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Sunny Loves Matt (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/20/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Sunny Loves Matt (Blu-Ray)

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo

Director: B. Skow

Cast: Sunny Leone, Matt Erickson, Rebeca Linares, Nick Manning, Ann Marie, Megan Monroe, Charles Dera, Monique Alexander

Length: 175:17 minutes

Date of Production: 8/14/2007

Extras: Most blue ray releases to date have offered truncated or no extras so I did not get my hopes up here but I am happy to report that there were many to speak of. The first set of extras was five bonus scenes from other releases, lasting 135:50 minutes. Their bitrates varied substantially but double digit presentations were not uncommon, tending to the upper 9 Mbps but hitting the pre-teen area a lot. A direct comparison of these scenes to titles I had already reviewed gave me a lot of hope for scenes that I had previously chalked up as decent but unexceptional, now looking much better as a result. The 2.0 stereo at 48 kHz using 224 Kbps was a marked change in audio as well, though not as marked an improvement as the visual components of the scenes. I listed them below for those who care and a few of them seemed longer than their original release. There were 6 photogalleries (one for each scene and a BTS), four trailers, and a fun 19:40 minute long Behind the Scenes feature for the movie itself. If you like nudity, clips from the scenes, and short interviews, you will like this short helmed by Graham Crack Herr as he got the scoop from the cast. It wasn't the best work by the guy to date and I would have liked more original sex footage but Shylar's weird sense of humor was amusing and Sunny was given a lot of attention; combining to make it well worth checking out.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Sunny Loves Matt (Blu-Ray) was presented in the widescreen color presentation as shot by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment using the AVC Codec with the 1080 picture looking exceptionally fine as a result. From the glimpse of the BTS feature that caught the screen of the camera used to shoot the movie, it looked like it was a 1080i camera, the interlaced images converted successfully to a progressive image with ease, surpassing the more common 720p titles up converted to the format. The attention to detail was clear from the very start too, the initial scene's bitrate hovering in the low teens to the upper 10 Mbps range (not bad considering how much material was placed on the disc; including 2+ hours of bonus scenes), some of the other scenes dropping down to the ~8 Mbps area and Sunny's other scenes cranked up to the higher levels. The detail was very nice, thanks to the lighting, the composition of the angles, and the minimal editing; all taking advantage of how much the camera loves Sunny. The flesh tones were accurate and the better your home theatre is, the better this one will look. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 224 Kbps bitrate under a 48 kHz model. There appeared to be some separation on the musical track in the background but it really wasn't the best kind of music in each scene (serviceable but not outstanding) with the exception of the uncredited female vocalist's songs that I found very nice indeed; the vocals equally balanced between both channels. The dynamic range was better than any of the company's SD releases of late but that's a low standard so many of their peers have clung to as well and doesn't say a whole lot.

Body of Review: Sunny Leone is certainly one of the most beautiful women in entertainment today, not just porn. The only thing holding her back according to many fans has been her unwillingness to perform with men on camera. Whatever her reasons for this limitation, her work with women has been applauded by many so it is with great pleasure that I waited to check out Sunny Loves Matt (Blu-Ray), holding off on the standard definition version to get the full impact of the visuals. To me, this was worth it and my appreciation for director B. Skow as the only one who could reasonably capture Sunny at her best paid off. I especially liked that this was not some throw down showcase effort lasting 80 minutes too; a trend for several companies these days that decide the quality of a few scenes made up for the lack of quantity, typically weak on the tease so many of us appreciate. Skow's devotion to Sunny in making this a very special outing shined and while Sunny gets the accolades for what she brought to the mix, this was one of those times when the choice of director could have really fucked things up; my sign of relief loud enough to merit attention when discussing the movie with the company reps earlier this year. The back cover said it like this: "And now the moment you've all been waiting for: Sunny does a man. It's true. It's her first boy/girl scene ever, and it's a stunner. Presenting Sunny Loves Matt, an all-sex feature in the critically acclaimed B. Skow style. The theme is how women take care of their men...in every way...with the kind of tease and lingerie footage only B. Skow can deliver. America loves Sunny. AVN loves B. Skow. You'll love Sunny loves Matt...with the boy/girl of the century!" That Sunny did not wait many years into her career to start with men, one she really cared about to make it a special first time too, is further evidence that the tides of change are favoring Vivid these days, major strides made in their consumer friendly products by the director of late. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

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Scene One: Sunny Leone, the exotic and beautiful brunette gracing the front cover, was up first as one would expect. The initial footage was an extended tease session where she would press against glass, prance around, and otherwise look incredibly desirable in front of the camera. This footage was shot or made to look almost like a home movie from years gone by, expanding into the far richer tapestry when she was joined by former fiancé Matt Erickson; the guy seen on the upper left hand corner of the cover. Whatever you've heard about their relationship or relatively recent breakup, there was a lot more chemistry between the couple than you will normally find in a performance (it wasn't the acted out kind from what I could tell). To me, the title proved accurate, far more so than similar efforts over the years where the term "lust" would have been more appropriate or "acts like" could have been a better descriptor. When she was giving him a blowjob, she was really seeking to please him but putting on a show too, providing far more effort than I can recall any gal in the past who crossed over from lesbian to straight genres. There was a similar dynamic going on during the vaginal penetration too, the multitude of positions providing variety but Sunny's active riding skills delightful to behold. Her need for seed was even evident when she did some PTM, showing she wanted to suck her own juices off of his cock. There were some rough edges and the white background was a bit off putting yet it was a first rate, world class performance from the hotty combining energy, enthusiasm, and chemistry with the wealth of tease many fans adore. The ending was heated too with Sunny demanding he jerk off all over her pussy after a mouth pop drained him substantially, his compliance a given as his seed went all over the place. Of interest would be that the scene was about 40 minutes long including the tease, far greater than I expected and a far cry from the not too distant Vivid that used to rely on scenes well under 12 minutes as a regular occurrence. Whew!

Scene Two: Rebeca Linares, a hot brunette Spaniard, was up next as she teased Nick Manning to get him interested in her unique brand of physical assets over the porn he was watching (I'll give bonus points for the first five people that correctly tell me what the scene was playing in the background; movie title, performers, and director...it's an easy one). The scene started out looking a bit washed out but as she stripped, the clarity exploded, my only concern being the way her head was cut off to show her neck to cookie area better (pull back the camera!). Rebeca is one of the anal princesses populating porn, showing a willingness to get really nasty and her fiery emotional state fueling her better performances. The sultry tease in POV fashion led to her masturbating, rubbing her foot on Nick's lucky crotch. He jumped in to assist her with his hands and mouth, Rebeca reciprocating with a powerful hummer showing her abilities to their POV fullest. Rubbing her titties on his cock led to her mounting it, aggressively riding it as though she were the one doing the fucking. It was vaginal only but a crotch stirring performance to say the least, the loud screaming by Rebeca preferred over the (thankfully minimal) verbal banter by Nick at the end when he plastered her face with a large load of population pudding. Yum!

Scene Three: Sunny Leone, wearing orange underwear, was next up as she read her magazines with Matt starring at her ass. He got to cop a feel but she had a surprise for him in the form of cute Ann Marie; the gal dressed in a light blue outfit as the two ladies played in Sunny's more traditional form of on camera sexual expression, lesbian. I really liked the music this time, the vocals sticking with me far longer than usual as the two ladies played initially. They felt each other up with a prolonged tease sequence in front of the fireplace, the massaging leading to a lot of oral play and fingering. Ann stuck four fingers inside Sunny during her bout of face sitting and the 69 position proved to offer a wealth of possibilities; many of them realized in heated fashion too. The levels of chemistry and energy might not have been as solid as Sunny's previous scene in the movie (or the last one for that matter) but it was a fine performance all told. Sunny even choked Ann a little bit before pulling out the toys; the thankfully intrusive camera getting some great footage of both gals doing each other. Nice!

Scene Four: Megan Monroe, a light haired hotty with a huge tramp stamp on her lower back, was up next with Charles Dera. I've only seen her once before if I remember correctly, in Busty Loads where she went streaking and had a great time so I was ready to see her under the pristine care of director Skow; neither of them disappointing me. The tease was a little light this time but her purple bikini did little to hold her curves in, Charles appreciating all she had to offer before the couple went at it. The oral was on the weaker side compared to the previous scenes, almost as if they wanted to get right down to business with the penetration. I think she has a lot of untapped potential and her riding here was not consistently active but of the entire female cast, I have seen her far less than the others so maybe given time, she'll improve. Charles also managed to have some erection issues, almost as if he were channeling Shane Diesel, having to hold his cock during the missionary position to keep inside her (joking that it stole from him as he used it to beat her pussy). Out of all the scenes then, this was the weak link that might have been trimmed down a bit to elevate the rating, Megan unable to overcome Charles' limits as displayed. His ending nut to her face was moderate too, streaming across her eye and into her hair as Megan gave up some post coital sucking.

Scene Five: Sunny Leone, in a yellow patterned bikini out by the pool with hotty Monique Alexander, who was wearing a pink satin bikini, frolicked playfully for the last 40 minutes of the movie. The home movie approach as an introduction worked to add something for me, perhaps memories of bygone times I had myself years ago, lucky Matt Erickson getting a bird's eye view of the two beauties. The ladies were putting on a show to get him worked up, succeeding with me as a home viewer equally as well in the process of their removing clothing. The trio went inside after the lesbian action to go all the way, the ladies sucking him silly before taking turns mounting him. Sunny went first as she gyrated her hips and pumped on the chump while Monique massaged her breasts from behind. They spoke to one another in a form of verbal coaxing that I appreciated as maintaining an open line of communication for what they wanted to do too, Monique's brand new wrist tattoo healing (it was a week old). Monique was a more energetic rider this time but both of them were in their zone regarding how well they impaled themselves on his rod. My only real complaint for the scene was how Sunny masturbated instead of keeping some form of contact with her two partners when they were screwing as Monique had done though; perhaps her voyeuristic tendencies getting the better of her. It didn't really diminish the heat of the ménage a trios but as a personal preference, I prefer it as a means of establishing their continued connection to one another. The gals took turns getting the cock though and Matt got in some intermittent oral as well, the ending load going to Sunny's mouth and dripping onto Monique's biscuit before they both gave him some last minute head. Of note as well was how much Sunny looked like another major hotty at the company, Lanny Barby, during most of her missionary positions, whether on purpose or not irrelevant since I find both of them so fetching. Sweet!

Bonus Scene: Foreplay: Lanny Barby, dressed in the same sheer black outfit shown on the front cover, was up first as she masturbated all over the stage while the mighty Evan Stone entertained her by playing the guitar. He kissed that special spot on her neck she likes so much and elsewhere, Lanny sitting on his face to get some oral loving from the guy. She was juiced up in no time, Evan digging for clams before she slobbed his knob aggressively with a great blowjob. I really liked that she focused her eyes on his more most of the scene, otherwise glaring at the cock in her hand & mouth as though challenging it to keep up with her. They started pounding vaginally after that, startling me that he was wearing a condom (Lanny is into condoms now?!?). She actively rode the cock as she groaned and grunted, his loose balls slapping all over the place as she took the initiative to do most of the work in the numerous positions. I had hoped for some anal plundering too but the population pudding flew at her face earlier than usual, the look on her face priceless as she looked into his eyes during the post coital sucking. Whew!

Bonus Scene: Love Life: Kayden Kross, Jada Fire, and Tommy Gunn were up next in a lingerie shop as the two ladies aggressively tackled the muscular man to satisfy their needs. They double teamed him orally and that led to some active vaginal riding, the gals never letting up as they pursued their need for seed. Jada was the more sexually active of the two gals but Kayden's freshness should not be underestimated either. By the end of the scene, the population pudding flowed freely, each of them appearing to get off as a result of the action.

Bonus Scene: Pop Star: Monique Alexander, Audrey Bitoni, and Carolyn Reese were up last in an extended lesbian scene on the couch at the club in the back room. The flimsy dresses fell to the wayside and the ladies fondled one another while kissing and carrying on very nicely. There was some dildo use but the majority of the sexual action was not truly dependent on that aspect of the scene; the sweaty trio moaning a bit too often but still providing some stroke value to fans of the ladies that enjoy watching them work with each other instead of some parolee.

Bonus Scene: Savanna Loves Sex: Savanna Samson sees new neighbors moving in and make it a point to go over and introduce herself. She peeks in and sees that they are getting a bit hot and bothered playing around. She makes her way over to the kitchen and introduces her. Asking if she can join them the couple get into some heated moments that include toe sucking and a lot of foreplay on the kitchen counter top. After sharing the other and fingers and tongues all over the place Tommy has more than he can handle with both ladies with a lot of g/g action going on while he does them both doggie and Kayla anal doggie before he unloads on her back. (review by Ravyn)

Bonus Scene: It's Sunny In Brazil: Sunny Leone, dressed in a white see through outfit, was up next in a large courtyard when a lean hotty (Princyany) came up behind her wearing a black and red trimmed bustier. The intentions of the stranger were clear that she wanted to give Sunny a special Brazilian kiss, her lips landing south of the proverbial border. She also spent some quality time on Sunny's erect nipples though and it wasn't too long before Sunny regained her faculties and reciprocated. By this point in time, they had rubbed up against the gargoyle statue in the location enough that I wanted it for my yard, but fans of lesbian sex with minimal toy use are going to enjoy this one a lot. The glass dildo they employed got slicked up nicely with saliva and gal juice, the smell of the cooze for the double headed device almost imaginable.

Summary: Sunny Loves Matt (Blu-Ray) will prove to be an "absolute must have" for fans of beautiful Sunny Leone thanks in no small part to the various production efforts led by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment. A cursory check of the standard definition version of the movie made me glad I held off reviewing until this version came in, the visuals so much sweeter thanks to the enhanced resolution, Sunny one of the few ladies in porn at this time that can pull off the effect without unsightly blemishes, scars, or other flaws impacting the fantasy effect. Monique was as hot as ever, Ann always welcome, Rebeca a nice touch, and even newcomer Megan appreciated for the diversity she brought with her. The DVD was easily worth a rating of Highly Recommended for me and had the bonus scenes been unique to the movie, I would not have hesitated to rate this as an Xcritic Pick but my personal rating system does not give such extras as much credit as most people so your mileage may vary. In short, Sunny Loves Matt (Blu-Ray) was as much a time capsule showcase of lovely Sunny Leone as the skills of director B. Skow, the 5+ hours of footage here (nearly six if you include the BTS and trailers) one of the few times when I can say that high definition enthusiasts won't be on the receiving end of the fucking for getting the best version available. I just hope the concept becomes a series, a series helmed by Skow, that continually raises the bar as this one did in several ways. Check out the Trailer  to see some of what I mean... Great job!


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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