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Gauntlet 3, The

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/28/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Faye Valentine

The Gauntlet 3

Vouyer Media

Rebeca Linares and Faye Valentine

Genre: Gonzo

Faye Valentine got splooged big time!

Director: Vince Vouyer

Crissy Moon

Cast: #1: Faye Valentine, Rebeca Linares, Jack Napier, Chris Charming, Claudio Meloni, Johnny Deep, Ralph Long, Eric Camden, Kyle Stone, Dick Nasty, Mike Hash, Steve James, Rocker X, Brian Surewood, Eddie Charisma, James Deen, Jerry, Steve Taylor, Andrew Andretti, Joe Blow, Brad Hardy, Jake Lawrence, Mike Hawk, Tony Swan, Jeremy Steele;
Cast #2: Crissy Moon, La'Rin Lane, Chris Charming, Ralph Long, Eric Camden, Kyle Stone, Dick Nasty, Rocker X, Brian Surewood, James Deen, Jerry, Andrew Andretti, Brad Hardy, Mike Hawk, Tony Swan, Joe Rock, Justin Syder, Bang Boy, Doug Deep, Sascha, Dick Delaware, Sergio, KJ, Michael Android, Hugo, Mike Deez, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Derek Lust, Ryan Knox
Cast #3: Maya Hills, Faye Valentine, Chris Charming, Tommy Gunn, Anthony Rosano, Jerry, Andrew Andretti, Talon, Sascha

La'Rin Lane!

Length: #1: 149:29 minutes
Length: #2: 112:50 minutes
Length: #3: 123:10 minutes

La'Rin teaching Crissy about anal loving!

Date of Production: 11/19/2007

A parting backside shot of Crissy Moon and La'Rin Lane

Extras: Each disc in the three disc set was like a separate movie, complete with separate extras, making it a true value package that few will deny offer some great material for fans of the three featured ladies. In disc #1, Faye Valentine's disc, the first major extra was a 73:47 minute long Behind the Scenes feature called Cutting Room Floor. While a lot of it was the boilerplate footage of Faye getting ready for her scene(s) in make up, some photoshoot material, and additional sex and/or nudity. The inclusion of Rebeca getting ample screen time was cool too (though I'm not going to pick up any soap around her in the shower any time soon). It showed the scope of the project by including Van Styles in on some of the shoot too, the guy assisting Vince on the production end of things nicely. Both ladies seemed strong willed in what they wanted and would do for money, Faye insistent on protecting her perfect pucker from the crew so desirous of plucking her anal cherry. Once the lengthy day was over, they also decided to capture Faye a bit worn out with an Aftermath Interview lasting 11:48 minutes. Faye wanted to do more with Rebeca and liked Jimmy but she made it clear that she was challenged to the point where it was tough (but she withstood the action). There were four trailers and four photogalleries as well; though none of them were as long as some of Vince's previous works (where he combines them into one).

Maya Hills was too relaxed prior to the scene as seen with Vince Vouyer.

The second disc in the package, the one starring Crissy Moon, was next. Crissy had a lot to say but she shared the spotlight with several of her coworkers here, men rarely getting much chance to speak in Vouyer's production extras. The Behind the Scenes feature lasted 66:15 minutes and there was a lot going on here too. The press and PR folks were all in the background and there was a lot of emphasis on this being Crissy's first anal adventure; the gal learning some new tricks by La'Rin (who does a decent job taking cocks in her ass from what I've seen). The energy of the BTS this time was more subdued, lacking Faye's excitement and replacing it with a more matter of fact way of looking at things. The Aftermath Interview lasted 10:09 minutes and the discussion seemed split between the talk about spew as well as the anal once again. Crissy had prepared for the event as best she could and that made it bearable though for all the fun she had, it was a lot of work. There was another set of 4 photogalleries and 5 trailers too.

The third disc starred Maya Hills and she was the most established gal of the movie by far. Her Behind the Scenes feature lasted 58:30 minutes and contained some of the kinds of footage the others incorporated into their movie (such as Maya arriving, checking out the goodies she had to work with, and running into Faye). There was the usual photoshoot material, Maya discussing her extended career (she had "retired" only to come back soon after), people she's worked with, and more sexual exploits from the anal princess. The blond make up gal, Sammie, was a nice surprise since I haven't seen much of her lately, and the 12:18 minute long Aftermath Interview was amusing the way she presented her quirks to Vince. There were four more photogalleries and another five trailers too, following the established pattern. The box itself had the three discs in a fold out format with a wealth of pictures and a solid sleeve to keep them in; the kind of keep case you wouldn't mind a LOT more titles coming out in for collector's. Whew!

Faye Valentine warming up Maya Hills' ass.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Gauntlet 3 was presented in an anamorphic widescreen color with an approximate aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by director Vince Vouyer for release by Vouyer Media. The lighting was flat and even, still better than that which you'll find in most gonzo porn and topping a few of Vince's recent efforts at the company (though it looked yet again like most of the work was done with a couple of cameras and limited editing; clearly the best way to go given the number of guys involved). There was little grain and the fleshtones were even better this time making me think that the HD picture might look even better on one of the newer high resolution formats, but only by a small margin given the look of the ladies thanks to his fine work shooting the scenes (Donnie Cabo and Van Styles helped too but Vince was clearly the lead cameraman from all the footage shown in the BTS extras) with the bitrate coming in under the 3 Mbps rate most of the time. The composition of the shots was such that the ladies were made to look as good as Vince could make them and given his level of skill developed over the years, he showed he still has what it takes to make hot women even hotter looking. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (192 Kbps bitrate) but there was no separation between the channels and the vocals were on the low side in all but a few circumstances.

Body of Review: Vince Vouyer is known as the creative force behind Vouyer Media and the company seems focused on newcomer gals having extremely hardcore sex with little bullshit to speak of. This is a dynamic that a great many fans have expressed to me they appreciate and most of them give the credit to Vince himself for making it so. That said, his latest movie coming to me was The Gauntlet 3, the sequel to The Gauntlet 1 and The Gauntlet 2. The series has been established to showcase a gal getting truly put through the paces as much as possible, moving from room to room where she would try new things or at least get plastered by a lot of men, becoming a doused dame thanks to all the semen lobbed her way. Well, this time the series tried to outdo itself rather than rest on the laurels of the past; serving up three full discs with three ladies capable of milking anyone alive. With over six hours of actual movie time and extras totaling up to over another three hours, this was one of the lengthiest releases I have ever seen of all new material; the quality of which I will discuss in the review proper. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Faye Valentine, the young lady on the front cover, was up first as the lead gal on the first disc. The first thing I think some of you might care to know is that the cover covers up most of her many freckles; I don't have a freckle fetish (except maybe for Stoya and a few others) but if you enjoy young gals with tons of them all over, Faye is the girl for you. Her lengthy disc started off with Vince discussing her as he looked over his computer photogallery of pictures; Faye joining him in the office with Dick Nasty. Rather than break up the disc into separate scenes as I might normally do, I intend on keeping the premise of the series intact; Faye runs a gauntlet of different rooms, trying all sorts of sexual depravities along the way. She changes outfits a number of times and really pushes her limits, thanks largely to Vince and company, before she is finished. I like the build up the series gave her here, spending about almost an hour before any real action took place, those of you looking to rub out a quick load or two simply needing to skip the interview session and go to the second part of the "two weeks later" portion where she starts her antics with studly Jack Napier. Blind folded, she begins when Jack walks in with his semi-hard cock to stretch her limits thoroughly, Faye telling the camera that "this is the biggest thing I've ever had in my mouth." She takes off her mask and looks at it, the look on her face amusing to say the least but she continued to blow his enormous dick willingly, concentrating on the head until he unleashed a load of population pudding in her mouth to swallow.

That was when hotty Rebeca Linares joined in to try some light BDSM on Faye, leaving all the fetish stuff behind to make it more of a straight up lesbian scene with Rebeca in charge. They went oral on each other, used some toys, and Faye was made to serve her mistress but that was about it before the sex started getting more hardcore in the next room (where Rebeca introduced Faye to a bunch of guys in the blowbang room). Both of the gals started fucking and sucking the five guys, moving from Faye as the focal point to the gals separating to get plenty of action apart. Rebeca was the better of the two in terms of how active she was but Faye sure took a shine to James Deen; the loser getting very vocal where his silence would have been appreciated. Rebeca also did a bunch of anal here (with DP's) and both gals showed that taste testing was on the agenda; the scene ending with a variety of creampies and cum swaps that fans of them might like more than I did. Faye did seem to like swallowing though so I can't fault her oral activities compared to her moderately active riding skills.

Vince then led Faye to another room, leaving Rebeca behind (sadly enough), to find four more mopes in need of dropping seed. Faye put on her mask again and started slobbing their knobs aggressively, the men likely unaware they were getting sloppy sixths (her "load count" before the scene was listed at 5). The men were rough with her, slapping and spanking her a bit before inhaling their meat one at a time. They positioned her in a hanging chair that let her air out her pussy, the men staring at it as though they really wanted to drill her hard (some settling for some foot fetish action). Faye was led towards the couch for another oral line up and took their loads one at a time in her mouth, elevating her load count to 9.

Faye told Vince she was "still hungry" and the mask went back on her head, Vince leading her to another room where Kyle, Chris, Brian, and one or two more all took turns fucking her mouth and her pussy; Faye way too passive as her inflamed biscuit looked painfully over worked. Her moans were a mixture of pleasure and pain with the gal telling Vince she was still hungry after swallowing all they had to give her; Vince showing her to a large green sliding door where eleven more mopes were jerking off in anticipation of dropping loads in Faye's mouth. Dick Nasty was the most prominently placed guy of this section, several of the mopes missing their very easy target. The end showed her load count to be 23 so I must have missed one of the last group (or one pulled a "Marco Banderas" and gave her a second load). The end showed Vince talking to her in the SUV as the credits rolled; this coming from the set up chapter of the movie. Faye was not really my type and has a lot to learn before she'll be the freak of sexual nature Rebeca (or a couple dozen others in porn valley are) but this was an awesome showcase for her talents at this point in time, a separate rating of Recommended applied; noting the extras nearly pushed it a step higher but your mileage will vary depending on how much you find her to your personal liking.

Scene Two: Crissy Moon, an all natural brunette with a slightly hardened look to her but a sweet smile, was up next as she followed the formula. Vince explained the process of the movie to her, going into detail about the booklet form the volume would take, how none of the scenes were "full scenes" and how she could not work the day before (and to prepare to take the next day off too). The interview was fair, open, and gave both sides the chance to back out of the action but Crissy had warned him that she was only there for ten days so they had to plan it for a future time; the logistics alone in scheduling so much action for the full day of shooting being more difficult than most gonzo titles these days. She was fine with it and fans will again find this an excellent showcase of her talents, the scene including not only her first anal on camera but showing her take on four guys in that portion of the scene too. She began with a huge blowbang of guys waiting anxiously for her in the lower part of the warehouse; the catcalls beckoning her to join them at about the 37 minute mark of the movie (I liked the interview and set up plenty but those of you into the sex alone, a vast majority of you I suspect, will want to skip to this part). She wore a pink top and matching panties, fishing for cock with her hands until the guys surrounded her to get the full attention of her hands and mouth. Most of the guys were third tier mopes so there were no size issues as there was back in Faye's opener with jack; the smaller than average dicks easier to handle for her willing mouth. To her credit, Crissy slobbed their knobs with a playful demeanor, the guys wearing cool Vouyer Media t-shirts like the one I was supposed to get back in January (sniff). Seriously though, it was a slow paced beginning with Crissy wanting to unleash her beast on them but held back by the quality of the men. The dozen or so guys all got head and drained their dragons into her mouth; Crissy swallowing as much of the population pudding as possible from the guys that often had erection problems. I've never been a fan of blowbangs for this very reason but she looked cute enough and I wanted to see more of her working with protein.

La'Rin Lane, a sexy babe in need of more exposure, was up next as she sucked off Chris as Brian chowed down on her crotch, Sergio and Arnold waiting to get some action from her before Crissy walked in as led by Vince. Crissy picked off the two slackers and the guys started fucking her, all four of the men swapping around from time to time to tap both ladies. Crissy especially enjoyed Chris' large cock drilling her, his lack of rhythm not impacting her need for seed as the huge meat puppet showed his potential. Both ladies were active riders here and a welcome experience as far as I was concerned but I was surprised at the relative lack of lesbian action here; La'Rin sucking out the creampie for a cumswap being about as far as it went. Crissy ended up adding to her load count here and the ladies moved to another room afterwards.

La'Rin then took Crissy to another room where they experimented with some toys to expand Crissy's anal horizons. The smaller toys were too easy and even the medium toys showed La'Rin that Crissy had some experience she wasn't admitting to but the larger toys seemed to show the kind of newbie attitude that was expected. Crissy liked the action but she had to take deep breaths to keep herself focused, James, Sascha, Andrew, and Jerry all walking in when given the nod by La'Rin. The ladies sucked the men off to get them especially hard but this did not last very long as Crissy wanted cock in her ass. Her initial exposure to the back door being opened was very slow and she took her own sweet time with it, trying to keep up with La'Rin's energetic anal pursuits. Sascha was having a difficult time due to the cast on his hand, making maneuvering difficult for him, but he was the second step up in Crissy's expansive ass getting pounded. Crissy looked pretty hot getting her perfect pucker penetrated and she will undoubtedly look even better in the future as she gets used to it, but both ladies showed a willingness to go as far as they could while still having a great time; elevating the heat and enthusiasm of the scene a lot. Crissy ended up swallowing the loads directly or out of La'Rin's mouth during cumswapping, making this a high point of the entire volume, not just the disc; at least for those of you into semen play.

The last fifteen or so minutes were dedicated to both ladies engaging in a lengthy blowbang with a bunch more mopes. The gals dropped to their knees, made small talk when their mouths weren't full, and showed they weren't all tired out from everything that took place beforehand. The men used all the usual crud talk sayings such as "suck it", "here ya go", and the rest, allowing the ladies to rest their tired biscuits and asses while exercising their right to suck cock on camera. Vince was vocal at first but soon had his hands full capturing the action along with at least one other camera (perhaps a second by Donnie Cabo or Van Styles), always zooming in on the women going so strong. By the time it was all over, the listed load count was 27 loads for Crissy, 18 of them swallowed whole. My rating for this disc was another high end Recommended, losing a few points for inexperience and technical matters but gaining for the amount of fuck and suck for the buck. Whew!

Scene Three: Maya Hills, an exotic looking anal princess for some time now, was up last as the featured female of the third disc. I used to be really hot for her when she acted like she was fresh and cared but along the way, she started giving off a jaded vibe that weakened her appeal to me all too often. She is still capable of giving solid performances that truly rock but in a company known for showcasing newcomers doing all sorts of depraved things, her placement in the set struck me as odd, to say the least. She starred in the first volume of the series and missed out on #2 due to scheduling problems on Vince's part but she was more than willing to take the big payday all over again. The pair discussed her career of two years, her prior involvement with Vince's company in some heated titles, and where she was heading during the preliminary interview and the pick up portion. Maya is the only gal of the cast that could have been labeled an anal queen before she tapered off in her scenes so it came as no surprise that she warmed up with Faye Valentine on a big bed full of toys. Maya's red lingerie looked hot and Faye wasn't bad looking herself, but Maya got most of the attention in the anal warm up portion of the scene that didn't start until almost 50 minutes into the movie. I know a lot of people will consider all the build up to be better placed in the BTS part of the movie (and I have little to argue against their standpoint) but it did set the stage for her scene(s) nicely. Faye lubed her ass and started plundering Maya's perfect pucker, licking it and drilling it in unison to get the desired level of stretch going on. The ladies spoke quietly with one another here and the taste testing was fun but nothing substantial to stroke too.

Maya was next up in a classroom setting with Anthony Rosano, Maya in control of him as though she were the teacher of this mope. She fussed at him for spelling her name wrong on the board, the guy jerking off until it was her turn to play with the modest member. She was wearing her sexy red & black lingerie and brandishing a lengthy ruler, soon sucking his dick as though she was not the most discriminating gal in town. Her oral attributes added to the fun but Maya wanted a penis in her ass so after some ball tasting, she bent over the desk to get him inside of her pucker. She was mostly passive here and he couldn't handle lasting very long, rubbing out his load of semen onto her mouth for swallowing. She then slapped his ass and sent him on his way.

Continuing the domination theme, Maya walked into the next room to find muscular Tommy Gunn loosely tied to a wooden cross in a makeshift dungeon. She caressed her new toy and made it clear that she was the boss, sucking him off to tease him more than please him as she kept eye contact between the intermittent oral. She then untied his wrists and he fingered her to prepare her for the anal pounding he was determined to give her. She showed a lot more chemistry with Tommy than with the previous two partners she had in the movie, Faye a distant second and Anthony not even on the map. The dirty talk elevated the moment and Maya again displayed a passive anal attitude, "performing" more than truly enjoying what took place. She sucked him clean a few times too, showing decidedly more passion during the oral than the penetrative portions of the movie, eventually milking him dry of a load to her mouth.

Maya then played doctor with Chris Charming as her patient, employing a similar dynamic to the last scene as the one in charge of what would happen and when. She gave him a handjob, some head and a bit of her ass but it was remarkably similar in most ways with Maya draining his balls dry after a more aggressive riding spell. That was followed by Maya doing Andrew in a generic living room scene, doing Talon in a jail scene, Sascha in a stripper scenario, and Jerry as the last guy standing. Maya is not new to anal and most of the time in these short mini-scenes, she did a decent, if mechanical, job. Her oral was almost always better and the possibilities of the scenarios were never lived up to, nor was Maya's skill level, even using some men that were better than the other two gals were stuck with. I don't want to bag on anyone but the whole premise of the "gauntlet" is to get gals to push their limits and take a wealth of wad so seeing this bit of mediocrity weakened my overall perspective of the entire movie (that would have otherwise received a "highly recommended" for how close the previous scenes came as augmented by their wealth of extras).

Summary: The Gauntlet 3 by director Vince Vouyer for Vouyer Media will certainly be held high as a tribute to their willingness to elevate the "duration wars" started by Evil Angel and Jules Jordan Video to the next level but in terms of quality of action, much of it was filler. Each disc started off with a lot of material that no one else would put in an actual movie and while I might be the only one on Earth to appreciate it (much like audio commentaries by directors and performers), in all my years of reviewing, no one has ever asked for more non-sex footage unrelated to tease and foreplay in a movie. That tosses out over two hours of the length alone but to be fair, Maya was the albatross around the neck this time, lacking much enthusiasm and passion as she used to show. Taken as a whole, this netted the movie with a respectable but unfulfilling Recommended. I really wanted this one to be a yearly pick quite badly, enough that I took a break from it, let my first impressions chill out, and came back to it a few weeks later (I apologize for the delay in the review as a result but I owe it to you readers as well as Vince and company to be as even handed as possible). In short, The Gauntlet 3 might not have been as good as The Gauntlet 1 but it was better than The Gauntlet 2 and fans of the series not devoted to the original format might appreciate Maya's disc as an evolution not as weak as it seemed to me.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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