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Evan Rivers 4

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 4/18/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Director: Andles

Cast: Evan Rivers, Billy, Frank, Jaeden, Alec, Damon, Kayden

Length: 67 minutes

Production Dates: February, March 2007

Condoms: yes

The Skinny:
Five more scenes originally shot for the internet get compiled into this collection, brought to you by the folks at Bang Productions (BangBros.com). The blend of solos, oral action and fucking is led by host Evan Rivers.

Scene 1
With a cameraman in the back seat, Billy is driving around town with Rivers in the passenger seat. Rivers soon opens up the driver's pants to start jacking and sucking his dick, which stays soft during the first half...not that it matters, because initially the action is almost impossible to see anyway, with the angle from the rear seat providing a great shot of heads, arms and backsides (hot!). After an edit, the car is now parked and Billy has a good stiffy worked up, which Rivers continues to suck. But by then, the damage has been done, and with a total running time of just over six minutes, there's not much left in this scene to sink your teeth into, not even the small wad that ends up on Rivers' face.

Scene 2
Dark-skinned Frank enters the living room and talks to Rivers behind camera as he shows off his tattooed, toned body...although he surprisingly admits to not working out ("No, just have sex!"). Frank flashes a smile that stands out nicely from his goatee and long hair, and is soon rubbing the bulge in his briefs. He gets naked and then starts jacking on the couch, but he has excessive hand coverage during a lot of the scene, so it's hard to even see his dick, which may not be fully hard. It becomes more visible toward the end, when he dumps a load on himself.

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Scene 3
Rivers is hanging out on the couch with hat-wearing friend Jaeden. We soon get a close-up shot of Rivers ass as he's bent over the couch, with Jaeden's hand getting lubed up to finger Rivers' ass. A butt plug is the next implement to go inside, and Rivers handles the chore himself before Jaeden takes over. Rivers then lies back on the couch with a vibrating dildo up his ass (although he doesn't get hard), and then Jaeden fucks him briefly (the only fucking in this film) at the end of the scene. There aren't many close-ups, and the ones we do get reveal little actual movement. Jaeden dumps his load on Rivers' face and chest (Rivers does not come).

Scene 4
Similar to the second scene, this features one man talking to the unseen filmer (which doesn't sound like Rivers this time) before he jacks off. Alec is a smooth (shaved all over), muscular hunk of man with what sounds like an Eastern European accent. He likes to flex and show off his muscles (loving that chest!) for a bit, and finally sinks into the couch to stroke his meat. He holds his cock at the base a little too much initially, making it hard to really see it in its full glory. But toward the end of the scene the shots get better, and his big, meaty piece provides the best visual in the entire five scenes of this feature. If only he would take his hands off that hot cock for a bit and just let us enjoy it for a while!

Scene 5
The finale has Rivers kissing spiky-haired friend Damon, and soon the camera pans out to show us Kayden--sporting a high-and-tight blond haircut--watching them. The two soon head over to surround him as they kiss and rub him, and then the two take turns sucking him off. Kayden works up a nice boner, but the shots are too close at times, and it's a very claustrophobic scene where you never really get the big picture (you would never know this was a threesome most of the time). It finishes with Kayden blowing his load in Rivers' mouth. Neither Rivers nor Damon squirt (or even get naked).

Presented in full frame, there are no major issues with the picture quality and colors here (the first scene suffers the most, but that's do to the filming location). The audio is mostly fine but sometimes low. It's frequently hard to understand what Rivers is saying...probably more of a mumbling issue than anything else.

Just trailers and a photo gallery.

The Naked Truth:
Short and forgettable, this collection doesn't offer much to recommend. The scenes may have fleeting okay moments, but most of the time it's lacking extended good shots of hard dick. Alec provides the best moment, but it's not enough to give this a even a rental. Skip It.

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