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Straight Shooter - The Miami Assignment

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 4/3/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Director: Jalin Fuentes

Cast: Trey, Enrique, Love, Jezzy, Skool Boi, Sho-Nuff, Mendosa, Volkatz, Sexy Veteran, Titan, Mr. Trill

Length: 2 hours, 11 minutes

Production Date: November 2006

Condoms: yes

The Skinny:
Horny "straight" thugs try out gay sex on the down-low in six black pairings; low budget entry has a lot of attitude (and some liberal use of the "N" word)...from its verbal tops and moaning bottoms.

Scene 1
"You know I got a big one...I could really hurt you on the inside," warns Titan to Sexy Veteran as they sit in bed. "You might not be able to sit down for a couple of days." That doesn't bother Sexy V, who is quickly between his pal's legs. The action is best when slim, smooth Titan stands up, his big, meaty piece at a better angle to enjoy as Sexy slurps away. Soon, Titan is slapping Sexy's ass as he pounds him doggie style, talking smack to him before delivering a facial. Unfortunately, close-ups of the fuck show some softness.

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Scene 2
Trey (white hat) knocks at Sho-Nuff's (red hat) door, trying to get him to open up and accept his apology for calling him a fag in front of people. He finally relents (watch for the cameraman you aren't supposed to see when Trey walks in!), and these two slender boys get to work. Things don't bode well from the start, after touching and sucking fails to produce any wood. Things gets worse when you start to pay attention to the repetitive soundtrack, a mix of random sounds--including a dog bark, sirens and a phone voice message--set to generic music. Trey starts to finger and eat his pal (pinned to the wall), and then starts to fuck him from behind. But if you look close, all you see is limp dick, which continues in another position. Then comes the big no-no: after Sho-Nuff jacks to come, the camera cuts to a shot of Trey's face, then pans down to his soft dick, already covered in a glob of white goo that we're supposed to think is cum. If it is, is certainly isn't his own...we're guessing a concoction of egg whites and ranch dressing, perhaps? It's insulting to viewers' intelligence when stunts like this are pulled; this scene is a hot mess.

Scene 3
Cute Enrique is trying to rally pal Mr. Trill for a concert they need to go to, but all the stud wants to do is shove his big cock in his friend's face, and what a piece it is: a large, thick, straight meaty slab that Enrique engulfs masterfully. The side shots of this oral action are the best sequence in this entire film, a cocksucking pro and a giant dick at work. But once again, the fucking disappoints, as it's clear Mr. Trill can't stay as hard while topping Enrique, with a soft schlong revealed when his cock falls out during a sit-down fuck. The fucking continues, but the camera decides to stay away from any close-ups. And there's just one load at the end, with Mr. Trill releasing his wad on Enrique.

Scene 4
Skool Boi busts into a slumbering Love's room, waking him up and shoving his cock down his bud's throat with their foul mouths issuing verbal insults. After a decent ass eating session of Skool Boi, Love is the one who gets to show off yet another wet noodle during more fucking. Fans won't be fooled...just because there's lots of movement and ass-smacking sounds doesn't mean there's actual hard dick movement. But Love does give a nice facial to School Boi in the end, leaving his bud to jack off all by himself.

Scene 5
Mr. Trill returns for some fun in the shower, convincing reluctant bud Jezzy to come into the tub and soap him up. Trill soon has Jezzy on his knees, and his mouth eventually gets Trill's amazing cock at full mast again, a great piece to watch in action. Trill then fingers his bud before fucking him, and while there is a long sequence with no close-ups, some shots of the sit-down and doggie-style positions actually seem to be hard fucks (hallelujah!). The end has just one cumshot (Mr. Trill), who also drips sweat onto Jezzy when they finish in the bedroom.

Scene 6
Thin pals Mendoza (in the white hat) and Volkatz (in the black hat, who is also in the credits as Volkalz, and on the website as Vokalz...take your pick!) are lounging around, when Volkatz--another trash talker--decides to undress, then orders his pal to strip so he can suck him. Mendoza has a nice toned bod and a big cock that Volkatz gives very slurpy service to. Mendoza then fucks his bud, and seems to be hard, eventually dumping a load on Volkatz's pubes. But it's the bottom's cock that steals the show--a big meaty piece he jacks off at the end. Why we don't get to see more of this dick during the scene is a mystery.

Both the video and the audio are less than average. The audio is often too low, and it's hard to hear what the models are saying, and not just because of the soundtrack. The video is equally frustrating, with a frequent washed out picture that is sometimes too bright and lacking any color, and zero sharpness.

Just trailers.

The Naked Truth:
Hot sex doesn't have to be high budget, but this is rough from the start...the best moments involve Mr. Trill getting sucked, and some fucking moments in the last two scenes. But there's far too much limp dick here to recommend even a rental.

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