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Bottom of The 9th: Little Big League 3

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/19/07

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Production Date:

August 2007

Directed By:

Doug Jeffries

The Movie:

Hunky coach Tyler Saint has trouble talking a group of horny delinquents into joining the baseball team until he sweetens the deal by throwing in All-American cutie Josh Vaughn’s tight ass as part of the reward for winning.

Run Time:

3 Hours 10 Minutes

The Cast:

Josh Vaughn, Blake Riley, Jeremy Hall, Jesse Santana, Christian Owen, Lex Sabre, Blair Mason, Derek Rivero, T.J. Young, Dallas Reeves, Brodie Newport, Guy Parker, Cameron Marshall, and Tyler Saint.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

“Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3” offers up fourteen appealing dudes with an age range of eighteen to late thirties with muscle-bound, muscular, and toned bodies; hairy and smooth chests; full and trimmed pubes; dark and blond hair; and hard cut ‘n uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Teammates Blake Riley (good-looking with spiked black hair, cool sideburns, pierced eyebrow, toned/hairy body) and Christian Owen (cute with brown buzz cut, tight/smooth body) are in the men’s room making out using plenty of wet tongue while their hands roam over one another’s bodies. Blake strokes Christian’s hard cut cock sinking to his knees and taking the blood-engorged organ deep throat all the way to Christian’s closely trimmed/almost shaved pubes. He definitely knows how to suck a mean cock! To repay his buddy for such excellent oral pleasures, Christian gets down on his haunches and blows Blake’s clipped boner sliding his wet mouth up ‘n down the shaft and deep throating to Blake’s closely trimmed/almost shaved pubes. There are plenty of great close-ups as each dude crams his gullet full of horny jock meat. Assistant Coach Jeremy Hall (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/lightly hairy body), perpetually horny and a little on the psychotic side, spies on the dudes while pulling his hard uncut pork sliding the foreskin back ‘n forth over the knob.

Christian munches down on Blake’s tight lightly hairy bunghole from behind licking and teasing the pucker in nice close-up making Blake breath heavily and moan with pleasure. Blake reaches back and rubs his bung while Christian is busy making oral love to the gentle rosebud. Desperately wanting a taste Blake chows down on Christian’s tight shaved touchhole from behind giving it his all while tonguing the pulsing starfish. Both dudes are wearing white jock straps, red knee socks, and sneakers. There are plenty of hot close-ups of the ass munching. Blake slides his hard dong into Christian’s hole doggy-style starting off with a nice smooth tempo that quickly becomes fast, smooth, and hard as he plows the hell out of that tight chute. Christian totally digs the action moaning, groaning, and pouting “Fuck me harder!” Switching things up a bit, Blake rides Christian’s rigid tool bouncing up ‘n down, rocking his hips back ‘n forth, and doing everything in his power to completely fill his hungry manhole with stiff tube steak. Blake beats off shooting a small thick load on Christian’s chest. Christian shoots a large thick load on Blake’s chest and stomach. The school bell rings before Jeremy Hall can bust his nut.

Scene Two:

Assistant Coach Jeremy Hall (scene one) is obsessed with one of the baseball players. Since he was rudely interrupted by the school bell in scene one, Jeremy is wild with lust when he lays down in bed completely naked with legs spread and begins pulling his hard unclipped pork working the foreskin back ‘n forth over the knob while clutching/kissing a team photo. Jeremy’s right fist is busy yanking his rigid dick while his left hand roams over his hot toned body feeling his pecs, stomach, and plump nuts. At one point, he uses both hands to stroke that beautiful cock with some nice close-ups of that tasty foreskin being tugged over the knob. Using over and under handed techniques, Jeremy reaches the point of no return squirting a thick load on his short dark pubes, stomach, and fist. Hot dude!

Scene Three:

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Humpy school janitor Brodie Newport (good-looking with brown buzz cut, toned/smooth body) slugs booze from a flask while jerking his hard cut prick using spit as lube. His office is trashy consisting a cheap cot and some photos of busty bleached blond babes showing off their tits and pussies, which are stuck to the wall with duct tape. Coach Tyler Saint (fucking hot with short brown hair, smooth muscle-bound body) barges in and is soon on his knees swallowing Brodie’s cock deep throating it all the way the closely trimmed pubes. “Yeah! Suck that fuckin’ cock, coach!” This is some very hot butch man-sex! Tyler really knows his way around a hard cock sucking, licking, jacking, and filling his gullet full while Brodie moans and takes another belt o’ booze. Brodie chows down on Tyler’s fat clipped dong literally cramming as much as humanly possible down his windpipe giving excellent head. Tyler slaps Brodie’s face with that tasty slab of beef. “Open that mouth!” Brodie licks those plump nuts and pulls on Tyler’s jock strap with his teeth inhaling the tangy sent of man deeply into his lungs. “You like that smell?” Both dudes are completely into the action and each other. Hot!

Tyler bends over against the wall allowing Brodie to spread his butt cheeks exposing that tight shaved bunghole. Brodie spits on the quivering pucker and munches down tonguing the hole in excellent close-up and Tyler digs it! “Yeah! Come on and eat the hole! That’s it! Let me feel that tongue!” Brodie lays on the cot with is legs spread and up in the air as Tyler’s heavily lubed hand strokes his hard cock and rubs that tight shaved asshole with finger fucking. Tyler slowly sinks his fat hog into Brodie’s hole in the missionary position and fucks him fast ‘n hard. Brodie’s bunghole clings to Tyler’s condom-clad cock as he wildly fucks quick ‘n smooth. ‘Come on! Fuck me!” After some drilling in the side/missionary position, Brodie sinks down on a large black dildo with Tyler’s assistance and lusty words of encouragement. The dudes talk to each other during the sex really listening to each other and responding. I think this is very hot! To finish up, the dudes jerk off with Tyler shooting a large thick load on Brodie’s hard cock and twisting fist. Brodie busts a wet nut on his stomach and floor. Hot!

Scene Four:

The shower room is crowded with ten hot ‘n naked teammates while they play grab ass and clean their sweaty bodies. Cameron Marshall (good-looking with dark hair, goatee, toned/smooth body) catches the eye of cute All-American blond Josh Vaughn (toned/smooth body) as the guys wash and caresses their bodies. Cameron notices Josh’s interest and soon his cut cock is hard as a rock and he tries to hide it. Naturally, Assistant Coach Jeremy Hall is next door looking through a small hole while stroking his ever-hard unclipped meat. Not giving a shit what the other dudes think, Cameron and Josh begin kissing with wet tongue and feeling each other up. Lucky for them that their teammates are just as horny and slowly stroking their rigid members while watching. Josh sinks to his knees taking Cameron’s hard cock down his throat giving cool head sliding his mouth up ‘n down. Guy Parker (cute with bleached hair, muscular/smooth body) and T.J. Young (cute with shot dark hair, toned/smooth body) kiss with deep tongue and stroke each other’s stiff clipped dicks as Dallas Reeves (very cute with longish brown/blond hair, goatee, toned/smooth body) chows down on Lex Sabre’s (cute with dark buzz cut, toned/smooth body) hard uncut prick stroking the shaft, working the foreskin, and fully filling his gullet.

Derek Rivero (cute with a dark pompadour, toned/smooth body) is busy down on his haunches blowing Blair Mason’s (cute with dark curly hair, tall/toned/smooth body) stiff clipped prick slapping it against his face, jacking, and giving a dandy blowjob. Jesse Santana (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body with tattoos) gets down on Guy’s cock while T.J. is busy taking Jesse’s stiff clipped dork into his mouth sliding his gob up ‘n down that tasty pole as Cameron fucks Josh’s mouth. The dudes fill the room with all sorts of lusty noises as they switch up sucking hard cocks, slurping on plump nuts, and tasting wet tongues. They are very into the action and each other with plenty of excellent close-ups of the blowjobs. Our two main dudes bend over a bench allowing Derek to munch down on Cameron’s tight shaved bunghole while Dallas eats Josh’s snug shaved pucker with excellent close-ups. Our guys love having their hot butts eaten and being sharing sucking Jesse’s rigid cock allowing him to slide back ‘n forth against their wet lips. Hot!

Josh lays back on the bench jerking off as Cameron positions himself between his buddy’s legs stoking his own stiff wang. He lifts Josh’s legs exposing that tight shaved asshole and munches down making a meal out of that starfish. The dudes surround Josh and Cameron wildly beating their meat. One by one, the guys shoot, squirt, and dump thick and wet loads all over Josh’s face, neck, shoulders, and chest. Hot! Cameron cuts loose with thick jizz on Josh’s shoulder and Josh shoots a small load on his stomach. Half crazed with lust from spying on all the action through the peep hole, Jeremy Hall barges in blowing his whistle and offers up his hard uncut cock to all. Josh immediately takes that thang down his throat leading Cameron to swallow the dong down his gullet as well.

Jeremy is now in overdrive fucking faces and enjoying all the attention as each dude takes time to suck his business. He sinks his large unclipped dick into Josh’s tight hole using long ‘n smooth strokes that increase in speed until he’s fucking fast, smooth, ‘n hard with nice penetration shots. Josh pulls a train taking on all nine cocks one at a time as the dudes fuck him from behind. This time, the dudes surround Jesse who is jerking off and cramming two fingers up his tight shaved bunghole. The dudes pop off one by one covering Jesse with love juice. Hot! Jesse uses the cum as lube, beats off, and shoots a thick load on the floor.



‘Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in a widescreen ratio of 16:9. The picture quality is sharp and clean and the videography by Brad Austin, Adam Killian, and CH is excellent providing full coverage of all the action plus plenty of mouth-watering close-ups.


The stereo sound is cool and what stands out the most here is the cool music of various styles: 1980s new wave, snazzy jazz, and some fun techno. The models are easily heard as they make all sorts of wild sex noises.


There are some cool bonus features offered here. The disc contains an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, PopShot-On-Demand, the neat-o safe sex PSA “Wrap It Up” starring Chi Chi LaRue, and previews for: “Little Big League”, ‘2nd Inning: Little Big League 2”, “Starting Young 2”, and “Delinquents”. On a second disc, there is a 1 Hour and 24 Minutes Behind-the-Scenes feature titled “Model Retrospective” containing interviews with the all the models and lengthy clips from other Channel 1 releases they have performed in, a 34 Minute featurette of the models’ photo shoots featuring some nice close-ups and footage of cute Guy Parker jerking off and shooting a big load, and a 10 Minute radio interview from KSEX featuring Director Doug Jeffries (looking hot), Blake Riley, Jeremy Hall, and Tyler Saint who reminds me of a 1950s beefcake model. Excellent bonus features.

Poindexter's Roundup:

Wow! “Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3” is a huge turn-on as well as  fun ‘n entertaining. Doug Jeffries’ strong direction, excellent videography, top-notch editing by CH that goes far beyond the basic with some groovy and imaginative cuts, cool music, and high production values fit perfectly in place for one of the best movies I’ve reviewed this year. The dudes are all very appealing, are obviously into the action and each other, and give spirited high-energy sexual performances. The real standout here is Jeremy Hall as the sex-crazed and obsessive Assistant Coach. His performance is hilarious as well as sexy. Besides Jeremy Hall, my personal favorites here are handsome muscle-bound butch Tyler Saint, Blake Riley, Lex Sabre, Brodie Newport, Cameron Marshall, and Dallas Reeves. I Highly Recommend for those who dig jocks, locker room/communal shower scenes, and a cool variety of good-looking dudes.

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