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POV Cocksuckers 5

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 1/25/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

POV Cocksuckers 5
Directed by Tom Byron
Starring:  Roxy Deville, Marie Luv, Emma Cummings, Rosario Stone, Cassidy Essence, Shyla Haze, Samantha Sin, Zoe Matthews, Melanie Scott & Sasha Grey.
With:  Tom Byron
Length:  2hrs 38min
Condoms?:  No!

Brief Synopsis:  As the title implies, POV Cocksuckers 5 is a blow job-only release, and the giddy spirit of each girl is quite infectious, especially as they revel in their hand and mouth duties upon Tom.  The mood is always kept quite light, even as the most furious techniques are sometimes displayed (fast slurping, salad tossing here and there, and so on), which makes for a delightful feature, but one which may cause some to yearn for the full sexual monty.  As for the rest of us, here goes nothing....

Scene One:  Roxy Deville

Exchanging pleasantries about Tom's choice of scenery ("This used to be Gia's house!"), Roxy nibbles on Tom's cock through his underwear, shuffling his cock and balls with her hands before taking off her gold top.  Beginning with a two-handed technique, she spits on his pole, taking his knob into her mouth for polish, exclaiming "don't cum yet - I'm having too much fun!", moaning throughout.  They migrate to the floor, where Roxy teases him a bit before continuing her sword swallowing, and Tom grips his unit to spray her face with white drizzle.  "You slimed me!", she says right before the fade out, still grinning and plucky as ever.  Roxy turns in another pro-styled performance here, guiding and straining Tom in and out of her mouth with total enjoyment, groaning and seducing his snake until he just can't bear it anymore!  A great scene from a stellar performer!

Scene Two:  Marie Luv

Marie, fresh from signing her model release right then & there, begins by entertaining Tom's few questions, but quickly gets down to business following a bit of ass jiggling.  Like a vacuum, Marie slurps Tom down with a guided hand, sliding her mouth over his shaft and head, drenched in a fine gauze of spit.  After Tom repositions himself, Marie uses a two-handed tug while sucking on his mushroom cap, switching to a no-hands dart, briefly.  Dissolving to a nearby bed, the two continue, and Tom jerks a wad onto Marie's open mouth and face.  Marie seeks to waste no time here, keeping her methods fast and furious and without any dross (well, except the copious amounts of spit), noisy enough to wake the neighbors.  Good stuff!

Scene Three:  Emma Cummings

Ah, Emma!  A total cutie who begins her scene with a few awkward questions from Tom ("you play the violin?"), but thankfully she jumps up quickly enough to dispel the off-kilter mood with a display of her sensuous goods.  Stripping down to her bra and panties, Emma's soft brown shoulders and stacked ass are quite the doozy, especially as she begins her mouth meal with deep throating!  After maintaining a steady one-handed arrow toward her mouth, Emma grips Tom with both hands, licking his balls right before continuing a few more deep throat trips.  Shifting positions, she shows off her bare ass, leading to more rub and tugging, and Tom, understandably, expels his joint as she's pulsing her lips around his cock, causing him to try and maintain control over his aim, spurting the rest onto her gorgeous little moon face.  Beautiful, just beautiful!  Emma keeps chipper throughout, eager to show Tom her nearly effortless technique, turning in an utterly delightful scene.

(Emma:  The gift that keeps on giving.)

Scene Four:  Rosario Stone

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Applying some moisturizer to her skin, Rosario answers a few of Tom's queries before beginning a rapid, beat heavy blow job.  After doing a two-handed appeal on Tom's sausage, squealing in between breaths, Rosario tosses Tom's salad, slapping his ass as she comes up for air.  All manner of fury continues on a nearby bed, and the mouth-stuffing and ass licking continues.  Rosario's weaving and bobbing among Tom's crotch and backside soon earns her a healthy load aimed at her mouth and face, which she accepts hungrily, satisfied with her accomplishment.  Fearless in her attempts to get Tom off, Rosario displays the first bout of true nastiness in her scene, one which will surely be matched by other like-minded girls to follow.  Her poise is a little too intense for my tastes, but others will love her exhaustive willpower, I'm sure!

Scene Five:  Cassidy Essence

Kitten-titted ball of cute Cassidy begins with her best DeNiro impression, at Tom's behest, to which he paws suggestively at her snug, nearly painted on panties.  Lovely locks pushed to the wayside, Cassidy sucks on Tom's staff atop the bed, greasing up each taste deeper and deeper, until she deep throats the whole thing.  She sweats out her efforts, brow misted, and slips her underwear off, teasing Tom with her well-built ass and thighs.  She masturbates a little as she brings him to another boil, taking Tom's load on her chin and mouth as she kneels below him on the carpet.  While Cassidy certainly has the skills to smoke any dick out in no time, her mood seems a little off-putting at times, but she more than makes up for it with her formidable oral skills.  Tom seems to almost go crazy restraining himself from her body's wiles, as did I, but the final pop is all the more worth it - an incredible tease, and quite an enjoyable scene! 

(Cassidy:  All hands on the bad one...almost?)

Scene Six:  Shyla Haze

Shyla has no problem bouncing her taut ass and  floppy tits before Tom, who endures a mostly no-hands blow job as she bends down on the floor.  She slaloms over Tom's frank with her lips, bringing in a helping hand after a few minutes of tongue basting.  The love continues at a marathon pace, with Shyla teasing and buckling her mouth and fingers over Tom's magic wand, bringing him to pop on her cheek and chest.  The scene seems a bit brief, but Shyla's skill is no laughing matter as she makes quick work of Tom's stiffness and melts him like a pat of warmed butter.  More niceness, more glory!

Scene Seven:  Samantha Sin

Samantha, who briefly reminisces about her early days in the business, chats up Tom, fading quickly into a kneeling, naked blow job.  With a long and capable tongue, Samantha arches Tom's legs up for an extended amount of ass licking, stroking his dick as she mines for black gold below.  Maintaining a strong amount of eye contact, she continues with this pattern of pleasure, sucking Tom's wang with both hands in tow.  Soon enough, Tom climaxes onto Samantha's face and mouth, bringing the scene to a close.  Great work here, with salad tossing being brought to the forefront, and Samantha's steady handiwork pulsing Tom's joy stroke after stroke.  The lighting/exposure was a little blown out (more on that later), but didn't defer me from enjoying a truly worthwhile scene.  Thanks, Samantha!

Scene Eight:  Zoe Matthews

A very excited and chipper Zoe meets Tom at the top of a set of carpeted stairs for her scene, which begins no sooner than it started.  After a little knelt, clothed tease, the two travel to a nearby bed for some quality crotch action, Zoe warming up Tom's pole with her wide mouth and warmed spit.  After working up a sweat, Zoe goes in for a salad toss, inserting one finger into Tom's ass as she jerks his dick with her free hand.  Tom moans and groans (the good kind of moaning and groaning) as she works all manner of variations of this technique, filling her mouth with bits of cock and male ass as she sees fit, and as Tom nearly barrels over in enjoyment.  He maintains enough composure to point his trajectory of splooge toward Zoe's face and mouth, and she softly cackles in return.  A peak of nastiness, Zoe is, and thankfully, we were able to witness it all!

Scene Nine:  Melanie Scott

Reclining in a chair, Melanie, clad in satin pink underwear, talks dirty to Tom, slouching down to show off her bare crotch, which, unfortunately, we won't be partaking in today (sadly).  However, such a tease as fine as Melanie should only heighten her service unto Tom's member, beginning slow and working her way up to an even pace, groaning with her lips wrapped around his cock.  Bra pushed down to her mid-drift, Melanie softly slaps Tom's pole against her pursed lips, pulling her undies down soon after.  After a little more sustained oral action, Tom spurts a majority of his load onto her bare chest, with a little savor left for Melanie's lips, which she tastes for good measure.  Melanie is all sorts of wonder here, with her slow, whispered method of oral and tease almost mind-boggling in its subtleness, and her gentle strokes working her way into her mouth with a breezy ease.  A breath of fresh air, and so fantastic!

Scene Ten:  Sasha Grey

Beginning with a quiet, somewhat icy stare, Sasha keeps mum as she parlays her soon-to-be nakedness in front of Tom's camera, slipping out of her black lace lingerie before kneeling down to supply her mouth for Tom.  Whatever lipstick she had on quickly evaporates from her lips as Sasha deep throats Tom's saber, shifting her focus on his balls, furiously rubbing her palms against his dick.  After maintaining a brief run of hands-free mouth action, Sasha goes in for Tom's asshole, at first licking, and then sticking two fingers inside of him, opposite hand still stroking his wand.  A little more oral action continues as Sasha endures a few variations on her methods, and Tom shoots his glory onto her mouth and face.  While Sasha can seem a little cold to some, her deadlocked will to get Tom off was, as always, impressive, though I still missed the dirty talk she's proved able to dispense.  As far as extremes go, Sasha' scene took the cake, with her blow-and-finger-bang combination, and her always ample tasting techniques.  A great way to end the feature, and a welcome one: I'm exhausted!

(Sasha:  Ripping it up, starting again.)

Bonus Features
A Behind-The-Scenes feature interviews a handful of the girls minutes before they take to the camera, most filling out their model/performance release, somewhat irked by Tom's questions and his willingness to sometimes step on his interviewee's words.  No matter, though, as he brings the best out of them, and keeps the mood light and airy.  A Cum Shot recap is also included, as are many trailers for other Tom Byron Productions, a Photo Gallery, and a few internet ads.  Not the best set of extra features, but certainly for those hard-core Melanie Scott fans who'd like to know what's on her iPod (Hank Williams!), and for people who like trailers (me).

(My resume all of a sudden feels incomplete...)

Audio/Visual Quality
The feature is presented in 1.33.1 full frame, shot on video, and varies between two types of picture quality throughout (all shot indoors): blown out & slightly gray, and moderately yellow.  The bright white light is more apparent when outdoor light is used as a primary source indoors (Samantha's scene, for example), while the slightly amber-tinged is the result of a few studio lights set indoors (Sasha's scene).  In either extreme, there are losses of true whites and blacks, leading to gray-coloration and loss of detail.  As these are the extremes, a nice balance between the two can be seen (Cassidy, Roxy), bringing a more natural look to the forefront.  Add to all that the somewhat manic and frenzied camera work by Tom, the one-man-show, I can understand that these types of flaws are almost inherent in his goals.  And none of this may deter your enjoyment of the feature, but I felt a bit frustrated at times, especially during my favorite scenes (Emma, Melanie, etc.).  Audio-wise, the vocals can be a little quiet at first, but build up an even steam once the action gets going.

Overall Thoughts
As I am more of a fan of the whole meal rather than a snack, I was surprised that this blow job-only title truly delivered the goods.  In terms of heft, ten girls giving extended oral displays will be more than enough for most, especially with the quality of ladies offered here.  Tom's general good-nature with his talent is evident throughout, as is his preference for more ass-oriented shenanigans for the more adventurous viewers.  The girls vacillate from the harder-edged end (Rosario, Sasha) to the softer, more coo-worthy side (Melanie, Emma), with plenty of worthwhile variation in between (Samantha, Cassidy, etc.) for every preference.  And though the visual gamut feels a tad stymied, in my opinion, I still will recommend that you seek this one out for all the quality goodness therein.  How can you lose?

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