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Personal Trainers 9

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 11/24/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:September 2004

Director:Marty Stevens

Cast:Giorgio Carrera, Benjamin Bloom, Bolek Polanski, Sebastian Bonnet, Dano Sulik, Marc Vidal

Body Types:Young European men with fit bodies and uncut penises


Things to see:"training sex"

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

The concept of a personal trainer for sex is a great idea.  You can hire someone to train you in cooking, developing our muscles, and even good old Dad taught you how to ride your bike (perhaps).  So, why not have someone train you towards becoming better at sex?  Sure we might have that special tongue swishing technique that we thought was pleasurable, but the last five guys didn't have the courage to tell you that it didn't do much for them.  Therefore, why not have someone who will train you, in a "hands on" approach, in the way of becoming a better lover.

This Bel Ami title aims to train amateur models in front of the camera and for our enjoyment.  Each of the three young and inexperienced models are paired with a "pro" or simply one of the regulars from several of Bel Ami's films: Marc Vidal, Sebastian Bonnet and Dano Sulik.  Marc is less of a trainer and more of a equal opportunist, participating more than guiding.  Sebastian Bonnet attempts to show his trainee the ways to suck cock as well as help the model to feel calm.  Dano Sulik is the least effective trainer; instead of training he is paired with an aggressive bottom who teaches him a new thing or two.  In the end, all of the trainees learn less about how to have good sex, than they do about collecting a paycheck.  

The DVD includes only three scenes.  While the scenes are long and the sex is very good, this DVD lacks some of the Bel Ami magic that is present is several of their other titles.  At times the film feels like a high quality amateur film.  The DVD also lacks much in the way of extras.  Therefore your decision to buy this film has to rest on your interest in the idea of staged "training" sessions.  There is no question about the trainers and trainees not being attractive or good at sex.  I just tend to believe that these trainees already have lots of experience under their belts. 

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Scene one:Giorgio Carrera and Marc Vidal

Giorgio is a 19 year old with a tight body and dark curly hair.  His trainer is Marc Vidal, a tall, handsome lad with a beautiful tan body.  While Marc showers, Giorgio talks to the camera about his sex experiences .  Soon enough, Marc emerges from the bathroom to start the scene.  The guys start out by kissing and gently exploring each other's body.  Marc takes control by sucking on Giorgio's purple monster.  Marc continues to suck on Giorgio's cock in several positions, including a backwards suck that also transitions into some rimming.  Giorgio then sucks on Marc's cock and balls for a long duration of time.   The guys then 69 and Giorgio rims Marc's hole.  Marc then wets his fingers and starts to probe Giorgio's hairy hole.  Once the hole is ready, Marc fucks him with his legs up in the air.  The guys continue to fuck in several different positions, throughout the scene.  Eventually, Marc fucks away until he cums onto Giorgio's back.  Giorgio then masturbates while Marc watches.  

Both of the actors were cute and attractive.  They both worked well together, resulting in this pretty good scene.  The oral sex was lengthy and fun to watch.  The screwing itself could have been much more exciting, but it wasn't in any way boring to watch either.  Overall this was a good scene. 

Scene two:Benjamin Bloom and Sebastian Bonnet

Benjamin is a blond 18 year old.  He is shy at first, but Sebastian (his trainer) quickly brings him out of his shell.  The boys first compare their abs and then Sebastian asks to check out his "pee pee," their phrase not mine.  The boys kiss a lot and mutually stroke beforeBenjamin heads downward to suck some cock.  Sebastian then sucks on Benjamin's cock, demonstrating how to lick in a photogenic way.  Benjamin then face fucks Sebastian, while his hole is fingers as well.  After that, Benjamin blows Sebastian some more, this time looking up more and smiling.  Sebastian then screws Benamin's young hole in a doggy style position, followed by screwing on their sides and ending in a straddle position.  Benjamin then jacks off Sebastian, while kissing him.  Sebastian repeats the same process for Benjamin. 

The sex was good, although there wasn't a whole lot of training to be had since Benjamin looked like he already had lots of experience under his belt.  

Scene three:Bolek Polanski and Dano Sulik

Bolek, a fit young brunette, is paired with Dano (his trainer).  On the set, the guys dress up the canopy bed with several pillows and curtains.  At one point, Dano stands on a stool, which inspires Bolek to suck on his raging hard on.  However, Dano insists that they return to the bed for some more fun.  In bed, Bolek sucks on Dano again and vice versa.  The boys passionately roll around, trying to assert who gets to suck on the other, finally forming a 69.  After that, Dano rims Bolek's ass and fingers it.  Once Bolek's hole is willing and ready, Dano fucks him, while holding his legs up and on his side.  The guys screw in a straddle position and Dano jackhammers his ass.  Bolek then jumps off Dano's dick, pulls off the condom and jacks Dano to a sloppy mess.  Dano jacks off Bolek at the end.  

Bolek was a very passionate lover.  He was constantly kissing and licking Dano throughout the entire scene.  As a result, the oral play tends to be very hot.  The anal sex is good, although Bolek is much more quiet.  I also loved the jacking off at the end.  I honestly wish that more porn would allow the bottom the jack off the top. 

The DVD:


This DVD features a fullscreen transfer.  The image is consistently well lit and bright, enabling all of the action to clearly be seen.  Overall it was a good transfer.


Music doesn't play throughout the scenes, so the actor's moans and groans are the sounds that will emanate out of your speakers.  I detected a slight echo sound while some of the actors talked.  However, the sound certainly isn't bad, it's simply an average/good soundtrack.  


Extras include chapter selection, a Bel Ami products trailer, and a Bel Ami Online trailer. 

Final thoughts:

This DVD starts out with a great concept but quickly falls into realm of "averageland."  The models are cute, and the sex is good, but the concept falls by the wayside once the actors are already having sex.  With that said, there is a scant amount of scenes and extras.  Therefore your decision to buy or rent this title should be made on your desire to see staged (and not very effective) sex training and hunky models.  As a result, this title is recommended to fans of Bel Ami boys, but average viewers might want to rent it first.

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