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Asses of Face Destruction 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/4/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Olivia Saint in the mood to smother (click for trailer)!

Asses of Face Destruction 3

Evil Angel/Roman Video

Genre: Female Domination (Femdom)

Director: Romulus & T. Hound

Ashley Fires was having a lot of fun being in charge.

Cast: Olivia Saint, James, Ashley Fires, Oliver Twisted, Alexis Texas, Ryan Knox, Delilah Strong, Ambrosia, Gaspman

Length: 168:40 minutes

Date of Production: 10/30/2007

Alexis Texas had the hottest looking ass of the show!

Extras: The best extra was the 3:30 minute long interview with Mason Storm. While she was not in the cast and the feature was far too short, this was the best extra by virtue of how well she embraced the signature sex action focused on by the scenes. There were six trailers, a photogallery, a cast list, filmographies, and some websites.

Condoms: None

Delilah Strong was the best performer of the movie.

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Audio/Video Quality: Asses of Face Destruction 3 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color the scenes were shot in for their various releases over the years (this being a compilation) by director Romulus for distribution by Evil Angel as part of their Buttman Magazine Choice selections. Previous selections like Smother Me and Ass Jazz 4 showed that the company is willing to give new directors a break, even lowering the general quality control levels in order to showcase some fine raw energy; though the scenes here appear to have been largely taken from scenes already popular on the internet. The lighting was not always very solid and that led to grain, video noise, and other issues, with the composition of the shots looking almost like a home movie in great need of editing but the sense of raw energy was still as solid as ever for the series; this being another set of scenes (some of them older) from the popular internet website) There was no intercourse in any of the scenes but the cocks did come into play a little, even if not penetrativing mouth, pussy or ass as I would have preferred. The video bitrate was always seemingly hovering around the mid 2 Mbps area though the visual issues seemed the result of the low end lighting most of the time. The audio was presented as 2.0 Dolby Digital in the standard 192 Kbps bitrate according to my receiver but I heard no separation between the channels and I'm of the belief that the original sound was straight from the microphone on the camera. You could hear the background noise and light hum of the camera when the cast was quiet and the vocals were hollow and in need of repair but it was better then droning music being heard as some directors use (the music was limited to the credits of the movie).

Ambrosia reveled in her role too.

Body of Review: Romulus is the directing name of a fetish enthusiast known for kinky female domination shows that are now being distributed by Evil Angel on a limited basis. His particular niche is to show ladies verbally abusing men and forcing them to service their healthy cheeks; the latest title in the Buttman Magazine line being Asses of Face Destruction 3. The idea was less about the sex than the tease, the role playing, and the build up of the sexual tension, all attributes that came more into play this time than in his other outings for the company in the popular AOFD series. The cover advertised it like this: “Butt Worship and Rim-Jobs Smothered in Verbal Degradation” and the truth in advertising quotient was high so if this all sounds good to you, I’m sure you will be having a spanking good time with the scenes provided here. That said, there were no condoms and the limited population pudding was not a factor in the movie as far as ladies taking loads to their faces:

Scene One: Assault With A Deadly Ass: Olivia Saint, the brunette seen on the middle of the left hand side of the cover with the tramp stamp on her lower back, was up first as she set the stage for the verbal abuse that was so common throughout the entire movie. She teased and masturbated in largely point of view (POV) fashion as the camera spent a lot of time in extreme close up. Her “bitch boy” as she called him, was James and while a lot of the initial footage of her teasing really did not have him doing anything (almost like a virtual sex title), he seemed to love his lot in life sucking her pussy and ass as she demanded. They started on the bed and moved to the barren mattress in the bedroom, Olivia fingering her own ass as she gyrated and had him thoroughly cleaned her out. As twisted as it all proved to be, I enjoyed it more than I felt comfortable with at times. Whew!

Scene Two: Enslaved By Ass: Ashley Fires, the cutie seen on the upper left hand corner of the cover, was up next as she followed the formula really well. She did some solo action before slapping him around with the gloves he provided her (“Mistress Ashley” upset because the gloves were too large). She slapped him around and handcuffed him before really testing his limits, the guys name being Oliver Twisted. She then started beating him with a riding crop, less appealing to me than the advertised action, but reverted to mostly face sitting once that grew as tiresome for her as well. Unlike Olivia, she used a vibrator to get off with as well; making his suck her ass as she buzzed herself into a frothy frenzy (forcing him to suck the toy clean, an “egg” vibrator, out of her pussy and ass at times). The verbal degradation continued as he ate her, the tongue forced into her backdoor a lot more than usual but similar to the other scenes with the heavy emphasis on smothering.

Scene Three: Runaway Facesitter: Alexis Texas, the hotty blond featured on the front cover with the wonderfully ample sample of an ass, was up next as she teased a little on the staircase before having Ryan Knox join her in bed. Her jiggling ass cheeks enveloped his face and she was also quite vocal except not as driven as the last two gals proved to be. Still, while I thought this scene might have been a better one to start with, as a warm up for the harder gals to follow, she had fun making him service her ass and cookie as he buried his face as ordered. The “fucking pussy” as she called him, was not the best choice for the scene with her but I give him credit for trying to keep up with her as she learns the fundamentals of female domination (or femdom for short).

Scene Four: Runaway Facesitter Pt 2: Delilah Strong, an anal queen for a long time now, was up next as she also continued with the general formula though Delilah showed that she was no neophyte at providing this kind of action with Ryan Knox. Calling herself a “big butted slut”, she presented the initial tease differently as she rubbed herself in her sexy red & black bikini with the camera looking up at her. When it came time to drop the tease in favor of the face sitting and smothering, she led him into the bedroom by a leash as he crawled along the floor. She wasn’t as toned as I’ve seen her in the past but she went right to sitting down to make her lucky slave a happy camper; even peeling down her panties to bunch up her ass cheeks. She did smack him around a little bit but only to keep his hands away from pawing her as she made him follow the stated script on femdom pleasuring. I can see why she has been so popular for so long, never being so overt with the take charge attitude as the others but it always being an accepted part of the scene.

Scene Five: Lick My Ass: Ambrosia, the chunky gal next door type seen on the upper middle of the front cover (with the big ass on a chumps’ head), was up last as she began without any tease whatsoever; bouncing happily on the face of a guy credited only as Gaspman. That led to the edit showing her reading a book as he sucked her ass, licking and smothering himself between the wealth of fleshy ass laid out before him (with a pillow underneath to prop her up at a better angle). This was a long scene and she went with the program, teaching him a lesson when he got too friendly with her; even smacking his cock around (the most touching of a cock by a woman in the movie by far). Her dream catcher tailbone tattoo shook amusingly as she purred to his efforts, Ambrosia demanding more vaginal licking by the guy too. She changed it a little using denial techniques as well but he never had to wait long to get her grinding her hips onto his face, the camera close enough to see her razor stubble. This scene actually allowed the guy to jerk off but he was unable to bust a nut of population pudding so she closed it out when she propped back onto his face some more. Still, weird and kinky aside, it was a scene well within the usual parameters here.

Summary: Asses of Face Destruction 3 by director Romulus for distribution by Evil Angel was not your typical vanilla porn flick, no penetration shown and the fetish aspects really “fleshed out” for lack of a better term. The heat generated by the ladies as they put their slaves through the paces seemed more genuine this time, the sheer volume of tease and face smothering enough to warrant a rating of Recommended despite the weak extras and crummy technical values displayed. In short, while I wouldn’t want to substitute all my porn viewing with this kind of thing, Asses of Face Destruction 3, like Asses of Face Destruction 1, made for a kinky change of pace all the same.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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