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I Love Gianna #2

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/6/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

I Love Gianna 2: Special Collector's Edition

New Sensations

Genre: Compilation, Gianna

Director: Varied by Scene

Cast: Gianna, Michael Stefano, Erik Everhard, Johnny Sins, Ramon, Annette Schwarz, Jennifer Dark, Lexi Bardot

Length: 189:54 minutes

Dates of Production: 2/8/2007, 3/25/2007, 12/16/2006, 7/1/2007, 1/21/2007, 2/13/2008

Extras: There was a photogallery and a double sided DVD case but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: I Love Gianna 2 was presented in the usual 1.33: ratio full frame and 1.78:1 ratio letterboxed widescreen color as the scenes were shot by a variety of directors for a number of titles by New Sensations in the MPEG-2 codec used for SD porn these days. The quality of the scenes varied more than a little bit as some were very appealing while others were in need of better attention to detail but I still felt that the overall compilation was handled fairly well and focused on the cutie in question quite nicely. The series has really sold well according to the company president and fans that have passed up on projects in the past (because they would only have a single scene of the object of their lustful desires) seem to find them really solid in terms of value so the minor technical matters aren't as big a factor here. The fleshtones were accurate, the lighting usually good, and the composition of the shots typically good enough to enhance the look of the ladies. Oh yeah, the watermarks were back in case that matters to you (the company name on the lower right hand corner of the scenes) but the bitrate often hovered in the mid 5 Mbps range so the scenes tended to look pretty solid overall. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps), with little separation and limited dynamic range but at least the music was not as lame as it could have been in most cases (exceptions noted below).

Body of Review: New Sensations has been very active in the compilation market recently, offering multi-disc sets and focused performer titles so it makes sense that they eventually got around to their second title starring Gianna before too long with I Love Gianna 2, a set of 6 lengthy scenes that fans will appreciate as much as I Love Gianna 1. The cover said it like this: "The second cumming of Gianna is here, and you don't want to miss it! Six hot scenes make up this collector's edition that will have you creaming in your shorts for over 3 hours of pure ecstasy. Watch her bump her booty on that cock, fuck her titties with that cock, and suck those balls clean and dry. With a pair of huge jugs and an ass to die for, she's got what it takes to get the job done. So do you love Gianna? Because I fuckin' do!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

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Scene One: Dirty Little Stories 2: Gianna, Michael Stefano; We follow Gianna from behind, soon finding out that she's an agent following out the orders of a mission. Her desires catch up to her upon meeting Michael, her target, and soon enough, she lets herself melt quickly into his hands. She does call the shots, however, throughout the scene, pulling her black dress between her massive, natural breasts to gently sock at his face. Gianna coaxes Michael's dick from his pants to stroke her hands over, and shifts down to blow him as he caresses and runs his fingers over her ass and pussy. She lets out a loud cry as they being fucking in cowgirl, and she stands above him to masturbate before trotting into spoon-style cradling. The duo groove into a sweaty lock-step, and the camera stays with their every move. After a bit of missionary, tit and dick play ensue, Michael then working his way back into Gianna's mouth. Doggy, both on the edge of the soiled black leather couch and balanced off a pillar, follow, with plenty of tasting and face play courtesy of Gianna. A spoon offset by a final face stuffing brings the scene to its cusp, and Michael splays his goods over Gianna's mouth. Satisfied and reeled over, the two rest briefly, only to cut away to Michael being asphyxiated via plastic bag. From his dying character's point of view, we see a naked Gianna rush out, the distance fading to black. As a secret but deadly agent, Gianna turns out every last ounce of stud pull that Michael has to offer, and as a duo, they smoke like an untamed wildfire! Director Vespoli chooses to stay with the action, going nearly fifteen minutes without a single cutaway - the sex was really all right there, so intense, and her performers, and the scene, are better for it! (review by Wind Tunnel)

Scene Two: Super Naturals #6: Gianna, Erik Everhard; Gianna, wearing a purple and white bikini way too small for her, was up next on a cloudy day outside where she teased to the generic synth-pop tune out by the pool. She knowingly focused on her breasts as the main object of desire, pulling one of them out to pinch the nipple and otherwise shake about before the second came into play. She was not at her fleshiest but she was built as much for comfort as I've seen her in about 90% of her past work. I've seen this scene before and always enjoy the oiling up portion of the titty tease too, Gianna taking the show inside the house to masturbate on the couch before being joined by Erik. He went right for sucking her ass and pussy as she bent over in doggy style, Gianna squealing in approval as she tried to get him acting rough (spanking her ass). Her blowjob was short but enthusiastic too, Gianna impaling her throat before climbing onto his rod to aggressively ride it as hard as possible. Both of them were hot for each other and that drove the scene to new heights too, ending with a titty fuck that helped unleash his wad of population pudding she took in her mouth. Whew!

Scene Three: My Place #3: Gianna, Johnny Sins; Kayzen and his crew (Brother Love and the ever-present Freddie) attempt to get yet another adult star to their Qee Bear-filled pad. They scroll through a seemingly infinite number of Gianna's until they finally find ("one fucken hour later"), big-breasted adult star Gianna Michaels. They write her a cheese-filled email entitled "Romantic Walk On the Beach" and, wouldn't you know it, "three hours later" she responds. Our guys, it seems, have reeled in another gorgeous starlet to film. But, Gianna plays a little hard to get and the boys are forced to head to her place this time. Cut to Gianna's house. They knock, she opens, and wow...Gianna's tits are fucking gigantic. I mean, they're really, really big. The five (Sins has joined the bunch) get silly for a bit (the guys have all taken their pants off at this point) before we're invited into Gianna's house. Cut to Gianna writhing around sexily on a pool table while Freddie, Love, and Kayzen--all sans pants--ogle the beauty (while Sins, shirtless and fucking ripped, stands confidently to the side). There's a few more minutes of playful banter before Gianna undoes her bikini top and unleashes her mammoth tits. She shakes 'em, she rubs them in Freddie's face, and bounces them up and down per Kayzen's request. (For what it's worth, Kayzen has a tendency to say "Oh, shit!" and "Oh my God" a lot. A LOT. But, as I mentioned earlier, it's exactly what we all would be saying if confronted with Hillary's perfect ass or Gianna's logic-defying boobs. It's genuine surprise. And it's actually quite refreshing.) And so the fucking begins. It's aggressive, rough, loud and varied with equal parts cock sucking, missionary, cowgirl, slapping, reverse cowgirl, bow and arrow, and doggie, with Gianna's hefty jugs swinging back and forth the entire time like those silver balls on office desks that go clack, clack, clack forever and ever. And just when you think the scene might be over, that Sins and Gianna have had enough, they keep going. And going. And going until Sins finally shoots a powerful load onto Gianna's face. Awesome scene. (review by Alexander)

Scene Four: It's Huge #7: Gianna, Ramon; Don't adjust your television, Gianna really is wearing all pink, wig included. Somewhere beneath the feathers and fluorescent fishnets is a buxom babe with a crave for Ramon's thick meat. Gianna is a sweet faced older lass with thick thighs and a nice pair of floppy breasts. Gianna's cocksucking is as hot as her outfit; she tugs and spits his shaft, slobbing on it enthusiastically and with a decent amount of energy. Her tits are perfect for fucking and Ramon does this for a few minutes before bending her over the couch and pumping her like a rabbit. This action is less exciting than the oral, and the two joke around quite a bit so it steals from the scene. After a while it seems Ramon is just pumping to reach climax, and so we just kinda wait for the scene to end. Ramon eventually cums in her mouth and Gianna spits it onto her tities. An okay scene that grew repetitive. (review by Saul Good)

Scene Five: The Trouble With Girls: Gianna, Annette Schwarz; Gianna, all dolled up and playing domestic Goddess, was in the kitchen when sexy Annette strolled up behind her; the blond anal queen wearing chaps that revealed her sweet ass. She began sniffing at Gianna before jumping her, pulling the curvy hotty backward as if abducting her. Gianna was next seen tied & bound on the couch, Annette using a large black dildo on her while spouting dirty talk. The lesbian scene was a heated affair though with subordinate Gianna slowly coming around to enjoying herself in a wanton fashion, Annette's depraved mannerism winning her over in this role playing scenario. Their roles swapped out towards the end, at least a little bit, but the sexy lingerie and fetishware added to the passionate fun they had to make it a sweet scene for stroking purposes.

Scene Six: The Trouble With Girls: Gianna, Jennifer Dark, Lexi Bardot; Gianna was then up in a second scene from the same movie as the last scene (I hate when a compilation does that too), dressed up as a man in a far more dominant role as she worked over Lexi and Jennifer. The change of pace was appealing for me and the use of toys less prominent, though the strap on dildo was a regular part of the scene and all three ladies were going crazy here; as if to establish their qualifications for being in the movie. The use of dirty talk was well played here too, some anal hijinks adding to the nasty nature of the action but the technical aspects, as seen on both scenes from the movie, were a bit too intrusive and not as conducive to showcasing the ladies as well as they could have been.

Summary: by New Sensations was a nicely handled set of six scenes starring the attractive young performer, a wider variety than usual thanks to her lesbian work and the rest of the bunch so I rated it as Recommended. The technical values varied a bit too much and some of the scenes were not as heated as others but in the big picture, there was more Gianna fuck for the buck than you are likely to find anywhere else on the market outside of a couple titles I reviewed not long ago (like G For Gianna). In short, I Love Gianna 2: Special Collector's Edition will appeal to her fans a whole lot (for them, this is a "must have" if they don't have all the movies listed) as well as a more general gonzo loving audience, the dual layered disc worthy of some nods thanks to the care the company put into the release.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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