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Street Ranger 4

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/9/07

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Alina by the pool looked ready to rumble.

Street Ranger 4

Bang Brothers

Genre: Gonzo, POV

Anita Blue was the skinniest gal of the show.

Director: Da Captain & JT

Cast: Alina, Da Captain, Anita Blue, JT, Liz Taylor, Sophie, Tiffany

Length: 135:50 minutes

Liz Taylor was a busty newcomer quite unlike her mainstream counterpart.

Dates of Production: 5/11/2007, 6/6/2007, 4/13/2007, 2/14/2007, 1/23/2007

Extras: There were some trailers and a photogallery but that was it.

Condoms: Yes

Sophie was a brunette shot in the worst of circumstances.

Audio/Video Quality: Street Ranger 4 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director JT & Da Captain for Bang Bros. One of the trademark issues the scenes shot for this series have are that the technical values always seem on the low side, as if consumers of the website will shrug off any problems as being "good enough" for porn, but the POV nature of the effort was handled fairly well and added to the strokability for me. The lighting tended to be whatever ambient light was available, resulting in substantial grain, shadows, and video noise as frequent visitors to the scenes released by the company. This impacts the accuracy of the fleshtones and can be an issue if you care as much about the technical aspects of your porn as I do. The five scenes here varied a lot in terms of picture quality but the general quality wasn't as bad as some of the company's previous works, skating by on the energy factor provided by the performers at times, most of whom are established professionals. The bit rate for the scenes generally hovered around the 3.5 Mbps rate; on the low side but not too low. The composition of the shots and the editing all served to provide a mixed bag too, making me wish the raw footage was handed over to a better editor to clean up a bit before being released on DVD. Still, it was better then a lot of their earlier work and the ladies had fun so I was largely forgiving of the many mistakes observed. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (192 Kbps for those who care), with the vocals on the low end at times but not covered by droning music so I was okay with it.

Tiffany was cute at the storage center.

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Body of Review: JT is one of the directors best known for his works for Bang Bros these days. The guy is likeable and conveys a man on the prowl sentiment fairly well without going too over the top in his works, making him an asset at the company from the way I look at things. His latest work is Street Ranger 4, the sequel to Street Ranger 2 that I reviewed recently. The general idea of the scenes is to show the director helping ladies out financially or otherwise and them rewarding him sexually (either for pay or out of a mutual attraction). The scenes were originally released online as part of the fabulously successful company website but are now coming out on DVD for those of us that prefer the medium as a means of storage. Like many of the other titles by the company, the biggest selling point is not the technical values or the glamorous look of the ladies but the fun factor and reality aspect that might well be faked but give the audience a nod compared to the usual porno we might be more familiar with. In that, this volume of the series succeeded better than the original volume for several reasons but the technical values were pretty mixed. If you are still interested, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were commonly used:

Scene One: Naughty Neighbors: Alina, the gal in the bikini featured on the top left hand corner of the cover, was up first as she lounged by the pool in her backyard to find Da Captain, shooting footage of her. He claimed to have just woken up after a night of partying and the two then got friendly in the 30:27 minutes long scene. She figured he was kind of cute and started to oil his body up, her tease involving the cutie touching herself until the clothing fell to the wayside after the verbal banter they engaged in. Her clean shaven cookie looked good to him and she started to blow him in POV fashion, leading to some moderately active fucking as she unwrapped his present. I like outdoor sex and the condoms don’t bother me; Aline showing an increased urgency by the time the scene ended in terms of how rapidly she impaled herself on his cock. It ended when she jerked him off to her face; the population pudding covering her face.

Scene Two: A-nita Blowjob: Anita Blue, the girl next door type on the lower left hand corner of the cover (that looked a little like a thinner version of Sunny Lane), was up next as she assisted JT in finding his way to the beach during the 26:06 minute long scene. They drove around thanks to her curious sense of direction (not to mention her issues with authority figures) and ended up in his skanky motel room (befitting her personality). She stretched out on his bed and was soon proving willing to display her oral skills; her very skinny frame looking better when she bent over. Her blowjob was okay but nothing out of the ordinary for the series, the gal employing some ball sucking and hand strokes to enhance the moment but never showing the kind of energy and enthusiasm better performers provide. This set them to banging vaginally with a condom; Anita squealing softly as he did most of the work. He busted a nut on her face to close the mediocre scene; her skills as a sex worker kind of tame but about average for a stripper in Southern Florida (from what I hear).

Scene Three: Sex Home Repair: Liz Taylor, the busty gal on the middle of the right hand side of the front cover and not the aging movie star, was up next with JT as they discussed some home repairs he wanted her to do for him in the 30:12 minute long scene. He continued to zoom in on her clothed chest during the initial discussion in the bay of the shop; neither of them very good at making shit up as they went along. Her large breasts came out as the thunder roared in the background, her implants impressing him as she continued to strip. She had a cute little ass and dropped to her knees to blow him; showing some appreciation for cock and a playfulness missing in previous scenes here. The active hummer led to a moderately active vaginal ride (the POV nature of the scene often limits this aspect of the dynamic at work) and by the end of the scene, she was grinding her hips s she impaled herself on the condom clad penis. He jerked off to her chest and she bathed in the afterglow as she promised to come out to his place for a personal estimate of the work to be done.

Scene Four: Fucking Rey’s Girl: Sophie, an exotic hotty, was up next as she provided car repair assistance to JT as the “mechanic” named Rey, “put it in the wrong spot”. She ended up leaving with JT in this 28:06 minute long scene after some duplicity with the couple going back to the motel room to fuck. She gave a decent hummer and they vaginally screwed as expected but while she was slightly active at times, the technical matters weakened this one too much to make it strokable to any degree for me. It closed up with him rubbing out a wad of semen to her all natural chest but she never lived up to her potential.

Scene Five: Hit and Dip: Tiffany, the lean brunette seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was up last as she was moving out of a storage center (the closed kind) and almost done with the move when Da Captain offered to assist her. She was a stripper and felt tired after a long day; working her ass through school the old fashioned way but willing to spend 20:59 minutes out of her married life to give the guy some pleasure. She was a decent fuck in the scene as they did it in the corridor but her oral skills looked lame and the frown on her face told me she was doing it for money only; the cute gal probably needing to trade up. The sex ended when he shot a load to her face and ran off when called by his mother for meatloaf; telling me he was as into her as she was into him.

Summary: Street Ranger 4 by director JT and Da Captain for Bang Bros was a mixed effort that tried hard to be better than it was but simply fell flat thanks to a combination of factors like the technical values and women that would clear rather have been elsewhere. Lacking passion and enthusiasm is okay if you make up for it in terms of looks and/or energy but you need something to balance out the equation of it simply doesn’t work so I rated the movie as a Rent It courtesy of the stronger scenes. In short, Street Ranger 4 was not as appealing as Street Ranger 2 for me but fans of the series may get more out of it than I did so give it a look all the same.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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