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18 Years +1 Day Pamela

Studio: Pink Moon Digital » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 11/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Young

Director: Various

Cast: Pamela, Lotti, Veronika, Silvia, Amy, Alexandra

Length: 1hr 55 mins

Production Date: Pink Moon, 2007


Chapter Selection: With Act Access



Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is stereo 2.0 and subpar for most . There's some crappy music at the start of scenes and then the rest is a mix of muffles and groans. The Video Is Widescreen, but highly unecessary. The picture is a grainy blend of reds and yellows. The quality is quite poor, but is somehow enjoyable for its bad image.

Body of Review: Pink Moon Digital is an obscure one for me. But the title suggests girls that are only a day past legal. Tickled pink and young broads is a recipe for good times, but with a production company that sounds like a feminine product, I'm a bit uncertain.

Scene 1: Pamela Pamela
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, Gaping, ATM, ATP, Facial

Blondie Pamela is dressed to look younger than she is. Polka dot, pink outfit and white socks don't fool me; she's got to be near thirty. Not that it really matters because Pam loves bananas and so do I. She starts her scene by stuffing half a banana in her mouth and smiling like a goofy monkey. It's not done erotically, but is entertaining nonetheless. A boyfriend comes to the side of her bed and sucks her mangled pussy and pulls out his stiff one. She treats it like a lollipop, except she gets all 10 inches of it in her mouth. 69ing, she begs for a finger in her ass and the man happily complies. He puts his 10 inches to better use, pummeling her vag before carefully giving it to her in the rear. Her ass gapes and almost pink socks. When she rides reverse cowgirl, her hole doesn't seem to even want to close back. The camera zooms so close we can see the shadows of the fold of her rectum. Not a particularly 'sexy' scene, but great for its Euro-rawness. In the last few minutes he fucks her ass doggy style and then reams her throat until he cums. She gives one last, messy deep throat with cum dangling from her chin. Cheap looking as hell, but great.

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Scene 2: Lori Lori
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal Dildo Play, PTM, Facial

Sweet and innocent Lori is having a daydream that's got her panties wet and her hands stroking all over her body. Small breasted and thinner, Lori has a younger look than Pamela. Her oral techniques are not as hot because she stays at the tip of his shaft, but her wide, tattooed ass is worth staring at instead. Acts move quick from oral to a good vag romp, but its her pink starfish that's waiting for the heat. To prime it, Lori plants a thin dildo in her ass, Lori is nice to look at, but she doesn't give much reaction. She just floats through the motions. Jumps in editing make things helter skelter and what was once a fast-paced scene has stalled to a snail's pace. Still, her golden ass and silly, girly, white socks make for good eye candy. Sadly, the only anal is the butt stick, which puts a big damper on the scene. A lousy cumshot to her lips is disapointing.

Scene 3: Veronika & Silvia Veronika & Silvia
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Anal, ATM, Facial

These two luscious European ladies are eager to get into one another'spants. Both are shaved clean and have perfect tits that stand straight out. They lap each other's vaginas, rubbing clits. Then some guy with a ridiculous pony tail hops on the bed and takes over. Each gal gets her share of the bone, first in the mouth and later in the puss. Although two is usually better than one, the girl sans-cock could have been more active. Instead she gets her cunt lazily licked and waits for her turn. The screwing does however pick up as they ride his cock. In a great POV the girls look up to the camera as they wait for his cum like hungry baby birds.

Scene 4: Amy Amy
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Cumshot

A second Sleeping Beauty is Amy, a cute college-type girl with short, dark hair and a sweet smile. She's resting between classes in her bunk bed when the campus jock, wearing squeeky tighty-whiteys, joins her. Amy lovingly sucks his cock, twisting it and sliding it between her lips. The guy pulls her top off and Amy's milky, heavy jugs drop free. He slaps them a few times, bends her over. The bunk bed deal is a good idea, giving it an amateur, campus feel. But it constricts their boning and at times our view. Because of this, their humping is awkward and they change positions frequently. Later they move to the bottom bunk and things perk up. She doodles her ass with a tiny dildo but never goes true anal. They spoon for the last bit and he grinds her puss before pulling out and blasting her stomach. Amy's strange, homely country girl looks keep the scene exciting; if only she'd gone all the way.

Scene 5: Alexandra Alexandra
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, Facial

Alexandra can't handle much cock in her throat so instead she pitches pink tents. Taking on two guys, Alex has her holes full. A sexy, fit woman, she gives a hot blowjob, but doesn't seem to notice the cock in her behind. For the first half, the threesome stay in the same formation, barely changing a thing. Alexandra takes anal, but she's as exciting as a stump. Toward the end a bit of face-fucking and anal pounding add some weight, but not enough to keep the scene alive. She doesn't even crack a smile until the very end after her double dose of cum. And it's only a slight grin.

Concluding Words:
18 years + 1 day is a strangly entertaining blend of raw, hardcore porn and absolutely scummy cheapness. The shots are graphically close and if you've ever seen a European porn (not the current American productions made across the pond) then you'll recognize the distinct edge of these scenes. Everything has a tacky look and you can see the actors' every flaw. There's no makeup and the editing doesn't cut out the awkward moments so there's some pain within the pleasure. The rawness is great, but you have to be expecting it and willing to put up with the crap lighting and bad production; but you'll be left with some truly nasty action. I think the cheapness and crudeness of the film gives it its own alluring perversion. Rent It.


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