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Thugzilla's Bitch Hunt

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/5/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: June 2006

Directed By:  Jalin Fuentes

The Movie:

“Thugzilla wakes to fins his bitch is gone. He need to find a new bitch so he sets up some red-hot auditions for new “THUG” boys in the hopes of finding one who can fuck and has a JOB.”


Thugzilla, Chyna, Troy Penetrator, Kidd Kaj, Paceo Marks, Yello Boi, Colture, Xclusive.

Run Time: 150 Minutes

Safe Sex/Condoms: Yes!

The Dudes:

“Thugzilla’s Bitch Hunt” offers up eight appealing Black dudes with short hair, muscular and toned bodies, lightly hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and cut ‘n uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Chyna (good-looking with cornrows, toned/smooth body, tattoos) is the first to audition for Thugzilla (nice-looking with short hair, facial hair, muscular/smooth body, tattoos) to see if he can cut the muster. Overconfident during his interview, Chyna boasts that, “I got my PhD in being a freak!” He strips down showing off his hot bubble butt, dark pubes, and large uncut cock. Chyna bends over spreading his bum exposing his tight shaved asshole and hangy nuts. Hot! There are some excellent close-ups here of Chyna’s tight pulsing pucker. He sinks to his knees and yanks Thug’s pants and white briefs down revealing dark pubes and a big fat clipped dong. He crams that fucker down his gullet sliding his talented mouth up ‘n down and receives a hot face fucking with nice close-ups.

Chyna bends over allowing Thug to cram his chubby boner in doggy-style sliding quickly in ‘n out as Chyna moans, sighs, and breathes heavily. Thug plows that hole fast ‘n hard without mercy with some nice penetration shot from behind as his plump balls slap back ‘n forth and Chyna’s hangy hairy nuts swingin’ to and fro. Chyna lies back on the sofa frantically pulling his big uncut tool busting a large very thick nut on his stomach. Thug beats the meat at the same time shooting thick jizz all over Chyna’s face. Hot!

Scene Two:

Troy Penetrator (good-looking with short hair, tall/slender/toned/smooth body) and Kidd Kaj (nice-looking with short hair, toned/tight/smooth body) are over at Thug’s place looking for a place to get down. Thug demands to watch and videotape their lovin’ and the dudes are so horny that they finally agree. Removing their clothing, Troy shows off his short dark pubes, plump nuts, and large uncut cock with ample foreskin while Kidd reveals his shaved pubes and plump cut tool. Kidd strokes Troy’s tool and takes it into his mouth sliding his gob up ‘n down making the organ grow to full magnificent hardness with some hot close-ups. There is some tasty face fucking here while Kidd strokes his rigid pole and licks/sucks Troy’s hangy/hairy nuts.

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Troy fucks Kidd doggy-style cramming that big unclipped dick all the way in that tight manhole using fast, smooth, ‘n hard strokes with nice penetration shots making Kidd loudly moan and fill the apartment with heavy breathing. The dudes climb all over Thug’s sofa with Troy continuing to drill that hole like there’s no tomorrow leading to some hot missionary style as Kidd makes all sorts of lusty noises. The dudes finish up by pulling puds side-by side as Troy shoots a small thick load of jizz on his stomach and Kidd cutting loose with thick love juice on his stomach.

Scene Three:

Thugzilla has another audition lined up this time with Paceo Marks (good-looking with short curly hair, tall/lightly hairy body) that he’s met at the “check-cashing store”. Thug invites Paceo to come over and work out so when he’s bench-pressing, Thug hauls out his big clipped cock leading his potential “bitch” to cram it down his throat working his hungry mouth up ‘n down giving excellent head and receiving a spirited face fucking with hot close-ups. Paceo sucks the heck outta Thug’s dong while stroking his own hard clipped cock.

Thug fucks his new buddy doggy-style using long full strokes on the bench press working that fat thang in ‘n out of that tight hairy touchhole. Thug picks up speed and pounds that hole fast, smooth, ‘n hard with hot penetration shots from below while lube flies everywhere. Switching to the traditional missionary position, Thug continues with his no holds barred fuck session leading Paceo to play a little of the ol’ sink bounce riding up ‘n down while his hard cock flops around. Paceo pulls pork while humping ‘n filling his chute with meat shooting a large wet load that flies everywhere. Thug jacks off working his knob while pinching Paceo’s hard nipple. He shoots a hot load on Paceo’s lightly hairy chest. Hot!

Scene Four:

Yello Boi (good-looking with short hair, goatee, gold teeth, and tall/smooth body) and his pal Colture (good-looking with short hair, toned/tight/smooth body) are hanging out with sexin’ on their horny minds. Colture is already completely naked showing off his dark pubes and cut cock. He gladly pulls his butt cheeks apart exposing his tight shaved bunghole in hot close-up. Yello soon strips down revealing full dark pubes and large clipped pole. Colture chows down on his pal’s wang giving an excellent blowjob as he slides his hungry mouth up ‘n down and cramming his gullet full in hot close-ups. Yello fucks his buddy’s mouth while holding his head and sliding his big dick in ‘n out of that willing mouth. Hot!

Yello crams his big tube steak up Colture’s tight bum from behind with hot penetration shots from below. There’s a nice camera shot of Colture’s plump balls and Yello’s hairy gooch. He fucks fast ‘n hard making his friend gasp, sigh, and moan with complete pleasure. Colture switches to bouncing up ‘n down on Yello’s dong filling his tight man-tunnel completely full as Yello wildly humps upward to pound that man-pussy. Switching to the missionary position, Yello goes to town on that asshole with tasty penetration shots from behind. To finish up, the dudes jack off with Colture squirting a large thick load on his toned stomach and short pubes. Yello busts a thick nut on his fist, stomach, and trimmed bush.

Scene Five:

So far, none of the “bitches” Thugzilla has “auditioned” have worked out. Hopefully, Xclusive (good-looking with short hair, goatee, tall/toned/smooth body) will be the “one”. Thug orders Xclusive to strip showing his hot bubble butt, full dark pubes, and clipped dick. Xclusive sucks his own fingers and pinches his hard nipples leading him to spread those butt cheeks and expose his tight shaved starfish with hot close-ups of that tasty bung. Being his usual bossy self, Thug barks, “You play Playstation? You know what you gonna play now? You gonna play suck my dick! Get your ass over here!”

Xclusive sucks Thug’s fat cock grabbing the shaft, nursing the large knob, and giving some very good head. Dude digs that big dong! Thug crams his hog up that tight hole from behind making Xclusive gasp ‘n moan as Thug slaps that bum and fucks fast ‘n hard really pounding. There are some very hot penetration shots here from behind of Thug’s fat meat stretching that bunghole. Xclusive switches to a game of the ol’ sink/bounce wildly riding up ‘n down leading Thug to regain control with some fast ‘n hard missionary style fucking. Thug pulls his pork shooting a large thick load of jizz all over Xclusive’s face. Hot! Xclusive yanks his meat shooting a thick load on his stomach and pubes. Hot!



“Thugzilla’s Bitch Hunt” is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is excellent providing plenty of close-ups of the tight pulsing bungholes, cock sucking, butt sex penetration, and full coverage of all the action. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear as Thugzilla continuously runs his mouth. There are also plenty of the usual man-man sex noises as the dudes get down.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and trailers for: “Packin’ Papi”, “Love of the Dick 5: Pole Ya Azz Up!”, “Papi Got Flava”, and “Love of the Dick 6: Makin’ It Last”.

Poindexter’s Roundup:

Pitbull Productions and Director Jalin Fuentes have created a no-frills fuck ‘n suck fest that’s a huge turn-on. Strong direction, excellent videography and editing create five scenes that move along at a steady pace never becoming dull. The dudes all give energetic performances and look to be enjoying each other’s company and the sex action. My favorites here are: Xclusive, Yello Boi, and Troy Penetrator. My only complaint is that Thugzilla uses the word “nigga” so many times I lost count. Frankly, I wanted him to shut the fuck up. I Highly Recommend for fans of tough streetwise Black dudes, big dongs, and fast ‘n furious butt pounding.

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