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Stripped: Ava Rose

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by JJ Stalker » Review Date: 3/26/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Intro: "Stripped: Ava Rose" is an Adam & Eve feature starring their contract cooze Ava Rose, and written and directed by Andre Madness.

Ava Rose is a hot fucking girl! So the first question I had to ask myself about this pic was, "Why is the photo on the box so shitty?" Hair, makeup, expression: all terrible.

Naturally, I popped it in anyway, but I have to question the competence of the photographer who could make Ava Rose look merely average and the sanity of whoever made the decision to put this shot on the box cover.

For the opening credits, we are greeted with snippets of coming action mixed with shots of Ava stripping and writhing on a white seamless. Well done.

Ava Rose plays a struggling young actress named Ava Rose who hasn't had a paid acting job in two years. Her agent gets her five auditions in ten days and gives her a pep talk before sending her out to try to get some work.

She comes home to her crummy apartment to find her roommate (Kelly Kline) and some dude (Seth Dickens) fooling around in the kitchen.

The set used for the kitchen is kinda lame. But it really doesn't matter because shortly thereafter, the amorous couple retires to Kelly's bedroom to get it on.

Scene 1: Kelly Kline and Seth Dickens, boy/girl.

Only the set used in this scene is even more laughable than the kitchen! This is a "bedroom" that could only possibly exist in a porn studio.

The sex in this scene is well shot, but the lighting is a bit of a problem with lots of shadows.

The sex is decent and includes a bit of footwork as a nice touch. Both performers seem pretty into the action. We get oral, a standard set of positions, and a pop onto Kelly feet to finish.

The footiness of this scene is enough for me to rate it good over merely average. But your results may vary.

There's some more plot stuff next that's really only made bearable by Ava's legs and hard nipples.

Next, we are treated to a long slow pan up Ava's body as her alarm clock goes off. Apparently, Ava sleeps on top of her covers, on her back like a corpse, and with her eyes open.

I like this girl better all the time: so hot and so ... creepy!

And then we get a long sequence of shots of Ava doing various things and looking sexy doing them, including getting rejected for part after part until some sleazy producer mentions he knows the owner of a strip club.

Guess what ends up happening? Yep, she ends up at the club.

So let me get this straight: a stripper turned porn girl acting timid about being a stripper in a porn flick where she's supposed to be playing ... herself? Thank God I'm not actually trying to make any sense out of this.

Well, no matter, because once she gets to the club we are quickly distracted by working girl Kelli Tyler and customer Brad Hardy doing the dirty in the club and evidently in plain view as well.

Scene 2: Kelli Tyler and Brad Hardy, boy/girl.

This scene is well shot and I liked the set and the lighting. Also, Kelli Tyler's body grew on me.

The sex is not remarkable, but it looks pretty good and the performers seem into it.

We get a bj, several positions of fuck, and a messy creampie for the finish!

This scene is better than average.

-- sponsored by --

Some more stuff happens, and we get to see Ava strip ... except not really. They don't actually shoot the strip on the stage of the club, but on a white seamless.

It looks great. Actually, she looks great, and moves her body prettywell although you do get the sense that she's not the world's most graceful girl. It's also well shot, but there's an applause track like she's in front of the crowd.

Unfortunately, I wasn't high enough to really get this. But Ava's so hot, I didn't really give a shit.

What I did give a shit about was that this wasn't dirty enough. And by dirty, I mean pink. And by pink, I mean pussy. Seriously, we are an hour into this flick with only the barest glimmer of Ava's pink parts. This is Ava Rose, porn whore. Not some blushing violet like the character she's playing who seems to only coincidentally have the same name.

Honestly, I expected to see her getting turned inside out in the first scene.

At this point we are at least entitled to one good shot of her business end in all of its considerable glory, but this sequence denies us even that small satisfaction.

Well Ava decides she loves dancing for dollars. And then we're back in the club watching Brooke Banner and Kevin Kline gettin' busy. I'm not really sure how this happened, but trust me, you won't care either.

Scene 3: Brooke Banner and Kevin Kline, boy/girl.

I should probably just confess that Brooke Banner is my deity. I have a small shrine to her that I keep under my bed. The centerpiece is a baby wipe that she used to mop her snatch when I was on set with her one day. I fished it out of the trash at the end of her scene.

With that said, you can probably understand that I was really looking forward to this scene.

So now let me add: if the day ever comes where I can't get my dick hard in Brooke Banner's mouth, just kill me.

The reason I bring that up is because that's exactly what kicks this scene off: Brooke nursin' on a noodle.

Fortunately, Kevin still pops a bone for her pussy, and we're off to the races!

Brooke looks great and loses her shoes early in the scene. Mr. Madness is clearly a foot man, and God bless him for it. Brooke is lovely from head to toe.

Brooke enjoys the dick and looks great taking it in a variety of positions. The lighting is good, and the music isn't horrible.

I do have to criticize the wardrobe though: I like Brooke completely naked.

The scene ends with a creampie for Brooke too!

A good scene.

There's a quick bit of dialog between Ava and the club manager/owner, and then in flash, Ava is in a back room with one of the customers.

You'll never guess what happens next!

Scene 4: Ava Rose and Myles, boy/girl.

Well, we've been waitin' an hour and fifteen minutes for it, and it's finally here.

Ava wastes little time getting Myles' penis in her pie hole. Ava gives Myles a very nice blowjob and even lets him sample the back of her throat. What a doll!

Then at long last, Ava breaks out the pussy. We get to see Ava worked in doggy, missionary, reverse cowgirl, and spoon.

Ava looks good and enjoys the dick like it's a perk of the job, which is the way all porn girls should be. Honestly though, the sex is pretty anticlimactic after such a long wait. It could have been much improved with just a little bit of dirty talk, especially from Ava, and maybe a slap or two on her ass. It's not like I'm asking for a gonzo freak show -- although that would have been nice -- but I felt more like I was watching a married couple trying to recapture the passion in their marriage than a contract porn girl getting her guts busted.

A nice surprise in this scene is Ava squirting for us in reverse, and the scene ends with a pop on her tits. I would have liked to have seen it across the bridge of her nose though.

The scene is well shot, and once again they manage to do a nice job lighting a space that could have been a problem.

This is really a pretty average scene though.

We get a couple of shots of some stuff and then...

Scene 6: Ava Rose and Steven St. Croix, boy/girl.

So it seems Ava has very quickly made the transition from stripper to whore. Oh my God, the next thing you know, she'll be doing porn! Oh, wait a minute...

In this scene we get to see Ava turning a trick for lucky john Steven. I think there was something else I was supposed to get in the setup here, but I missed it.

First off, I have to admit I was disappointed that foot man Mr. Madness elected to keep Ava's shoes on in both of her scenes.

Ava delivers a photogenic blowjob complete with some subtle throat work, and then the two get it on.

Ava looks even better in this scene than in the first, wearing nothing but a pair of black pumps.

Steven gives her a good fucking and even gets a finger up that surprisingly ample ass of hers. She gets it cowgirl, doggy, reverse, and missionary. All pretty hot, and all nicely shot.

There is an issue with the audio here. The two performers mutter unintelligible nothings to one another during the scene. Maybe it's hot. Maybe it's not. But one things for sure: we'll never know!

There are also some occasional lighting issues in this scene especially with some darkness in missionary.

The scene ends with Steven popping all over Ava's pretty pink pussy which she obligingly holds open for him.

Despite it's problems, this is the hottest scene in the film. Both of the performers throw down a good fuck, it's shot well, and oh yeah, Ava Rose is really hot.

The movie then concludes quickly and confusingly. But that's ok, you won't really be paying attention anyway.

Audio/Video: The aspect ratio is 16:9.

The audio is stereo and sounds pretty good, but has some problems with understandability during both dialog and the sex, but nothing too major. The soundtrack managed to not completely annoy me.

DVD Extras: The extras we get include a photo gallery, a bonus scene of James Deen fucking a seasoned but sexy milf, an interview with Ava, an interview with Kelly Kline, some mildly entertaining BTS, a bunch of previews, and even some phone sex numbers!

Not bad, but not really that great either.

Final Thoughts: This movie has two primary things to recommend it: Ava Rose and Brooke Banner. And if you're a fan of either one of them, I'd recommend this video. Otherwise, just rent it.

It is well shot and generally well done, but the sex is mostly mediocre. There is no anal on the video, but on the plus side, no condoms were used either.

The DVD treatment is good, with decent menus, good chaptering, and some ok extras.

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