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Personal Trainers 10

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/21/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Date of Production: May 2007

Directed By: Sebastian Bonnet

The Movie:

"Learning certainly doesn't end in graduation. Experience the raw action and intensity of 4 new episodes as the beautiful Bel Ami boys (all 18+) discover there's always something more to know."

The Cast:

Sebastian Bonnet, Luke Hamill, Josh Elliot, Todd Rosset, Jean-Claude DuVall, Keanu Faria, Jim Henson, Jason Knightley, Dolph Lambert.

Run Time: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes

Safe Sex/Condoms: Yes!

The Dudes:

"Personal Trainers 10" offers up nine appealing guys with a nice mix of dark and blond hair; short and medium-length hair cuts; toned bodies 'n smooth chests; full, trimmed, shortly trimmed, and shaved pubes; hard unclipped cocks.

Scene One:

Eager Trainee Jean -Claude DuVall (very cute with medium length brown hair, toned/smooth body) has been assigned horny Trainers Josh Elliot (cute with shaggy dark brown hair, toned/smooth body) and Todd Rosset (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body).  Jean-Claude and Josh are lounging on a wicker sofa that reminds me of early 1970s Pier One Import furniture while making out with loads of hot wet tongues, erotic body rubbing, and nipple licking 'n sucking. Josh yanks his own tight blue jeans off revealing full dark pubes and his hard uncut cock (with foreskin that completely covers the knob even when fully erect). Jean-Claude grabs that stiff piece and begins jacking the shaft, working the foreskin, and sliding his mouth up 'n down giving some cool head. Josh obviously digs the oral pleasure as he fills the room with loud heavy breathing and moans. Josh pulls Jean-Claude's jeans off revealing his shortly trimmed/almost shaved pubes, tasty hangy nuts, and rigid unclipped pole. Josh goes wild on that dong giving an excellent blowjob leading to a traditional sixty-nine with Jean-Claude on top. Both dudes are definitely into each other and the "training".

Todd joins in already naked with his dark pubes, plump balls, and hard uncut cock on full display leading Jean-Claude to fuck Todd's tight shaved bunghole in the side/missionary position using fast 'n smooth strokes and making the Trainer sigh and breath heavily as Todd sucks Josh's rigid tool. There are some nice penetration shots here of that hard prick sliding in 'n out of that tasty chute and some nice shots of Jean-Claude's succulent hangy nuts. The guys switch positions with Jean-Claude drilling Todd missionary fast 'n lubed while Josh fucks Jean-Claude's hungry mouth. There are no good penetration shots provided here. Todd pulls his pork shooting a very thick load of man juice on his toned stomach and Jean-Claude busts a large thick nut on Todd's stomach. Jean-Claude then hops on Josh's hard dick for a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce riding up 'n down with some nice penetration shots as his hangy nuts bounce. After fucking Jean-Claude fast 'n hard doggy-style with some excellent penetration shots of his hard cock being crammed in 'n out of Jean-Claude's tight lightly hairy manhole, Josh squirts a load on the Trainee's back and bum.

Scene Two:

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Trainee Dolph Lambert (good-looking with brown hair, toned/smooth body) is matched up with Trainer Luke Hamill (cute with blond hair, toned/smooth body)  and waste no time as they get down to some very nice wet kissing with full tongue, hard nipple licking, and hands that roam all over one another's bodies. Luke unbuckles Dolph's belt, opens his blue jeans, and pulls out a large uncut cock. He takes that fucker down his gullet sliding his mouth up 'n down giving an A+ jaw job. Luke soon strips down showing off his trimmed brown pubes and stiff unclipped boner. Dolph blows his Trainer working his mouth up 'n down the shaft, licks 'n sucks plump balls, and gives very impressive oral pleasure.

Luke assumes the missionary position exposing his tight shaved bunghole leading Dolph to rub the pouting pucker with his thumb. At first there are no close-ups of Luke's touchhole; however, once Dolph begins thumbing the tasty rosebud, there are some nice camera shots. Luke slides a condom on and fucks Dolph's tight hole doggy-style using long 'n full strokes with the only penetration shots being from the side. Switching to the side/missionary position, Luke drills fast 'n hard with some nice close-ups. Luke jerks off shooting a thick load of jizz on Dolph's side and bum. Dolph lies back in Luke's arms allowing Luke to jerk him off shooting a thick load on his stomach.

Scene Three:

Trainee Keanu Faria (very cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) and Trainer Sebastian Bonnet (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) are on a large orange sofa joking around teasing each other pinching hard nipples and rubbing one another's budging blue jean's clad crotches. The guys kiss with plenty of wet tongues and are very into each other and the action. Sebastian pulls Keanu's jeans off showing the viewer shortly trimmed pubes, plump balls, and a hard 'n slender uncut cock. Sebastian slides that hog down his gullet deep throating all the way down giving one heck of a hot blowjob. Horny from the head, Keanu yanks Sebastian's jeans open revealing shaved pubes, plump nuts, and stiff unclipped pork. He crams that thang down his gullet giving very tasty head that leads to a cool face fuck.

Sebastian diddles Keanu's tight hairy hole and munches down eating ass with okay close-ups (which are not as good as usual for a Bel Ami release). He teases the pucker and then slides in missionary style using long, fast, 'n smooth strokes with a very quick close-up of the penetration (again, not up to the usual Bel Ami standards). When Sebastian switches up to the side/missionary position to drill Keanu, we finally get some nice penetration shots. Sebastian shoots a large thick load on Keanu's stomach and chest. He then jacks Keanu off making him cut loose with some jizz on his chest and stomach.

Scene Four:

Trainees Jason Knightley (good-looking with dark hair, toned/smooth body) and Jim Henson (cute with blond hair, toned/smooth body) are chomping at the bit for Trainers Josh Elliot (scene one) and Luke Hamill (scene two) to teach 'em the forbidden secrets of male-on-male lovin'. The dudes laze around on a large bed feeling each other up and getting down to some serious soul kissing with plenty of tongue. Josh pulls Jason's hard uncut cock out and begins jerking it sliding his fist up 'n down while Luke strokes Jim's stiff unclipped tool eventually taking it down his gullet. Josh sucks Jason's big dick giving wonderful head. Jim soon chows down on Jason's member and the dudes are very into giving 'n receiving head. There are some nice cock sucking close-ups here. Jason blows Jim's dick but could definitely use some lessons on how to give good head.  The dudes switch up for all sorts of dong sucking combinations as they gorge on hot, hard meat and receive groovy face fuckings.

Jim fucks Jason in the side/missionary position using quick 'n smooth strokes but there are no descent close-ups! Jim pulls out shooting a thick load on Jason's stomach. Jason drills Jim's bum in the side/missionary position with his delicious hangy nuts slappin' and hairy hole on display using fast 'n smooth strokes. There are some penetration shots from the side but they are not very good. Jason cuts loose with a large thick load of man juice on Jim's stomach. Finally there are some descent penetration shots as Jason rides Josh's stiff love wand sliding his hole up 'n down that meat and at the same time Jim plays the ol' sink/bounce on Luke's hog. Both dudes on the bottom wildly thrust their hips upward to fuck the Trainees' assholes.  Switching up, Luke fucks Jason in the side/missionary position while Josh drills Jim in the same position with both using quick 'n lubed strokes. There are some descent penetration shots here but are more from a medium with just one or two very quick close-ups. Luke shoots a large thick load on his stomach while Luke sprays a large load that flies everywhere.


"Personal Trainers 10" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography by Sebastian Bonnet, Mark Russos, and Johan Paulik is a mixed bag with some very nice close-ups of the cock sucking and some tasty intimate views of the penetration. There are also missed opportunities for descent close-ups during ass eating and butt fucking. The picture quality is sharp and clean. The disc is playable worldwide.


The stereo sound is clean allowing the viewers to easily hear the dudes as they joke around and tease each other (English subtitles are provided). There is also plenty of heavy breathing, sighs, and moans as the dudes get down with one another.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, selections for "All Oral", "All Anal", and "Orgasm", and a trailer for "Too Many Boys 2".


"Personal Trainers 10" is a good movie but it's not up to the high standards I've set for Bel Ami releases. I've set my standards high because the productions usually never disappoint. The picture quality and sound are excellent and the dudes are all very appealing giving energetic performances definitely very into each other and the sex action. The problems are with Sebastian Bonnet's direction and the videography. While plenty of hot close-ups are offered up, there are also a number of times with no descent close-ups where there could /should have been. I love me some Sebastian and he clearly has talent as a director. He simply needs to step it up a notch.  He's one of my favorite dudes here along with Jean-Claude DuVall, Dolph Lambert, and Josh Elliot. I'm going with a Recommended for those who dig good-looking Central European dudes with big uncut cocks.

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