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Below Deck 2

Studio: Dirty Bird Pictures » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 5/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Director: Dink Flamingo

Cast: Kaden, Colin, Kasey, Elijah, Adam

Length: 1 hour, 45 minutes

Production Date: August 2007

Condoms: yes

The Skinny:
Dink Flamingo gets five more amateur military studs to come to his home, sit on the couch and watch porn as they chill, chat and then engage in some hot sucking and fucking.

Scene 1
If you haven't seen The Porne Ultimatum from Dirty Bird Pictures (the feature line from Pink Bird Media, also the parent company to this Active Duty line), you might not be familiar with Kaden Saylor. He's pretty much perfect: handsome, muscular, tight, toned...and a nice piece of meet between his legs. He also seems laid back, and when he flashes that All-American jock smile, it's impossible to resist. When Scene 1 opens, he's already naked and jacking alongside fellow stud Colin--another muscular hunk with a few tattoos, a high-and-tight haircut and a real thick slab above some smooth, bouncing balls. This is one of Kaden's early scenes, and it's up to pro Colin to treat him right.

The two talk about music, weight lifting...and it quickly becomes clear that Kaden is the more quiet one, with Colin the verbally energetic one who likes to look into the camera and flash his own killer smile. Then he tells us he's going to nursing school: "I'm gonna be a fucking nurse, bitches! I'll take care of you guys...I'm gonna take care of him first." And he does, soon sliding over to get his tongue on Kaden's chest as he strokes him. Colin compliments the hell out of Kaden ("Fucking sexy! That's sexy!"), bragging about his bud's bod to the viewer. His energy really gets you into the scene--Colin is one verbal dude, and it heats up this scene real fast. Soon he's sucking Kaden and rubbing his body--check out Kaden's tight abs and flexed bicep. Also watch Kaden's eyes, which sometimes look at his friend as he gets sucked...hot!

Kaden soon kneels up to slowly face fuck Colin, who then lies on his back to gulp on Kaden's balls and gently lick Kaden's shaft with his tongue. This is perhaps the hottest sequence in the whole scene, with some fantastic shots to the side and above, catching Kaden's very hard, very hot cock in action as it bobs on Colin's face and tongue, getting some really great treatment.

Colin then starts to eat his bud, who rests his boner on Colin's chest. We get better shots of the action when Kaden gets on his knees and shows his ass to the camera, with Colin spreading those cheeks to reveal the sweet red center, which he dives his tongue and fingers into. Kaden then turns around and sits down to get sucked some more, with Colin fingering him at the same time. "Am I turning you on?" Colin asks, met with a hot smile and a nod of the head. "It's about time!" Colin responds. "I've been trying!" It's a sweet exchange that brings out the different personalities of both of them.

Soon, Colin is on all fours, moaning as he gets pounded from behind. He then turns over to get fucked some more, and we get better penetration shots. Colin then gets it doggie style again as Kaden develops a hot rhythm, with Colin bracing himself on the floor as he gets fucked over the bedside. Kaden finally squirts on Colin, who doesn't seem to come himself (if he did, it's a real small load that's impossible to see)...the only disappointment of the scene. A brief interview and ass flashing closes the scene.

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Scene 2
We open up with a shot of cute Elijah talking to the camera, and it becomes immediately apparent that this handsome man is horned up. Really horned up: "I haven't busted a nut in a couple days. I need this!" Like Colin in the first scene, Eli really sells this with his constant hot commentary, and his cock is super stiff the entire way...you could spend the whole scene just watching it. He strokes it, he caresses the shaft, he frantically beats it around between his hands. And he also has shifty eyes--watch his eyeballs dart to his far right so he can catch a glimpse of hot Kasey, a muscular, smooth stud with dark hair and yet another hot, hard cock that stays stiff.

They are joined by Adam, a spiky-haired skinny guy that stays mostly quiet, but really sucks some mean dick. None of these guys ever really address the whole sexuality issue (like most of the Active Duty scenes), but all talk about the straight porn they are apparently watching, and other comments would lead us to believe some may consider themselves either bi or straight. None of them are so obviously gay that it destroys the fantasy of straight men who stray, if that horns you up even more. Frankly, I don't care...when a scene is this hot, they can say whatever they want. These dicks are hard and horned.

Soon, the buds all have their cocks out of their board shorts, and it isn't long before Eli and Adam are talking about how to break in rookie Kasey. After jacking and chatting, Eli says it's time to "Start getting the ball rolling." He take s face plant onto Kasey's cock, which instantly pleases him: "Slob on my knob, like corn on the cob." (Kasey makes a lot of dorky comments, but they work...I'm guessing one of two of these guys might have a drink or two in them, making them nice and relaxed.) Adam soon takes his turn sucking, and does it beautifully. What follows is a long, hot-as-hell oral sequence between these three. Adam and Eli go back and forth, with Kasey sitting back in the center and enjoying all the attention (watch his toes curl up in pleasure!). "Y'all are both pretty good!" Yes, they are.

But Kasey shows us he's up for trying, too, and spends some time slurping on Eli's gorgeous boner. We don't see as much of Adam's cock, but he sports nice wood during this sequence. Eli is moaning, groaning and grunting throughout it all, a great soundtrack to a hot scene. The camera gets some solid shots of the action, and the best have the suck chain caught with a wider view, capturing all three boners.  Then it's time for the fucking, where we find Kasey pounding Eli doggie style and we get this hot exchange:

Eli: "Does that feel good?"
Kasey: "That's tight!"
Eli: "Tighter than your girlfriend's?"
Kasey: "Way tighter!"

Kasey also asks Eli a few times if he's doing alright, showing a caring side to go along with his macho alpha topness. Some overhead shots beautifully capture Kasey's hard cock inside Eli, and soon he lets loose a nice load on Eli's cheeks. Eli then proves to be truly versatile, fucking Adam with his own hard shaft. We get more great fuck shots before the two release their cum on Adam to finish the fabulous scene.

The full frame presentation works just fine. This is a semi-amateur release, like most of Active Duty's titles, so you don't get the same choreographed shots like the big budget studio stuff. You sometimes get a camera in a fixed position, or one that moves around to get the best shots. The audio is equally fine...no complaints on either one.

Sadly, not a one.

The Naked Truth:
Even though this only has two scenes, those two scenes are hot as fuck. The guys here are horned up, and with verbal Colin and Eli leading the way, it's a fun ride from start to finish. And did I mention gorgeous Kaden? And hunky Kasey? And...well, you get the picture. I watch a lot of porn, and this one's a keeper. The oral work in particular in Scene 2 is something I will pop in frequently to enjoy. There's a great energy and chemistry here. Active Duty continually puts out hot shit, so if you haven't yet sampled this pro-am military-themed studio, give it a try. Even without any extras and just two scenes, this comes Highly Recommended.

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