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40 Inch Plus #4

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/31/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Valerie (click for trailer)

40 Inch Plus #4

Vivid Entertainment

Laurie Vargas

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Uncredited

Tia Sweets

Cast: Valerie, Jay Huntington, Laurie Vargas, Christian, Tia Sweets, Trent Soluri, Mikayla, Derrick Pierce, Devon Lee

Length: 212:15 minutes


Date of Production: 12/4/2007 (cover); 2/27/2006, 8/3/2006, 1/26/2006, 5/28/2006, 5/14/2006 (credits)

Devon Lee!

Extras: After starting off with heaps of spam (with cute Monique Alexander hawking the company's stuff), the rest of the extras took on a new light. There were not many of them, a handful of trailers and more spam, but the length of the scenes largely made up for it.

Condoms: One

Audio/Video Quality: 40 Inch Plus #4 was presented in a very crisp 1.33:1 full frame color as shot by an uncredited director for Vivid Entertainment back in 2006.The voice of the cameraman sounded familiar but that doesn't automatically make him the director so ask a company representative if you really need to know how is most responsible for the movie. The lighting was solid so the grain, video noise, and other visual flaws were minimal to nonexistent as far as I was concerned; the accurate fleshtones enhancing the appeal of the scenes too. The composition of the camera angles was nicely handled, enhancing the look of the ladies, with video being the format of choice here. The video bitrate hovered around the mid 4 Mbps range most of the time and I saw no compression artifacts though some of the colors displayed a bit of tint at times. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a standard 192 Kbps bitrate on the audio, the minimal music never getting in the way of the vocals. The vocals were, on occasion, too low but the basic nature of the shoot was such that this, like the sometimes shaky camera, only made it seem more personal a production instead of a release by a mega-huge production company.

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Body of Review: Vivid Entertainment has been such a mainstay in the porn industry that many folks take the company for granted; so many firsts coming out of their hallowed doors that even I can't keep track of them. Besides the big budget blockbusters so many people like and their plethora of pretty contract gals that make most of us swoon, the company has been listening to consumer feedback and trying to provide more of what the fans are demanding these days. In that spirit, they released 40 Inch Plus #4, the sequel to 40 Inch Plus #2, a straight forward gonzo offering using plenty of lighting, a generally steady camera, and a bunch of attractive ladies with large asses to appeal to the booty fans out there. If you like the 98 pound waifish girls that are so common in the industry, you will want to pass on this one but considering the bootilicious babes busting the nut here; the rest of you will be pleased at Vivid's new style offering. Gone are the generic extras and replaced with a title lasting almost three and a half hours; all of the footage focusing on tease or sex with nothing worth chopping off in the editing room. If that sounds good to you, here's a quick look at the scenes from the show, noting that only one condom was wasted in the production:

Scene One: Ass On Two Wheels: Valerie, a gal next door type in a light blue/green outfit, was up first as she went through the formulaic tease of the series, showing all her assets as the camera intrusively zoomed in to showcase her thick ass. Her partner in the scene was Jay Huntington, the guy feeling her up extensively in the motorcycle garage while warming her up. The measuring process showed her to be almost 43 inches when bent over, the camera close enough to show a few of her light hairs on the asshole, Valerie holding onto the motorcycle for balance as she sat on Jay's face. She turned around after awhile to slob his knob, perhaps not as aggressively as possible but giving a fine display why she was a decent choice to start off the flick. While she made some funny faces as she swallowed his rod, this led to her slowly warming up to do the vaginal screwing, just getting good when the anal began. I would have preferred they stick with an active cookie bang but she made a series of noises that indicated she was anal receptive long before this scene took place, saving it in some ways as a quality porking. Jay went balls deep inside her ass, the two year old scene not a bad way to begin the action, the return to the biscuit showing her appeal. The scene ended with him rubbing out a small load to her ass, rubbing it in as she moaned in appreciation on the rainy day.

Scene Two: Birthday Booty Bash: Laurie Vargas, a cute Latina in a green skirt and pink patterned top, was up next on 8/3/2006 as a belated birthday present to Christian on the couch of an old guy's living room (suggested as the director's, his age stated due to the wood paneling and lame decorating indicative of the fact). Christian went blindfolded as she teased him, rubbing her panty covered ass into his face until he couldn't take it any more. They did the measuring and she was up to the title so the pair continued their frisky frolicking, her all natural body getting him excited as he serviced her orally. I liked the light nod to the oiling up but it wasn't enough, the spanking showing just how firm her ass was; her blowjob skills not to be trifled with either. I'd be lying to say I thought they had much chemistry together, Laurie looking at the camera more than Christian, but the biggest weakness was how passive she was during most of the riding. It was vaginal only and while she had a stripper next door appeal to her, she only really started actively milking him towards the very end of the action, taking his modest facial with some post coital sucking.

Scene Three: Booty Trix: Tia Sweets, a light skinned black gal wearing a revealing outfit as she changed light bulbs in the bathroom, was up next as she was introduced to moper Trent Soluri. They moved to the bedroom where some oiling up enhanced her look even more, Trent seemingly fascinated with the wealth of fine flesh she was packing in her back. It wasn't as firm as most of the others in the movie but Trent was happy with her sitting on his face; Tia satisfied that even a moper like him had enough savvy to spent ample time on her ample sample before they boned. She also showed that she was no stranger to wrapping her lips around a stranger's cock, inhaling his rod as though it were a cheeseburger before moderately actively riding him in her pussy. She got better with time but I have to admit that I was fascinated by the way her ass cheeks rippled as they boned, Trent giving her his creamy protein on her ass, the population pudding more plentiful than the previous males offered up.

Scene Four: Spanish Ass: Mikayla, the brunette featured on the lower right portion of the front cover, was up next and as one of my primary reasons for picking up the DVD, I had high hopes that she would give a great performance with Derrick Pierce. Mikayla greeted the men in her pink & white checkerboard two piece outfit, showing her scars from an accident before going into detail about what she wanted from the men. Her ass was a combination of firm and loose, the plentiful nature of her curves best laid out for display when she was bent over on the living room couch. Biblical quotes by the men aside, her 43 inches looked ripe and glorious as Derrick worked on them; his cunnilingus giving her lots of reason to give him one of her award winning blowjobs. She took her time in seductively blowing him, leading to the only condom clad session of screwing that I saw in the movie. She was active right from the first poke of her pussy, impaling herself throughout the scene as I expected her to do given her lengthy history of providing quality service. The ending ass pop was probably the largest of the movie too, Derrick rubbing it out as though his balls were milked completely dry. Whew!

Scene Five: That's Great Ass: Devon Lee, the blond featured on the left hand side of the front cover, was up last and after Mikayla's scene, I almost wondered if she could live up to closing out the movie in her scene with Jay Huntington. They were watching clips of the website the scenes were originally shot for on the computer, the tiny window barely big enough to merit much attention as far as I was concerned. The action itself was pretty good so I figured that Devon would be doing even better, the premise that they were setting her up for success fully in my mind. Her sheer green panties revealed a nice ass and the measuring process showed about 43 inches when bent over. The scene seemed shorter than most of the others to me but each did some quality oral and the chemistry displayed elevated the scene a little bit too. It was vaginal only but she was nearly as consistent as Mikayla here so I found her a good choice to end the fuck flick out when the titty pop (a few drops to the face too) showed he was already running a quart low on population pudding.

Summary: 40 Inch Plus #4 by Vivid Entertainment had some of the finest asses in all of porn and despite the limitations of the formula employed here, I found the action and technical values to be well worth a rating of Recommended or better. If you're into anal sex, hate tease footage, or demand longer generic extras in place of more movie footage, you will be pissed off here but the sane folks out there are going to love this one for the treasure trove of hot booty on display. In short, 40 Inch Plus #4 had some great replay and stroke value so the amount of fuck for the buck escalated in response; making this new style gonzo project by the company something to look for more of, I just wish they had credited someone as director.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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