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All Teens 3

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 2/23/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

All Teens #3
Directed by Mark Ashley
Starring:  Courtney James, Chloe Chanel, Tori Black, Isabella Amour & Kacey Jordan
With:  Mark Ashley, Mr. Pete & Marco Banderas
Runtime:  2hrs 24min
Condoms?:  None!

Brief Synopsis:  Number three in an already classic series, All Teens #3, like its predecessor, funnels five youthful girls through the pipes of Mr. Ashley and his cadre of sex fiends.  I'm happy to report that the girls radiate a luminosity by just looking at them, so let's go one further and see if they can cut the mustard on these weiners....

Scene One:  Courtney James (with Mark Ashley)

In white heels and khaki shorts, Courtney loosens herself free, revealing a plum of an ass, which she bumps down into the carpet for some self-flagellation.  Mark arrives and stands before her, propping her mouth wide, and she focuses on his mushroom head.  Likewise, he does the same to her clit, and a light and breezy session of missionary works itself into a pile driving beat, Courtney's back slid upward for maximum penetration.  The steady work continues via doggy and onto standard cowgirl, which allows Mark the chance to throttle Courtney from below as she hovers above him.  Plenty of mid-stroke tasting marks the transitions from spoon to reverse cowgirl (back on the floor), and Courtney accepts Mark's soft bullets, dappling her face and mouth.  While she is in possession of a killer set of curves, Courtney's performance feels somewhat shaky, and her coos and calls out are all delivered directly into the camera, huffs and puffs that certainly could use a bit of ironing out.  Still, she's a beauty, and I can't fault that for a second, now, can I?

(Courtney:  taking you over;  an eclipse in the jungle)

Scene Two:  Chloe Chanel (with Mr. Pete)

A friend to boob-squishers and a danger for pre-diabetics, Chloe takes her sweet time teasing the camera, falling out of her two-piece to reveal a sturdy set of tits and a matching mound of ass.  Her royal blue panties and bra disappear, leading to a self-survey among her lightly tan fields.  Pete arrives bearing a green popsicle, and Chloe slides it in and out of her mouth, dripping a rich, sugary juice down her chest, and into her pussy.  She attempts to cram Pete's erect rod and the icicle into her mouth at once, only to break the neon-hued stick, left with only his penis to suck on.  They meet lips, and Pete cranks his hand over and inside Chloe's slit, causing a squealing ruckus.  She backs down to swallow almost every inch of his cock, sitting atop it to break into cowgirl.  A short tease and stump-tasting prepare for an onslaught of doggy, Chloe draped over the edge of a nearby couch.  Reverse cowgirl and spoon edge the two to a brink, and Pete pops a creamy dollop onto her mouth and face.  Chloe is superfine enough to give you the shakes, and her efforts here are no less equal.  You may need several glasses of water after watching this.  I certainly did!

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(Chloe:  like a swan-shaped paddle boat, without the paddles)

Scene Three:  Tori Black (with Mark Ashley)

We find Tori lying in bed, restlessly waiting for Mark, who's busy in a nearby room, to join her.  Her distractions begin by stripping off her handful of clothes for the camera, straddling and tossing herself atop the bed, caught up in rapture with herself.  Still, she needs the assistance of another, and Mark supplies a welcome remedy with his tongue pressed against her pink, twinkling crotch candy.   Tori's subsequent blow job that follows soon turns to face fucking, and she comes up for air to run her studded tongue along Mark's quivering shaft, jerking his cane, staring into his eyes.  He flips her over, tickling her ass orally, toying with her bottom before slaying her in doggy.  A mixture of grunts, whispers and dirty talk flow from Tori as she receives, and the two carry their pulsing rate off the bed and onto a matching couch.  A missionary trek soon turns into spooning, and afterward a booming missionary pile drive venture leads back into doggy, Tori taste-testing Mark's dick all along the way.  She slathers his rod in spit and pussy juice, and they finally end in reverse cowgirl, where Mark hammers from below.  Her orgasms now puffing into a final cool down, Tori opens up and swallows her partner's every last bit of joint juice.  Tori's energy and vigor is electric in this scene, and dialing into Mark's frequencies, as well as her own, they become attuned with each other, battling onward from orgasm to orgasm.  Wonderful, wonderful times!

(Tori:  BOOM!)

Scene Four:  Isabella Amour (with Marco Banderas)

Isabella, who's name and overall appearance reminds me of fellow teen-themer Micah Moore, bundles up her green outfit and underwear before masturbating on a leather couch.  Her leggy, almost frightening skinny looks make me think "sandwich" instead of "let's get fucking", but she turns my mind around as her dirty soles flutter above her tiny ass.  Which, coincidentally, is when Marco shows up to assist Isabella with her solo journey.  She fiddles and slurps up his pole nicely, leading into an ass-rubbing cowgirl session, onto a reverse of the same.  Her long fingers are adept at burnishing erect cocks, it seems, and Marco aims and continues their thumping in missionary and spoon positions.  He carries her into the air for a flight of face-to-face, and lands back on the couch for doggy and more standard missionary.  Spooning, in turn, breaks off a throttle of jizz, splattered over Isabella's cheek and chin.  Despite the fierce look in her eyes, Isabella turns in a moderately heated scene, one which builds up flame, but never quite burned the party down.  Still, I found myself lost in her darker places, ones which were served up with an affable amount of aplomb.

(Isabella:  Dinner is served;  please leave room for dessert!)

Scene Five:  Kacey Jordan (with Mark Ashley)

The camera attends to Kacey's bundle of twig-like features, as she descends a set of stairs, and her heeled feet slip out for a flat-pace onto a nearby couch.  Her fingers, salivated on after lifting up her two scoops of ass for the camera, twist and turn and pull on the folds of her crotch, and Mark is quick to recover her hand.   His mitts fill her void as she snuggles his wang into her mouth, and missionary, spooning, and doggy positions ensue.  Kacey is all smiles as Mark guides her atop him, closing her legs tighter to his, and her, delight.  Her affectations form and exist in miniature, barely audible whispers eking out as Mark's quiet panting manages to drown them, a quiet contest that he seems to enjoy, bursting a series of bubbles atop her stomach while spooning.   He keeps going, finally dismounting for Kacey to taste his post, post-ejaculate.  Like Isabella before her, Kacey's feather-thin frame threatens to blow away in the wind at any moment, lest Mark lets go while she rides and slides along his erect stiffie.  Despite the lack of vocals, Kacey's workout with Mark was quite hot to witness, and I look forward to seeing her again!

(Kacey:  2 cups of cane sugar;  co-signing)

Bonus Features

(Chloe gets the giggly giggles; Kacey relaxes, leg up)

A stint of interviews serve as the Behind the Scenes material, where the stark naked girls chirp along with a genuinely relaxed question and answer session.  Best viewed, in my opinion, before watching the feature, for maximum hard-on potential.  A full-length Bonus Scene from Fresh Outta High School 7 , starring Carmella Diamond is also included, in which she plays a young schoolgirl being ogled, kissed and poked by secret service and swordsman Ian Scott.  A touch of goofiness leads to some serious fucking, and Carmella is quite cute and cheeky.  Nice one!  In addition, a Pick Your Pleasure menu, a Photo Gallery, a few Trailers, and company info cap the section off into the horizon.  Steady on!

(Carmella worries, Ian contacts his field operative)

Audio/Visual Quality
Presented in approximately 1.77:1, the feature's primary lighting is a mixture of outdoor and interior white, with skin tones bordering on a warmer spectrum, still clear throughout.  Backgrounds, especially during the introductions/teases, can be blown out, but this is remedied by the time the sex heats up.  The audio track is relative to the camera's placement, and clean, clear and without flaws.  This is most evident in Kacey's scene, where the individual breaths of each performer is clearly audible.  And while I'm not a fan of music blaring, the introductory footage for each girl taps out slightly louder than the native audio, but shouldn't dispel any potential viewers.  After all, we're here to see the girls!

Final Thoughts
As a fan of the eternal youth that porn provides, I can say, without a doubt, that the still-going trend of gaunt and beyond reasonable thinness among newer performers will always conflict any excitement I could have, and will have, for them, but perhaps I am in the minority.  Still, the appearance of the can't-miss and slam-dunking Tori, along with the ice-popped prattle of Chloe, and even Kacey's minor triumphs are enough to suggest you seek this one out on a teen-themed trip to Bonertown (population: you), as some may find the thick-lipped Isabella and the juicy-but-underwhelming Courtney more their flavor.  Until then, soups and sandwiches are in order - after a long night of viewing All Teens #3, of course.

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