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Brandi Belle 4

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 1/2/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Young/ Amateur Like
Director: J. Sibbery

Cast: Brandi Belle, Daisy, Bejing, Cheyenne, an unknown fan
Length: 1hr 25 mins

Production Date: Bang Brothers, 2007


Chapter Selection: Without act access
Web Info:

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is mainly 2.0 as expected and the Video is full frame color. We're dealing with a studio produced amateur flick, and everything is on par with most flicks today. Although there is some shadowing and a few times where over lighting ruins a popshot, the image is otherwise satisfying.

Body of Review:Internet sensation Brandi Belle has taken her little mpeg projects to a wider medium. A sultry, devilish gal, Brandi is the cutest kid in school, though she's also the horniest. In Brandi Belle 4, she gives us five scenes, with her doing the dirty in four. A starlet with a natural appeal, Brandi easily fits into any guy's porn star database.

Scene 1: Daisy & Brandi
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial, Snowball
Condoms: yes
     Web phenomenon Brandi Belle is as cute as ever. She smiles with a thin, dimpled grin as she introduces Daisy Marie, a Latinoish looking babe with thin stems and a rail think body. Both gals are hot, but it's Brandi's natural simplicity that makes her the most attractive. Together they slob his knob, kneeling on the floor and undressing each other. Brandi's body smokes as well; though her tits are the size of bottle caps, her full body is a soft, round heaven. The oral techniques of the gals are not thrilling. Mostly it's tug and rub and too long is spent on this. With a sheathed cock, the greasy guy plugs into Brandi first; spooning her slim body and bald crotch. Daisy just sits to the side and helps guide his cock. And when it's Daisy's turn to get fucked, Brandi offers the same lame help. In a sexy attempt to save the scene, the gals get into 69 and the one on top is pumped with the meat stick. Whoever is below gets a front row seat and the opportunity to PTM. Daisy gets a mouthful and snowballs it into Brandi's open lips. Both are eager to take his load and their simple approach and no bullshit fucking makes for porn just above the amateur level.

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Scene 2: Brandi Belle
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Condoms: yes
     Next, Brandi goes at it alone with a well cut guy with a rock solid penis. The guy isn't a huge muscle head, but his six pack has six packs. A very long, slow moving blowjob takes place on a bed contraption on someone's back patio. Brandi works her studded tongue on his cock; making ever guy envious. The oral does stretch a bit, but Brandi is at least stark naked so there are some lingering moments of her ass and legs. To start boning, Brandi lies on her back, spreads her legs and hairless gap. Lean meat pumps her vagina and Brandi moans unbelievably. Simple missionary puts her sexy knees to her ears and then the guy lifts her from the bed and she humps him standing. They move to a bench out in the yard. A decent cowgirl turns into a standing doggy fuck from behind. Brandi keeps her ass in the air, her legs straight and her hands to the gournd to brace her drilled body. This puts Brandi in a vulnerable spot and it looks as though she can't move without falling over. A quick pump or two like this and the guy is ready to blow his load. Brandi waits and yums it when she's served. Slow to start and fairly standard once it has begun, the scene works best because of Brandi; a dollish figure that is so simple and easy on the eyes.


Scene 3: Brandi & A Fan
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Condoms: yes
     Brandi chills barefooted and in a short, denim skirt on the bed next to a guy who looks like a pro surfer. Next to him is a blond chick whom Brandi introduces as a fan that wanted to sit in on one of Brandi's scenes. The fan is cute; her tatas are small but perky under her white shirt and she kinda has a very young Alicia Silverstone look going on. As Brandi and Hang 10 start the naughty, the blond sits at the side of the bed and steals an occasional glance. She seems interested, but turns her head away and wrinkles her brow like she's disgusted. I may be wrong, and we'll know in a minute, but I think this is going to be total BS, and the chick will, with "hesitation", join them. Brandi is spooned and her young slit spread for cock. Brandi is super sexy to watch get boned, but her attitude is a total turnoff. She reacts to his thrusts, but seems very uninterested in getting her own rocks off. The main, or only, appeal here is Brandi's fine ass. Even if she doesn't seem to care, it's hard not to enjoy watching her body work. And at the end, I was sorta right. The fan does join Brandi for a facial that covers both of their faces. But both gals remain as stiff as boards, so he may have just as well popped onto the floor.


Scene 4: Brandi +2 men
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Condoms: yes
     Dressed all sexy in skin tight jeans with a tiny T-thong poking above her waist, Brandi introduces the scene at her farm. Claiming a thing for farm boys, Brandi walks into the stables and finds one pitching hay. Fully clothed and standing Brandi treats the Mexican helping hand to an early payment then moves to the next stable where she does the same. Brandi's sucking skills are super soft and smooth as honey; though it doesn't look like the best head these guys have received, it's no doubt some of the cutest. Brandi invites them behind the barn, where a blanket is stretched on the ground. Three-way fucking follows, but the set up is so clumsy and slow that it's nearly boner reducing. Brandi porks and sucks with the same charm as all her other scenes. Having a second dick to handle is more distracting, so her vag fucking is less exciting. She accepts a double dose while on her knees, but the camera fails to catch either one very well. Again, it's Brandi in action that makes this scene worthy.


Scene 5: Brandi, Beijing, & Cheyenne
Acts Included: Oral, Popshot, Facial
Condoms: no
     In the hall of a hotel, Brandi interviews two gals with nothing better to do. Beijing claims to have never seen a penis, and so Brandi's going to expose the meat stick to her for the first time. The three stand outside a shower watching two men shower. Brandi stands around with her mic in hand and glances at her friends and the camera as though one or the other are supposed to take over. But no one does and so nothing happens. It's a weird moment that solidifies Brandi as unsure with the camera. The girls go in the shower and with the help of some lube, jack a pretty buff guy. Their hand tugging is awkward and looks painful, but they manage to blow his load. They then go into another shower where Beijing starts sucking her 'first' dick like a pro. And she does pretty well, blowing his cock until he comes in her mouth. Even though this might be her 'first' she's still not gonna swallow that shit and instead spits it onto her chin. I like the concept of the scene; the move away from standard fucking and just doing bjs. But it could have been more exciting and less static. The girls are mechanical and rather than coach or look on lustingly, Brandi stands off to the side holding her microphone like a reporter between commercials.


Concluding Words:
     I've seen numerous clips and galleries of this amazing little lass online. And while her innocent looks, soft eyes, and tight figure are quite the lure, her clips always seemed a bit offbeat. Watching an entire disc of Brandi's only confirms this. As sexy and devious as she is, Brandi doesn't work the camera very well. She appears awkward, uncertain, and though she is game for all the acts she performs, she never quite seems interested. (Strangely, there is some appeal to her 'indifference") More enthusiasm would send this disc off the shelves. I did like the look and amateur feel of the flick. It is professional but simple. Every scene however is plagued with a stiffness only a corpse could mimic. But I have to recommend this title--or any title of hers- at the least once so you can check her out. She may be dry as dust, but I'd whip out my broom for her anytime. Recommended.



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