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7x Twin Minis

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Adam & Eve has long been a major force in providing adult pleasure to the masses.  From their movies and educational videos to their extensive research and toy production, few would argue that the company hasn't earned the many accolades it has received over the years.  Rather than let their reputation go to their head though, they have been involved in a lot of work that helped the industry as a whole over the long term instead of the far more common "looking out for #1" I see many of their peers engaging in more often than not.  This brings us to today's review of their 7x Twin Minis, a variable speed vibrator made for women that like a little variety in their lives. 

This is almost exactly how large the toy is (images courtesy of Adam & Eve).

As most of you probably know, vibrators have been around for a very long time, the technology improving as advances are made in electronics.  Adam & Eve spend a considerable amount of money looking for the best to offer their clients, not just copying what sells for their competitors; preferring to make the market and lead the way.  The Twin Minis are an example of innovative thinking in that sense, made less for penetration than the kind of stimulation many women prefer.  The package advertises the toy as a "novelty" and being phthalate free so you won't have to worry about cancer (if there are any documented cases of none phthalate free products killing people, I haven't heard of them).  The seafoam green device consists of a control box and two miniature vibrating bullets; the bullets waterproof to allow for the wet climate they help generate in a lady's cookie.

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The Twin Minis use two AA batteries in the base unit, each of the components sealed to prevent shorting out.  The bullets are slightly over 2" long each, with a 30" cord to the base unit, and about 3" of cord between them.  This is to allow one to be used on the ass while the other hits the clitoris for a duality of stimulation that partner Nadine found to be "great".  The base unit is about 4" long and suited for an average woman's hand, using two buttons to active seven different modes of vibration; intermittent, slower, faster, and a number of combinations.  I wish the package had included a list of what setting provided what kind of vibration but half the fun is finding out for yourselves.  Nadine particularly liked the slow-slow-slow-fast setting but some of them would run through the entire range to keep the vibrations from getting "stale" or predictable; the major reason for the toy's options in the first place. 

The LED readout was handy!

This is also a toy where a partner can come in handy, allowing the one getting the pleasure to kick back as they give up control to said partner (in fairness, I was called "a tease" several times due to the way I experimented with the settings).  In our case, Nadine was climbing the walls due to the way the device was working on her both ends.  You can also insert the bullets into each opening, use them on the nipples, or for advanced users, put one against each partner wherever it feels best; the limitation of the 3" overcome if you decide to pull the wires further apart (I don't recommend doing this though).  If anything, I think the toy works best with partners sharing the device though, allowing each to communicate what works and what doesn't; making for a lot more fun in extended play.

The bullets themselves was waterproof and I hesitated to dunk the control unit in the sink underwater when I read the warning "never submerge electrical components in water" but as part of the test, I felt obligated to verify that it was indeed "waterproof" so don't try that at home.  The three minute test proved that the O-ring held secure as fastened so it did live up to the advertising but like all things, testing typically involves pushing a toy to the limits.  The batteries did not last as long with the Twin Minis as some lesser toys though, powering twice as many components reasonably using them up faster but even leaving it on the higher setting gave it hours of run time (long after Nadine was a puddle of glistening sweat and drenched in juices).  That it was surprisingly affordable was a bonus here but used as directed, it should provide a lot of pleasure for a long time.  Nadine suggested it merited a rating of Highly Recommended, a few minor modifications needed to give it our top rating.  The toy was made in China so socially conscious people might take exception with it on that basis alone, but this was not your mother's vibrator and it earned some praise.  Good work Adam & Eve!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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