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Big Dick Society

Studio: Jet Set Men » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 7/1/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Chris Steele
2 Hours
CAST: Sebastian Young, Darren Rodman, Trevor Knight, Barrett Long, Chad Hunt, Jonathan Lowe, Tommy Deluca, Antonio Madiera, Cam Kurtz, Cort Donovan, Jason White

The Good Stuff

Do you want to join a club where the guys are hot and the cocks are huge. Look no further than Big Dick Society. There is a size requirement and I am not talking about height. 


Scene 1
Trevor Knight is putting the finishing touches on his BDS Size O' Matic when in comes Cort Donovan to see whats going on. Trevor asks Cort to help him test it out so he flops his semi hard monster throught the hole. Trevor leaves to go to the store and not a minute later in comes Cam Kurtz. He lets Cort know that he wants to join the Big Dick Society. Cort eager to test out the Size O'Matic gets Cam to shove his uncut tube snake through the hole to measure up. He wastes no time in swallowing that monster whole, tonguing the foreskin and pee slit and getting all wet. The guys eventually move away from the Size O'Matic and go to town on each others impressively large cocks. Kissing and stripping out of their clothes. After some aggressive making out and deep throating Cort finally maneuvers Cam over to a chair so his roving trouser snake can take a ride up Cam's ass. When he finally pushes his beast all the way in he comments that Cams ass is soooo tight. Cam flips around in a few positions finally ending up on his back with Cort sliding his cock in and out of his hole Cam is groaning in delight and nuts a nice wad on his chest followed by Cort's cock snot. They end their session with a kiss.

Trevor is busy on his cell inviting people to come the weekly meeting of the BDS meanwhile Darren Rodman and Sebastian Young are discussing the possibility of there actually being a group where you can only get in if you are well hung and bring a friend to be a bottom. Sebastian doesn't seem to keen on the idea but they are still interested and determined to find out where it is. Back at Trevors the Size O'Matic is set up and cocks of all shape and size are being displayed and either given the green light or the red. Green lighted guys are allowed in and are all stroking their meat on the couch. Darren and Sebastian show up at what they think is the house where the Big Dick Society meets when a woman answer's the door and informs them that it meets across the street. Finally the get to the right place and are allowed in because Sebastian claims to be a bottom. Trevor gives them both a true test rather than relying on the Size O'Matic and gives them both a little oral action to see what they are packing. Ding Ding Ding they pass.

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Scene 2
Antonio Madeira comes into the room of jacking guys and lures Tommy Deluca out for some private
action. Both of these guys are dark haired lean and tan. Antonio is packing a meaty rod in is pants Tommy wastes no time in getting it in his mouth. Tommy takes some time to rim Antonios tight hole really enjoying the tight pucker. After such a hot rim session Antonios cock is begging for some action so he fucks Tommys mouth then takes some time to swallow Tommys big cock. The guys take turns using each others hot asses and pounding the hell out of each other. Ending with Tommy on his back and Antonio slamming away and nutting on Tommy's abs. Tommy is just an ass whore and eats out Antonios hole while jacking and finally nutting on his own abs.

Scene 3
The super cocked Chad Hunt and bubble butted Jonathan Lowe have broken off from the pack for some alone time of their own. Jonathan stretches his mouth around Chads legendary piece of meat really getting a mouth and throat work out. Chad moves from the hall to a chair so he can leisurely enjoy Jonathans oral ministrations. Both Chad and Jonathan are getting really worked up and Chad is giving some dirty talk to Jonathan having him finger his own asshole and taste it getting ready for Chads monster meat. After some finger action Chad dives into Jonathans perfect smooth ass and tongues his hole like a champ before working his colossal cock in. Chad works his hose up Jonathans chute in various positions stretching it to the max. Jonathan finally shoots his wad totally exhausted from the ass workout he just had and Chad's cock shows how happy it is by letting loose its own white shower.

Scene 4
In yet another room, Jason White has saught out some solitude to strip out of his clothes and enjoy
some solo action with his big dick. Barret wanders in and enjoys the show and pulls out his hugemongous phallus and starts stroking it. Jason mesmerized by the meaty pole immediately takes it down his gullet stretching his mouth to the limit just to get Barrets wonder dong in. Barret takes a turn sucking Jasons cock before asking if Jason wants to get fucked. After a cursory inspection of Jasons tight hole Barret plows in balls deep causing Jason to cry out in pain/pleasure. Barret pulls Jasons legs wide to get the full action of his tight hole and screws Jason in a few positions. They end in doggie where Jason nuts and collapses followed by several streams of jizz from Barrets fire hose coating his body.

Scene 5
Back to the main room where the Big Dick Society initially met and where Trevor Knight, Darren Rodman and Sebastian Young are getting down to business. The three guys are naked and eagerly taking turns sucking off each others big balls and boners. No one has ponied up their ass yet and Sebastian the most reluctant ends up the bottom for Trevors ass wrecking cock. Sebastian winds up on his stomach on the pool table with Trevor pounding down into his cute bubble ass. Darrens ass needs some action, so to show up Sebastian he lets Sebastian have a go at his firm buns while he blows Trevors hard cock. Darren flips to his back for some aggressive ass action from Trevor. Sebastian wads on Darren followed by Darrens own load of spunk ending with Trevors own goo. They three guys kiss and the scene ends. After the credits there are a few minutes of outtakes and a funny scene where Darren & Sebastian went to another wrong house before finding the Big Dick Society.




The anamorphic widescreen transfer of the film was clear and crisp. A few of the scenes were too dark being that the film was shot at night it could have used some extra lighting. The dolby digital 2.0 sound was good with clear action sounds and dialog.


Sadly no real extras

Photo Gallery: 30 stills of the action from the film and some promo shots.

Cumshot Review: A little over six minutes of jizz flying.

Trailers: Previews for On Fire, Cock Tease, Hollywood Sex Club, Just Add Water, Code Violators, The F Word

At the End of the Night

Big Dick Society was a fun flick to watch. I like a little comedy in my porn and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Me being a bit of a size queen this film was right up my alley. Chad Hunt alone is enough to make my heart stutter and ass flutter let alone all the other large tools in this flick. Most of the time plot driven porn is a bit of a let down. Either the dialog sucks or the action is flat. This film had everything, hot action and a fun plot and dialog. More outtakes or bloopers or some kind of extra would have been nice and that is the only bad thing I have to say about this flick is no extras of note. The guys were good looking, the action was hot and the cocks were massive. What else is there really to say about this one. I rate it "Highly Recommended".

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