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Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date:

May 2007

Directed By:

John Rutherford

The Movie:

“It is believed by ancient Hawaiians that being on the island brings out a “volcanic” reaction in one’s body.”

Run Time:

1 Hour 54 Minutes

The Cast:

Gage Weston, Mitch Branson (cover man), Luke Garrett, Darin Hawk, Adam Champ, Eric Valentin, Carlo Masi.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Hawaii” offers up seven good-looking dudes ranging in age of mid twenties to late thirties with hot muscle-bound and muscular bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, hairy and shaved bunghole, and hard cut ‘n uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Gage Weston (Good-looking with light brown buzz cut, trimmed beard, hairy muscle-bound body, tattoos) and Mitch Branson (handsome with dark hair, hairy/muscular body) relax in the soothing waters of their hot tub. The breathtaking natural beauty of Hawaii surrounds the guys as they slowly kiss with tongue and enjoy each other’s bodies. Gage licks and sucks Mitch’s hairy chest and hard nipples leading to burying his face in Mitch’s swimming suit-clad bulge. He peels back those swim trunks revealing full dark pubes and hard clipped cock licking the purple knob and sliding his wet mouth up ‘n down the veiny shaft making Mitch breathe heavily. Gage is obviously enjoying the delicious taste of Mitch’s cock and plump nuts as much as Mitch digs the head. Mitch straddles Gage allowing him to finger fuck his tight hairy bunghole with two digits while stroking his own dick.

Mitch chows down on Gage’s rigid cut tool nursing the knob and working his wet ‘n hungry gob up ‘n down the stalk while rubbing Gage’s balls. The dudes are clearly very into each other and their highly erotic situation. Mitch sits on the stone side of the hot tub as Gage rides his stiff member sliding his tight manhole up ‘n down as Mitch humps upward to fuck him. Mitch starts out with slow strokes that become faster until he’s really fucking that hole fast ‘n hard as Gage reaches back and finger’s Mitch’s tight touchhole again. Mitch switches to the missionary position and continues to pleasure Gage with his magic meat wand pinching Gage’s hard nipples as Gage beats his meat. Mitch strokes his dong shooting a large thick load of jizz on Gage’s face and neck. At the same time, Gage dumps a small thick load on his brown pubes.

Scene Two:

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Darin Hawk (good-looking with dark buzz cut, smooth muscular body) is sitting on a brown wooden bench enjoying his gorgeous lush Hawaiian surroundings when Luke Garrett (hot dude with shaved head, goatee, smooth muscle-bound body) sneaks up behind him and begins slowly rubbing his hot biceps, chest, and shoulders leading the dudes to kiss with plenty of deep tongue. Luke pinches Darin’s hard nipples and then slides his hand down the front of his buddy’ tight white briefs. Darin worships Luke’s awesome body running his hands over that beautiful chest pinching those hard eraser-tip nipples and rubbing his face against Luke’s bulging basket. Darin takes Luke’s hard clipped cock into his mouth working the veiny shaft leading Luke to slowly but firmly fuck that willing mouth. Luke deep throats Darin’s rigid cut dick deep throating all the way to full dark pubes and plump hairy nuts giving excellent head. Both dudes are completely into each other and the outdoor sex.

Luke lies back on the bench as Darin fucks his mouth using long ‘n smooth strokes. Darin turns around and rides Luke’s mouth sliding his tight hairy cornhole over that tongue having his ass eaten by a pro. Darin sinks down on Luke’s hard prick and rides up ‘n down filling his love hole with hard man meat. Both dudes fill the air with moans and heavy breathing as Luke switches to fucking Darin from behind fast ‘n smooth. There are plenty of hot penetration shots here from below of that stiff tool sliding in ‘n out of that tasty hairy bunghole. Luke pounds Darin in the missionary position as Darin beats his meat shooting a large thick load of spunk on his chest. Hot! Luke pulls his pork shooting a thick load of juice on Darin's hairy gooch, balls, and bunghole. Fucking hot!

Scene Three:

Gage Weston (scene one), Adam Champ (handsome with dark buzz cut, trimmed beard, hairy muscle-bound body), and Eric Valentin (good-looking with short dark hair, smooth/muscular body) are huddled together in a large green field rubbing each other’s bodies and kissing with deep tongue. Adam and Eric suck tongues while stroking each other’s hard uncut cocks sliding the foreskins back ‘n forth over those tasty moist knobs. Very hot! Eric sinks to his knees taking Adam’s pole into his mouth deep throat slobbering up ‘n down as Gage and Adam kiss and Adam strokes Gage’s stiff clipped tool. Eric blows Gage and switches back ‘n forth between the two dongs cramming ‘em down his gullet. Adam is up next sinking onto his haunches and sucking Eric’s big unclipped tool and then chowing down on Gage. Not to be outdone by his pals, Gage is soon down on his knees taking care of both of those hard uncut cocks sliding his mouth up ‘n down while stroking his own hard dick.

While Gage is sucking Adam, Adam is chowing down on Eric. Adam reaches forward spreading Gage’s hot bubble butt exposing his tight shaved asshole and teases it with his fingertips and just a little finger fucking. Adam munches down on that pucker licking the bung with his wet tongue switching over to Eric’s cock and then back down on that touchhole. Eric fucks Gage doggy-style fast, smooth, ‘n hard cramming his cock deep into Gage’s tunnel of love. Gage moans loving every inch that’s stuck up his chute. Gage gets in on the anal action by fucking Eric from behind using smooth long strokes as Adam fucks Eric’s mouth. There are plenty of hot penetration shots here. Adam takes over banging Eric from behind fucking fast ‘n hard as Gage fucks Eric’s throat. The dudes finish up by beating off with Eric on his knees and Gage ‘n Adam on either side. Gage shoots a thick load on the left side of Eric’s chest, Eric squirts a thick load onto the grass, and Adam cuts loose with a large thick load on the right side of Eric’s chest. Hot!

Scene Four:

Luke Garrett (scene two) and Carlo Masi (handsome with short dark hair, trimmed beard, hairy muscle-bound body, tattoos) are kissing with plenty of wet tongues while standing in the dark blue ocean surrounded by the wonders of nature. Luke is soon on his knees pulling Carlo’s Speedo down revealing full dark pubes and a hard unclipped cock. He takes that hard fucker deep throat down to that hot bush sliding his gob up ‘n down pleasuring his buddy. Carlo strokes Luke’s stiff clipped dick while working his mouth up ‘n down the shaft diving excellent head. Both dudes are very into each other and the action. The dudes engage in more soul kissing when Carlo docks Luke sliding his foreskin up ‘n over Luke’s clipped cock knob. Hot!

Adam fucks Luke doggy-style using smooth ‘n fast strokes while posing like the true muscle stud he is. There are hot penetration shot a plenty as Luke rides that hard tool humping wildly up ‘n down cramming as much of that hard uncut cock up his hole as possible. Adam finishes up this hot sex session by plugging Luke in the traditional missionary position as Luke jacks off shooting a thick load on his stomach and dark pubes. Adam cranks off busting a thick nut but we do not see where it lands.



“Hawaii” is shot directly on high definition video and presented in a widescreen ratio of 16:9. The picture quality is sharp and clean with plenty of vibrant colors and the videography by Max Phillips is excellent providing full coverage of all the action along with close-ups.


The stereo sound is clear featuring cool trance-like instrumental music by Rock Hard. The tunes compliment the leisurely pace of the scenes as the dudes take their time enjoying each other’s beautiful bodies. Natural sound of the guys breathing heavily and moaning are perfectly mixed with the music.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, a photo gallery with accompanying music featuring high quality publicity photographs by Big Hud and Mick Hicks of each model, website information, and trailers for: “Naked Muscle: The New Breed”, “Waterbucks 2”, “Dual: Taking it Like A Man”, “Man Country”, and “Brotherhood”.

Poindexter's Roundup:

COLT Studio’s new release “Hawaii” is a huge turn-on. The movie has what fans of COLT productions have come to expect and love: hot butch muscle-bound and muscular men, strong direction (John Rutherford), excellent videography and editing (Max Phillips), and high production values. “Hawaii” has a distinct tranquil and hypnotic feel with the very cool music by Rock Hard, beautiful locations, and hot performances by the guys where they take their time to enjoy each other’s hot bodies and hard cocks. The dudes are all very hot and are completely into the action. It’s hard to pick personal favorites this time since I dig all the dudes but here goes: Carlo Masi, Adam Champ, Greg Weston, and Luke Garrett. The two biggest turns-ons for me are when Luke Garrett busts a thick nut on Darin Hawks tight hairy asshole and when Carolo Masi docks sliding his foreskin over Luke Garrett’s clipped cock knob. Hot I tells ya! The non-sexual videography of the lush green Hawaiian surrounding is breathtaking. I Highly Recommend for fans of butch muscle dudes.

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