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Moose Knuckle

Studio: Damaged Productions » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 3/8/08

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Gay Adult Movie
Not Credited
1 Hour 36 Minutes
CAST: Hank Henderson, Jacob Martin, Billy Bollins, Daniel Dorn, Ethan Sterns

The Good Stuff

When a womans jeans are too tight revealing her mound of womanliness it is called camel toe, when a guys jeans are too tight and his tool is clearly visible trying to break free you have a Moose Knuckle.


Scene 1
Two twinky young guys are faux making out on a chair. They are both pale and lean with bull brown hair one with a buzz cut and the other with messy curls. They rub each others crotches through their jeans before stripping out of their clothes in one fell swoop, like lets get this over with. Curly takes Buzz's admittedly impressively large uncut cock for a journey down his throat....errr mouth. He can't get more than two inches in before gagging. When Buzz does force his cock in further Curly gives him a look like WTF are you doing? Buzz is a good top as he fucks the hell out of Curly in various positions. Maybe if he was paired with a better bottom the scene would have been hotter. Curly just looks like he is in pain and wondering what the hell is doing with a big dick in his ass. Mr. Big Cock Buzz jacks a load into Curlys mouth, Curly doesn't get to shoot a wad.

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Scene 2
Two more twinky guys and more faux making out start off this scene too...but to change things up it takes place on a couch! The younger of the two has a faux hawk, eyebrow ring and labret piercing and the older straight shaggy hair. Again the guys just take off all their clothes and Shaggy starts slobbering all over Faux Hawks uncut purple knob. Faux Hawk screws Shaggy in missionary with his legs over his shoulders then spoon and doggie. These two are totally unenthusiastic, obviously watching porn on tv and they keep looking at the director seeing what they should do next. Shaggy ends the scene with a mouth full of Faux Hawks dick goo..

Scene 3
Shaggy from the last scene is paired up in this one with a bleach blonde chub wearing a head band, and a big and tall I can only describe as Russian guy. The blonde guy has a fat uncut hose and the Russian looking guys has what appears to be a long uncut rod but he never totally gets hard. These guys engage in a little train suck action, with Shaggy sucking off Blondie and Blondie sucking off the Russian. After some totally unenthusiastic suck action we move on to some unenthusiastic fuck action. Shaggy of course being the bottom offering his hole up to the Russian and his semi stiff one then to Blondie and his fat hose. Blondie fucks him in a couple different positions all the while The Russian is just kind of in the scene touching his own limp noodle. Blondie nuts in Shaggys mouth and thats it for this scene.

Scene 4
This scene was probably the worst of the film. Buzz from scene 1 is in this one with what must have been a homeless guy they found on the corner. The guy has greasy curly hair and has a three day old scruff on his face and for some reason just looks dirty. He doesn't look at all thrilled to be there. Scruffy sucks off Buzz's big tool before getting fucked in Spoon and then missionary and ending with a mouth full of spooge. Another odd thing for this scene is that they never really showed the guys faces...it was all just close ups of dick in ass. Buzz did give his hole a rough work out really slamming it home and showing him who is the boss.

Scene 5
Blondie from scene 3 gets his second time on film in this scene and is paired up with an older looking guy (older being late 20's early 30's)with a shaved head. Shaved actually looks like he goes out doors and sees the sunlight as he has a tan, unfortunately it looks like he spent too much time in the sun as his back is all patchily tanned and looks like he peeled from sunburn. He is probably the best looking guy of the film (peely back aside) besides the Russian who I thought was sexy because I like big men. They go through the motions as in every other scene. From some half hearted groping, to half assed fucking. Blondie gets his cock rode and fucks him in doggie rough and hard before shooting his wad in Shaved's mouth.




The film is shot in high definition anamorphic wide screen which was a total pleasure to watch. Everything was crystal clear and the colors were super bright, you could practically see every hair and ass pimple. The dolby 2.0 sound was adequate, there was no background music and minimal moaning and groaning. In scene 1 the moaning might also be dubbed in because it didn't seem to match up with the guys going at it.


Nothing worth your time here.

Gallery: The gallery is broken down by scene, each scene has over 30 stills for you to take a look at.

Trailers: Previews for : He-way-Three way, Sloppy Endings 3, Twinky and the Brain.

Cum Shots: A little over three minutes of money shots.


At the End of the Night

With a title like Moose Knuckle I was expecting a somewhat fetishy film of guys in tight jeans showing off their bulges to the camera. Maybe even some bulge licking while the guys were still in their jeans..something, anything to do with the title. The only scene with any moose knuckle sighting was the first one but these European guys are just there to get it on and get it over with. Once you finish the first scene you pretty much know whats going to happen in the rest of this bareback romp. Sucking, to fucking to an oral cumshot, the bottoms don't even get a chance to nut. Hell the guys taking it in the ass might as well be eunuchs for all the attention their equipment gets. These guys were strictly there to get a paycheck and go home and I hope it was worth it for them because the film is a total snore. The guys in the film nor the director are even credited so maybe that should tell you something. The film being shot in High Def is the only real positive thing about it. My recommendation for this one is "Rent It".

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