprise) but willing to continue until her juices were flowing so she gave him a blowjob in similar fashion; on the sultry side rather than balls to the wall crazy. That led to a slower paced ride than the last gals but her slight frame was fairly quick to stretch for his needs, the vaginal sex working as much for her as him. There was really nothing about the scene to change my mind about her abilities but it was a serviceable vaginal fuck with several positions and a mostly active cock rider so those that like her will enjoy it even more.

Scene Four: Adrianna Nicole, the lily white gal bent over on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up next and rather than tease or masturbate, she went right to working with Brian Surewood and Mr. Pete. The warm up alone had her glistening with sweat as her black mesh outfit held her body in check. They took a break to allow her to masturbate but it did not last long as she was already cock hungry so she went right back to blowing one while the other began thrusting inside of her puffy pussy. Unlike the others in the show, she did the anal early on as her fleshy ass cheeks rippled with delight; the gal getting more visibly into the action than anyone else to this point of the peep show. She did ATM without hesitation and the men took turns riding the vixen as she pushed back onto their cocks aggressively. It did not take long before she was doing DPís too but her best efforts came when one man was tearing up her ass and the other hammered away at her mouth. All of this anal sex took place in the living room with various positions covered nicely; the scene ending the first disc when she took their facials and appeared to swallow the majority of spew. Whew!

Scene Five: Paige Love, the redhead hidden away on the middle right hand side of the front cover, was up next as the first scene from disc two with tiny James Deen. She had an almost alt-porn look to her but I appreciated her tease outside on the sunny day as she displayed her wares out by the pool; the oiling up process appealing to me most of all. She was a fit little gal and I wished that her scene could have been outside but she went indoors to masturbate on the couch, James pouncing on her in no time flat to finger her and get orally stimulated by her ever so briefly. He began pounding into her and the camera cut him out for the longest of times, showing her upper torso swaying in the motions, as much for how she smiled and seemed to enjoy the action as to limit his hairy little body from view. She did some PTM and was not the most active rider of the show but she did appear to be having fun for real with the guy, the chemistry and passion replacing the need for quite so much skill. The scene ended with her blowing a load out of his meat pipe, the semen flying all over the place as she took matters into her own hands. Sweet!

Scene Six: Aiden Star, a light haired gal found in the center of the cover, was up next and having met her at the show earlier this year, I know how sexually versatile her body of work is (she showed me examples). Her tease was minimal since Erik Everhard couldnít hold off any longer when beckoned by Mike, her huge implants speaking their unspoken language to draw him in faster. He spent some time playing with her knockers and rubbing her clitoris, going down on her for a bit too. She then gave him some oral loving too, sucking on his balls and giving him some POV head very actively on her knees. The titty fucking led to him pounding her pussy, Erik doing most of the initial work but Aiden loudly appreciating his efforts before she kicked in. Again, I like my gals a bit thicker but as she got increasingly turned on, she really gave it her all and this scene struck me as one of her very best to date (if not the best to date). It ended with Aiden getting a semen mustache and complimenting his cock, Erik appreciating her tits and the camera fading out as she thanked the guy.

Scene Seven: Annette Schwarz, the blonde German anal queen in black mesh as seen on the lower right hand corner, was up last and if any of the gals were a solid closer, she would be it. Her recent titles have displayed her sexual prowess tremendously well; the gal able to handle anything thrown at her by anyone. This scene began with her outside in the shade as she masturbated by the pool, moving inside to take on studly Sean Michaels. Sean took care of her after some more tease on the stairs, Annette showcasing her world class ass but wisely ending up on the bed where she could have better leverage to the massive member about to penetrate her holes. He took his time getting her ready with some light caressing and kissing, avoiding the panicked rushing some of the others employed as if to say he was willing to explore her thoroughly. He spanked her a little and grabbed her fleshy form roughly a few times but did so after what appeared to be her prompting for the squeamish out there. This led to them orally working each other over, continuing to kiss but never shying away from aggressive forms of pleasuring each other. Her hummer was messy and the streamers flew all over the place, the spitting and hardcore blowjob action showing the two getting ready to go nuts on each other. She titty fucked him and tossed his salad (rimmed him) but even after more oral, the pair seemed to elevate their needs all the more and the penetrative action was immediately hot. There was some vaginal but most of the scene showed her actively riding his rod in her ass with a sense of urgency displayed by both of them; the many positions leading to taste testing before Sean ejaculated into her mouth for her to swallow. Whoa!

Summary: Peep Show by director Mike John for distribution by Jules Jordan Video had a solid cast of gals that included women with a lot of experience and relative newcomers, high end technical values, and plenty of fuck for the buck to appease the growing legion of consumers that want more for their money. The replay value of the action was almost always top notch and there was little of the circus act sex that bothers some people so I rated it as Highly Recommended. Mike is acknowledged as a leader in the gonzo field so it came as no surprise that Peep Show: Special Edition provided more stroke value than most recent offerings; relying on genuine heat and energy more than quantity but giving plenty of that too.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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