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Porne Ultimatum, The

Studio: Dirty Bird Pictures » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 4/6/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Mike Donner
1 Hour 48 Minutes
CAST: Kaden Saylor, Brant Moore, Brent Corrigan, Mason Wyler, Kasey, Levi, Colin, Seth, Barrett Long

The Good Stuff

After escaping from being a captive participant in a fourgy Chason Porne is on a mission to find out who he really is in The Porne Ultimatum.


Scene 1
Chason Porne the sexy blonde haired, blue eyed Kaden Saylor has escaped from his evil captors who were just starting to get down to business with his ass. He escapes into the ocean in a hail of bullets but gets a few additional holes in his body anyway. The always gorgeous Brent Corrigan finds him washed up on the beach with the mornings batch of seaweed and takes him home to nurse his wounds. Luckily Brent is a med student who knows his shit and lets Kaden stay while he recuperates. After two months of building his strength back Kaden is finally in tip top shape and ready to start the search for who he really is. To thank Brent he carries his delicious Saviour onto the couch to show him just how recovered he really is. They start with a passionate make out session followed by some suck action and 69ing before Chason gives his cock a workout with Brents sweet bubble ass. After showing his gratitude for Brent's nursing Kaden learns he was found with a map of Balboa Park in his pocket so that is where his search begins.

Scene 2
As soon as he gets to the park the bad guys see him and its a foot race to escape. On his mad dash Kaden comes across tall, muscular Mason Wyler sunning and stroking and just chilling by his pool. The bad guys are getting close so Kaden takes off most of his clothes and hops on top of Mason to make out and hide from the bad guys. Even though they are only two feet away literally the guys don't recognize Kaden making out with Mason and leave. Kaden needs a car but Mason won't gives his over but says he'll drive him anywhere. They find the evil hide out and to help Kaden get in Mason offers to distract the guard outside who happens to be monster cocked Barrett Long. Mason gets right down to "distracting" the guard and when Barrett unleashes his beast Masons eyes almost pop out of his head. Mason sucks down that horse cock before taking it up his tight ass and both are quite a task for Mason. After having his ass assaulted and while Barrett is getting himself back together Mason knocks him out with a baseball bat and goes to find out what Chason is up to.

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Scene 3
Chason sneakily enters the house from the front door and sees three additional guards Kasey, Colin and Levi. They complain about i being hot and head good the dark haired and sexy Levi orders the other two to put on a show for him. Kasey and Colin give a peep show of nipple sucking, cock sucking and ass eating before Levi who has been stroking his rod joins in. Chason realizes these are the three guys who held him captive. Oh my! The guards take turns sucking each others cocks before Levi and Kasey take turns slamming Colins hole. While the three guards are busy with each other Chason steels a gun and cell phone and goes downstairs while the three guards are busy nutting on Colin.

Scene 4
When Chason reaches the bottom of the stairs he sees two other twinky guards Seth and Brant Moore busily hoovering each others big cocks. They mistake him for a new guard and since it is Brant's job to break in the new guys he wastes no time is stripping Chason out of his clothes and having him join Seth and him in a circle suck. Seth and Brant worship Chason's cock for a while before Brant takes a turn at Seths ass and Chason ponies up behind Brant for a little sandwich action screwing Brants pink pucker. After everyone nuts the two real guards doze off and Chason picks up a phone call on the cell he stole. It's Hardstone! The head bad guy! A few threats are given and then Chason goes out back the way he came in facing off with the guards upstairs before escaping into the waiting care of Mason.

Scene 5
There is a high speed chase through the curvy roads and Mason's Honda outmaneuvers the Mercedes the bad guys are driving. Mason was a pizza delivery boy and knows the streets like the back of his hand. Chason and Mason escape and end up together to discuss what is next. Chason thanks Mason in the way he knows best with some hot man on man action. Mason who hasn't gotten his rocks off yet devours Chason's body with his mouth sucking kissing and licking every inch and diving head first into Chason muscular ass. Chason's cock is rock hard and crying for ass and Mason's quivering hole is ready for some more action. Chason slams away and both guys look like they are in ecstasy. These two guys were into each other for one of the hottest scenes of the movie. While in the afterglow of their lovemaking the cellphone rings again, of course it's Hardstone....I'm listening...Let's talk.



The full frame transfer for this DVD was clear with good lighting for each and every scene. The lighting, the angles, the transitions from position to position and scene to scene are all executed perfectly. There were a few bits of fuzziness but it was kept to a minimum. The Dolby 2.0 sound is clear and crisp. The dialog and sex sounds are all clearly heard.


Zilch! Not even trailers!

At the End of the Night

The Porne Ultimatum was an entertaining flick to watch. It basically follows the premise of the big budget film that it it based on with a few differences to gay porn it up. The acting was okay but lets face it you guys are really interested in the action and it was good. The various scenes were all hot and the guys were sexy. For Kaden's debut it is a good one and he is someone to watch with his model good looks and gorgeous body. Mason Wyler and Kaden Saylor are the best pairing in the film and their scene had the most heat. The most upsetting thing about the film is that there is not even the pretense of an extra and that is sad. Seeing as there was a ton of dialog I am sure there were some outtakes that could have been added in as an extra. But again we go back to the what the film really is and that is porn and it delivered there. So I give it my rating of "Recommended".

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