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Brazilian Outback

Studio: Jet Set Men » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 6/24/08

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Director: Gavin Lowe

Cast: Guy Tavares, Michel, Andre Lemos, Alan Black, Junior Pavarello, Rodrigo, Denis Curtis, Arnoud

Length: 1 hour, 46 minutes

Production Date: October 2007

Condoms: yes

The Skinny:
Jet Set's Latin Heat Productions presents five scenes of uncut Brazilian buds getting naked outdoors. While we don't get any subtitles, you can probably follow along. Note that the names that appear on the box do not fully match up with the names credited on the actual video (I have used the names presented on the video).

Scene 1
While at an outdoor bar, handsome Guy Tavares catches the eye of Michel. The two head to a barn, where Guy gets a massage--and some tongue treatment. You'll quickly notice that a lot of the angles here are a little awkward, making it hard to see the good stuff. And Michel uses a little too much hand when he sucks Guy (perhaps covering up some slightly soft cock initially). Michel then bends over to get his hole licked, fingered and fucked (we also get a little more sucking of Guy, with much better shots). Michel sits down on Guy and jacks his own hard cock as he rides (a great image!), then turns around to face Guy as we get a nice look at the top's thick shaft. Michel gets a nice grind going as he sits down, and then proceeds to come twice (!) as he gets fucked, followed by Guy dumping his load on Michel (who gets a wad in his hair).

Scene 2
Long-haired Luau approaches Arcanio as both tattooed hunks are camping in a scene that echoes Brokeback Mountain (you get lots of cowboy hats and even some horses in other scenes, but this one is the most obvious with its inspiration). They start kissing while sitting against a tree, and Arcanio starts to suck Luau's hard cock (sadly, we don't see much of Arcanio's dick in the scene). The bottom bends over to get fingered, then sits down on Luau in the first fuck position. A nice doggie-style fuck has the two of them holding hands, and the two eventually squirt on Arcanio to end the action. A little too many edits ruin the flow here, but this is one of the stronger scenes, especially because these guys are so hot and appear to be genuinely into each other--there seems to be an actual connection here (and check out Luau's abs!). I love the last shot as the two walk back naked to the campsite holding hands (how cute!)

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Scene 3
Andre is resting on a porch when Alan Black walks by and quickly falls to the ground to suck his big, thick meat--a really hard, really hot slab. Andre then stands up to get sucked and we get an even better glimpse at his scrumptious cock. Alan then gets fucked in a few positions, and Andre really knows how to use his tool. The fucking concludes with a nice sit-down shot, and both men let go of hot loads on each other. Alan has a great body, but once again we don't see much of it--or his cock. It's a shame, because when we finally see it in all its glory (at the end when he squirts), we notice how hot his schlong is. One of my biggest criticisms with this video is that all of the scenes are very one-sided--tops get sucked and fuck, and that's it. There's not much pleasing of the partners.

Scene 4
Massive, muscular Junior (how ironic!) is fishing with thin Rodrigo (in a small, man-made pond that looks pretty brown and murky). The two soon walk over near a tree and lock lips, with Rodrigo getting his tongue all over his bud's body. Once again, the edits tend to be choppy, so instead of seeing them take all off their clothes, we cut to them suddenly naked. It's a minor gripe, but noticeable enough. Junior rubs his fingers and tongue around Rodrigo's hole, so ass play fans will feel cheated. But the fuck is good, and Rodrigo stays hard and strokes as he sits down and bounces on Junior--who then gives a doggie-style fuck, his huge muscles getting a nice workout (check out those quads!). Junior then squirts a nice load, but that's the only cumshot we get.

Scene 5
Two handsome men close out the show with one of the best scenes--Denis Curtis (the one with the big sideburns) and Arnoud are relaxing by the horses. Both are rocking hot builds: I wanna lick them both all over, starting with Denis's chest (and stomach and...). Arnoud gets things started by falling down to suck his friend's big boner. He isn't the best sucker, and we don't get any deep throat action. But the fucking is better, especially when Arnoud sits down on Denis, with the bottom's beautiful back, arm, leg and butt muscles displayed for the camera. This is a hot, handsome pair, but once again it's a one-sided affair: we just get one squirt, and good luck catching much of Arnoud's dick.

Presented in an anamorphic widescreen transfer, this is a decent effort but seems pretty drab and a tad dark throughout. It's like there's a filter over the lens to give everything a grey tone, like it was shot right before a thunderstorm broke. Greens and browns are the dominant shades. The 2.0 audio is serviceable, but there isn't much to hear. Even without subtitles, I wish these guys let the dirty talk fly. Accents are hot, y'all!

Pretty slim, pointless pickings: a cumshot review, trailers and a photo gallery.

The Naked Truth:
You can do worse, you can do better. Fans of Brazilian men will be the most pleased by this average (at best) entry. You get some great big cocks, but some editing issues ruin the flow, and the scenes are a tad too one-sided for my taste--the bottoms are never sucked, and some of them don't even squirt.

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