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Pin Ups Blondes

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/11/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: June 2007

Directed By: George Duroy

The Movie:

Fourteen young (all age 18+) Central European dudes strip down and play sweet tunes on their foreskin fiddles.

The Cast:

Dolph Lambert, Ethan Clarke, Tommy Culkin, Troy Allen, Etienne Pauliac, Jody Windsor, Tommy Jones, Ivan Schiffer, Benjamin Bloom, Ryan Hurley, Luke Hamill, Kipp Grodecki, Remy Tissier, and Michael Wiik.

Run Time: 1 Hour and 40 Minutes

Dolph Lambert:

Dolph is a handsome guy with blond hair, toned/smooth body, and a nice tan. He has a friendly smile as he slowly pulls his snake skin print briefs down revealing shortly trimmed pubes and an uncut cock. Laying back on a day bed with legs spread wide, Dolph strokes that tool using his right fist to work the foreskin back 'n forth over the purple knob and shows off his plump balls. At one point, he shows off his hot bum and tight shaved bunghole as he pushes his hard prick back between his legs. To finish up, Dolph shoots a thick load of jizz on his pubes and inside thigh.

Ethan Clarke:

This cutie has shaggy dirty-blond hair with a toned/smooth body and a couple of tattoos. Wearing yellow Hawaiian print Bermuda shorts, Ethan pulls 'em down so that we can see his closely trimmed brown bush and tasty unclipped dick. He's quickly hard as a rock slapping his big meat against his toned stomach while showing off his hairy nuts. Ethan bends over and exposes his tight hairy butt crack 'n gooch and then spreads those cheeks to show off his tight touchhole and make it wink for the camera. Jacking off with his right fist, working the foreskin back 'n forth, and breathing heavily, Ethan dumps a large thick load on his fist, shaft, and pubes.

Timothy Culkin:

Timothy is very cute with short blond hair and a toned/smooth body. He relaxes on a bright green sofa decorated with pillows in the shape of Keith Herrings artwork. Sliding those black briefs down, Timothy reveals his full brown pubes, plump balls, and big unclipped tool. With his legs spread wide, he shows the viewer his hairy butt crack and gooch followed by a tasty close-up of his tight hairy butthole. Timothy turns around so that we may see his beautiful bum and shoves his blood engorged member back between his thighs. Jacking off and working that tasty foreskin, he shoots a large thick load of love juice on his stomach and the sofa.

Troy Allen:

Troy is a cute dude with very curly reddish-blond hair and toned/smooth body. He's outdoors on a colorful bed surrounded by lush green foliage and wearing a neon blue Speedo. Troy soon releases his trimmed pubes, hangy nuts, and uncut cock for the world to see. He bends over allowing us a hot look at his tight hairy asshole and those mouth-watering balls. He really gets into wanking himself quickly sliding the foreskin back 'n forth over his large purple helmet while pinching his hard nipples and cuts loose with thick cum on his fist.

Entienne Pauliac:

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This handsome lad has brown hair with plenty of blond frosting and a muscular/smooth/tanned body. Hot dude!  He teases the viewer by first pulling his white Speedo down revealing a tasty bubble butt. Turning slowly around, Etienne finally lets us get a nice long gander at his shortly trimmed dark pubes and big uncut cock with large knob. He poses for the camera with his stiff dick sticking straight out and then begins to pull that pork using his right fist. He finishes up with a thick load of man gravy on his stomach and pubes.

Jody Windsor:

Jody is a good-looking dude with dark hair 'n blond highlights and a sexy toned/smooth body. He opens his tight blue jeans revealing that he's wearing red, white & blue briefs which he slowly inches down showing dark pubes. He seems quite happy to show us his hot bum, fat uncut prick, and plump hangy nuts. With is cock now fully hard and large purple knob out of the flesh sheath, Jody plays the heck outta his foreskin fiddle jacking up 'n down with his right fist and making his balls bounce. With a look of sheer determination, Jody cranks out a large thick load on his chest and stomach.

Tommy Jones:

This cute guy has longish jaw line-length dark brown hair parted in the middle with a toned hairy body and at least one tattoo. Tony soon has dark pubes sticking out of the top of his blue boxers until he pulls 'em down showing off that full bush, unclipped cock, and hairy nuts. Dude is very hairy down below and just the way I love it. Beating that turgid tube steak with his right fist, Tommy show off his hairy butt crack and then gets down to some serious pork pullin' and heavy breathing cutting loose with a large thick load on his hairy six pack. Hot!

Ivan Schiffer:

Ivan is a good-looking guy with blond feathered hair, toned/smooth body, and beautiful blue eyes.  He relaxed on a bed that is covered with green sheets playing with his fat unclipped member that's sticking out of the fly of his green boxers. The boxers are soon removed revealing trimmed brown pubes and plump balls. Laying back in the missionary position with legs spread nice 'n wide, Ivan exposes his tight lightly hairy bunghole. He jerks that meat working his tasty foreskin back 'n forth leading to a nice dollop of pre cum oozing outta his piss slit. Reaching the point of no return, Ivan squirts thick love seed on his chest 'n stomach.

Benjamin Bloom:

Cute with short curly blond 'n brown locks, this very good-looking guy has a toned/smooth body with a very nice tan. While striking a number of poses on two leopard print chairs, Benjamin shimmies outta his faded blue jeans and shows us his tasty bum, dark pubes, uncut meat, and plump nuts. Naturally, Benjamin is in no way shy about exposing his tight hairy asshole and hangy nuts from behind as he pulls the heck outta that thang. Breathing heavy and workin' that foreskin, Benjamin busts a thick nut on fist and pubes.

Ryan Hurley:

Good-looking Ryan has brown hair with blond highlights and a toned, smooth, 'n tanned bod. While some crazy player piano rag time tune blares on the soundtrack, our buddy slips his large uncut cock with long foreskin and plump nuts outta the leg of his briefs and pulls the skin back to reveal his tasty knob. Once the briefs are removed, we see that Ryan has nice full dark pubes. As he poses on a mod purple sofa, he yanks his beef working the overhang and then becomes even friskier and exposes his tight hairy bunghole. Swinging around the corner of Climax Boulevard, Ryan shoots a thick load of love goo on his fist. Very tasty cum-filled foreskin.

Luke Hamill:

Luke is a good-looking guy with brown 'n blond hair, toned/smooth/ tanned body posing while wearing orange sweat pants. He soon lowers the pants revealing shortly trimmed pubes, plump hangy nuts, and a delicious uncut cock with a nice foreskin nipple. Bending over on an orange sofa, Luke gladly shows off his bubble butt and exposes his tight shaved asshole while pushing his hard cock back between his thighs. Lying back on the sofa with legs spread wide, he beats off shooting a thick load of cream on his stomach.

Kipp Grodecki:

This dude is very cute with short brownish blond hair and toned/smooth body. He undresses revealing light brown pubes, large plump hairy nuts, and a big unclipped tube steak. Kipp has a great smile and happily spreads his legs nice 'n wide to expose his tight hairy manhole. Lounging on a bed with neon blue sheets, Kipp goes to town working his hard tool with his right fist and working that foreskin leading to a nice thick load on his fist and pubes.

Remy Tissier:

Remy's a good-looking lad with brown hair 'n blond highlights, and a muscular/smooth/tanned body. He slowly lowers his faded blue jeans and red briefs revealing shortly trimmed pubes, hot hangy nuts, and a tasty unclipped dick. Quickly growing hard, Remy seems to really dig showing off his big dong and large purple knob as his right fist slides up 'n down the shaft. He licks his fingers lubing up his knob and works his foreskin back 'n forth shooting a large thick load that shoots up in the air, covers his fist, and lands on his chest, stomach, and thigh. Hot!

Michael Wiik:

Cutie Michael has spiky brown 'n blond hair and a toned/smooth/tanned body. He's striking all sorts of poses in an old abandoned building that looks like something out of a horror movie. Slowly lowering his blue jeans and black briefs, Michael revealing his shortly trimmed brown pubes, plump 'n hangy nuts, and delicious unclipped pork. He jacks that thang sliding the foreskin back 'n forth having a good ol' time pleasuring himself and dumps a thick load of jizz on the floor.


Pin Ups Blondes is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography by Marty Stevens, Mark Russos, and John Donnay is excellent providing plenty of very hot extreme close-ups of the guy's cocks, foreskin, purple knobs, balls, and tight bungholes. One cannot ask for better camera work. The picture quality is sharp and clean. The disc is playable world wide.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to enjoy the toe-tappin' instrumental ditties as the dudes choke their chickens, breathe heavily, and bust thick nuts.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a fifteen minute slide show of high quality photographs accompanied by music, an orgasm reel, and trailers for: The Private Life of Brandon Manilow and Some Like it Big.


Bel Ami once again shows why it's the leader in Central European smut with the very hot Pin Ups Blondes. Strong direction, editing, and excellent mouth-watering highlight this solo jack off movie that never becomes dull. All fourteen dudes are very cute and are definitely into the action of pleasuring themselves. I absolutely love the extreme close-ups of the guy's big fat uncut cocks. I Highly Recommend!

Cover dude Dolph Lambert:

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