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Bel Ami XL Files 6

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/6/07

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Year of Production:


Directed By:

Marty Stevens

The Movie:

A loving tribute to big uncut cocks.

Run Time:

2 Hours


Cover dude Ralph is very cute with short curly brown hair with a slender/tight/smooth body, hard little nipples, dark pubes, plump nuts, and a monster unclipped cock. He jacks that big fucker with his right hand while rubbing those balls and his chest using the left hand. Working the foreskin up ‘n over the knob, Ralph uses both fists to stroke his shaft and there is still room for a third fist! Pinching his hard nipples, breathing heavy and moaning, he shoots a thick load of jizz on his stomach.


Richard is appealing with dark gelled hair wearing a red tee shirt and blue jeans. He undresses revealing his tall/slender/toned/smooth body, dark trimmed pubes, plump hangy nuts, and unclipped tool. Working that thang using his right hand, Richard has his legs spread nice ‘n wide to give us a groovy show rubbing the pink knob but not slide his foreskin over it. Giving it all he has, Richard dumps a small load on his stomach.


Michal is very cute with short dark hair wearing an orange shirt and blue jeans. He strips down showing off that tall/slender/toned/smooth body, full dark bush, hangy nuts, and large uncut dick. He works the area right below his shiny purple cock head but does not incorporate his tasty overhang into his masturbation technique. Gawd! I love those hot full pubes and hangy nuts! Stroking his fat curved cock to the point of no return, Michal cuts loose with a thick load of goo on his fist. Sexy dude!


Frantisek is cute with spiked brown hair wearing a long sleeved white shirt and blue jeans. He is definitely one sexy guy. He strips down revealing his toned lightly hairy body, closely trimmed pubes, and unclipped dong. He jacks that big dick using his right thumb and fingers sliding the foreskin back ‘n forth overt the purple knob. Dude has some very hot plump nuts that I would love to get down on and hard nipples that are primed for pinching/twisting. Breathing heavy, Frantisek shoots a nice thick load of love juice on his stomach. Tasty cum-filled foreskin!


Filip is cute with brown/blond hair and is sitting on a sofa hiding behind a number of large colorful pillows. Before long, the pillows are thrown by the way side and Filip gladly shows off his toned/smooth body, trimmed bush, hangy nuts, and long unclipped wang. He sits back on the sofa with legs spread wide and goes to town on his big stiff boner working the foreskin and licking his fingers to rub his hard nipples. Hot! He bends over showing off his beautiful bum and tight shaved bunghole in nice extreme close-up. Jacking fast, he shoots a small load on his inside thigh.


Jirka is my favorite dude so far and he’s very cute with a dark buzz cut. Stripping out of his gray shirt and blue jeans, he shows off that sexy tall/slender/toned/smooth body, dark bush, nice nuts, and uncut pork. Slouching on the sofa with his legs spread nice ‘n wide, Jirka pulls that pud with his right hand working that foreskin over he purple knob while rubbing his balls using his left paw. He bends over to give us a special treating revealing his hot bum and tight hairy touchhole in mouth-watering close-up. He teases that pucker with is fingertips and then it’s back to jerking off and shooting a thick load hitting his chest, mouth, and chin! I’m in love! Ha!


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Petr is very cute with short dark curly hair dressed in a white tee shirt and kaki pants. He strips down revealing his slender/tight/smooth body with dark pubes, plump nuts, an unclipped member with knob peeking out of his foreskin. Lying back on a mod red sofa, Petr spreads his legs wide jacking and working his overhang with right fist while his left rubs those tasty balls. At one point he uses both hands to pleasure is tool as a cool jazzy tune plays on the soundtrack and busts a thick nut on his stomach.


Peto is cute with brown/blond spiked hair and is dressed in a black tee shirt and faded blue jeans. He soon yanks off this clothing showing off his slender/smooth body, brown pubes, and long unclipped dong with foreskin that completely covers the helmet. He spits on his tool and beats off sliding his foreskin up ‘n over the moist purple head nice ‘n slow. Huge cock! At one point we can see his hairy butt crack and gooch. Mouth-watering! Giving himself a nice wank, Peto shoots a wet load on his shaft and stomach.


Libor is good-looking with brown/blond hair wearing a tee shirt and faded blue jeans. He yanks off his clothes revealing a toned/smooth/tanned body, light brown/almost blond pubes, and unclipped pole. He has a large purple knob with a hot deep piss slit. Working that foreskin back ‘n forth over the shiny head he watches himself in a large mirror. Throwing his head back with eyes close, Libor jacks fast ‘n hard shooting thick spunk on his stomach. Delicious man pudding!


Jiri is my second favorite so far. He’s a very cute dude with short black hair and dressed in a gray sweater, black tee shirt, and blue jeans. Stripping down to his birthday suit, he shows off his toned/slender/ smooth body with dark trimmed pubes, large uncut cock, plump nuts, and hairy bum. Dude spreads his legs and gets down to business pulling with his right fist working the large red knob while rubbing his nuts with his left hand. Wow! What a fat veiny dick! Spanking that untamed monkey, Jiri squirts a large thick load on his fist, stomach, and places unknown. Hot!


Lubo’s a good-looking guy with short dark curly hair wearing a black tee shirt and faded blue jeans. He disrobes revealing a hot muscular/smooth body, suckable brown nipples, hairy pits, trimmed pubes, plump uncut cock, and plump nuts. He happily flexes and poses for the camera and then gets down to some self-lovin’ with legs spread wide rubbing those balls and jacking his large fat shaft working the foreskin back ‘n forth over the knob. Lubo wags his big business and then bends over showing off that beautiful bum, tight hairy bunghole, and large hairy hangers. Hot! There’s a mouth-watering close-up of his bung. Reaching the point of no return, Lubo squirts a huge thick load of spooge that flies through the air. Stunning! My third favorite!


Very cute Juraj has short black hair and is dressed in a striped sweater and faded blue jeans. Stripping down, he shows off his toned/smooth body, trimmed pubes, nice unclipped dick with long foreskin, and hangy nuts. Sliding his overhang back ‘n forth over the moist purple knob, he works that big dick nice ‘n slow. Juraj’s tool has a cool downward curve to it that must make pulling pork easy as pie. Stroking off faster with eyes closed, he dumps a small load on his stomach. Juraj is a fourth favorite dude in the movie.


Jakub is very cute with brown ‘n bleached platinum punk hair wearing a yellow “El Paso” tee shirt and blue jeans. This hottie has a sexy low voice and soon yanks off his clothing revealing a toned/smooth body, brown bush, hangy nuts, and a large uncut tool. He lovingly squeezes ‘n rubs his balls while sliding his fist up ‘n down the long shaft and rubbing his blunt purple cock head. Jakub picks up speed while choking his squawking chicken shooting a large thick load of love juice on his stomach. Hot dude!


Appealing with short brown spiked hair, Lukas is already totally naked with legs spread wide quickly jerking his stiff unclipped pole using his right hand as his nuts flop up ‘n down. Lukas has sexy brown pubes and a delicious hairy butt crack. He works the foreskin up ‘n over that tip while wagging his member and rubbing his chest ‘n hard dark nipples. Lubing up, he slides a couple of rubber rings on his shaft making his cock turn a dark purple and then slides a small black butt plug up his bunghole. Lukas uses the sex toy for just a moment like he’s simply trying it on for size for another time and shoots a large thick load on his wrist, fist, and on the floor. Huge load!


I love me some Pavel! He’s a very cute guy with black spiked hair wearing a black tee shirt and blue jeans. Pavel can’t wait to show his stuff and gladly yanks off his duds showing off his slender/toned/smooth body, full black pubes, groovy nuts, and unclipped pork. He goes to town on that fat thang working the tasty foreskin over knob using his thumb and fingers. He’s another dude that has a cool curved cock. I love that full bush! Spanking that wild monkey with legs spread wide while pinching his hard nipples, Pavel shoots a thick load of man-goo on his shaft and pubes. Pavel is my fifth favorite.


Wow! Jozef is very good-looking with spiked dark hair with blond streaks, toned/smooth body, trimmed pubes, plump nuts, and huge unclipped cock. Jozef definitely has the biggest cock in this group of hung hotties. After a quick shower, he gets down on the sofa beating that monster and rubbing those beautiful nuts working the foreskin like there’s no tomorrow. Gawd! Growing more excited as he strokes off, Jozef squirts a large load of liquid love lava into the air hitting his stomach. Hot!



The auditions in “Bel Ami XL Files Part 6” are shot with high quality video and presented in wide screen. The videography by Sebastian Bonnet, Jeff Daniels, John Donnay, Mel Roberts Jr., Charles Forestie, and Eliot Klein is excellent providing plenty of extreme close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes who are interviewed (not all of them are) with English subtitles provided. The music is cool with some groovy jazzy numbers.


The disc includes an interactive menu, model selection, chapter stops, orgasms only option, website information, and previews for “Flings 3” and “Too Many Boys 2”

Poindexter’s Roundup:

Right On! “Bel Ami XL Files Part 6” is fucking hot and a huge turn on! Every dude is a looker and totally gets into jerking off in front of the camera. The videography is superb with extreme close-ups that practically make love to those big uncut cocks and each audition never outstays its welcome. This is some hot stuff! I’m going with XCritic’s highest rating of XCriticPick . If you are into young (all age 18+) fresh-faced Central European dudes who do not in any way look fem and have big uncut cocks, then this is the movie for you!

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