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Nexus Neo

Studio: Nexus » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/2/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Having reviewed a number of toys designed for either gender to appreciate, I ended up losing a bet as it were with my first assistant, Carey. She was open to anal play just as soon as I gave my ass up to her, the thought somewhat unappealing due to the shape and size of her massive toy collection. My comments to her about how small I am, how quickly I ejaculate, and how she would barely feel it had been met with scoffs for years so I pretty much dropped the subject altogether and focused my efforts with movie reviews and other types of toys. While she was helping me review Lex the Impaler 3, Carey marveled at how the ladies could take such a huge cock inside their ass, pointing out that he'd have split her in two vaginally. One thing led to another last week and upon losing a bet, I was subjected to "going first" as it were, a couple of small devices selected from our screener pick list that were designed to stimulate the male g-spot, typically referred to as the prostate. Our running joke included her surprising me with flowers and taking me out to dinner, my face flush from her wicked grin and innuendos launched my way. The first toy we tried was one reported to be among the best sellers in Britain, a device called the Nexus Neo.

Nexus is a high end company that sells devices suited for prostate massage, using medical grade plastic as the main ingredient of their line of kinky toys. The Neo is a mid-level device of theirs that does not have a vibrator in it, preferring instead to use the body's own rocking motion to stimulate the prostate and the perineum that have substantial numbers of nerve clusters attached that are said to make for earth shattering orgasms. Needless to say, I focused my energies on the reciprocation I would get in the near future more than thought much about the orgasms of the day, my healthy level of skepticism reminding my partner that porn is all about fantasies, the reality of most porn sets showing a completely different side to the ladies getting tapped in the ass by the likes of Lexington Steele.


The device itself was curved and only about 4 inches long, at least some of that not insertable due to the handle attached. There were no apparent seams to scratch the delicate areas involved and I thoroughly washed it as instructed on the paper insert; especially the ball bearing part that came out with the use of a small plastic tool in the case the toy came in. The cleaning out ritual involved me fasting for most of the day, dinner would be much further upstream than where we were headed, and a bit of nastiness I remembered from an examination years ago. At this point, I was reminded about how many illnesses are harbored in a dirty colon and all those products people buy to eliminate waste stuck in the digestive tract selling to millions of people. Swallowing my pride, we got down to business, the toughest part of the exercise being to relax. The company website says this about their products:


"Prostate massage is an age-old form of procuring a healthy prostate and achieving deeper orgasmic pleasure for men by helping a man reach a male g-spot orgasm. The Nexus range of male g-spot massagers are stimulating devices for the male g-spot, a.k.a. the prostate gland. It works by stimulating this walnut sized gland, which is called a prostate massage. Prostate massage has been used for centuries for two purposes - intense sexual pleasure, and improving the health of the prostate gland. All products in the Nexus range are designed to do both of these things with ease, but are primarily sex toys."


So, we followed the extensive instructions and Carey massaged me, let me play with her a whole lot, and we stopped just short of her slobbing my knob or screwing. Once I was practically asleep I was so relaxed, she tried to get the toy to do what it advertises. The initial pressure was tough to handle but either my prostate is not sensitive enough or otherwise not aligned properly so the initial attempts to achieve a multi-orgasmic state fell short. Carey has used her tongue and finger, as well as the tip of her smaller vibrators to get me off in the past but never anything stuffed inside of me to directly stimulate the prostate. While we may try again in the future, she believes that something with a vibrator is more likely to have the desired effect, having cultivated a number of bed buddies into trying such stuff in the past. For the record, another toy worked better in this regard, and I'll be writing it up shortly, but your mileage may vary when using such things; especially novices like me so I rated this one as a Skip It unless you're already experienced with the particular device or one in the line up by the company.

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