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Sunny Loves Matt

Studio: Vivid » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 4/26/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Sunny Loves Matt
A Vivid Release Directed by B. Skow
Starring Sunny Leone, Monique Alexander, Rebeca Linares, Anamarie & Megan Monroe
With Matt Erikson, Nick Manning and Charles Dera
175 minutes
No Condoms
As many veteran porn fanatics have been anxiously awaiting Ms. Leone's foray into "with penis" porn, Sunny Loves Matt serves as the ribbon cutting, and the results are bountiful indeed.  Sure, a few ill-fated steps may be taken along the way (as in the movie-stealing performance of Rebeca Linares), but the end product is heavy on Sunny, light on dross.  Hooray!
Scene One:  Sunny Leone (with Matt Erikson)

Meshed in with the opening credits, a prolonged tease takes Sunny from glass-pressed window washing to a sink assisted blouse dousing, all for her onlooker Matt.  Sunny slides onto an island counter to flick a few cycles of love out for him (mostly shot in POV-style), allowing his hands to squeeze and fondle her pliable chesticles.  Once Sunny starts sucking on his peen, she's hard to stop, even as the action leans toward a white chaise lounge chair, fading within the matching washed walls.  Ankle-grabbing missionary begins the penetrative trek, gathering no moss as the slamming continues in reverse cowgirl.  Sunny's banter is pleasant, but certainly could use a touch-up as it ventures into a somewhat undusted area of jabber.  Whilst spooning, Sunny grips her thigh and holds it for a deep amount of penetrative assault (she gets it), angling into toe-curling doggy before a quick taste of her and his juices along the way.  She rubs in between her legs quite hard as she takes Matt's load in a closed mouth-wrapped jerk, expelling a bounty of drippy juice all down her shoulder and breasts.  In theory, Matt was unloading for a nation of Sunny fans, which is just what he continues to do after another quick missionary plug between those savory skin tones of hers.  Like a mind-reader, Sunny parts her pussy lips and moans uncontrollably until Matt pops around the rim of her pink winker, the remains oozing along the rim of her puckering booty like a faint constellation (I deem this constellation "Sunny Major").   Though I felt the nexus of the scene felt a bit hit or miss, Sunny certainly can work herself with the aid of a pokey friend, though the conversation missed a few verbal beats now and then.  The eruptive propulsions (both of them) were the highlights, however, as a fine lady such as Sunny inspires, well, canon fire galore.  And for that, I salute her.

(Sunny:  Hi dere!)

Scene Two:  Rebeca Linares (with Nick "Droppin' Loads" Manning)

Contemplating chips during his porn watching and a magazine, Nick witnesses Rebeca gliding in to display her trim, sunless assets.   Dancing and dangling her beautiful ass with quick wags is the order, with an outreached leg or arm to encircle Nick's tightening pants.  The view switches to personal as Rebeca knocks out a rise or two from her best button, soon assisted by a disrobed Nick, tongue meeting her pert slit.  After a hoover-eque blow job, cowgirl is the first option taken, with Rebeca taking control over her partner like championship night at a rodeo bar.  A woozy mixture of screams, squeals and smacks permeate the positions on down through the fucking, and Rebeca even smacks Nick's dick around when she kneels for a pre- or post-pole taste.  Doggy keeps both partners happy for a majority of the time (with huffing parries via Rebeca's filthy gob), with a cumulative lay in missionary capping the nibbles, puffs and vocal explosions en totale.  Nick grits out his signature catchphrase as he dots Rebeca's skinscape with a few healthy shots of lovedust in her pretty mouth, in between her tiny tits and around the bottom of her chin.  If there were an award for Most Proficient Cheetah-Style Female, Rebeca would win every year, but still fuck the other nominees to mush.  Until then, I am starting a personal nickel jar called "The Rebeca Linares Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Fund", since my XCritic benefits only cover dental for one year.  From just this review, I have already raised $12,000!  Obviously, I am going to need a bigger jar.

Scene Three:  Sunny Leone & Anamarie

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(Sunny & Anamarie: oh, you!)

As options go, Anamarie is a toasty choice for a pair-up with Sunny, both of whom rattle around like brazil nuts together, though not quite successfully here.  The play is all for Matt's POV/enjoyment, as each lady takes turns eying the camera upon each new erogenous zone hand placement and lip wriggle they muster.  Even as the worthwhile slurping in vulvaland is exchanged, even as the 69 takes place, and all the way until Matt whips out a double-pronged jellywine dong, the girls, no matter how many fingers are used, whip up a barely palpable amount of believable heat.  Even the final grasp of dildo scissoring (well, almost) utters out a lukewarm mood, despite the efforts of both performers.

Unless this is your dream meet-up, may I suggest any other release by either star? This scene isn't stone cold, but it does point toward the lower digits, even as other digits fly free from Sunny to Annamarie.  I could think of worse efforts, but I can also dream of better ones!

Scene Four:  Megan Monroe (with Charles Dera)

Moderately tattooed Megan does her twist-heeled tease for Charles by the pool, prying back her bikini top to reveal her fluffed up breasts.  A solo diddle brings in her partner's thumb and forefinger, doling a few giggles before continuing onto a strategically placed outdoor bed.  A smooth blowie leads to tit-fucking before a few missionary switch-ups.  Reverse cowgirl, doggy and spooning soldier the couple forward, bubbling to a close in doggy, a sole stream streaked across Megan's face and eyelid.  Like the previous scene, the enthusiasm and upward pull was noticeably absent from Megan and Charles' work here, with the usual rote trappings of a few hoots and hollers, along with feigned interest, carrying the bulk of the episode.  If this picture were a stretch of soil, it would need tilling.

Scene Five:  Sunny Leone & Monique Alexander (with Matt Erikson)

Refreshingly, and thankfully, the double team of Sunny and Monique taking on slugger Matt is just what the doctor ordered, with plenty of round-robin rogering from (almost) all sides!  The girls begin a poolside tease, breaking free of their bikinis via a series of kisses and hand hugs, soon taking on Matt's formidable member in long swigs.  Sunny is the first in missionary, with Monique flipping onto erect peen next for reverse cowgirl bounding.  Spooning Sunny allows Matt to thump along nicely from her side, and Monique brattles about with a few turned fingers upon Sunny's winking coochie.   Soon enough, our blonde queens Lady Leone as Matt strides toward missionary, and both ladies take turns gobbling his cock.  Monique goes on all fours for doggy as Sunny licks her perked behind while Matt, once again, bolts into our light-skinned bombshell.  He pulls out as Sunny opens wide, teeth glimmering, as she sets her face against Monique's ass, snagging a few spots of seed as they fall down her girlfriend's ass and curtains.  A fine display by all concerned, and a definitely welcome crowning following the preceding, uneventful scenes.  So snappy!

(Matt meets Monique; Sunny and her friends.)

Bonus Features

(Sunny, as viewed from the driver's seat; Monique prepares for the hairspray.)

A very Sunny-centric Behind the Scenes (19:27) capture tours the set and interviews the main ladies (sorry, no Megan footage) among the bric-a-brac of their workplace.  While never quite delving too deep, the mood is light and the pacing is quick.  The lion's share of footage is, of course, of the lovely Sunny, and is a treat, especially for the hardcore amongst them (is there any other kind?).

(Rebeca "How Have You Not Heard of Me?" Linares.)

In addition, a Movie Gallery/Slide Show (2:46), five Vivid Previews (59 Seconds, Chemistry 4, Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to the G-Spot, and Morphine), a Positions Room (choose from Pussy Eating, Blow Job, Missionary, Doggy or Cum Shot), and the usual sweltering amalgamation of Web/Company/Telephone Previews are tacked on - a good fit!

(Audrey Bitoni, Carolyn Reese & Monique Alexander blur the edges in Popstar.)

Last but not least, a twenty-five minute section of clips (Vivid Girl Extras) from other related releases is also included, averaging around five minutes per segment (slightly truncated to for time/space, perhaps), as follows, with a brief review:

(ft. Lanny Barby & Evan Stone) (5:21)
Girl and boy meet each other, the world.

Lovelife (ft. Kayden Kross, Jada Fire & Tommy Gunn) (5:06)
A chocolate-vanilla swirl, convenience store style.

Popstar (ft. Audrey Bitoni, Carolyn Reese & Monique Alexander) (4:91)
Backstage, three girls, one toy, and lots of fingers.

Savanna Loves Sex (ft. Savanna Samson, Kayla Syns & Tommy Pistol) (4:32)
Pistol whipping sleepy bombshells at home, at work, and at play.

It's Sunny In Brazil (ft. Sunny Leone & Princyany Carvalho) (5:73)
Outdoor shiny braces, glass, and you.

Overall, a nice blend of extras, though a full scene (not a truncated series) would be more appreciated, but the half-thought of quantity versus quality will get me through the night, for now!

Audio/Visual Quality
The color palette draws mainly from a mostly saturated source (especially in the indoor scenes, where the glowing white background dares to distract you from the hot girl playing with herself before your eyes) during the first few minutes/tease sections of each respective scene, with a more natural tone taking over for a majority of the sex play.  The brief amount of outdoor shots are pretty blown out, though "effect" is a term I would use over "affected", in this case.  While the screen caps above include a heavy amount of jaggies, the home theater set-up will not yield a staggering amount of distortion or pull, but hi-def users are urged to seek out the impressive Blu-Ray edition (it even has better extras, natch) for a richer experience.  The audio is addressed in 2.0 standard stereo, and threatened, at times, to be overtaken by incidental music during the "slow" parts (those are not my quotations, but "theirs").  I left the disc a little seasick, but you may find better front-end docking capabilities with, perhaps, a pair of sunglasses.

Overall Thoughts
Sunny Loves Matt is like many rock groups' first album:  definite clinging to past formulas with little effectiveness (Sunny vs. Anamarie), the definite hits that even grandma will recognize on a Sunday night (Sunny vs. Matt, vs. Monique), and maybe one label-finessed guest appearance by a more established front-runner (Rebeca vs. Everybody Else).  I would venture to say that, yes, including Ms. Linares' clip was a mistake, in that she almost swept the rug from beneath Sunny, Monique, and Matt, but the elevated amount of joy I received from seeing Sunny take on a fleshy trunk were perhaps the (second) best moments on the disc.  I know the difficult sophomore slump will be averted, and that third album will be a sprawling classic, but for now, Sunny Loves Matt feels piecemeal and barely fungible.  But three out of five ain't bad, and for those winners, I recommend you still check it out, despite its flaws.  Growing up in public is hard, people!

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