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Fuck For Dollars #9

Studio: Greedy Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/16/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Ashli Orion

Fuck For Dollars 9

Greedy Video

Alexa Jordan

Genre: Gonzo, Reality/Comedy

Director: Eddie Powell

Deena Daniels

Cast: Ashli Orion, Anthony Rosano, Alexa Jordan, Rocco Reed, Deena Daniels, Alex Gonz, Scarlett Fay, Jordan Ashley, Camryn Kiss
Non sex roles: Jew Hefner, D. Money Hustla, White Shadow, Dr. Leon "The Milkman" Loveless

Scarlett Fay

Length: 156:16 minutes

Dates of Production: 2/3/2008, 3/9/2008, 3/14/2008, 3/15/2008, 4/12/20084/26/2008

Camryn Kiss

Extras: The best extra was the bonus scene between Thea and Johnny Sins shot on 2/3/2007 where she went from selling oranges on the street corner to selling her body. The scene seemed very familiar but I don't recall it being part of the series to date, the 26:28 minute outing a lot of fun. There was then a cute 2:07 minute section of funny outtakes from the sporting scene listed as Outtakes, a photogallery, a 4:48 minute tour of Jew Hefner's crib (it was quite funny so don't skip it), some trailers, and a 5:01 minute long feature called A Car Ride With Deena Daniels where she blew Alex in the back seat of the car in public. I was surprised that they were fucking too, the choppy footage a lot of fun if too short for rubbing out a nut. There was a true double sided DVD cover and best of all was that the sealed case contained a second copy of the DVD so one of my friends could have one (if I had porn deprived friends that is).

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Fuck For Dollars 9 was presented in an anamorphic widescreen color offering using a 1.78:1 aspect ratio as shot by director Eddie Powell for Greedy Video in the usual MPEG-2 codec for the standard definition release. The lighting was decent in most cases which led to minimal amounts of grain (with few exceptions) and video noise. The colors were a bit washed out in a few spots but the fleshtones were generally accurate so I can't fuss too much. The composition of the visuals enhanced the look of the ladies more than a little bit with the location of the sex allowing for the basics to be best covered with few surprises. Unlike some of Eddie's earlier works, the editing was again markedly less noticeable here; perhaps a sign of smoother transitions or simply showing less need for abrupt cuts thanks to the manner in which the performers went at one another (a benefit to the limited locations where the coital activity took place at very least). It worked for the thematic aspect of the show and provided a "more is less" mentality though this is pure conjecture on my part and the raw footage could have been wildly bad and in need of a serious clean up. The bitrate hovered in the lower 3 Mbps range most of the time I paid attention to it; impacting the resolution a little but not enough to kill it for me on my big screen television. The DVD transfer seemed pretty well done with few obvious weaknesses as well, the few observed compression artifacts and aliasing issues not common. Some of you might hate the light company watermark on the lower right hand corner but it really didn't get in the way, likely because the scenes were shot with it in mind. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English at the 192 Kbps bitrate using a sampling rate of 48 kHz. It was basic too though I could have sworn there was some separation present in a couple of scenes. The music was better than average when used and the sound effects were fitting for the scenarios portrayed.

Body of Review: Eddie Powell is one of the best all around production auteurs in porn these days, his editing and menu work markedly better than most you will find but his directing gigs at Greedy Video also show he is on the rise. While he waits for the slower critics to sing his praises, and the masses to catch up with how far ahead of the industry he has been, he continues to expand on past themes in such a way that I'm slowly becoming a ranking member in his fan club. His latest release making it my way is Fuck For Dollars 9, the wonderfully appealing series I last saw with Fuck For Dollars 6. The concept of the series is for the crew to pick up ladies and offer them varying amounts of money to strip, tease, and have sex in front of the camera. This is a popular internet theme but Eddie takes the comedy to a new level, never coming off as forced with this volume providing a great cast of relative newcomers as well as the tag team duo of Jew Hefner and Dr. Leon "The Milkman" Loveless in non-sex roles. If you like a lot of "fun in your fuck flicks; you will probably find this a solid selection for some replay value. The cover said it like this: "It's the big ballin' edition of Fuck For Dollars as Camryn Kiss and Ashli Orion challenge the Greedy crew to a game on the hard court. But when it's time to pay up, these bitches are about to find the stakes to be long, hard, and shaped like a banana. The same goes for 3 other money hungry sluts (Scarlett Fay, Deena Daniels, and Alexa Jordan), because when push comes to shove, these girls will do anything for a buck!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Ashli Orion, having lost a bet with the guys thanks to some Wonder Woman inspired D. Money silliness, was up first in the living room with Anthony Rosano. The perky brunette was ready to pay up with some heated oral action, her need for seed inspiring her to slobber all over his cock as she worked the moper over. A cute hotty giving solid head is always welcome in a porno but where did it go from there you ask? Well, some 69 action led to an active and loud vaginal fuck where the all natural cutie enjoyed pushing back on his tool, bouncing on the cock and doing some PTM between positions. He eventually ate her sweaty asshole too, losing himself in her ass shaking before unleashing his population pudding all over her torso during the finishing missionary. Yowza!

Scene Two: Alexa Jordan, an attractive gal shooting some footage in a Woodland Hills park, was up next as the show took a break from the sporting theme of the day to show the crew helping her with her film project on recycling. Rocco Reed was the meat puppet of the day, Jew and Leon assisting on the windy day to get the guy laid for money. Alexa had a solid body and long black hair, her thick ass worthy of the $25 even with her purple satin panties covering her cheeks. Alexa was slick in quickly learning how the game worked, demanding more money to show off her tits and remove the rest of her attire. Alexa was youthful but much like the stripper next door attending college, the additional money offered working to get her lubed up to take care of Rocco orally and screw a load of spew out of him. They took their time and she playfully inhaled his cock, showing she was no stranger to slobbing a knob in a hearty manner. Rocco was nothing like his namesake in terms of size but Alexa rode him hard and fast; another winner of a scene in terms of the action thanks to her efforts. Her dirty talk was minimal but music to my ears, the gal showing enthusiasm as she continued in multiple positions with taste testing; demanding "all of it" when he dropped the load on her mouth to be swallowed. Yum!

Scene Three: Deena Daniels, another cute brunette out shopping at the mall, was practically accosted by Damien and Alex as Eddie shot them assisting Alex Gonz in picking her up. She really called it when she called them weird, the guys shelling out the dough just to get her back to their place (the negotiations amusing); Deena not slutty enough to give Alex road head for $20 but not opposed to flashing her breasts in public either. Deena liked Alex and after some coaxing, they hooked up in the living room for their "school project". Easing her into the dynamic, she was then made to strip and masturbate, counting her cash along the way. The next thing you know, her lips were wrapped around his cock, and while she wasn't nearly as skilled at fellatio as some of the other ladies in the movie, she had a kind of nervous energy that translated well to the series set up. Deena was a lot more comfortable with the vaginal fucking in fact, not exactly a powerhouse but showing her newcomer roots as much as her charisma with the camera; some personal chemistry between the couple observed too. She did some fine taste testing and took the facial at the end like a champion.

Scene Four: Scarlett Fay, a skinny redhead picked up in a parking garage downtown, was up next as she continued the dynamic with Leon and Damien serving as the assistants for Jordan Ashley. I preferred the comedy value of Jew (with Leon, he was so much better than "D. Money Hustla" Damien). Scarlett was lost and looking for her car, the guys offering to drive her around to find her car but elevating the game with money to see some flesh. She was reluctant at first but played the role well on the cold, windy day. Security ran them off and they moved the scene back to the crib, Scarlett and Jordan eventually hooking up after a lot of tease. Her diamond cutters (nipples) were erect by the time she started undressing, her drive to suck cock overpowering her greedy ways so she blew it all off to blow him slowly. He fingered her as she slowly worked the tip of his head into her mouth, licking his balls and soon getting hammered by the rod on the couch. He ate her too but she was a passive ride until on top of his lap, soon pushing down on his penis as if scratching a deep seated itch. Scarlett was another one with a lot more potential than she was showing but her love of pussy flavored cock didn't hurt her chances at being invited to my place; Jordan stroking out the load to her itty bitty titties by the end of the scene.

Scene Five: Camryn Kiss, the second half of the opening sports scenario (with nice tits), the men winning so she didn't get double the funds; just double the fun thanks to partner Jordan Ashley. He claimed his lady by tossing her over his shoulder on the basketball court, dropping her on the couch where they had a discussion about cheating; Leon coming out of nowhere to supply some cash ("don't count it right now") to make things happen. She climbed into his lap and he removed her top, spending some quality time on her perky nipples as she ground her ass cheeks into his crotch fully clothed. The foreplay led to some quality oral and that led to some pounding vaginal fun; Camryn acting as if she really liked the guy tapping her cookie. There was a lot of taste testing here and she wanted to "swallow every last drop", ending the movie on another high point.

Summary: Fuck For Dollars 9 by director Eddie Powell for Greedy Video was another fun outing by the director and his confederates; never taking themselves too seriously but always seeming to deliver the laughs even if some of the ladies were a bit underperforming. The replay value and strokability were enough to warrant a rating of Recommended but I reiterate that the comedic chemistry between Jew Hefner and Leon was better than the newcomer "D", my hopes that this is corrected in the future. I haven't been fortunate enough to see each volume in the series but I've really liked what I've seen to date, the website probably even better. In short, Fuck For Dollars 9 was as appealing as Fuck For Dollars 6 before it; a wealth of laughs and lust that fans will find inspiring on a couple of levels.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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